Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Damiano Dipopolo‏

Damiano Dipopolo‏ owns hip-hop clothing store Digstown Clothing Ltd., which has branches in Vancouver and Kelowna. He also jointly owns real estate in Kelowna and Vancouver, and works as a landscaper. He's also a member of the East Vancouver Hells Angels. In fact, he owns a lot of real estate in Kelowna.

In her divorce proceedings against Damiano Dipopolo, Janette Wu said he had not fully reported his income and that the couple’s standard of living showed that he earned further cash. That is an awful lot of coin for a landscaper. The judge said trying to determine Dipopolo’s earnings was complicated. Wu had a $61,000.00 credit card debt. Wow.

His twin (shudder) brother Rocco used to be a Hells Angels prospect but claims he no longer rolls with the Hells Angels. At least that's what he said in his gym application. Damiano gave Rocco 30 grand from a lottery win although the date wasn't clear in evidence.

Dipopolo‏ is friends and business associates with Mad Child's Shane Blunting. One source claims Shane Blunting owned 949 Clement Avenue not Dipopolo as claimed in Castanet news. However, Kim Bolan claims Blunting bought out some of Dipopolo's interest in properties they co owned when they were ordered sold by the court in 2008.

Before that Blunting and Dipoplo co owned several properties including the lease on a Hummer. Dipopolo bought Champagne Charlies which became the Liquid Zoo and was shut down for ties to the Hells Angels.


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