Thursday, July 1, 2010

Interesting Grow Op in Kelowna

The paper reports another grow op busted in Kelowna. They said it was in the 2100 block of Diamond Road. Isn’t that near Shane Bunting’s house? Shane lives at 2145 Diamond Road. Maybe it was across the street?

Glad to hear he's over his three year Oxycontin addiction but Viagra? I don't even wanna know. I guess the only swollen member he really has is his head because without the Viagra he's just another limp dick. His new album doesn't show much signs of recovery though. Here's some of the lyrics to the song "Warrior"

Bragging about having sex with hookers without condoms. That’s called aids. Is that what the Viagra was for? I didn’t realize he needed that like his older friends in the club. He told that bitch on X that’s not his baby and runs from her like she’s got rabies. Giving someone E, knocking them up, then denying it. Isn’t that noble.

Stealing your drugs and trying them? Mixing coke and Oxycontin just for something to do? That’s pretty messed up. The last reference to turning someone into a paraplegic, is that a reference to Dustin Lafortune?

Either way, it all looks pretty messed up to me.The only thing right about the X men reference was the mutant part. Shane sounds more like Mr. Sinister to me. He's no warrior, he's the violator. Those skeletor masks really look dumb. Word.


Update: OK the Kelowna RCMP claim that grow op was a different house. The grow op wasn’t in Shane Bunting’s house just on the same street in the same 100 block. However, that doesn’t change the fact that Shane Bunting has a close association with Hells Angel Damiano Dipopolo‏ and co owns(ed) several real estate properties with him and brags about his former oxy addiction in his music like it was somehow a good thing.


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  1. I agree with you about madchild he is a f*$kin poser! and a half slap away from a hospita bed!He is running around talking some tough shit to some people I know about a good bro. Why is he trying to play the role anyways?Nobody wants to hear his wanna be gangster bullshit he's laying down anyways. What a CLown!The only swollen member that hes going to have is a swollen head when I get out of the pen. TSK TSK madchild you should take care who you're talking to!