Saturday, October 9, 2010

The Hells Angels Man's Purse

We know that the two young guys from Kamloops brutally murdered in Mexico who had been buying/selling drugs for the Hells Angels each had a signature man purse. We also know that Winnipeg Hells Angels Sean Wolfe also had a signature man purse.

So did CJ. CJ was the guy that got house arrest for trafficking cocaine for the Hells Angels. Now he just runs a stripper group and supplies the boys with strippers. He's on the Dirty.

They all have ties to the Hells Angels and they all carry the signature man purse. Well it appears Larry Amero has now joined the secret club. I've been getting reports that Hells Angel Larry Amero has been spotted around town sporting the same signature man purse. Now don't get me wrong. I have nothing against anyone being gay. I'm just confused by the mixed message.

After all the Hells Angels are raging homo phobics. So we are lead to believe. They bend over backwards to try an look tough to scare and intimidate people. So what's with the signature man purse? Isn't that just a sign of someone who is conflicted? I suppose you can't fit your weed and a handgun in your wallet like you can a signature man purse but it does strike me as somewhat odd. Maybe I'm just old.

Seemingly Bobby Gill got in a fight with a guy after a restaurant patron had made a crack about Gill's man-purse, or "murse." I guess it's a sensitive subject.

It's just that Larry Amero doesn't strike me as the criminal mastermind many portray him to be. He seems really young. He seems more like a poster boy the Hells Angels patched over to help with their saggy a*s image.

Yet he too was with Weird Hal and Shane Bunting in that promo picture for Revolution. And he was seen in that support picture with Randy Naicker from the Independent Soldiers who met with the Bacon brothers at Castle fun park. Maybe he's in over his head.


  1. Laryy is 33, not 23. Plenty old to be up to no good.

  2. Interesting. He looks so young though. Maybe it’s just the purse.

  3. To me the man purse has done more to tarnish the image of the modern gangster than anything else. It says "I'm big, I'm bad, I'm connected like Lego, and if you fuck with me I'll take off my purse and sparkly shades and really show you what's up! " Hard to take these douchebags seriously. Maybe it's cause I'm from the old school, but gay nightclub attire will never convince me that the wearer is bad to the bone. Went to a UFC at a pub in Van awhile back and laughed my ass off at the sideshow there. 25 guys all steroided, sleeved,tanned, with neat little beards, man purses and shiny t shirts all standing in a circle jerk and going to the bathroom in pairs with their purses. Attack of the motherfucking clones! Really puttin out the tough guy vibe sweetcheeks.

  4. wow the Angels have gone gay.. reminds me of the pretty 'dudes' you'd see on the news during Pride Parade Vancouver..