Thursday, November 18, 2010

Jakub Lonski

Here's a photo of Jakub Lonski from Kelowna in happier times. Joking around on Halloween dressed up as a member of the Vancouver Gang Task Force. He was caught riding a pick up truck in Cali with 150 pounds of cocaine. He was sentenced on May 5th 2010 and one would assume is doing serious time in a U.S. prison.

One witness claims he was a former room mate of Matt the Rat Schrader up until he got arrested. Matt the Rat was also friends with convicted cocaine dealer Robert Shannon as well as Rama Tello who died in a small plane crash that was rumoured to be linked to the drug trade. A witness also claims Matt the Rat used to roll with Todd Tyreman as well.

Kim Bolan reports that Matt the Rat is now hiding out in the Kelowna retirement village. However the thread linking to that article on Castanet was deleted. And you wonder why we call him a rat. It's cause he's a weasel.

I actually feel sorry for Jakub. He doesn't seem like a bad guy. Although I agree prison sentences for drug trafficking and gang violence should be longer in Canada the States is rapidly getting the reputation of having a prison system of a third world country. Something that is clearly not to be admired or followed.

I don't even think Rob Shannon was a bad guy yet he's in the same boat. If anything he was a bit nerdy who was drawn in by the easy money and likely enjoyed having the Hells Angels as friends so he wouldn't get picked on any more. Threatening Devon Quast's grandmother was pretty messed up and just goes to show you that good people change when they get involved with the wrong crowd.

The two guys from Kamloops who were brutally murdered in Mexico for selling drugs for the Hells Angels looked like really fun guys. Obviously they got in over their head. The really sad part is, the people who profit from the business these good people die for and go to jail for are remaining untouched. They just find another mule and keep toasting the Ears in rich neighbourhoods that over look the lake. Those are the real gangsters. Not the kids or parents looking to make some cheddar.

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