Sunday, January 16, 2011

Kelowna Cysts

We've talked about the Kelowna cesspool. Every city has one. Well here's a couple more cysts from Kelowna: Russell Penner and Dave Revell. In the above photo Russel is on the left. More cysts on a bloody mf boat.

Bad boy "Fred" Penner was charged with a meth lab a while back. He's friends with Matt the Rat with the very bad ink. Matt on the left and Russell Penner on the right.

The news reports that he got off charges when he was arrested for running a large-scale crystal meth lab busted on Postill Drive in 2002. Another news report claims that meth lab was run by the Hells Angels. Police claim it was a "major production" point for the Valley with ties to Calgary and the Lower mainland.

Dave Revell was involved with David Giles in the case of the missing key bust. One wire tap phone call had Giles referring to how Revell had made $30,000 for him in the past several months. Giles' lawyer admitted that proved Revell and Giles are indeed in business.

When the cocaine in the locker went missing Rempel sent an e-mail message to David Roger Revell in April 2005 saying "my locker got robbed." "You're f---ing kidding" Revell replied. Revell demanded to know whether there was "two or three of them" in another message, said Devlin. The prosecution claims he was asking how many kilograms of cocaine were missing.

Actually there were 8 kilograms of cocaine seized all together and Giles walked. So, if Giles' lawyer admits Giles and Revell were in business, what kind of work did Revell do for Giles that earned Giles $30,000 in several months? Please advise. That decision should have been appealed.

Dave Revell is another Kelowna cyst. Stay tuned for more of David Giles and the Return of the Cyst(s). The Kelowna Cyst Wars have begun.


  1. Off topic...

    Did you happen to catch this... it's off the dirty.

  2. It’s probably bullshit. Either way I wouldn’t be too worried about anyone in Surrey who calls themselves the Wiz kids. I’d be more worried for them. The guy claimed to be UN then claimed he told the kid he was affiliated with Jamie Pie face Bacon. He’s not telling the truth. No UN member would do that.

    He claims he joined a gang because he was robbed by a couple of crack heads. If he was robbed by a couple of crackheads he needs help alright. He is not high ranking UN. Those who can do those who can’t talk about it. The Hells Angels are the biggest threat to public peace in BC and Davie’s vibrator is at the heart of it.

  3. How many face pics of these kelowna
    Low life's do you have? Can you send me a copy of all of them, I'm getting tired of hunting for faces. dont matter if their clear. They just need to be recognizable if you catch my drift. Send here if u have lots