Sunday, August 21, 2011

Rob Sidhu implicated in the US

It's nice to have Kim Bolan back from her holidays. Kim is reporting that there's a new U.S. indictment implicating Rob Sidhu in the massive cross-border drug operation that has already led to prison terms for several Hells Angels friends - like Rob Shannon, Jody York and Skeeter Russell. Surprise, surprise.

Rob Sidhu is the former RCMP officer who in on trial for committing fraud to obtain the location of the Bacon brothers from the police. The implication in that case is that he was getting the information to give to one of the enemies of the Bacon brothers who were trying to kill them.

Matt the rat denies working for Rob Sidhu's security company and claims he was just borrowing his car when he was pulled over driving Rob Sidhu's car. Matt the rat also bragged about being friends with convicted cocaine smuggler Rob Shannon and Weird Hal Porteous from the Hells Angels.

So here we see Matt the rat was involved with Rob Sidhu, who has now been accused of being involved in the cross border drug ring involving Rob Shannon and the Hells angels who Matt the rats claims are also his friends. That's an interesting association.

Yet Weird Hal was friends with Larry Amero and was posing with Larry Amero in support of Revolution Martial Arts where a Bacon brother associate was fighting out of. Come to think of it, John Punko was selling cocaine and crystal meth in Surrey at that time. He was choked about the UN coming to Brandy's in Vancouver and starting sh*t. Punko was caught on wire saying the UN were not welcome in BC and that they would pound anyone who did business with them.

Yet the Hells Angels did do business with the UN. The Haney Hells angels were caught with them in possession of GHB. One of Larry Amero's former gf was in the car with the UN guys who shot at the Bacon brothers outside Tbarz which is run by the Hells Angels. The Hells angels even attended a UN funeral.

Yet we recently saw Larry Amero not only associating with Jonathon Bacon but publicly bragging about it. Well the Bacons are enemies of the UN because of the Surrey six murder and the aftermath. The Wolf pack might be a new name but we were told that Larry was friends with Jonathon Bacon back then. The fact that some of his friends were friends with some of their friends would support that accusation.

I don't think it was just a matter of playing both sides and supplying drugs to anyone who wanted them. I think it went beyond that. The UN stood alone. The Hells angels didn't like that. The Hells Angels were forced to do business with them but clearly supported the Bacon brothers in their attempt to take over the UN affiliated Red scorpions. Even the Haney Hells angels were sucking up to the UN cheering for the Bacon brothers taking over the old Red scorpions that Haney had beef with.

It is clear that Rob Sidu has connection to the Hells angels. It is clear he got the location of the Bacon brothers to give to someone who wanted to kill them. The UN were the only ones trying to kill them. Yet the Hells angels were cheering for the Bacon brothers all along. That's kind of what I mean about dirty deeds done dirt cheap. That's kind of like hiring someone to kill an informant, then having someone else kill the person you hired to kill the informant. Those are the real rats.

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