Monday, May 28, 2012

Michael Hadden and Ernie Ozolins

So if the Haney Hells Angels ran Piggy's Palace, then we're going to need to talk about Michael Hadden (Spike) and Ernie Ozolins. Ernie was the president of the chapter. After he was forced out and killed, Spike became president and has been ever since. This appears to be why Mission City split off on their own. They weren't happy with the way things went down. For good reason.

So I wonder if Spike knows who killed Ernie Ozolins, Blackie and Vince Brienza's brother? There were numerous men's dna found on the Pickton farm as well. Police did receive a tip that the Hells Angels put one of their own employees through a meat grinder and fed them to the pigs.

Let's look at the time line. On June 02, 1997, the bodies of Ernest (Ernie) OZOLINS and his girlfriend Lisa CHAMBERLAIN were found in their residence on Wildwood Lane in West Vancouver. Both victims had been shot to death. Their murders appear to have been done execution style.

After Ernie was forced to retire and executed, Michael Hadden also known as Spike became president of the chapter. February 6, 2002 Robert Pickton was arrested. If Robert Pickton was inviting sex trade workers to a biker party on his farm with the Hells Angels, and if the Haney Hells Angels were in charge of Piggy’s Palace, where does that put Spike? At the scene of the crimes.

Interesting to note that not only was Ernie and his girlfriend murdered, his brother's name was fraudulently taken off the joint land title of 6925 128 Street in Surrey.

If the Haney Hells Angels run La JJ's Massage parlour in Maple Ridge, I'm sure Spike is aware of what goes on there. If the Haney Hells Angels are in charge of Kamloops and had a La JJ's there, I'm sure Spike knew all about it. Some girl in Kamloops saved up her money and opened her own brothel there. They told her she wasn't allowed. When she did anyways one source claims they had her in the bathtub with a bag over her head. She was saved by her dog but never heard or seen since. I wonder if that's the kind of thing Spike approves of since it was in the town his chapter was in charge of and happened to someone who set up in competition to their La JJ's. Is it true sex trade workers aren't allowed to operate in Maple ridge unless they work for the Hells Angels?

Speaking of Ernie’s murder in 1997, doesn’t Nino, the new Sergeant at arms, have his induction date tattooed on his arm? Doesn’t it say 1997? I’d say that’s very coincidental. Does he really have a filthy few patch? Why one earth would someone brag about killing a brother just to promote themselves and to make more money? I’d say that’s bad business.

Come to think of it, Blackie was involved with the Hells Angels parties on the Pickton farm wasn’t he? After he disappeared someone put Jesse in charge of the after hours club across the street. That’s not what I’d refer to as living the dream. Murdering a brother to make a buck. That’s pretty messed up. What are they trying to hide?

Brian Airth, also known as Bags, is another one of Spike’s henchmen. Back in 2000, he was pulled over in Montana riding a murder suspect’s motorcycle. Montana Police didn’t realize until later that Airth was wanted by the Immigration and Naturalization Service on a murder warrant from British Columbia.


  1. Ah yes, the Ernie Ozolins hit. It's not everyday that Red&White kills one of its own chapter Presidents. Wonder who the shooter(s)were? Are there any other Hell's Angel's who disappeared or were later killed themselves who didn't have an alibi? What am I saying, these guys always have an alibi... :rolleyes:

    The criminal justice system proves itself incapable everyday of dealing in an effective manner with these people. Perhaps we need a two tier system, one such as we have now, and a parallel one where people such as these can be dealt with in a manner that produces results.

  2. It reeks of political opportunism. It was said Ernie was involved in drug trafficking and had a nice place in West Van. Someone killed him and took over his business. If a rival did something like that there would be a war. If one of their own seized the opportunity it’s business as usual.

  3. I am currently reading 'Butcher', which is the story of Pickton albeit by an American author. Though there is plenty of mention of bikers there is no HA reference. Perhaps foreign authors are not privy to the evidence? Or is it that there just wasn't much of it by 2010, when the book came out? Can you suggest a Pickton book by Canadian authors instead?

  4. I think the fact that Hells angels were present at the farm and at Piggy's Palace was buried in the trial. One woman was going to testify to that effect according to the Vancouver Province but when bikers showed up at her home she left town and didn't testify. Pickton's lawyer was trying to get a police officer on the stand to talk about it but he wouldn't. Pickton's lawyer then just said may I suggest to the court there was considerable association between Dave Pickton and the Hells angels. Other than that it was buried from the trial. Outside authors wouldn't then be privy to that fact. Although I'm told "everyone" in Maple Ridge knows the Hells angels were involved with the Picktons. There was a documentary made called the Pig Farm. It was good in the sense that everyone said there were other people involved but it was inconclusive and didn't mention a word about bikers or the Hells angels.

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    1. Sorry but that is absolute bulsh*t. Spike's peeps f*cked over the Regulators and you know it. Several of Jesse's associates have died of suspicious suicides. The police didn't kill Juel Stanton, the Hells Angels did. Just like they did Ernie Ozolins.