Friday, June 18, 2010

Hells Angels Red Scorpion caught with GHB in Kelowna

Castanet News reported that Cole Wyatt Smith and Danielle Ehmann were caught in Kelowna with AK 47 ammunition and GHB. They also reported that Cole Wyatt Smith was an associate of the Red Scorpions in Vancouver. Also known in Surrey by their new jackets as Red Lobsters.

Let's pause for a minute and do some math. Aside from being the largest cocaine importers in the country the Hells Angels have been caught in the largest GHB seizures in the country. That's date rape drug. People buy it to commit rape.

We've talked about the extensive property holding the Hells Angels have in Kelowna and how Kelowna has basically become a retirement village for the East Vancouver chapter. We've also talked about the many puppet clubs the Hells Angels have in Kelowna to distract the public. We have the Independent Soldiers, the Red Scorpions, the Kingpin crew and the Throttlelockers all subservient to and working for the Hells Angels there.

This new bust is further evidence the new Red Scorpions are working for and with the Hells Angels. Jason Brown was associated with the East Vancouver Hells Angels back in E Pandora. Yet in November of 2009 he was caught with 2 kilos of cocaine, one kilo of meth, guns, vests and Red Scorpion gear. Also charged with Brown at that time was Terra Lynn George from Kelowna. Are we starting to see the math yet?

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