Saturday, August 27, 2011

Hal Heffner is an Idiot

I can't believe this guy. What a freakin tool. Hal on a boat wasn't bad enough. Now he's gotta follow up with small men trying to live large. Ya wonder why I call him Weird Hal? Because his videos are just like Weird Al Yankovic. Only Hal isn't spoofing anyone except himself. He's claiming that's his life. What a social reject.

I can't believe that baby faced idiot can scare anyone. Some sources claim he runs all the grow ops in Maple ridge. There is no way I believe that's true. The guy is a freaking idiot. Any grow op being extorted by him needs to call crimstoppers because paying that idiot protection money is just plain lame.

Weird Hal's new video is called Small Man Syndrome. I didn't photoshop any of these pictures. They are screen clips of Hal in his own video showing his transformation from a nerd to an idiot:

Look at the absolutely ridiculous ring. He really thinks it looks cool:

Kissing that ring is absolutely pathetic:

Why won't anyone tell him he looks like an idiot?
He is destroying the reputation of the club.

Small man syndrome is right. He can't even find a girl shorter than he is. Even the silicone trailer park girl is taller than he is. And that's when she's lying on her back.

And those shoes. Those aren't gangster or biker. They're stupid! Size 12? They look like size 7. Get the fuck out of Maple Ridge you clown.


  1. hal in his younger day in the late 1980 used to be a regular a bar a Davie street and he was smooth taking, pretty boy , with tattoo and sore butt from injecting steroids. i know cause I'd work at the gym that sold the before angel's day steroids.He a dipshit

  2. Davie street? I’m sure he had a sore butt alright but I don’t think it was from the steroids : )

  3. Wait, this guy is a Hell's Angel?? Seriously?


  4. Hard to believe. The mules in his on a stupid boat video are now rotting away in a US prison for a massive cross border pot for cocaine ring tied to the hells angels. Anyone who would take a fall for this idiot needs to get their head examined.

  5. I know who thee biggest grow op bells angel supporter is in bc but I am to afraid to say the name I don't know how safe this is!

  6. He lives in maple ridge he owns houses all over bc and he always walks around with 2 body guards.... He is worth millions.... I hope I get a response to this and I will Answere any questions if I am able...... I have spoken to the rcmp about this person .... They know of him but never do anything about it!

  7. Send me an e-mail:

    I'd love to hear more...

  8. the reason why he hired two body guards is simple: he sucks at self defense.

  9. He is in the Angels because he makes money. It is business.

  10. why does a member of the 81 need a damn bodyguard?

  11. Hal is an idiot. I wonder if the fucktard even got permission from AC/DC to even use their Back In Black riff in that fudge packing shit he calls music. What a moron. Don't forget to watch my Facebook video where I will be torching all my 81 support gear. I can't support a club who allows idiots like him. He makes them look like a joke.


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