Monday, September 26, 2011

Dillon Sahota and Jarrod Nicol

OK I've got more to add to this but I'm running behind and wanted to throw something out there to get the discussion started. Here's a few pictures to illustrate the concern. The first picture is a nice family portrait of Central Saanich Police officer Dillon Sahota with his son Gopal (Paul) Sahota on his right and his daughter Cassandra.

Now here's a picture of the Saanich Police officers son Paul (Gopal Sahota) with someone with numerous cocaine trafficking charges named Jarrod Nicol:

In fact it even says Jarrod Nicol was to appear in Victoria provincial court on Jan. 14 and someone named Gopal Sahota was to appear in provincial court Dec. 14 and B.C. Supreme Court on Jan. 24.

What's stranger yet is this one. It's a picture of Jarrod Nicol, the one with all the cocaine trafficking charges with Dillon Sahota from the Central Saanich Police Department along with his daughter. Turns out his daughter is married to Jarrod Nicol:

It looks like one big happy family but something isn't quite right. It gets stranger yet but I have to get up early for work. More to come...

On a strange side note, Paul's brother and Dillon Sahota's other son Davin James Sahota gets the Gumby of the day award for punching a cat because it wouldn't listen to him. Feb 14 2007 he was also found guilty of theft. He received one day in jail and a three month probation. Does mandatory statutory release mean he only serves two thirds of a day in prison? Please advise.

Davin Gumby Sahota was also in court October 16 2008 but there was a publication ban on what he was charged with. It was however the same time period as another cocaine bust in Victoria. I'm sure it's not related. His brother Paul's bust was in 2009.

October 1 2009 police executed five search warrants which resulted in the seizure of 23,5 kilograms of cocaine. One of the residences that was searched was in the 3600blk of Roberlack Rd.

Yet a Property registration search on Jarrod Nicol confirms his address was 3346 Roberlack which was owned by Dillon and Julia Sahota. They bought it in June 2009 and sold approx 8 months later in March of 2010. The Drug bust happened in Sept 2009.

The business in the Colwood Corners complex that was searched was Tan Envy tanning salon which soon after had a suspicious fire. Corporate documents for Tan Envy tanning salon show Cassandra Sahota Nicol as living at 3346 Roberlack Road. That would be Dillon's daughter.

It was part of Victoria's largest ever drug raid. At one of the homes raided by officers, in the 3600-block of Roberlack in Colwood, a one-year-old child was found in the residence. Two men and a woman were arrested and Hamilton said the Ministry of Children and Family Development was immediately alerted. It doesn't say who the man and woman were that were taken into custody but we now know Jarrod and Cassandra were living there and the home was owned by Dillon and Julia Sahota.

A business in the Colwood Corners plaza, Tan-Envy, was raided and police seized documents. Documents were seized in a business tied to Dillon's daughter which later had a suspicious fire.

Interesting to note that in the Bassi Virk tiral, the Mounties were not looking for any politicians, and second, they were hot on the trail of organized crime, which was reaching into “every corner of B.C.”

Also interesting to note is that Jasmohan Singh Bains, the key figure in Project Every Which Way, the organized crime investigation that triggered the raid on the legislature half a decade ago, has been convicted and sentenced to nine years' imprisonment.


  1. Yes they do look like one big happy family but something is amiss. Did Mr. Sahota forget to run a background check on his future son-in-law before he gave his daugther away?

  2. Davin James Sahota went into hiding for awhile. Took himself off facebook. But he is back. This time he does not have any of his family members as his friends.

  3. sahotas/bains/virks...comeon these names go back 25 years or more in Org Cr is anybody terribly surprised

    1. What's Org Cr? The Sahotas are tied to the Bains / Virk fiasco?

  4. I'm not into making peoples lives worse then they already are but... I can't find anything online and I know that Dillon Sahota was just arrested for going through a road block with a 20 something year old girl in the car drunk and high. I guess the cops might not want that one in the newspapers but I was thinking maybe you could find out a bit more about that incident.

  5. Replies
    1. I believe the official version is suicide. The obituary says sudden death and donations went to the Capital Mental Health Association. I never heard the official cause of death.


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