Thursday, September 8, 2011

Hells Angels Obsession

Associates complain about my obsession with the Hells Angels and ask what my beef is. Clearly if you have to ask, I can't explain it to you. There's one thing worse than a rat and that's a liar. The Hells Angels are compulsive liars. Not only that but they are the largest suppliers of cocaine in the country and are the ones fueling the BC gang war. Not to mention their violent grip on the prostitution trade.

I really found Pat Fogarty's comments to the media simply outrageous. I don't want to be mean and I don't want to be disrespectful but if the head of the Gang Task force is coming out with completely outrageous statements like that you've got to wonder where on earth is he getting his information from because they are completely out of touch with reality.

I noticed Patman recently tried to dig himself out of the hole he put himself in by claiming that the Hells Angels are getting older so they are getting younger puppet gangs to do the dirty work for them. That's a little bit better but it simply isn't what he initially said.

He initially said the Hells Angels chapter is almost dismantled and they don't even have club status any more. He said the Gang Task Force had put so much pressure on the Hells Angels in Vancouver the other groups are filling the void. That is outrageous. Checking ID at the Mirage does nothing to stop the Hells angels crack revenue. The gang task force has done absolutely nothing to curb the Hells Angels drug trade in East Vancouver. Not one thing. Sorry, they did do a wonderful job on EPandora with Michael Plante but that was a long time ago and that was the OMGU.

When push comes to shove the police still let drug dealers who work for the Hells angels sell crack outside the Carnegie centre and Oppenheimer park. Sure it's less visible at Oppenheimer park but that's just because the hells angels have complete control over it. I am outraged when I hear someone tell me a member of the Gang Task Force or IHIT claims that everything used to be fine until they started cracking down on the Hells Angels, that's when the younger more violent gangs started stepping up to the plate. That is completely out of touch with reality.

Look at the Jones Brothers Indictment and the Robert Shannon conviction. The Hells Angels were implicated in a huge cross border drug ring where Robert Shannon and Jody York who were both in Weird Hal Porteous' stupid rap video, were convicted. They were bringing a huge amount of pot south and bringing back a huge amount of cocaine to be sold as crack in Canada.

Not long later we read of another huge cross border drug ring implicating the BC Hells angels where Trevor and Randy Jones were both named as well as the Surrey strip bar Tbarz. That ring simply proved the Hells Angels still control all the grow ops that produced that much pot as well as all the crack dealers to sell that much cocaine. Claiming that the Hells angels are no longer a threat to the gang war is completely out of touch with reality and is living proof why we need web sites that expose the truth. If we hide the problem we will never be able to face it and over come it.

Even Supt. Tom McCluskie, head of the Combined Forces Special Enforcement Unit Gang Task Force said there has been a smearing of the lines between B.C.'s key gangs and that tensions have increased exponentially since the Kelowna shooting. Smearing of the lines? The Hells Angels control it all. The ones they don't control end up dead. What's not clear about that? Someone finally fought back. I suppose that could be considered a glitch but the Hells angels are the smear on the Province.

Instead of waisting tax dollar looking for who shot the low life Jonathon Bacon, let's look for the people who killed Britney Irving, Geoff Meisner and Lindsay Buziak. Maybe Larry Amero knows something about that?


  1. Never heard of Pat Fogerty but the man is obviously delusional.

    It's easy to say that Law Enforcement response to organized crime in Canada in general and B.C. in particular is a joke, and while true, it's also true that the situation is well past the point of critical mass, and to hope that LEO's would capable of gaining back any of the lost ground without a serious, all out (and I mean, all out) effort is wishful thinking. To make a difference, a serious dent in their population would have to be made and quite frankly, no one has yet demonstrated the stones for that. You would basically have to declare war on these people and not take any prisoners. Until such point is reached, things will continue as they are.

    It's not that it couldn't be done. Trudeau utilized the War Measures Act during the FLQ crisis. But I see no politician in Canada who truly realizes how bad things are, because if that person existed they would already have proposed what I just did. They are soft men (and women) and are therefor no match for hard men.

    To be clear, there is no substitute for ridding Canada, permanently, of these people. If you have to suspend the Charter to do it, then do it. Arrest them, try them for treason, find them guilty, and execute them.

    It's the only way. NOTHING ELSE WILL WORK.

  2. I agree the problem is serious but I don’t think we have to suspend the charter. That would take us to the other extreme. It’s not difficult to get a search warrant to wire tap a drug dealer. The concern is when the courts throw out perfectly good wire tap evidence like they did against David Giles.

    The judge claimed they didn’t hear what the police heard in that wire tap evidence. That was absurd. Even Giles lawyer admitted Giles said on wire tap Revel made him $30,000 in a few months. His lawyer said that only proves he works for Giles not that he was involved in illegal activity. Kinda bizarre when Revel and Remple were convicted of cocaine trafficking and 8 kilograms of cocaine was seized.

    I don’t think the police are the problem I think the judges are the problem. The Police did charge Giles. They did charge Glen Hehn. They did pursue charges against Juel Stanton, Randy Potts and Ron Lising. The courts did hear the appeal for Punko and Potsie. Yet when the courts throw out good evidence even when a search warrant was obtained something is obviously wrong. They were successful with charges against Tony Terezakis. That was because his ex wife gave the court video tapes Tony made of him berating the life out of crack addicts in East Van for drug debts.

    I would say the problem is the judges but it doesn’t help when spokesman for the police make bizarre statements to the media like the Hells Angels are no longer a threat. Those kind of statements are very suspicious.

  3. Sorry Agent K, but I would have to agree with Trailrunner for the most part.

    Suspending the charter = no. I dont agree with that, then we are far too close to a Police/gov country who can do whatever/whenever they please... So that out of the option.

    HOWEVER.... you are wrong when you say its not that difficult to obtain a "wire tap" search warrant. It is actually quite difficult, and you must have tried/exhausted a number of alternative investigation avenues/criterial before you can even consider a "wire tap" s/w.

    As for the courts/judges, for the most part, their problems go hand in hand with the police problems in convicting these idiots. The police are bound by over protective charter rights & un available investigative avenues (when going after these guys) and therefore produce insufficient evidence to the judge who then has no choice but to throw out a lot of the evidence/charges.

    Now.. these H.A guys, while I agree with you, are stupid, they do know where the line is and how to play the system. As long as they keep contracting out their drug/prostitution/ ect industry, they are and will remain for the most part safe and raking in more $ in a month than mine and your salary combine..

    So Trailrunner is right i; To really get rid of these guys, and shut them down, there HAS to be a change in the rule book.

    I dont want Police to be able to abuse/harass/invade my privacy you name it, more than the next citizen.. but... If im a member of organized crime, then the Police should have an avenue to do exactly that & end up with convictions.

  4. I appreciate the feedback but I do disagree. Two cases where the courts threw out wire tap evidence just because. Other occasions where the judge threw out evidence even when the police had a search warrant. We can clearly see the problem. We need to address that before we start removing civil liberties. I’m glad you oppose throwing out the charter. Even suspending it is risky and won’t solve the real problem which is the judge’s contempt for natural justice.

    I do think that if you are a member of an organized crime group then that is just cause to search you and your vehicle when they go out in public. Not search their home in the middle of the night but when they go out into the public and endanger the public. That’s what they did in New York and the US have more civil liberties than we do.

  5. I would think that invoking the War Measures Act would de facto suspend the Charter for the period of time when it was invoked. The Charter would automatically kick back in when the period of the War Measures Act being invoked expired or was declared to have ended. At least that's my understanding.

    I agree that simply suspending the Charter outright would not be the way to go.

  6. That is a possibility but before we do that we need to address the painfully obvious. Judges in BC are not publically accountable. Period. Electing judges is one option. Putting a mechanism in place to fire bad judges is another. Judges should not be throwing out good evidence or throwing out search warrants after the police went through the effort to get one. Peter Leask should be the first to be fired.

  7. The Crown often requests that illegally obtained evidence ie. no search warrant when one would have been required, police did not obtain or attempt to obtain one (telephone warrant) and the judge rules that this was so be admitted anyway and this request is often granted. (There is no "fruit of the poisonous tree" doctrine in Canadian law) This being the case, why evidence would be thrown out when it was obtained with a warrant is a bit of a puzzlement.


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