Wednesday, January 18, 2012

UN Member shot dead in Mexico

A B.C. man executed in the Mexican state of Sinaloa this week was a high-ranking member of the United Nations gang who had direct contact with Mexican cartels, The Vancouver Sun has learned.

Salih Abdulaziz Sahbaz, 37, spent much of the last three years in Mexico and was the key cartel contact for the notorious B.C. gang, police sources confirmed. But he also returned regularly to Surrey, where he had family ties.

Sahbaz had taken over the Mexican end of the business after two other UN gang members, Ahmet (Lou) Kaawach and Elliott Castenada, were gunned down in front of a taco stand in Guadalajara in July 2008.

He is believed to have owed money to at least one cartel after losing a shipment of cocaine and was working off his debt. Sound suspicious to me. Then again many would claim everything does. It's just that anyone independent of the Hells Angels are dropping like flies. Matt the Rat was "friends" with Elliott Castenada.


  1. Just look at these two feebs in your picture, Agent K, you've laughed @ them before, now it's my turn.

    On the right, a pink t-shirt, a man-purse, no muscle tone on either of them! Slouched over like the feebs they are, I'm over 45, and bench plus 200. Are they trying hard to get us to laugh? I could crush rightie with one hand.

    I got zero against homosexuals, but yer comments on Merle Norman eyebrows are just purr-fect here, Agent K!

    These types are *Gangstas?*

    We would just laugh them outta Heli-Tack.

  2. Yeah the pink shit is Matt the Rat Schrader. I should stress that this is an old photo of Schrader with Elliot Castenada in Mexico before Elliot was murdered. It's not a photo of Salih Abdulaziz Sahbaz as some people thought. Salih's murder reminded me of Elliot's murder.