Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Christopher Chambers sentenced in cross border drug ring

Vernon resident Christopher Chambers has been sentenced in Montana to five years in jail for admitting to being a driver for a ring that operated for more than two years smuggling cocaine and ecstasy between Canada and the U.S.

Seventeen people were arrested, and 414 kilograms of cocaine plus 29 kilograms of ecstasy — worth more than $17 million — were seized when the ring was finally busted last fall.

Silverstar resident Brock Palfrey is awaiting trial in B.C. for masterminding the scheme to transport cocaine from California to small border outposts in Montana, where the drugs were driven into B.C. and traded for ecstasy and marijuana.

Silverstar resident Brock Palfrey. Silverstar is also in Vernon. Land of the Vernon Greeks who were Hells Angel associates. The same place they just had the last Sturgis North festival. This is the second cocaine bust involving Brock Palfrey. That cocaine ring was tied to Salmon Arm. Big surprise. The 81 plague continues to spread as mules start to fall and get replaced.

Police claim Kristopher Pfeifer of Maple Ridge is an associate of the Haney Hells Angels.

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