Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Kingpin Crew established as a criminal organization

Another sad tale of Gumby and the drag queen. This is old news but when people first sent me the links I had fallen behind in all the breaking news and after Kim wrote about it, I kind of let it slide. However, by special request from the Dave Habib is a prick fan club, I will cite the news.

As we know, Dave Habib got the liquor license back for the Liquid Zoo after it was shut down for ties to the Hells Angels. Which Dave had to of had for selling it to them in the first place but that’s another matter. The new news is that the liquor board upheld the Kingpin Crew’s classification as a criminal organization. Dave Gumby said he was aware of the Kingpin Crew (his drag queen brother is the president) but he thought only Hells Angels colours were banned as a criminal organization. The liquor board said no, the pinheads are also a criminal organization and if he lets them wear pinhead patches again, they will suspend his ass.

Here’s a copy of the decision. It mentions Quail Place Estates. That’s the company Dave had when Senor Frogs had that suspicious fire before it became Champagne Charlie’s names after a Hells Angel named Guy Charles Stanley. In fact, when you read the decision, it appears that any licensed establishment can lose their liquor license if they let the Hells Angels wear colors inside. Doesn’t Roosters do that?

I still don’t know what those clowns are up to. I just know a lot of people can’t stand their bullying and their dirty deeds. If the Kingpin crew were tied to the stolen car, boat and motorcycle ring out of Downtown Cycle that involved Johnny Newcome and the Hells Angels, then clearly they are a low life criminal org. Joey Verma being the Vice President of the Pinheads shows what kind of woman killing low lifes they support. Not paying his bills is pretty low life too.

Them running scared after Dave’s car bombing is interesting. They say their lease expired so they went into hiding in a residential neighborhood near a school so they could use young children as human shields. That doesn’t explain why their facebook page went silent. Word is they have been told to shut up. Which makes ya wonder why Dale the drag queen is still threatening people. Like that has anyone scared. Just woman and children. Looks like the pinheads have a new support shirt. Hey Dale, were you in Ceres, California on October 3rd?

BTW anybody with a brain realizes I’m not Kelly Hayes. Ya see all those snowshoeing pictures from the local mountains? They’re from Vancouver not Kelowna. If you listened to any of the podcasts you would know I’m not Kelly Hayes. Really, if these guys had half a brain they would be dangerous. Good thing they don’t. Hey, is the Liquid Zoo gonna become the new Blue Corvette?


  1. This would be the perfect way to eliminate the HA. Follow them around and every licensed establishment they go into wearing anything club related and shut the place down.

    Public opinion would turn against them so fast. Not to mention all the civil suits against them for causing this trouble to businesses.

    They would be ostracized completely overnight and welcomed nowhere. Who would even risk letting them in for fear of losing their licenses.

  2. Clearly that’s on the table. If any licensed premises in BC let them in with colours on, they can lose their liquor license. Like all things, discipline is progressive. First it’s a suspension. Unfortunately all they have to do is take their colours off and they can still enter. They can still bully people because people know who they are and they do have gang tattoos. I still see it as a step forward though. We can’t do everything but we can do something. Bar watch lets places ban gang members even if they aren’t wearing colours but I think that is more up to the discretion of the owner.


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