Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Cyber Bullying and the Hells Angels

Before I dive into Cyber bullying and the Hells Angels, we need to restate the obvious. Not to flog a dead horse but since someone pretending to be a lawyer is making false allegations we need to restate the obvious. The Hells Angels are deeply involved in the Canadian drug trade. The three rings clearly establish that but those are just the tip of the iceberg. The number of cocaine convictions tied to the Hells Angels in Canada now is astounding.

The first of the three cross border drug rings tied to the Hells Angels I will cite is the Rob Shannon and Jody York Ring. Rob Shannon and Jody York ran a trucking company out of Langley, BC. They were convicted of running a huge cross border drug trafficking ring for the Hells Angels. They would bring massive amounts of pot (BC Bud) into the US and bring back massive amounts of cocaine into Canada to be sold here as crack.

Rob Shannon and Jody York were friends and associates of Weird Hal Porteous who is a full patch member of the Hells Angels. They were both in that ridiculous I’m on a boat rap video Weird Hal made. In the video Weird Hal was bragging about profiting from crime and declaring that he wasn’t sorry for what he had done. Weird Hal’s subsequent video called small man syndrome was even more ridiculous. Having one of his biker puppets kiss his ridiculous ring was enough to make a grown man dry heave.

After the Rob Shannon bust and conviction there were two more huge cross border drug rings tied to the Hells Angels which clearly showed that since the Hells Angels controlled all those BC grow ops and all those Canadian crack dealers, after the police busted one mule, the operation just kept right on going and even supplied the Big Apple. The second ring was the Randy and Trevor Jones ring tied to Tbarz. The third ring was in Montreal tied to our own suburban princess Larry Amero.

Without diving into the long drug trafficking history of the Hells Angels in Canada, those three rings clearly establish a pattern that involves a huge drug trafficking network. Now for the cyber bullying. Take a look at this picture:

This is a picture that Kim Bolan from the Vancouver Sun got off facebook and published in the paper. It seems innocent enough. Two guys posing for a picture that was posted on facebook. Only Weird Hal is wearing Hells Angels colours and Rob Shannon was at the time transporting massive amounts of pot and cocaine across the border for the Hells Angels. These kinds of pictures are used to bully people. It says the Hells Angels support Rob Shannon’s business so back off and leave him alone. Just like they did for the Zig Zag crew in Winnipeg.

Posting these kinds of pictures on facebook is an act of cyber bullying. When newspapers or bloggers report that in their newspaper or on their blogs, that is free speech not bullying. Let’s get that straight. I find it absolutely pathetic how the real bullies are so quick to play the victim when in reality they are the bullies not the newspaper or blogs. When someone posts Hells Angels support gear all over their facebook and set it to public, they are doing that to bully people.

Once I had a member of the Hells Angels threaten me on facebook. I was going to reply and ask him what on earth he was on about. Then I looked at his profile. It was full of pictures of his Hells Angels tattoos. Him threatening me and posting pictures of his gang tattoos on facebook was an act of cyber bullying. His wife went ballistic when I right away posted her husband’s picture of his gang tattoos on my web site.

She asked me what gives me the right to post her husband’s picture on my web site. I said the same right the newspapers have for publishing pictures of known criminals or gang members. I also said when your husband posts a picture of his gang tattoos and uses that picture to threaten me, I have every right to post that picture and that threat on my web site.

Turns out that particular threat was a case of mistaken identity. Someone made a fake facebook account pretending to be me, went on Hells Angels support pages and started trash talking them claiming to be me. The fake facebook account was shut down after the police were notified and I willingly took down that particular Hells Angels picture since it was indeed a case of mistaken identity. Nevertheless, I am still very concerned about the Hells Angels drug trafficking and their cyber bullying.

Legal threats made with false statements is also another form of cyber bullying. The big corporations do it all the time. I went head to head against three law firms once from a large corporation that falsely claimed copyright to things they had no possible copyright claim on. They just made slanderous allegations in a letter they refused to let me see. They were forced to take the matter to court when I filed a counter notification.

Again they refused to serve me copies of the application. I had to get one from my isp and then notify the court that I objected to them proceeding ex parte (without me) and said they know where I am and have refused to serve me the application. After the court was notified they were forced to serve me the application. Then I found out why they didn’t want me to see it. It was full of bold faced lies so I counter sued for perjury.

Many people don’t realize that if someone sues you, you have a right to reply and make a counter claim. That counter claim has the same merit as the initial application. In many cases if someone sues you it’s shooting themselves in the foot because it lets you sue them.

I remember one time a lawyer and I had made cross applications. We both filed applications at the same time. When he saw I was kicking his ass and was going to win he told the judge that the case was over because he was withdrawing his application. I said hold on. We made cross applications. I have an application on file myself and still want to proceed with my application to which the judge was forced to agree. All of a sudden I went from being the defendant to become the plaintiff. The other lawyer was furious and he screamed at me outside the court room trying to get me with back down and withdraw my application. I just said I’m sorry but I believe proceeding with my application is the right thing to do. He stormed off in a fit of fury and came back to get his ass kicked in court. I caught him trying to pull a fast one on me and when I let the judge know about his dirty trick he ended up changing his practice.

I will be clear. I am no better than any other person. I’m just a blogger. I’m not a lawyer but I have been an advocate and have gone up against more lawyers than I can count. I went to high school with a guy who was brilliant. He went on to get a law degree in New York and started working for a huge firm there. We talked about our experiences in court. He smiled. He said he mostly does pre trial posturing. He’s very smart and is well versed on the case law. Since he’s from a big firm most people just cave in and back down. He said I have seen more time in court in front of a judge than he has. I kid you not.

Again, I am a nobody. Yet I have a God given unalienable right to free speech just like anyone else. If we don’t stop cowering to these sleazy lawyers and their dirty law firms we will lose our rights and the democratic system we cherish. So let’s give it up for New York. The New York model.



    1. Wow. The Vancouver Province ran a similar story today. That’s another one I have to dive into because it’s tied to you know who.

  2. Enjoyed the post. Keep up the good work K. If Nik Richie can run of website of that nature, I see no possible way someone could make a legal argument against you. The difference is that when it comes to criminals and low lifes there is no need to sensationalize the information. They dig their own graves themselves. Truth hurts when you're ashamed of it.

    1. Oh you mean the Dirty. I didn’t know Nick’s last name. That’s a good point. I suppose we can add that to the case law of past practice. Kinda like how the Game used to have that web site at F*ck 50 cent dot com a while back.

  3. Thanks. At first I thought you said idiot not idol. These guys are just crack dealers. It’s important to put that into perspective. Actually there have been many lawyers. I’ve had the sad misfortune of going head to head against many. It’s a time I try to block out of my memory but when I start talking about it, the memories are still there. I remember one who came in my grill for posting things on the Internet many years ago. I looked at his profile and the firm he represented and said, you are from the biggest firm I have ever seen not to mention gone up against. They had offices in Vancouver, Toronto, New York, London and South Africa. But what you are doing is wrong and I am going to oppose it. I sarcastically added I sure hope your firm didn’t support Apartheid in South Africa.

    I just came to the conclusion that it’s not like a physical confrontation against multiple opponents. They can only fit so many lawyers into a courtroom at once and only one of them is allowed to speak at a time. If you have the truth you have the truth and it doesn’t matter how many lawyers they have trying to spin that truth. A lie is a lie and when you expose them lying in court their case rapidly starts to unravel.

    Years later I remember going out for a beer with that same lawyer. He was trying to get me to willingly give up the web site I was doing and said to me how about if I make the legal action in the States against the three firms just disappear. I said I’m not too worried about that case. I’ve already caught them lying in their initial application and am suing for perjury. After they refused to be served my motions by a sheriff I was granted e-file rights so they now get served automatically and I can participate in the trial by way of telephone without having to leave the country or miss work. He just kind of scowled as he knew he couldn’t intimidate me.

    Yet I was honest with him. I said I fully realize we don’t have the same chips on the table here. If I’m found guilty of copyright infringement I could get a $500,000 fine and jail time. If your client is found guilty of committing copy fraud, falsely claiming copyright to something they don’t have copyright to, they could get a $2,000 fine and no jail time. For a huge corporation that is nothing. I said I fully realize we don’t have the same number of chips on the table. I have far more at risk here. He just nodded his head in amazement thinking I was an absolute idiot for proceeding knowing the risk. I did nonetheless, and it took three years of intense motions, applications and court appearances to finally get the stuff they had fraudulently removed back on the Internet. Was it worth it? I don’t know. For me it was. Right now our rights and liberties are under serious attack and if we don’t stand up for them now, we will lose them.


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