Thursday, August 22, 2013

Kerri-On Update

Kerri Krysko has released a new book called Kerri-On. The book is a memoir about how she became the ex-wife of a full-patch Hell’s Angel and paid the price in years of physical, sexual and mental abuse. Obviously she is more than the ex wife of a member of the Hells Angels. Yet I think her first hand account can show how loneliness can turn to the artificial glamor that isn't what it appears to be and the abuse that goes along with it. It should be a good read.

I haven’t read the book and I don’t know this woman’s story so I can’t comment on it. I just put it out there because it’s news and it’s relevant. I’m certainly not saying all Hells Angels abuse their wives. This one may have I don’t know. I’m saying Hells Angels profit from drug trafficking. Usually the spouse of the Hells Angel that profits from drug trafficking also benefits from the proceeds of crime. What appears to be a nice family on the outside benefits from some pretty horrible violence behind closed doors.

No doubt some Hells Angels may in fact abuse their wives. I’d say it would be uncommon. Possibly not even as common as the number of police offers who abuse their wives. A Kelowna cop was convicted of beating his wife and that former cop from Alberta was recently convicted of shooting his ex in the face with a 9 mm. I’m more concerned with the far more common problem of Hells Angels who bully people in the drug trade and are involved with human trafficking like the German chapter in Spain and forced prostitution like the woman from Nova Scotia claimed. I don’t think many Hells Angels pimp out their wives. Yet many do live off the avails and abuse the woman they pimp.

~ Update ~

OK I have a copy of the book. They said you could get one at Save on Foods but PriceSmart didn’t have any yet so I found it at Chapters instead. I will say this, it is very well written. I’m not much on fiction myself. I can dive into constitutions, contracts or case law but when it comes to reading fiction I’m confronted with this massive mental road block. Yet this book is different. Perhaps because it’s not fiction. It’s smooth, positive and enlightening.

It’s the first of a three part series. In it she concludes with the honest observation that “even though I was with a Hells Angel, it doesn’t mean they are all like that, or even every police officer is righteous and perfect.” (As we have seen) “Evil and meanness comes in all forms from a parent to a preacher, only we as people can and will change this world, with acts of kindness and goodness. We are all humans, we all bleed, we all hurt and we all suffer our own personal demons, we all have a heart so we need to use that heart to spread the love and save a soul one day at a time.”

OK so this book is something positive. She concludes her introduction with her objective and states: “I want to spread awareness to youth who are influenced by the bling, the cars, the money or life of the untouchable bad boys. It isn’t always as pretty or sweet as you think it might be. It can be only as good as you give. Inevitably you will be hurt in some form, or even raped of all your own self-worth in order to accommodate the lifestyle of gang banging thug life. All those secrets you hold inside are like a black cloud that slowly seeps into every part of you tainting your outlook on life. It could be that man your holding does have a wife and kids at home. It is not fair or even right. I was that wife and that mother who was hurt, stolen from and beaten while supposedly held above all others.”

She states “I married a man who is everyone’s friend but my worst nightmare.” That sounds familiar. She talks about how she felt like at outcast in her home by her sisters and how that led her to self destructive behavior. She even mentions the self loathing that some woman go through. This is where I falter.

I cannot comprehend how a beautiful young woman could experience self loathing. I can understand discouragement and disappoint but I can’t understand this touchy feely concept of self loathing. I cannot comprehend it. Perhaps this book will help me understand the other side. This world of estrogen that I find so incomprehensible. Before my father died he gave me a book entitled Everything than men know about women. It was full of blank pages.

Perhaps as a parent it will help me understand some of the decisions my daughter has made in her life. As a linear, left brain father sometimes it’s hard to bite your tongue when you’re left shaking your head asking what on earth were you thinking? I know love is blind but surely logic has some role to play in the real world. Yet I have to admit, I myself have navigated an ocean of red flags knowing full well that proceeding would be unwise. Perhaps love is blind. It always hopes for the best. Yet we can always learn from our mistakes. I’d say it’s a good read worth looking into. Not with the intent of getting more dirt on the Hells Angels, but with the intent of seeing through the bling and the plastic world that upholds the gang life.

It’s hard because the first thing one is taught in parenting after separation is to never bad mouth your ex in the presence of the children. Yet at some point, Luke Skywalker needs to find out his father is Darth Vader. Perhaps he too can change. Perhaps not. Yet that will never happen by hiding the secrets forever. The author reminds me of Carrie Underwood. Let’s hope she doesn’t do her ex in like in the music video. Writing a book is much more productive.

Since this is the first of a three part series, it appears the first book is more about her childhood and the second book will be about her engagement and marriage to an abusive Hells Angel.

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