Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Kerri Krysko continues to soar

Kerri’s new book about her abusive relationship married to a Hells Angel continues to break sales records for a self published book. There are three things that strike me about Kerri and that is where’s she’s been, where she is and where she’s going. It is a real life success story that pulls on your heartstrings as it inspires and uplifts you to stand on higher ground. Alberta Primetime did an interview with her about the book.

She is without doubt the first ex wife of a Hells Angel to write a book and live to tell the tale. Nothing will change that. She’s the first one to break that story. It’s pretty clear that her book and the next one which will drop the bombshell and let people figure out who specifically her ex is, doesn’t go into anything about Hells Angels secrets or business. Her book specifically deals with the abuse she experienced under the hand of one man who happened to be a full patch member of the Hells Angels.

As we have seen, spousal abuse in gangland is a huge problem just like everywhere else. Even cops have been known to beat their wives. Yet within gangland it’s a huge problem. Donnie McWhirter and Don Lyons from the Hells Angels puppet club called the Independent Soldiers in Kelowna have both been charged with assaulting former girlfriends. Even in the UN Ryan Holt has numerous charges of harassing, threatening and assaulting former girlfriends. In fact, that’s why one member of the Kingpin Crew was kicked out before that group was disbanded.

So yes, abusive relationships in gangland do exist and are a huge problem. Since Kerri has come forward many others have contacted me and shared similar horrific stories of gangland abuse. This iceberg of abuse is being slowly being uncovered to the dismay of the many trolls who want to keep that hidden and covered up. Yet as Martin Luther King taught, no lie can live forever. Truth crushed to the earth will indeed rise again.

Even Martin Luther King was slandered. They say if you don’t have haters, you’re not accomplishing anything. Every time someone steps up to the plate and tries to expose the darkness or tries to make a difference, the peanut gallery always tries to mock, slander and lie about the person to try and prevent them for uncovering and exposing that dark secret. This time, no unhallowed hand will stop this story from getting out. It’s just too big to keep under a bushel.


  1. hey k, peeps are saying it was you that got stabbed on grouse???

  2. Someone got stabbed on Grouse? What's with that? Not really a gang bangers hang out. Whoever it was it wasn't me. Unlikely it was in the back country. Those kind of guys don't usually like to get involved in any kind of strenuous physical activity. There's a dusting of snow now in preparation for the snowshoeing season which I'm really looking forward to.

  3. Weird, it was on the BCMC which is beside the Grouse grind taking you up the mountain. I always take the gondola up and hike up Dam or Goat mountain. The Grouse grind is nice but it's too busy. 53? I'm old but not that old. Weird someone stabbed a stranger on that trail: