Sunday, April 27, 2014

I can not support Barinder Rasode

Now that we are all celebrating the announcement that Surrey Mayor Dianne Watts will not seek reelection this November I need to be clear that I can not support Barinder Rasode. I did oppose Dianne Watts' bullying of Barinder but I most certainly cannot support her as the next mayor of Surrey. I think that would be another huge mistake. She was a passionate part of the Surrey First cabal that one blog reader refers to as Surrey's Worst.

It's nothing personal. I just can't support her on the issues. We need to aggressively address this colossal debt Diane Watts created. The first thing we need to do is follow Doug McCallum's advice and move City Hall back to where it was and sell or lease the new Ivory Tower of self indulgence so we can afford to pay for more police in Newton and Whalley. The next thing we need to do is disband the Surrey City Development Corporation.

I do not believe Barinder has the support of the Indo Canadian community in Surrey since she so boldly mocked them after the mega casino vote. After that disastrous proposal met so much public opposition, Barinder had the audacity to tell the media that the reason the City of Surrey decided to reject the proposal was because of lobbying from the Sikh community in Surrey who opposed it. That was a pretty rude statement to make since she voted in favor of it despite the Sikh community's opposition to it. Evidently they need to choose a new representative.

I do not agree with her opposition to the Welcome Home Addiction Recovery Academy either. That is exactly what Newton needs. A private recovery home that actually helps people get off drugs instead of taking tax payers money to perpetuate crime and addiction.

However, the primary reason I can not support Barinder Rasode is because of her position on Gateway Casino and her close ties to one of their developers. She has a right to date anyone she wants but dating Bob Cheema, a big supporter of that project, is a huge conflict of interest.

Alex called Baridner a whore on facebook and Dianne Watts clicked like on that comment. He didn't call her a media whore he called her a whore. I submit that one of the reasons he chose that term and the reason Dianne Watts clicked like on it was in reference to her new relationship with Bob Cheema. Let me be clear that Barinder has every right to start a new relationship. She was in an abusive marriage where it has been claimed she was physically assaulted. She has every right to start a new relationship. Calling her a whore for starting a new relationship after leaving an abusive marriage was totally uncalled for. Alex has done the same thing himself on more than one occasion. 50% of marriages break down. To say someone is not allowed to start a new relationship after that marriage has failed is absurd.

That mega Casino was a dirty deal. It was on agricultural land not industrial. It was a dirty deal just like the Campbell Heights Industrial Park where contributors to the BC Liberals got a sweetheart deal where the City of Surrey flipped agricultural land into Industrial for some Liberal campaign contributors to make a fortune. Dianne Watts supported it all along. That's why Rich Coleman and the BC Liberals freaked and dumped her. They wanted her to pull a Gordon Campbell and proceed unilaterally despite the public opposition to it. Now Bob Cheema and the BC Liberals are endorsing Barinder to ram the deal through against the public's will.

The same thing happened in Langley and Vancouver. The public came out in droves to oppose a large casino project and the city counsel voted it down only to approve it later on when the public wasn't paying attention. We need to be vigilant in opposing these dirty deals.


  1. Thanks for reporting on Alex Tsakumis, K. The guy is a total slimeball. Any politician who would associated him shows the kind of character they have. The world would be a MUCH better place without thugs and bullies like Alex Tsakumis!

  2. Just for the record I never said Alex should shut down his blog. I’m all for a diversity of opinions. All I said was he called Rapsode a whore not a coward and provided a screen cap to prove it. Him calling a blog reader at home on the phone and threatening to sue her for posting a link to one of my blog posts was totally uncalled for. I support a diversity of opinions but I don’t support bullying.