Saturday, July 5, 2014

Dave Revell's son arrested in Alberta drug bust

This is a picture of Dave Revell. He is an associate of David Giles and was convicted of cocaine trafficking. In fact police wiretaps heard Giles claim Revell made him $30,000 in several months. The Crown couldn't prove it was through criminal activity although the Defense couldn't show what legitimate business it was from.

This is a picture of Dave's son Brandon Revell and his friend Dean Ball. These two were caught with 32 pounds of pot in Canmore Alberta. That was back in November 2013 but I didn't make the connection that Brandon was Dave Revell's son.

Here's an interesting twist to the story. In September of last year I wrote about several assaults Dave Revell was involved with. I didn't realize at the time they were K files which means domestic assaults. A sad reminder of Don Lyons and Donnie McWhirter.

It gets worse. Turns out Dave Revell's son Brandon was also involved in a police file last March where he was charged with assault, uttering threats, being unlawfully in a dwelling house and with choking. All of those charges are also a K file which means domestic violence. Hitting and choking women is not manly. Sounds like the fake ass gang life has a problem with this. I understand the Toronto Sun is ready to break a story on this very subject. Stay tuned.

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