Wednesday, July 23, 2014

The Next Mayor of Surrey: Crime and Corruption

The Surrey Leader is reporting that the Surrey civic election for the next mayor of Surrey will be between Doug McCallum and two unknowns from Surrey's Worst. It doesn't appear that Bruce Ralston has agreed to run. Yet. Before Dianne Watts jumped ship and ran for the hills, Bruce Ralston admitted he had been asked to run. That would be significant since he has been a renowned MP in Surrey for so many years. However, now that Dianne Watts said she won't be running for reelection, he might best serve the community in the position he's in.

This next election in Surrey will be about crime and corruption. I have never seen such a clear example of good versus evil in an election before. Good versus evil, truth versus deception. The deception is well funded.

Linda Hepner and Barinder Rasode were two unknowns that joined Dianne Watts' "Surrey First" party that locals passionately refer to as Surrey's Worst for good reason. When Dianne Watts was elected there was such a huge kool aid backing that anyone who ran with her was elected into office simply because they were with her. Time has shown that Dianne Watts was one great big fraud that has left the city with the biggest debt and the worst drug related crime in it's history. The point is, before the Dianne Watts fraud, Linda Hepner and Barinder Rasode were unknown.

The biggest concern the residents of Surrey now face is dealing with the unprecedented debt Dianne Watts has created with her Ivory Tower extravagance and the open drug related crime she refused to deal with. That crime and corruption is the main concerns that face the city.

The straw that broke the camel's back was the drug related crime Surrey First refused to deal with in Newton which resulted in the tragic death of a Hockey Mom dropping off her son to play hockey. It turned out that the residents and the businesses in Newton had been complaining about drug dealers selling crack in the open on an ongoing basis while Bill Fordy and the city refused to do anything about it. Shocking since Dianne Watts promised us the moon with regards to crime reduction. The only thing she delivered was crime censorship for years.

After the murder of the hockey mom in Newton, the ivory tower of censorship was finally cracked open. Local residents passionately declared that spending all those tax dollars on an extravagant City Hall instead of on more police to arrest drug dealers was a complete waste of money. They were right. Doug McCallum agreed and is the only candidate thus far to pledge to right that wrong.

The drug related crime isn't limited to Newton. It extends to trailer parks and other areas as well where residents complain about drug houses or illegal booze cans and the city does nothing about it which ends up resulting in more shootings at those locations. Right now the drug related violence outside the Front Room in Whalley is unprecedented and rivals the DTES.

Barinder Rasode was kicked out of Surrey First for agreeing with the public and saying you're right, we haven't done enough about crime in Newton. That's when Godzilla showed her true colours as she zealously bullied her own counselor like she had done to so many others previously.

Dianne Watts didn't oppose Barinder Rasode because of her position on Gateway Casino. Linda Hepner also supported the Gateway Casino and Dianne Watts has endorsed her. Dianne Watts bullied Barinder because she didn't tow the kool aid line. Yet Barinder has no real experience dealing with crime like Doug McCallum does. Neither does Linda Hepner. Linda Hepner is simply perpetuation Dianne Watts lips service to crime by saying one thing and doing the other.

The Gateway Casino is a colossal concern. Not just because it was another dirty deal where the city was flipping agricultural land for developers that contributed to their campaign. It wasn't just because of the moral ramifications of gambling and money laundering either. It was because Gateway Casino lost $1.5 billion dollars in a debt restructuring and was a bad investment. That remains to be a huge concern since the two candidates from Surrey's Worst sill support that dirty deal despite local opposition to it.

After the big vote on the conflicted mega casino in a rural area proposal Barinder Rasode boasted that it was the Sikh community that persuaded the city to oppose the plan. Yet she voted for it despite the public opposition to it. Clearly the Sikh community need a new representative. Linda Hepner and Barinder Rasode don't represent them.

Linda Hepner and Barinder Rasode both supported the laundering of public assets in the Campbell Heights Industrial Park and they both tried to do the same thing again in the Gateway Casino Mega fraud despite the local opposition to it. Both of them have promised us the world on crime reduction within Surrey First and have delivered nothing.

Now that the choice for the next mayor is crystal clear, we need to start asking independent counselors what their position is on getting rid of the new Ivory Tower City Hall that has put us in such unprecedented debt and if they are willing to use some of that money to hire more police to arrest the crack dealers in Newton, Whalley and the other high crime areas the residents have been complaining while Surrey's Worst did nothing.

The deception is well funded


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