Saturday, October 4, 2014

Surrey Cat Fight: Hepner vs Rasode

Well Surrey's Worst political party in it's entire history is continuing the toxic infighting. Barinder Rasode finally announced her candidacy for Surrey Mayor. I didn't blog about it at the time because I really see it as a non issue. She lost any credibility in my eyes when she voted for the Mega Casino in a rural area despite the public outcry against it. Dating Bob Cheema at the time was somewhat less than professional. Now Barinder and her former running mate Linda Hepner are continuing the toxic infighting in their ridiculous campaigns. No wonder city hall is such a mess.

Barinder launched this big song and dance crime prevention scam just like Dianne Watts did before her against Doug McCallum. Only Dianne Watts' crime fraud was one great big scam. She said one thing and did the other while Barinder and Hepner aided and abetted that fraud the whole way. Up to and including the Campbell Heights Industrial fraud and the follow up Gateway Casino fraud. All these ridiculous insider deals for campaign contributors. It was as dirty as it gets.

Laila Yuile is reporting that right after Barinder Rasode released her crime plan Linda Hepner said it's stupid and is no different that the crime plan Surrey's Worst had in place since 2007. Well she's right on those two points. It is stupid and it is what they've already been doing which has proven to be a complete and utter failure. We need to try something different.

This spin about no call too small is, no offense, ridiculous. No call is too small in Surrey? Any idea how much crime goes on in Surrey? How about prioritizing the crime in Surrey. Pot isn't as big a problem as crack is. Dianne Watts used all the police resources to hit grow ops and did absolutely nothing to stop crack dealers selling crack in public. Instead of chasing around the prolific offenders that commit a ridiculous amount of property theft to pay for their drug addiction, how about arrest the crack dealers causing the problem in the first place? That is exactly what wasn't happening in Newton. That is the pivotal event that needs to change. That is the New York model.

In my opinion McCallum is the one to implement that strategy because that is exactly what he did when he was mayor. He evicted crack houses onto the street. I saw it. Now we need to follow up on that campaign and arrest crack dealers in Newton and Whalley. Letting the forest fire burn wild isn't helping anyone. Yes I am concerned about Bob Cheema buying off McCallum to ram his dirty casino on rural land deal through. That's why we need to elect a city council who opposes the bid. Surrey is a big city. You don't want someone as mayor who hasn't sat on council or had similar experience. Unfortunately since Surrey First swept the last election all that experience has been bad experience. We want someone who hasn't been poisoned by the Surrey First fiscal meltdown.

Laila Yuile once commented on how Dianne Watts referred to Doug MxCallum as a bully when he was mayor. Which is likely the most hypocritical statement ever uttered from a politician's mouth. Dianne Watts was the bully. Look at how Linda Hepner is treating Barinder Rasode. That is exactly how Dianne Watts treated her. Doug McCallum likely simply put Dianne Watts in her place when he was mayor and wouldn't put up with her bullsh*t.

When referencing Doug McCallum Laila recently said people either love him or hate him. She apparently has some concerns with him. Sadly when comparing him with the two others Hepner and Rasode, I don't see it as a contest at all. Hepner and Rasode have absolutely no credibility in my mind whatsoever. If we are worried about voting for McCallum because of his position on Cheema's dirty casino, the other two firmly voted for it despite the local oposition to it.

I do kind of get the feeling that Laila leans toward supporting Rasode over McCallum although I am told that is not the case. I'm told she supporting someone else. Does that mean I'm going to get all nicker twisted and start attacking Laila for her political beliefs? Of course not. She is a very competent and intelligent blogger and reporter. She has every right to her political opinions. That is how it works in a free and democratic society. Laila was the champion of justice during Dianne Watts dictatorship. Dianne's attack poodles constantly challenged and bullied Laila always referring to her as a Watts hater and a lone wolf extremist. Now we see she isn't the only one that had concerns with some of Dianne Watts' policies.

In fact Alex Tsakumis included Laila in his attack on Barinder Rasode when he called Barinder a whore on facebook. A comment which Dianne Watts clicked like to giving the world a glimpse at her perpetual behind the scenes bullying. Alex called Barninder a whore. He didn't say political whore he came right out and said whore. It's quite possible he and Watts were referring to her relationship with Bob Cheema at the time. Yet his simultaneous attack on Laila claimed that Laila was supporting Barinder in her bid for mayor. And? What if she was? Who cares? That is her right in a free and democratic society. Alex Tsakumis was one of Dianne Watts attack poodles. The way he stalked and bullied a woman who reads my blog is a clear example of that.

My concern with the current Surrey Cat Fight is that it exemplifies the Dianne Watts regime of bullying and toxic deception. Saying one thing and doing another while rewarding campaign contributors with sweetheart deals. Pork Barrel politics at it's worst. They claim the left will tax and spend but they are even worse offenders themselves. Buyer Beware.

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