Sunday, October 4, 2015

Kerried Away

Here it is. Kerri Krysko's second book Kerried Away has now been released in paperback and can be ordered from Chapters or Indigo. Although I have stopped making new posts on the blog I did say I would post a link to Kerri's new book when it is released and that day has come.

The revised second edition of her first book Kerri On, is now available at Chapters or Indigo and in electronic format on Google Play. As Kerri mentioned in an interview, although she associated with many of the big names in the local gang war, she has never named any of them because that is not what her book is about. All Hells Angels don't beat their wives any more then all cops do. I was able to interview the "Nanny" people refer to who was really their babysitter. Although she has not been named, she is a real person I met and had an interview with.

Although Kerri's second book Kerried Away is harder hitting then the first, the healing and inspiration gives the reader an inside look at a dark world she rose above.


  1. Hello K, just wanted to say hello,missing your blog ,hope you are doing well. Been reading neer do well hall of infamey ,breaking the code and now the George Christie blog, been keeping me entertained,lol. Again i wish you well,peace out buddy.

    1. Things are good thanks. Actually quite peaceful. Glad to hear you're keeping informed. I still occasionally add a link to the Gangsters out web page. Here's the latest news about another Hells Angels hit man from Nova Scotia flipping: