Saturday, May 28, 2016

Last chance to order Kerri Krysko's first two books for a year - Update

If you haven't read the Kerri Krysko story yet, this is your last chance to order her first two books on Google Play. She's taking both books off the market June 5th for a year when she will release the third book in her trilogy. Kerri On is her first book and her second book is Kerried Away.

Just to recap, the Peace Arch News first did a story about Kerri August 2013. That's when I first made a blog post about her book. This is a link to the first interview I did with Kerri in November 2013 and this is the link to a follow up interview I did with her in January 2014. Later that month she did a radio interview with Mike McIntyre. February 2014 she was on CTV.

I was also able to do an interview with her Nanny later that year. April 2015 she did a podcast with the Morrison & Danger Show. June 2015 WSTU AM1450 - Martin County's Heritage Station in Florida did a radio interview with Kerri. July 2015 I did another interview with her when she released her second book Kerried Away. December 2015 the White Rock Sun posted an interview with Kerri. March 2016 her second book was featured in the Toronto Sun.

So that's the world tour. June 5th both books are pulled from the shelves for a year until her third book comes out to complete the trilogy. Get your copy of Kerri On and Kerried Away from Google Play before June 5th. Kerri Krysko is a bright light in a dark world. Peace.

Update: Pictures are in the middle of the second book Kerried Away starting on page 175.

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    Just curious...why didn't you post this one? Is it because she basically calls you a clown and a loser and I've personally e-mailed her links to the dirty about how insane you are. You are a loser

    1. Actually I forgot that one and will have to add it to the list. Since you're such an expert on what women want Blaze I'll have to let Kerri tell me what she thinks herself since you have a history of domestic assault. Kerri and I certainly don't agree on everything. No two people do. I totally respect her opinion although I might not always agree with it. I am insane. I don't dispute that. Like Billy Joel once said, sometimes that's what people need. A little insane humour to lighten up the day but you're the loser.

    2. @reject loser:

      I have read the blog post and please enlighten me as to where, exactly, and what, exactly, this Kerri person states that calls/directly insinuates the blog writer a "clown" and a "loser"?

      If it is simply because she does not believe the HA is a criminal organization (that does not call the blog author a clown nor a loser) that is far from any type of authoritative statement. How would she know if they were? (you must know if someone/thing is something in order to be assured that it is not)

  2. How was Kerri able to use the HAMC logo on her book cover ? I remember Yves Lavigne was sued by HAMC for using it and his book, "Hells Angels Taking Care of Business" was reprinted with another cover. Is her book PR ?

    1. Her cover is her wedding photo. She can use it because it is a picture of someone wearing the patch just like a newspaper can. What do you mean is her book PR? Her first two books are on the bookshelves now at Chapters and Indigo.