Saturday, December 3, 2016


Today is a sad day. I have to burn a bridge and say goodbye to some old friends. As Abraham Lincoln once said stand with any man as long as he stands right but part with him when he goes wrong. It is time for TBM Canada and I to go our separate ways.

I really think TBM was a good idea. I've spent many years of my life doing volunteer work in Canada and the United States and I realize it's hard to keep it going. Like any political organization, petty agendas seep in and power conflicts often distort the original intensions.

TBM Fresh Start is a great support group for former gang members in Scandinavia. Leave it to Canada to trash a great idea. Michael Green is a good man and a good leader. He means well. Recently the group was trying to do damage control on Facebook after a member of the Rock Machine left the group when they saw Charles Falco was a member.

I made a post saying maybe we shouldn't trash the brother for leaving because his concerns are valid. Charles Falco was a large scale crystal meth dealer who cut a deal and went undercover to avoid jail time. There is nothing noble in that. He then made a movie bragging about it. When you want a fresh start in life you leave the life you don't brag about being a police informant and betraying your brothers so you can get a reduced prison sentence.

Charles Falco jumped in and said he didn't become a police informant to get a reduced prison sentence. I responded with the truth and said that is exactly what you did and that is exactly what your movie brags about. He then said oh that was Hollywood. They changed the story. If you read my book you'll get the whole story. I'm not reading a book by a police informant full of lies.

Michael was determined to welcome him into the group and I accepted that. I just said you have to respect the fact that others who are in or have been in the OMG world might not be willing to accept him and we really shouldn't trash them for holding and expressing that opinion because those concerns are valid.

Then the John Carnie meltdown occurred and the real snake in the grass was revealed. I recently made a post about how John Carnie, the former president of the Ottawa Rock Machine had left the life and joined TBM. It was big news. John was a solid leader. Some members of the Rock Machine spammed Michael with complaints trashing John saying you shouldn't accept him into TBM because he was out in bad. They obviously didn't understand what TBM is. They aren't an OMG they are a support group for people who have left the life voluntarily or have been kicked out. It didn't matter to TBM if John had been kicked out or if he left of his own accord. They were there for him. That's what I liked about TBM.

They said the same thing about George Christie. After George left the Hells Angels they put him out in bad and falsely accused him of being a police informant. That was cheap and he explained it all in his new book Exile on Front Street. You wouldn't believe the amount of troll shit I had to filter about George after I endorsed him because people were afraid of him and intimidated by his leadership. Let's face it, great leaders have trolls trying to slander them. That's just a fact of life.

John Carnie was the same. He was a solid leader that got shafted by one of his fake brothers in the Rock Machine who felt intimidated by him. Then a little snake in the grass weasel in the Canadian TBM group did the same thing to John because he felt intimidated by John when John said he was willing to step up so John packed his bags and left. No one with any self respect would put up with that kind of shit from anyone especially from a guy like Tony.

It's not that I wanted to be in charge, I didn't. That's why I was holding back all these years. I wanted someone else in Canada to step up and be in charge. Someone that I could endorse. John Carnie was that man. Tony is not. Tony is a very small man who just wants another patch so he can bully people. I told Michael I could never endorse that guy. He tried to be a peacemaker and convince me to accept him and I just said I'm really sorry, it's not debatable. As long as that guy is a leader in TBM, TBM Canada will never be anything more than a facebook group.

Not only that, but as long as Tony is an administrator in that facebook group, TBM Canada will be toxic. Sure they could help a few people but they could also do more harm than good by fucking over people who came to them for help when they were vulnerable. It's the same OMG mentality. If you disagree with us then there is something wrong with you and we need to trash you. Good luck with that. I can't support that or be a part of it.

So I am very sorry. I'm sad to lose so many good friends but I am at peace because I know it's the right thing to do. Michael was clear that TBM Canada had to run exactly like TBM Scandinavia and I agree. It's just that I personally can't come to grips with providing safe houses for police informants. My advice is to leave the life and not become a police informant. If you choose to become a police informant to save your ass or to save the planet that is your choice but if you do I can't protect you. If you become a police informant the police have to protect you. That is the choice you made. As for Tony, Tony is a little bitch. History has recorded that.

Curt said to me once how he remembered one time when him and Larry were leading the pack, he looked back behind him and saw bikes as far as the eye could see. Sadly those days are gone. Pride and politics have killed the dream. That's why I ride alone but I do still ride. Peace.

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