Thursday, June 7, 2018

Weird Hal Porteous is out

I've been holding back on this news for a while because the circumstances surrounding it are shady. Multiple sources are reporting that Weird Hal Porteous is out. Not out in bad just out as in he was asked to retire. It is no secret that I have no love for Weird Hal. Yet I don't have beef with him either. He's an idiot. Everyone knows that. He made a fool of himself and the club twice.

The first time was when he made that ridiculous crackers can't rap video of him being on a boat with a couple of drug dealers that looked like a Lonely Island spoof boldly declaring "I'm on a boat. Look at me everybody I'm on a mother f*cking boat!" No one cares you flaming idiot. The heat bag was posing with convicted drug dealers Rob Shannon and Jody York.

Then he made an even more ridiculous video of him transforming from a nerd into an idiot with a clueless puppet kissing his ridiculous ring like they're all in the warm brother's academy. Who's the bigger idiot? The idiot or the idiot that kisses his ass? Clowns at the circus embarrassing themselves and the club for all the world to see. Pathetic.

Fast forward to 2018. The Teletubbies drama queen sounded the alarm that Weird Hal made a post on facebook offering to help people go through the process to apply for a medicinal grow op license. This time he wasn't breaking the law. He had been through the process and he offered to help people do the same. On top of that, pot is a month away from being legalized in Canada. Why on earth make a big deal about it now? It was rather pointless. Or was it.

The person that told Kim about Hal's Facebook post was a retired cop named Andrew Richards who has his own security company. He didn't think Hells Angels should be allowed to be involved with medical pot. Why not? It's legal. You can't stop them and you most certainly can't stop them when it is completely legalized. We need to disrupt the Hells Angels illegal activities not their legal ones. The same cop wasn't complaining about the Hells Angels involvement in the exotic dance industry. Why is that? That is also legal. So why make a big deal about the Hells Angels being involved with legal pot? Wait 'till I tell ye.

Andrew Richards is the CEO of Spire Secure Logistics. Spire Secure Logistics announced that they have been acquired by Friday Night Inc. a Canadian public company which owns and controls cannabis and hemp-based assets in Las Vegas. Retired Ontario cop Tim Humberstone is Chief Strategy Officer in charge of selling cop pot in Ontario. This scam is one great big conflict of interest. Now Weird Hal is out and the cops successfully eliminated a rival in their monopoly on the legal pot trade. That was dirty as f*ck.

Marc Emery has paid his dues. He needs to be allowed to sell legal pot in his store right across the street from the Black door and the Bulldog cafe and the Hells Angels need to be allowed to continue to sell pot out of the Black door. Not that the police ever lifted a finger to stop them. Nobody in the 420 movement is going to want cop pot. That's like buying tuna that's not dolphin friendly. The Hells Angels and Marc Emery each have a name and a brand that will prosper when pot is legalized. The police have no right to stop them. If they try they are in a conflict of interest.

Nobody cares about pot. People care about crack, crystal meth and most of all fentanyl. When the police in BC watch the drug dealers sell fentanyl they become culpable in the overdose epidemic that drug is causing. The world can see that policing in BC doesn't exist. The rule of law has been abandoned. That is why addicts are flocking here by the masses like it was a warm San Francisco night. Harm promotion has failed. It is killing people at a record rate in Metro Vancouver. We need to stop the insanity and adopt the New York model. That would be in everyone's best interest. Ontario has. Why can't we? Enforcement, Treatment and Prevention are the three missing pillars we need to emphasize.


  1. "That is why addicts are flocking here by the masses like it was a warm San Francisco night."

    But it's always been that way, no? First for weed, then crack, later meth....the idea of people in Canada for whom recreational pharmaceuticals play a major part of their lives moving to BC for that and the warm weather isn't really new is it? Or is this just whole new level?

    1. And now that recreational pharmaceuticals will be legal, what you see now will be what people will be wishing it was only in a few short years!

  2. watching tv one night, the Liquidator, Hal comes on, sings a song, "liquidator, liquidator, liquidator man, makin a deal whenever he can",,,,fuck i was embarrassed for him

  3. You don't think HA legal operations help fund there illegal ones too?

    1. Not entirely. The Hells Angels want to make money. No one cares about selling black market cigarettes back east. People care about them selling fentanyl on the Surrey strip. If the Hells Angels can make money legally then have at it. As long as they are making money legally, then we can lobby them to cut out their harmful sources of revenue. We need to stop the greed.


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