Monday, September 17, 2018

Justin Trudeau, Rob Ford and Maxime Bernier - the three stooges provide some comic relief

What a freaking circus. CTV is reporting that "Ontario MP Leona Alleslev surprised many in announcing in the House of Commons on Monday that she was crossing the floor from the Liberal caucus to join the Conservatives, in the first floor crossing of this Parliament. Before physically walking across the floor where she was met by thunderous applause and handshakes, Alleslev said she was deeply concerned about the future of the country, citing economic and foreign policy concerns."

The Toronto Sun is reporting that Leona Alleslev will take on a key role in caucus as the party’s critic of Global Security. How about Canadian Peacekeepers in Myanmar?

This isn't the first time a politician has crossed the floor but it is signs of a flailing Justin Trudeau who has clearly lost his former rock star image. Now people just see him as a clown. Forcing the pipeline on us without our consent was a big mistake.

On the flip side, Maxime Bernier quit the conservatives before being kicked out for denouncing multiculturalism. So now he wants to start his own political party. Good luck with that. Ron Paul is a Libertarian. Maxime Bernier is not. Maxime now claims the conservatives are morally corrupt. Like when he left a confidential file on Afghanistan with his former girlfriend Julie Couillard and told her the war in Afghanistan had nothing to do with fighting for freedom it was about controlling the opium trade. Maxime didn't have a problem with the moral corruption under Stephen Harper.

Meanwhile back on the ranch Rob Ford invokes the not withstanding clause of the charter after the court says he can't cut Toronto city council by half. Three nutbars off the hook. Andrew Scheer, federal Tories back Doug Ford’s use of notwithstanding clause. Make that four stooges.

Where's Rick Mercer when you need him? Season finally? God help us.


  1. I am not sure Maxime would have been kicked out. He came so close to winning the leadership and then with Scheer's lackluster performance if the vote were to be redone today I would think Bernier would be the clear winner.

    I think his leaving the conservatives is an indication he agrees with how the conservative party was usurped and trashed all the Reform ideas to make it into just another mainstream party not much different from the most bland.

    I could very well be wrong, but I believe Bernier will be a very strong political force in Canada and especially in Quebec. He will certainly out perform Scheer and is not afraid of controversy and in the uber politically correct apologist landscape that makes up Canadian politics that will go a long way to ensure popular support and not just "Ivory Tower elites" from universities and social justice warriors.

    It could actually make the political landscape interesting - whether we agree with his stand on anything or not.

    1. Yes the conservative party was usurped and trashed all the Reform ideas but that was done by Stephen Harper and Maxime Bernier was up to his eyeballs in it in Afghanistan. A bitter tree cannot bring forth good fruit. If the roots are evil, the entire tree is. Time will tell. It always does.

    2. Reading through Bernier's '' site he has a clear political agenda posted. Very different from other parties who either have nothing clear and defined or just some generalizations.

      Some of them are very good, some do not go far enough but are at least better than current situations allow.

    3. Like I said, a bitter tree cannot bring forth good fruit.