Saturday, October 27, 2018

Dwayne McDonald is a keeper

Dwayne McDonald is Surrey's top cop with the RCMP. He is a keeper. Surrey creating it's own police force is certainly not controversial. It's a natural consequence of growth. Delta has it's own police force and Surrey is much bigger than Delta. Surrey is the largest city in Canada that doesn't have it's own police force.

Dwayne McDonald was a colosal step forward from Bill Fordy. Dwayne McDonald had experience on the joint Gang task force that brought down David Giles in Kelowna. Bill Fordy on the other hand is and was a complete idiot. He was a member of the Friends of Craig Callen. Nutbars more interested in getting laid than they were in doing their job.

As Surrey transitions into it's own police force the first thing you do is give Dwayne McDonald and all the current RCMP officers first choice of joining the new Surrey Police Department. In life, once you find a keeper you hang on to them. Dwayne McDonald is a keeper. The recent developments the Surrey RCMP have made on the Surrey Strip have been life changing. We need to continue in this positive direction as we transform Whalley into the new Yaletown.

The next thing you do is give VPD members who live in Surrey the option to transfer to the SPD. You want to put someone in charge of training the SPD? Hire John McKay. He is a complete professional. It's that simple. He's the former VPD Ninja.

Jack Singh Hundial is a member of Doug McCallum's Safe Surrey Coalition and was elected to Council. He started and ended a successful 25 year career with the RCMP here in Surrey. Dwayne and Jack are very capable experts in seeing a smooth and safe transition into a vibrant local police force. This is moving forward and addressing the concerns of the local residents.

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