Monday, August 9, 2021

Inside the battle by drug gangs for control of the DTES

I don't want to hate but for f*ck sakes, take a bath. The foul stench from all this bullsh*t is revolting. Kim Bolan is the new Pat Fogerty. Spinning for the Hells Angels drug trade because her employer, the CFSEU has become compromised.

I don't read her blog. I saw this article on MSN's stupidity. Kim Bolan recently wrote an article entitled: Inside the battle by drug gangs for control of Vancouver's Downtown Eastside.

I knew it was going to be bullsh*t. Years ago Pat Fogerty was in charge of the CFSEU. That's where Dr Spin gets her information from. She prints what they want her to and in exchange they give her access to bar watch, the police's gang database. Sadly, ever since they brought Donnie McWhirter on board, their intel is worthless.

Back then, Pat said the Hells Angels aren't the problem in Kelowna, they barely have a chapter there. It's the other guys we have to worry about. That's when I asked which side was he on and launched the Kelowna Summer Jam.

Coincidently, the OMGU simultaneously launched an undercover operation targeting the Kelowna Hells Angels which resulted in the David Giles bust and the Johnny Newcome bust. The OMGU proved Pat Fogerty wrong. They did such a great job, the BC liberals disbanded them. That's when the CFSEU became compromised.

The Kelowna chapter has changed and I no longer have beef with them. The only ones I have beef with now are the Edmonton Hells Angels and the Wolf Pack because they are f*cking with my crib. They are the ones solely responsible for all the gang violence in Metro Vancouver.

I believe in law enforcement. I believe the law should be enforced. ALERT is doing it but the CFSEU is not. Confronting police corruption was a crucial element of the New York Crime Reduction Model. I support that model.

As I have clearly said, all the groups Kim mentioned work for the Hells Angels except for the UN. This time she finally said "historically the United Nations gang has also had a strong foothold in this market." That is true. Historically they did. Yet that was a long time ago and right now the Wolf Pack and the Edmonton Hells Angels are solely responsible for all the violence and the CFSEU is aiding and abetting them.

Kim Bolan claims that “Currently the drug trade in the Downtown Eastside is being contested by several organized crime groups that include the Wolfpack under Damion Ryan, the Bibo-Kang Group — affiliated to the RS — the Redd Alert Gang and the Brothers Keepers.”

This is the Pat Fogerty spin. All of these groups work for the Hells Angels. The Redd Alert work for the Edmonton Hells Angels. They took back all the drug dealers in the DTES for the Hells Angels from the UN. Once they used the Redd Alert to take back the drug dealers, they gave that area to the Wolf Pack and gave the Edmonton Hells Angels Surrey.

The Edmonton Hells Angels then hired the Brother's Keepers to bring violence to Surrey. After they killed Ali, they hired the Driftwood Crips until the Wolf Pack rolled on them.

The Bibo-Kang Group work for Jamie Bacon and the Hells Angels. The Brother's Keepers are killing all the Kangs so Jamie Bacon can have exclusive control over the Red Scorpions and pay more tax to the Hells Angels. All this violence is internal.

The Wolf Pack work for Gumby and the Walrus. Kim Bolan claims they work for Damion Ryan. Personally, I think that is bullsh*t. Damion Ryan is in the Witness Protection Program. He got his filthy few patch in Greece for poring acid on a Quebec member who bailed on Gumby.

It's likely he is affiliated with the Cub Pack because Gumby's pal Robby Alkhalil was a quasi member of the Greece chapter. That's where they farmed out the Ontario village idiots when the Quebec charter was capping them after they got out of prison.

The VPD added Damion to their most wanted list to make it look like they were going after Hells Angels drug dealers as well when they clearly are not. It was just a CFSEU publicity stunt.
The real villains here are Gumby, Jamie Bacon and the Edmonton Hells Angels. They are the ones responsible for all this violence in Metro Vancouver and the CFSEU is doing nothing to stop them. On top of that, the crown is cutting a deal with Jamie Bacon. Oh the cunning plan of the evil one. What's done in the dark will be brought to the light.

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