Wednesday, August 25, 2021

Kim Bolan is a lying POS

Since Post Media trash is lying about Covid numbers on a daily basis, it should come as no surprise that Kim Bolan is lying about the current gang war. Kim Bolan and the Vancovuer Sun fell from grace several years ago. As soon as they were bought out by Post Media Trash.

Kim Bolan is reporting that "The long-time leader of B.C.’s United Nations gang wants a U.S. court to grant him compassionate release from his 24-year jail sentence so he can return to B.C. to care for his ailing mother."

Clay has absolutely no association with the stuff that's going down now. Kim Bolan knows that yet she continues to try to demonize him so the Compromised CFSEU can continue aiding and abetting the Hells Angels violent monopoly on the local drug trade which includes regularly murdering their own guys in their perpetual greed while they blame others for what they do.

The Slimeball claims that “Roueche’s ties to the UN gang continues to raise concern. Law enforcement on both sides of the border have raised these concerns each time that Roueche has sought a treaty transfer. Those concerns and the seriousness of his crimes were at the heart of the denials of his requests.” This is why she is demonizing Clay. So his transfer keeps getting denied. I would really like to name names here but I am not authorised to do so.

I will simply reiterate that Clay is not involved in the current violence and Kim Bolan knows that. She keeps rehashing past history in her malicious attempt to mislead the public and cover up the current corruption in BC gang enforcement. I support law enforcement. Confronting police corruption is an important part of that. Defunding the police is not.

Why was Randy and Trevor Jones never charged or extradited only their rivals?

Inside the battle by drug gangs for control of the DTES

Where do you think Naseem got the $30,000.00 from?

Sonny Barger and the Hells Angels Go Corporate

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