Thursday, August 5, 2021

Kyle Gianis dead: Take a bow Kim Bolan and CFSEU

Update: Death of Pandosy shooting target Kyle Gianis not a suicide, claims fiancee

The Kelowna Now is reporting that "After a number of close calls with death, Kyle Gianis’ luck has run out. According to the RCMP, Gianis died overnight following an incident at a campground near Enderby that resulted in injuries to a pair of women. Finally, around 2 am, officers found him in medical distress due to what appeared to be self-inflicted injuries." That is ridiculous.

CBC is reporting that Kyle died during a police incident. "Police, including members of the Southeast District Emergency Response Team, found Gianis at 2 a.m. They approached him using tear gas and a 40mm less-lethal round, the IIO says. Gianis was in medical distress, according to RCMP reports, and despite medical intervention, was eventually pronounced dead at the scene." Less Lethal - They can be fired up to 130 feet away. What if you remove the soft tip and fire them at point blank range in the head? Does it become more lethal then?

Back in the day the Hells Angels used to hire hitmen. Now they hire the CFSEU.

Those are exactly the same as the plastic bullets they used in West Belfast. They were supposed to bounce them off the ground from 100 feet. Kids would die all the time from getting shot in the head. I used to have one as a souvenir. They are lethal. Tiocfaidh ar la.

Kyle Gianis set up by Kim Bolan and the CFSEU

Video footage of the Kelowna shooting

Breaking News: Kyle Gianis shot again

Bustin caps at Kyle Gianis in Kelowna

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