Tuesday, August 3, 2021

Video footage of the Kelowna shooting

Global is reporitng that "Police in Kelowna have released a brief video of the alleged suspect in Saturday night’s double shooting. The video shows a person running through a business courtyard. However, the person’s identity is concealed. He’s seen wearing a light-coloured hoodie, a black mask, grey pants and black shoes. A child playing in the background can also be seen." I'm pretty sure there is better video footage available.

This is what they chose to release to the public. The screen shot is pretty much worthless, except for the fact that there are witnesses who saw the shooter leave the scene and get into a vehicle.

Jocelyn Noseworthy claims that the RCMP do believe that because of his criminal activity, Kyle poses a threat to the community. Yet despite the fact that they raided his home and seized his car, he has yet to be charged with a criminal offense since his release from prison.

Kyle is being set up by Kim Bolan and the CFSEU. Now the spin doctors are bringing in reinforcements. Doug Spencer from the Odd Squad claims that when he found out Kyle was in Kelowna, he claimed that if people find out where he is, he's going to get it. That sounds an awful lot like the Juel Stanton warning. Makes ya wonder who Doug Spencer is really working for and which people he is referring to.

Doug Spencer is in bed with Kim Bolan and the CFSEU. The Odd Squad used to be rock solid back when John McKay was involved. After the VPD Ninja moved on, the non-profit group became tainted. I can't comment on their videos because you need to pay $100 to watch them.

Kal Dosanjh runs a genuine non-profit called the Kids Play Foundation. The RCMP are protective of their turf talking to kids in schools about gangs because they get paid overtime to do so. Kal does not. Doug Spencer and the Odd Squad have become part of that RCMP End Gang Life exclusive cabal. Perhaps he's going to sign on with Andy Richards next selling cop pot.

Castanet is reporting that "The Kelowna RCMP has confirmed that a device found at the scene of Saturday’s shooting on Pandosy Street was a viable explosive. 'Based on our examination, this device had the potential to cause significant damage to property and seriously injure members of the public that evening,' says Inspector Beth McAndie of the Kelowna RCMP. This device marks a dramatic escalation in violence and put innocent members of our community in real danger."

This is shady. They found a bomb. Where was it? They didn't find it in the silver SUV the shooter fled the scene in because they fled the scene. Did they find it in the restaurant or in Kyle's car? Unlikely. What kind of a bomb was it? They didn't dare say it was a pressure cooker because we would have known it was planted by a police agent.

I still believe this explosive device was planted by a police agent. Every crime has a motive. Gang violence is bad enough but blowing up innocent civilians wouldn't fly. It would bring too much heat. The police just happened to find a bomb on scene. Bullsh*t. What was their plan? How did they intend on using it? There is a lot more to this story that they aren't telling us.
Update: Castanet's analysis of their video footage

Castanet is reporting that "Castanet News has obtained video captured by a vehicle parked nearby the scene of the shooting. It shows Gianis and another man entering a car parked on the street, when a hooded figure stands up from a nearby bench and opens fire."

"Both wounded men stumble out of the vehicle and run across the street while the shooter continues to fire. The hitman then throws something across the road, towards the fleeing men, before jogging north on Pandosy. The wounded men then took cover behind cars on the other side of the road, with one of them making it to the doorway of a restaurant, prior to police arriving." At 0:30 you see the shooter throw something. This is the video:

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