Sunday, November 28, 2021

Dr Mary Bowden speaks out

Medical doctor from Houston Methodist hospital suspended for Tweets supporting Ivermectin. Dr Mary Talley Bowden states that as a physician she is not entitled to her medical opinion.

Doctor Charles Hoffe said "If safety really is the issue, why do they withhold treatment from people who get Covid? That is not safe. We don't do that with any other infectious disease."

When we see the media deliberately bombarding the public with misinformation about Covid we are forced to ask ourselves why. As I have said, there are numerous medical coalitions posting websites that have the sole purpose of countering the false information the mainstream media is bombarding us with. This fear mongering over variants is a lie.

When Covid was real, a panel of physicians from the American Frontline Doctors held a press conference in Washington sharing their experience with hydroxychloroquine. The mainstream media blocked that information and pursued a disinformation campaign falsely claiming that hydroxychloroquine was unsafe. That was a lie.

Hydroxychloroquine has been around for years. That's the problem. Because it has been around for years, there is no drug patent on it. It's readily available and cheap. That's their concern.

When they said it was unsafe, they lied. It's FDA approved. They use it to treat malaria and lupus. Laura-Lynn Tyler Thompson has been on it for years. They give it to pregnant women. No one said it was unsafe until they started using it for Covid.

The media had the right to say hydroxychloroquine doesn't work for Covid it works for malaria and lupus but they did not have the right to say it is unsafe. When they lied about that we were forced to ask ourselves why. It's the same thing with ivermectin.

When the media said ivermectin was unsafe, they lied. Again, it's been around for years. The media lied and called it a pig dewormer. It is also used in humans to treat parasites. When they denied it was used in humans, they lied. The media had the right to say ivermectin didn't work for Covid but they didn't have the right to say it was unsafe for humans.

If people want to try a safe drug to see if it helps with Covid, that is their right. The worst thing that could happen is nothing. Well that's not entirely true. The worst thing that could happen is they get rid of any parasites they might have which is always a good thing.

The media went on about Covid in India. Yet they were completely silent when India tried ivermectin and became Covid free. The same thing with Pakistan. A panel of medical doctors in Pakistan wrote a paper about using ivermectin to treat Covid.

That report found that "No untoward drug reactions were recorded in any patient throughout the trial period." It's the same with the falsified studies on hydroxychloroquine. If you give a toxic dose, you get a toxic result. Use the proper dose and there are no negative side effects.

The National Library of Medicine posted a paper that states "Ivermectin has recently emerged as one of the therapies having a beneficial effect on COVID-19. Ivermectin, owing to its properties, continues to be a possible treatment against the COVID-19 disease. Already being a mainstream drug with minimal adverse effects, it garners valid consideration."

The movie Pharma bro is now on Amazon Prime Video. It's about how Martin Shkreli obtained the patent on an AIDS drug then jacked up the price astronomically. He is now in prison. Yet that is the Method of Operation for Big Pharma who control our media and our politicians.

There are two reasons big Pharma and the media don't want you to try safe Covid treatments. One is because they can't be patented so they can't get rich off of it. The other is to promote rna vaccines. Bill Gates and the World Health Organization wanted to force mandatory vaccination long before Covid. This is just an excuse for them to implement their patents I mean plans.

It is no secret that Bill Gates is a Communist just like George Soros. It is no secret that the United Nations and the World Health Organization has been taken over by Communism. That is not a secret. Just look at who the director of the World Health Organization is and who is on the UN's Human Rights council. That is batsh*t crazy. So is their obsession with overpopulation.


  1. Dude spends 3 weeks on a ventilator with Covid .... then his family finally gets a court order for Ivermectin - Dude walks out of the hospital a few days later ... now the hospital is upset about his recovery .....

    The Medial Mafia doesn't want to give up it's cash-cow, even if it costs you your life ... the Medical Mafia takes organized crime to a whole new level that few can fathom.

    1. That is bizarre but sadly enough, not surprising.


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