Wednesday, February 9, 2022

Fatal Surrey Shooting Missrepresented

Update: The male victim has died and there was a Homicide in Langley.

CTV is reporitng that "Two people have been taken to hospital with serious injuries as a result of a shooting in Surrey's Fraser Heights neighbourhood. The man and woman, who officials say have ties to the ongoing Lower Mainland gang conflict, were injured in an incident at 104 Avenue and 168 Street at about 11:30 p.m. Tuesday, police tell CTV News."

Kim Bolan claims the victims had ties to the Brothers Keepers but her bold face lies about the conflict are so outrageous they are offensive. The Edmonton Hells Angles killed Ali because he wanted a piece of the pie. The UN did not kill Ali, the Hells Angels did. The UN did not kill Mo in the DTES. The Edmonton Hells Angels killed their own guy so Damion Ryan could take over his drug network and Kim Bolan is running interference for them in the Media. That is disgusting.
The UN didn't execute Anthony Terezakis either. The Hells Angels did. Kim Bolan's intel is worthless because it comes from Donnie McWhirter and the CFSEU. Post Media Trash.

The Hells Angels killed Gary Kang, January 6 2021 through the Brother's Keepers. The next day, Anees Mohammed was killed on January 7th 2021. Kim Bolan wrote what the Hells Angels wanted her to write. She said Anees's murder was in retaliation for Gary Kang's murder trying to pretend it was a rival when it wasn't. The Brother's Keepers claimed responsibility for killing Anees. Killing him the next day was too fast for a rival to plan.

The Hells Angels killed Anees aka Mo so Damion Ryan could take over his drug network in the DTES. Now Kim Bolan is at it again. The Hells Angels killed a former UN associate named Jimi Sandhu February 4th in Thailand. Kim Bolan reported it the day his body was discovered. It's as though the CFSEU knew about the hit and were waiting for it. Now she's claiming that Juvraj Jabal was shot dead February 8th in retaliation for Jimi Sandhu. Bullsh*t! The Hells Angels killed both guys again and Kim Bolan is lying for them. Again.

We now know that the Edmonton Hells Angels killed Ali in Surrey because he wanted a portion of the drug profits since he was their connection to the Brother's Keepers. They said no and killed him. Now we all know that's exactly what happened because the shooters who shot him were sent in from Edmonton and shot Ali to have their debts forgiven.

At the time, Donnie McWhirter claimed the UN shot Ali which was another bold faced lie. Now we all know the truth. The Hells Angels are capping Brother's Keepers who are loyal to Ali. The Hells Angles killed Gary Kang to pave the way for Jamie Bacon to pay them more tax.

Kim Bolan's new book is going to be entitled "Lies Post Media News Told Me."

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