Tuesday, March 1, 2022

SKS Monte Carlo synthetic stock

Update: Kim Bolan is beaking off about Conor D’Monte but she's covering for Damion Ryan.

Shady sh*t: Since when did the banking cabal become the good guys?

I know I shouldn't mention this but perhaps the timing is right, now that the liberal freaks are admitting we should arm ourselves to prevent a foreign invasion. I will however, point out that the transnational president of the Ukraine isn't even in the Ukraine. He and his family are safe in London so all these sanctions don't hurt him they hurt his people but he doesn't care. He only cares about himself. Just like Joe Biden and Mitt Romney who make money off the Ukraine.

A few years ago I took the firearm safety course and bought an old SKS from Canadian Tire in Langley. I'm told the Liberal clowns stopped Canadian Tire from selling SKS' but you can still buy them privately. They are cheap and durable. They also make synthetic stocks for them that brings the old firearms back to life. This is kind of a Canadian tradition. Every home should have one.

ATI make a folding synthetic stock you can pick up at Cabelas. I bought a friend's son one. He's young, I'm old. I have no need for a folding stock though I admit it's cool. I ordered a Monte Carlo stock because that's what I prefer. Everyone customizes them however they like. You can get a top rail and put optics on them. I prefer the old school hand fed rugged feel.
Obviously, if you get a top rail to put optics on it, you can no longer use stripper clips or load from the top so you have to gett a couple of bottom feed magazines which are easy enough to install.

The ATI folding stock has a spot where you can easily attach a laser to it. So does the Masada. The GLX is cheap and easy to zero in. I took the bayonet off as soon as I got it. I have no need for a bayonet and it just wasn't functional. It wasn't sharp but was very stiff. If I sharpened it I'd cut my hand struggling to open it so I got rid of it. You have to drill it off, but that was pretty easy.

The local fake news likes to create drama by showing old SKS' seized by the police with bayonets on them saying look at how dangerous this type of firearm is. That's ridiculous. It's a 70 year old rifle and the bayonet doesn't work. If someone is going to stab you, there going to pull a knife out of their pocket. They're not going to attach a knife to a three foot rifle and charge you with it. That's kind of hard to conceal. ARs in Canada are simply not practical.

In Canada any AR15 or M15 is a restricted weapon like any handgun. That means they're registered and you can only take them from your home to the gun range and back. No side trips in between. Long guns like any normal shotgun or hunting rifle are non restricted. You're allowed to drive around with them in the trunk of your car and go shoot them in the bush. That makes them much more practical for us here.

In the safety course they teach you how to set up an outdoor firing range safely. However, it's still a little bit dodgy. Most people like to go to a gravel pit where you set up a target in front of a huge pile of gravel so if you miss the target or if the bullet goes through the target, it's all perfectly safe and contained. You don't have to worry about what's behind the target.

I still prefer going to the range. That's safe. It's also environmentally friendly. I saw a YouTube video of an American bloke trying out his fully automatic assault rifle in the back country. He let it rip and was shooting the sh*t out of everything and filled a pond full of lead. I thought to myself, what are you doing? All that lead in the waterways? That's not very bright.

I have an old friend who teaches firearm safety at the Justice Institute. He occasionally goes to the desert in Arizona with some locals and blows sh*t up. I have to admit that sounds like fun. He said they were firing automatic weapons all day and when they were finished they drenched them in Windex while they were still hot to clean them. Windex and WD40 - the poor mans maintenance. You can buy gun cleaner and lubricant but Windex and WD40 is just as good.

Now the installation of the synthetic stock on my SKS was amazingly simple. Even I could figure it out and I hate assembling things. I saw a YouTube video of a US Military officer do a comparison of the M16 and the AK47. It was funny. He was pretty biased but he admitted the M16 occasionally jammed and the AK47 was far easier to strip down and put back together. It's known for it's durability. The SKS came out before the AK47 and ours are pinned at five rounds.

My SKS was slightly different than the one in the video. It had the old fashioned safety that flips over the trigger right beside it. To remove the trigger assembly, I had to put the safety all the way on. I had to get help removing the rivet on the gas chamber. It was simple enough but I don't have a vice or a proper punch. I tried a flattened nail but couldn't see it well enough to do it so I brought it in to the gun store and they did it for me. Now I'm good to go and I love it.

I love the feel of the synthetic stock. I know some guys like the traditional wood and there is something to be said for that. I held a .357 ruger once that had a synthetic stock on it. I was like, oh I like the way that feels. The wood is nice but the synthetic stock has a different feel and the synthetic stock on a 70 year old SKS feels like a brand new firearm. Cheap too. The old wooden SKS' are $540.00 while the same rifle with an ATI synthetic folding stock is $660.00 Canadain. It's a very good value just like the Masada is.

As for ammo, I prefer the Russian non corrosive. China makes SKS rifles and ammo as well but I boycott theirs for the same reason we are all boycotting the Beijing Olympics due to the Uyghur genocide and the organ harvesting of the Falun Gong. Something the CBC doesn't talk about.

A while ago I was trying to stock up on more SKS ammo and they said they couldn't get any Russian ammo because NATO had them under boycott. They had lots of Chinese ammo though. So I said, organ harvesting in China is OK but Russia isn't? The guy shrugged and admitted China's organ harvesting was horrific. This was before Russia's military strike on the Ukraine so NATO has been poking the Bear for a long time now. Why doesn't NATO care about the Uyghur genocide or the Falun Gong organ harvesting? They should. Why don't they?

Speaking of Russia, remember when Joe Biden got America back on Saudi oil? The Saudis were trying to get Russia to agree on cutting back production so the price of oil would rise. Russia said no so the Saudi's shorted the stock and flooded the market with reserves so the price would drop. Russia caved in and cut production. The Saudis got their way and the price of oil rose. Thanks to Joe Biden. Tell me who the bad guy is again. Right now it's hard to tell. Or is it?

Joe Biden's motto is Tax America and Build Saudi Back Better. Why do you think he wants to stop the Nord Stream 2 pipeline? So they can keep supply low and make more money.

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