Monday, August 1, 2022

An escalation in violence

There has been several shootings in Toronto that are hard to keep track of because Toronto has a much larger population than Vancouver. However, I want to zero in on a few recent shootings in Vancouver because I believe they have a common thread. Plus, this is my crib. Toronto isn't.

The big news of late is Jamie Bacon cooperating with the police, Dean Wiwchar's trial has been separated from Robby Alkhalil and Larry Amero's, Robby's alleged prison break, a fatal shooting in Whistler and a recent fatal shooting in Surrey. I believe all these events are tied together.

Jame Bacon cooperating with the police is huge. That's a big game changer in the Metro Vancouver gang murders. Now the club will be going after his associates that they were protecting before that. If he thinks the club will let him keep making money while in the witness protection program he is delusional. Jamie Bacon is no Michael Kramer.

Jame Bacon cooperating with the police is a huge slap in the face for Eileen Mohan and represents the last straw in IHIT's complete incompetence in the Surrey Six investigation and complete failure in the administration of justice in that case.

However, I will admit that if Jamie Bacon was to testify that Larry Amero was the one that pressured him to order the hit on the Surrey Six, that would change everything. That would be a step towards justice as opposed to a perpetuation of injustice.

Just like if Blaze was to testify against the person who ordered Joey Verma to murder Britney Irving, that would also change everything. What I take issue with is Blaze and the rat pack getting paid tax dollars to lie about rivals in court. That is a dirty fraud. It has nothing to do with justice or reducing gang violence. It's just about perpetuating Blaze's delusional world of lies and false allegations so he can stay out of jail and make money without having to do any work.

Yes Blaze is still spamming my blog with lies. That idiot is still being empowered by IHIT and the compromised CFSEU because he is supporting their false narrative. Yet if he was to testify against the person who put the debt on Joey Verma and forced him to kill Britney Irving to remove that debt, that would change everything. Instead of dying a worthless spec of fly sh*t he would walk away having done something worthwhile in his life for once.

That won't happen because IHIT and the CFSEU are both compromised. They don't care who ordered Brittney Irving's murder. They already have a conviction. They don't even care that Blaze was present and part of it. IHIT and the CFSEU have Hells Angels associates in the Witness Protection Program for ratting out the people they hired to commit murder. In so doing, they get away with murder and the Teletubbies get a conviction. That's all they want. All they care about is a check mark on a file. They care absolutely nothing about the administration of justice.

Now, back to the recent violence. Someone commented on my blog and asked why is it that these hitmen are getting arrested right after they do a hit? It's as though the people hiring them are ratting them out so they don't have to pay the fee for doing the hit. Exactly. That is the Wolf Pack's MO. In steps Dr Spin.

After the Edmonton Hells Angels hired Redd Alert to take back all the drug dealers in the DTES from the UN, they handed over the DTES to the Wolf Pack in exchange for Surrey. That's when the Edmonton Hells Angels hired the Brothers Keepers to kill rivals for them in Surrey. However, at that same time a new group had a short appearance in the DTES the Redd Alert Killas.

Kim Bolan was making it sound like the Redd Alert Killas were rivals like years ago in Calgary. In 2009, the UN and the Red Scorpions were at war because the Bacon Brothers took over the Red Scorpions for the Red and White. During that time, the Independent Soldiers who work for the Hells Angels and are part of the Wolf Pack alliance were supplying a gang in Calgary called FOB with drugs. That's when the UN supplied another group in Calgary called the FOB Killas.

Kim Bolan was trying to make is sound like the Redd Alert Killas were also sullied by the UN just like the FOB Killas were back in Calgary. At first that's what I thought. Then I found out the Wolf Pack were supplying the Redd Alert Killas because they wanted to take the DTES away from Redd Alert. That was back when the Edmonton Hells Angels killed Glen Nelson's wife.

Kim Bolan was trying to blame the UN when it wasn't. She lied. Now I want to be clear about one thing. During the conflict between the UN and the Bacon brothers I chose sides. However, I do not support an escalation in gang violence. If the UN really are warring with the Hells Angels, I would not support that. I'd say carve out some territory and make some money. Let go of the unnecessary violence. However, I really don't think that's what happening here now.

I think Kim Bolan is lying for the CFSEU so Clay's prison transfer gets denied. That's what I think and I'll show you why. In steps Damion Ryan. The Hells Angels killed Gary Kang, January 6 2021 through the Brothers Keepers. The next day, Anees Mohammed was killed on January 7th 2021. Kim Bolan said Mo's murder was in retaliation for Gary Kang's murder. At first, that's what I thought. Then I found out that the Brother's Keepers killed Mo for Damion Ryan. Kim Bolan was printing what the Wolf Pack and the compromised CFSEU wanted her to.

Kim Bolan claimed that the two suspects arrested in the Whistler shooting have links to the UN. She said have not had. I question that because she has been intentionally lying about everything else. There's a big difference between have and had. The Hells Angels killed a former UN associate named Jimi Sandhu February 4th in Thailand. Kim Bolan reported it the day his body was discovered. It's as though the CFSEU knew about the hit and were waiting for it.

Then she said another shooting was in retaliation for Jimi Sandu's murder in Thailand. Yet she said the same thing about Anees murder in the DTES and she lied. I just want everyone to stop lying. If the UN are really involved with this then let's face that.

What I take issue with is when the Cub Pack kill one of their own guys and blame it on the UN. That's what I take issue with and I resent how Kim Bolan is actively misrepresenting all this and is promoting the compromised CFSEU's false narrative. Now that Jamie Bacon is cooperating with the police, the Hells Angels are going to be killing his associates now instead of protecting them like they were prior to his crossing over. Jamie Bacon could never have made it on his own without the bikers. Him and Blaze trashing the bikers now is absolutely pathetic.
6ixaktv reported that Harbir Khosa, who was just shot in Surrey, "was last working with Gary Kang and the Red scorpions but did have ties to the UN guys, originally." However, as soon as I linked to that post, the compromised CFSEU had that post taken off the Dirty. That was fast. This is the cached version and this is a copy on my mirror. It looks like the whole website is down.

6ixaktv also reported that "It’s clear that he was doing his own thing and the other victim in Jordan was working under Khosa. Some say he was recently aligned to the Wolfpack guys… MORE TO COME." The Common thread here is Gary Kang, the Red Scorpions and the Wolf Pack.

Update: Looks like 6ixaktv's website was shut down by their server just like Dr Simone Gold's website was. Dirty deeds done dirt cheap. They need to reclocate it on a new server that doesn't cater to the compromised CFSEU or the Covid false narrative.

I forgot to mention. Remember how Meninder Dhaliwal's brother Harb was killed in Coal Harbour last year? The shooter was from Quebec. He was caught because one of Harb's associates chased him down and stabbed him in the eye. Well last night I was talking with a friend and they said it wasn't just any associate, it was Harb's brother Meninder who chased down the shooter.

That would imply that Meninder was killed in Whistler by the Red and White just like his brother Harb was. Just like Ali and Chad were. When I say the Red and White, it's not the entire club. It's just a handful of guys - Larry Amero, Damion Ryan and the Trailer Park Boys from Edmonton.

The CFSEU don't care about the members that sell drugs. They have them in Witness Protection. They only care about stopping the members who don't sell drugs from going on rides hence Kim Bolans recent bullsh*t about the new woman's club that call themselves and RC not MC. Riding motorcycles isn't the problem, selling drugs is and the CFSEU is criminally culpable in that.

The CFSEU want to use the problem, reaction, solution paradigm to take away our civil liberty. The Vancouver Sun is a big part of that narrative now. They're still talking about Covid in the middle of summer and they're lying about the biolabs purpose to spin the truth.


  1. Kim's grift is fairly transparent. Post a barebones story, copy/paste a CSO screenshot, and scribble-in some surface-level analysis or cobble together a narrative based on her wild imagination backed by imaginary sources. She's both profoundly lazy/bad at her job and, yes, probably a law enforcement mouthpiece.

    1. Her imaginary sources are the CFSEU. She only prints positive stories about them and in exchange they give her access to the Bar Watch database which is completely useless now that Blaze the compulsive liar is the source of their intel.

  2. dennis in that recording where jamie bacon is maybe snitching
    he says loonie and robbie okayed cody brothers murder . i think it was jamie who asked loonie and robbie if they could clip codys bro for stealing a 100k from jamie .why else would come to back to jamie and say the shit skin got him and laughed . i think jamie ordered the hit on codys brother or at them to get it done . i would like your thoughts thanks big_piece69

    1. Maybe snitching? That statement is suspect. There is no question he's snitching and is trying to convince Matthew Johnston to join him because he needs another body guard. As for his claims, I didn't hear him mention Loonie in the tape but it was long and boring so I might have missed it. I did hear him trash Cody so it would come as no surprise that he ordered the hit in Cody's brother just like he ordered the hit on DK. The guy is a POS. History has recorded that. So is IHIT for cutting him a deal.

  3. Why is this fat washed up rat still getting spoke about? Fuck that guy!

  4. Thank you for the article. There are so many killings you need a list to keep track. Its interesting, the news reports a killing, makes big headlines on t.v. and print and that is about the last you ever hear of it.
    This has been going on much too long. When I think back to when the Dosanju brothers were murdered in the mid nineties and Bindy Johal and Buttar, although it took some time after he was shot.
    You'd think by now the police would have gotten a handle on things. These killings are disruptive to society in general and in some cases these "gangsters" killed the wrong people.

    Wonder if any of these killings improved the profit margins for their "Businesses". If not, they might want to stop the killings. Its counter productive.

  5. It would make perfect sense to
    Just make theyre money carve out some territory everybody eats no problem……these ppl are very very greedy so that’s why that will never happen and forsure they don’t make more by killing cus look how it usually ends.


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