Thursday, July 2, 2009

Law and Order - are you in or are you out?

The primary element of the Outlaw Motorcycle Gang is the concept of being an outlaw. At times this concept has been romanticized. Robin Hood was an outlaw but the people liked him. He did good. In the Hip Hop community everyone wants to be a G. Not like weird Hal of course but you get the picture.

When I was a kid being a Nark was the lowest form of life. Here's a guy that would pretend to be your friend, smoke your drugs, then bust you for it. Law enforcement was one thing but pretending to be your friend then busting you had when I was a kid a bad reputation. It was not something to be admired. Nevertheless, moder science has discovered a new low life form - Sonny Barger's pal Otis Garret the Missing Link.

I was confused with the recent documentary about the Federal infiltration in the Mongols. They claimed the Federal Agent couldn't do the drugs or else their testimony in court would have been compromised. I think under cover agents here are different.

Nevertheless, I will concede that since the Motorcycle gangs have transgressed the code so much and deviated so far from the dream, public opinion towards under cover agents is changing. Yet it's not something I would do. Declaring war and going to battle is one thing but pretending to be someone's friend then busting them isn't my thing.

The East Van informant was a different story. Here's a guy who was a bouncer and used to sell drugs for the Hells Angels. He got ripped off and needed some time but the Hells Angels didn't give him any and had him beaten up. He was somewhat pissed about the way he had been treated and ratted them out. That's kind of a natural consequence of mistreating your own people. We see a lot more of that now a days.

In Australia a high ranking Hells Angel and a group of men were accused of gang raping and torturing a woman for several days in Melbourne. They were accused of cutting her toes with a grinder and stopping the bleeding with a blow torch. She claims they told her if she was good they would give her a bullet in the head but if she was bad they would grind her up and feed her to the pigs. One of the men in the group thought this was off the wall and helped her escape.

The man that helped her escape was not a nark nor did he betray his crew. He was the real man that risked his life to do the honourable thing. Something that motley crew knew nothing about. The term 1%er was supposed to mean cream of the crop not the bottom of the barrel.

Now a days we see more informants rise who turn in the Hells Angels or their coaccused. Some are very well paid. Some, like Dennis K did it for a plea bargain. Personally I don't see any honour in that. The honour rises when individuals stand up in defence of real biker values and kick these deviants' ass. Real bikers don't hide and cover up that kind of depravity. Only bullies do.

Take Piggy Palace for example. Robert Picton was asked in court if the Hells Angels were involved in any of the murders on the pig farm and he said no. Why on earth would they ask him that? Why did they deny being at the nightclub on the Farm, Piggy Palace when they were there all the time? Why did they associate with Dave Picton, Roberts younger brother who ran the farm, knowing he was a convicted sexual offender?

I am told statements like "Oh the Hells Angels would never associate with the likes of Robert Picton." but that simply is not true. I'm tired of the lies. Good people with wonderful young children profiting from the sale of hard drugs that promote the dishonest propaganda campaign hiding how far the Hells Angels have really fallen.

The only haunting image that remains in my mind is seeing that crack dealer in Surrey central try and turn some kid who bought crack's girlfriend into a crack ho. She looked like she was 14. There is no honour in that and profiting from that is shameful. Something has to be done.
Call Crimestoppers and rat out the real rats.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Lies the OMG told me

There was an interesting documentary on TV the other night about Outlaw Motorcycle Gangs. This one was mostly about the Mongols and how they were infiltrated by an FBI agent around 2000. This must have been before the recent infiltration and huge bust seizing their logo and banning their colours from being worn in public.

I was somewhat surprised to hear of the drug convictions. They echo the recent drug convictions that they claimed they weren't a part of. I do think the Mongols are different than the Hells Angels and I do like DOC and Jesse Ventura a lot better than Sonny Barger. Sonny strikes me as being a pig. A little guy who brags about being a pig. DOC and Jesse Ventura on the other hand are well spoken and come across as being well educated contributors to society.

DOC and Jesse Ventura both speak highly of the military which is where we are told the Hells Angels got their start.
The Hells Angels were infiltrated in the States as well:

My how times have changed. Now it's all about the money from the drugs. I cannot support that. There is no honour in it any more. The UN talk about honour, Loyalty and Respect but hard drugs was something the old martial arts movies fought against.

The sad thing about that documentary is that it admits the Hells Angels were the ones who started the problem yet they were left to run free while the Monglos logo has
been seized. I still say that is very suspicious.

I’m tired of being lied to. I was raised to believe that all the stories about drugs and prostitution were lies and the Hells Angels weren’t into that. Wrong. All the cocaine convictions speak for themselves as does owning brothels in Amsterdam and Vegas. Then there’s Otis Garret. Don’t tell me he was different. He was the leader of a Hells Angels prostitution ring in San Francisco. The woman who testified against him was murdered along with her twin seven year old daughters.

Sonny Barger attended his trial.
If Otis had done something the club didn’t approve of, Sonny Barger wouldn’t have attended the trial. His chapter had his photo on their web site until I posted the story. That is where I got his photo from. If the club didn’t support what he had done, they would have taken his photo off their web site at the time not years later when I posted the story. Like I said, there is no honour in what he did. None whatsoever.

Here’s the deal. First you get lied to. Then you get threatened. Then you get angry. That is the pattern of war. The Hells Angels can’t hide from the truth any longer. They can’t bully everyone into silence. They have to live with the truth and the natural consequences that kind of deviant behavior brings.