Monday, October 31, 2011

VPD recommend 163 charges against rioters

Nearly five months after rioters smashed windows, looted shops and set cars on fire, the Vancouver police say they have recommended 163 charges to be laid against 60 people allegedly involved in June's Stanley Cup final riots.

Ya gotta admire Jim Chu. He's in a completely different league than Pat Fogherty. Jim Chu is intelligent but he also has heart. He's a media magician but more importantly I really believe he cares. He cares about his job, he cares about the people he serves and he cares about the public interest. He is what we would describe as a good cop. They do exist and they restore our faith in the system.

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Who is Cirilio Bautista Lopez?

Cirilio Bautista Lopez is a name that has come up as a member of a Victoria family with ties to cocaine trafficking in Victoria and back east. He was named in the Bassi Virk case as having ties to Jasmohan Bains who was tied to the Bassi Virk case and was convicted of cocaine trafficking.

Cirilio Lopez was also arrested in a high level cocaine ring connecting Victoria to Winnipeg. There are a lot of names involved in this high level Victoria cocaine ring. Ricardo Francis Scarpino is one. Dillon Sahota and Jarrod Nicol are two others.

Rob Ford drops the F Bomb... Again

I can't believe this guy is mayor of Toronto. What an embarrassment. This is the guy who was caught talking on his cell phone while driving after Toronto came out with that no hand held devices while driving law. A mother points to his cell phone and tells him to hang up while driving. Instead he fingers the lady with her six year old daughter in the car. Classy.

He claims her version events is not accurate but he admits he lied about getting drunk and swearing at a hockey game where he had to be escorted out by security guards.

Most recently he maked the headlines because he apologized for using the f word on a non emergency 911 call but he denies he called the operator bitches. This guy is abusive. He's an angry drunk. He's an angry sober. He pulled a Gordon Campbell in Florida and was pulled over for DUI. He refused to blow for the test. Then he gets caught with pot. What a winner.

I've seen video clips of this guy disrupting council meetings. He is abusive. He's a loud rude bully. There was another video clip of his chasing down and harassing a reporter who called him a fat f*ck under his breath. Rob Ford is a fat f*ck. He's an abusive fat f*ck. That Java the Hut triple chin is painful to look at.

Rob ford was arrested and charged with assaulting his wife and uttering death threats. Yet the crown withdrew the charges claiming his wife made inconsistent statements. Despite the fact that another police source claimed she had injuries. Ford admitted there was an incident but after the crown withdrew the charges Ford said, “I’m exonerated. I’m not guilty. I’m just glad this is over.”

That's pretty sick and I don't mean that in a good way. This guy has a history of abusive behaviour and of lying to cover it up. He doesn't make the top ten but he sure makes the list - of Canada's Most Unwanted.

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Operation Phoenix Revisited

Operation Phoenix was a significant police operation targeting the Hells Angels in the 1990's. I think it's time to revisit that case since it is the very nature of the legendary Phoenix to rise again from the ashes.

Allen Dalstrom was fired by OCABC chief officer David Douglas in 2004 after concerns were raised about Dalstrom's handling of Project Phoenix, a multimillion-dollar investigation of the Hells Angels that was never prosecuted, and over comments Dalstrom allegedly made to a journalist writing a book about the Angels.

Dalstrom alleged in court documents that Phoenix failed because of a turf war between the RCMP and the OCABC. His trial threatened to expose deep divisions between the RCMP and municipal police in B.C. and call some of the most senior officers in the province to the stand.

Insp. Andy Richards, a former investigator with the OCABC who now works for Port Moody police, said Wednesday that Phoenix targeted nine suspects, including three full-patch members of the Hells Angels, and the case should have gone to trial.

"It was a very compelling case and ... highly prosecutable," Richards said. "But because so much baggage had been raised and so much mud had been thrown, Crown was not willing to proceed because ... it was not in the public interest to publicize the level and extent of the infighting."

Richards said that in his view, Phoenix was scuttled by senior RCMP officers because they were jealous another agency had succeeded against the Angels on what they saw as the Mounties' turf.

Asked if he thought the RCMP had learned from the Dalstrom case, Richards replied: "I hope so. But I'm just not convinced they're an organization that necessarily learns from these lessons. ... I'm not sure they learn unless they take it on the chin publicly."

RCMP Supt. Pat Fogarty said Wednesday the four-member board that fired Dalstrom had only one RCMP member on it, with the other three from municipal police forces. "The decision to do what they did was not exclusively the RCMP," he said. "They were only one vote out of four."

Pat Fogarty, the man from space. I am told he is a buffoon. Literally. It is a great concern how someone so completely out of touch with reality could have risen so high in RCMP leadership. It's as though the RCMP didn't want cases against the bikers to proceed so they promoted an idiot to be in charge.

After the VPD caught two Hells Angels in a drug ring, the NDP government created OCABC, a provincial gang task force that was effective at it's job. The RCMP were jealous and did everything in their power to successfully scuttle it's operations. It is a travesty of justice that after the RCMP sabotaged OCABC, it was the provincial taxpayers that had to pay the $2 million settlement to hide what the RCMP had done. Pat Fogarty's allusion to the claim that it wasn't the RCMP that fired Allen Dalstrom is further evidence of that cover up. RCMP Bev Busson was the chair. She fired Dalstrom.

According to Mr. Woodall’s opening statements, Allen Dalstrom’s troubles began when he opposed the RCMP’s attempt to shut down a major drug investigation by the OCABC. Mr. Dalstrom was the lead investigator on the probe, called Project Phoenix, which was targeting Hells Angels.

Rob Gordon, head of criminology at Simon Fraser University, said if Dalstrom’s allegations are true, and key Hells Angels members escaped justice because of police infighting, the provincial government needs to take a hard look at how B.C. is policed.

“It’s outrageous,” he said. “And no professional police service anywhere else on the face of the earth would tolerate it.” Gordon said the current patchwork of RCMP and municipal police in Metro Vancouver simply isn’t working. Gordon added that he suspects Phoenix isn’t the only B.C. investigation that’s been derailed by police turf wars. “If there was an inquiry into all of this, we’d probably find a lot more,” he said.It’s time that we have a very thorough look at the issue of regional policing,” he said.

Project Pheonix never went to trial because they thought it wasn't in the "public's" best interest to air all this dirty laundry. To show how vindictive and controlling the RCMP administration could be in preventing an organized crime case going to trial.

I may be naive and I may be cynical but I like to give people the benefit of the doubt. Yet I do believe in the three strike rule. The RCMP scuttled Operation Phoenix and the provincial gang task force called OCABC. Strike one. Then the RCMP through Richard Barszczewski stopped an investigation against the Hells angels dead after 2 1/2 tons of cocaine were discovered aboard the Western Wind. Strike two. Then Pat the Buffoon Fogarty has the brazen audacity to make the amazingly absurd statement to the press that the Hells angels are no longer a threat in BC. Strike three you're out!

There is no reason Operation Phoenix can't proceed. The evidence has been collected. We don't care what the RCMP did to stop that investigation. Stopping it let's them accomplish their misguided goal. Proceeding with it is in the public's best interest. Suppressing it is not. BTW I'm told one of the three patch members that were targeted in Operation Phoenix was the ridiculous Weird Hal Porteous.

I think we should preserve the RCMP. If Jim Chu won't take the commissioner's job then Robert Paulson should get the job. Barbara George is dishonest.

However, I do not think the RCMP should be in charge of investigating the Hells Angels or be in charge of the gang task force any more. After three hugely successful attempts to stop cases against the Hells angels going to trial, their misdeeds have proven they should not be in charge of those investigations and the authority over the gang task force should be returned to the Provinces.

It was an act of Provincial legislation that created OCABC in the first place. That legislation still existed as does OCABC. It has loaned out it's members to the RCMP because of their campaign of dirty tricks to gain control then promote a buffoon who makes sure nothing gets accomplished.

BTW One of the reasons cited by Douglas for firing Dalstrom is that he believed Dalstrom was the “OCA insider” quoted in Julian Sher’s book about the Angels, The Road To Hell, How the Biker Gangs Are Conquering Canada, who said that, when it came to organized-crime investigations, the RCMP had done “f--- all here for 25 years”. So once again we see someone fired for telling the truth. The Ontario Biker Enforcement Unit is successful because the RCMP doesn’t have anything to do with it’s administration.

Friday, October 28, 2011

Vancouver police rescue kidnap victim in crime linked to gang in eastern Canada

Seven people are facing charges after police in Vancouver rescued a kidnap victim in a crime linked to a gang in eastern Canada.

The 29-year-old victim was abducted in the city's downtown on Oct. 20 and police were quickly able to trace the crime to a suburban Richmond business, which was put under surveillance, Desmarais told reporters. While police were working on a recovery operation, another team was watching as a blindfolded man was taken from the business and put in a vehicle.

Officers followed the car and watched as it pulled over and the kidnap victim was pushed from the vehicle. Police rescued the kidnap victim from the roadway. Other officers arrested five suspects in two vehicles, and police said two other suspects turned themselves in later.

"The kidnapping was financially motivated," Desmarais said. "Some of the individuals we arrested have documented links to the Red Scorpions and Independent Soldiers." Who in turn are both connected to the Hells Angels.

Those arrested are: 28-year old Nazfar Mirhadi of North Vancouver, 42-year old Demple Brar from Richmond, 28-year old Robert Carr of Abbotsford and 24-year old Edmond Gammel from Surrey. Three people from Kamloops are also in custody. They are 30-year old Thomas Crawford, 28-year old David Tarrant and 20-year old Veronica Moncur.

Thomas Crawford? He used to be with the IS but someone claims he got kicked out and was arrested for kidnapping in Vancouver on October 24 2011 but there has been a publication ban on that case already. That's bizarre. Usually only the Hells Angels get publication bans that fast.

What I want to know is which drug dealer did they kidnap and why did the police devote 41 investigators to the operation, which Desmarais described as "the largest deployment of our kidnapping protocol in recent years."

BC Hydro is becoming a new Enron

Enron is a good case to study. Talk about BC Rail being plagued with insider sell offs. Enron was the disastrous result of the United States trying to privatize it's energy. That rise and fall is the perfect example of corporate corruption leading to investment fraud.

Yesterday the Vancouver Sun reported that Questionable bookkeeping methods by BC Hydro have put ratepayers on the hook for $2.2 billion in public debt – with no apparent plan in place to recover the money, Auditor-General John Doyle warned in an audit report on Wednesday.

Doyle said that if Hydro stays with the practice of deferring large debts rather than paying them back and balancing its books each year, the total debt will swell to $5 billion by 2017.

This is not a plea to let BC Hydro raise it's rates. It's a plea for greater public accountability which the Campbell Government removed. Since there was such a public resistance to the privatization of BC Hydro, the Campbell Government pulled the carpet out from underneath it. They separated it into two. They privatized Terasen Gas and they privatized energy developers. The people that Hydro buys the power from. It was a dirty deal.

The private energy developers are mandated to make a profit and sell the power to BC Hydro at above market rates just because it can. This is what has strategically created BC Hydro's debt so they can justify privatizing the whole thing and creating another Enron disaster. While Christy Clark smiles and giggles her way to stardom of course. BTW getting your picture taken with Preston Manning doesn't make her a conservative. Just a Neo Con.

Goldman Sachs ripped off European Taxpayers

The Greek financial crisis is in the news again and is effecting our economy as well. We've talked about how the Greek financial crisis was the result of investment fraud. Jochen Zeitz, the outgoing chief executive of Puma, claimed: "This is about systematic evasion and embezzlement." What was public money is now, mysteriously, become very private money.

The former manager of a well known and reliable insurance company in Rhodes, convinced Rhodian investors with substantial financial standing, to redeem their mutual fund units and reinvest in virtual and non-existent securities funds, which he had invented. Greek "Madoffs" are springing up like mushrooms.

Well the latest news is that after this investment fraud was allowed to create a financial crisis in Greece, Goldman Sachs helped hide that debt so they could join the EU and get a tax payers bailout. This is causing investors to call for more regulation not less. Deregulation enables investment fraud.

Henry Paulson was the former CEO of Goldman Sachs and became the US treasury secretary under George W. Bush. Goldman Sachs became Obama's #1 Private Contributor.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Hells Angel shooting in Ottawa Shopping Mall

Two men were killed in a shooting Wednesday night in an east-end Ottawa shopping mall. One of the victims has been identified as Graham Thomas, co-owner of the Caribbean Exposure tanning salon, in which or near where the shots are believed to have been fired.

Thomas was arrested in 2000 in a police operation to dismantle the region's most prolific supply chains for cocaine and other drugs. He was a lieutenant for Richard Clarke, of Montreal, who was a broker between cocaine suppliers in Montreal and a relatively big drug-distribution network in the Ottawa area.

Police sources told CBC News Graham Thomas was running a "criminal" enterprise in Ottawa for several years and had affiliations with the Hells Angels. Sources told CBC News Thomas may have done enforcement work for the Hells Angels but was not a full patch member of the gang.

In 2000, Thomas was arrested in a major raid on some of Ottawa's major drug dealers, police said at the time. The Hells Angels motorcycle gang was also the focus of that drug bust. However, Outlaws, rivals of the Hells Agnels, were also targeted.

Court records show Thomas was set to appear in court next Sept. 17 for charges of assault with a weapon and aggravated assault. The charges came after an incident May 5 this year when police said Thomas assaulted another man with a baseball bat.

Court records also show Thomas escaped charges and jail time in four other charges for assault, drugs and break and enter. They were all withdrawn during an eight-year period between 1997 and 2005.

Two sources told the Ottawa Citizen the second man was Jason Chapman. Jason was convicted of drug trafficking in 2007. Police sources also said Chapman was a driver for Thomas because he lost his license due to the impaired driving charges in 2008. Thomas rode in a Bentley GT worth about $250,000, one of only two in Ottawa, police sources said.

So the question is, were the shooters from a rival gang or was it just another case of the Hells Angels shooting their own as house cleaning. And the answer is: False allegations of being a police informant. Just like Britney Irving. They didn't even notice the spelling errors in the fake report. Ontario Village Idiots.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

367 kilograms of cocaine seized

Another man has been arrested as part of a major drug investigation that spans from Vancouver to Regina, Saskatchewan. Troy Ernest Swanson, a 25-year-old from Coldstream has been charged with Importation of Cocaine, Possession for the Purpose of Trafficking Cocaine, Participating in a Criminal Organization, Conspiracy to Import Cocaine. Coldstream - that's in Vernon.

Swanson along with three other men from B.C. are allegedly part of a criminal organization that imported cocaine into Canada through unmanned boarder crossings in southern Saskatchewan. Gee I wonder which criminal organization was selling cocaine in Vernon with the Greeks? Looks like the Calgary hells angels connection to Vernon has been replaced with the 51 Edmonton Hells Angels connection.

Speaking of the Edmonton Hells Angels, (EA - 51) it's amazing to see how large their cocaine operation is in Northern Alberta and how much control they had over it. Even with that large cocaine bust of their puppet club the White Boys Posse, the media admitted most of those involved were out on bail right away.

It's amazing how many small cities in Northern Alberta the Hells Angels were supplying with cocaine and controlling the drug market there. It sure makes you wonder if some of the recent shooting homicides in Edmonton were tied to the drug trade and the Hells Angels. We know that one of the two individuals shot in the bullet ridden SUV at the Edmonton cemetery had a criminal record for possession of cocaine for the purpose of trafficking.

Those low life slobs from the White boys Posse sure make the term white supremacist an oxymoron. Those Nazi slobs look like dirty pigs. They sure don't look any better than anyone else.

New Developments at Pickton Inquiry

A disturbing new development at the Pickton inquiry. Lynn Frey, the step mother of one of the murder victims found on the Pickton farm, took the stand at the Missing Women Commission of Inquiry on Monday to insist she told Vancouver police about the farm belonging to killer Robert Pickton years before he was arrested.

Frey said after what she felt was "indifference" from Campbell River RCMP and the VPD, she finally found a "caring, compassionate" police officer, Vancouver Det. Const. Lori Shenher, who was assigned to missing persons.

"I gave all my information to Lori," said Frey, including details of the Pickton farm and the rampant street rumours about the wood chipper. She said Shenher scolded her for going to the Pickton farm and told her to "leave police work to us."

But lawyer David Crossin, acting for the Vancouver Police Union and Shenher, told Frey in cross-examination that Shenher "has no record in her notes" of ever being told by Frey about the pig farm. Frey replied, to loud applause from the audience, that police were covering up.

"There's a big cover up here, I know what I said," Frey insisted.

The lawyer for the Vancouver Police Union said Shenher "has no record in her notes" of ever being told by Frey about the pig farm. Wow. That is disheartening. Like who's side is this guy on? I am starting to wonder if the cover up involves more than indifference over missing sex trade workers.

We know that the Hells Angels attended parties on site at Piggy's Palace. We know they tried to deny this but witnesses confirmed they were there all the time. In fact the court was told the Hells Angels ran a grow op on site. But there's more.

Some claim police officers also attended parties at Piggy's palace. At first I sluffed that off as nonsense, but now I'm beginning to wonder. Corruption can enter any organization. We saw it infiltrate the bench in Prince George. Judge Ramsay was convicted of violent sexual assault of under age native women. There was a huge cover up of that case before it went to trial and he was convicted.

There were even allegations at the time some police officers were involved in the Ramsay case. I recall reading about how one of the police officers who was accused of being involved, sued the RCMP for investigating him. I kid you not. Surely if the allegation is out there, investigating that allegation is in everyone's best interest.

The Globe and Mail is reporting that the inquiry will hear that off-duty officers “frequented” Piggy’s Palace, Mr. Ward said, without elaborating on whether the police were undercover or not. Those are some pretty significant allegations.

The are some pretty extreme and dramatic allegations of police officers involved in raping prostitutes and doing all sorts of twisted things. If I'm not mistaken the Picktom inquiry recently heard testimony from one witness who claimed she was a prostitute and was blackmailed by members of the VPD forcing her to have sex with them or they would arrest her. I am concerned how deep the cover up has gone. Evidently those allegations at the time fell on deaf ears.

It reminds me of the story about RCMP officers getting caught trying to smuggle a prostitute onto a cruise ship in a hockey bag during the Olympics. That one was denied and swept under the carpet. Yet there were two officers "investigated" for sexual assault of other female officers during the Olympics. We even had our own Colonel Wing Nut out in Revelstoke several years ago.

A reporter recently said they distinctly remember hearing on the radio news of a huge Hells angels drugs and guns bust around the time Pickton was arrested. All of a sudden, those charges were dropped and Pickton was given up along with the location of several bodies. Robert's brother Dave, who was a Hells Angels associate at the time, according to Robert's lawyer, knew where the bodies were buried and told the police shortly thereafter.

Monday, October 24, 2011

Another Surrey Shooting ends in fatality

A masked gunman was seen running up to a black Acura in a strip mall at 100th Avenue and King George Highway about 8:20 p.m. and firing several rounds inside. The driver of the Acura, Stephen Leone, was found by police and emergency responders slumped over the steering wheel. He was taken to hospital and later pronounced dead.

Stephen Leone had a criminal record for drug trafficking. Kim Bolan is reporting he is with the Dhak gang who the Hells Angels have been shooting for selling drugs in their area. Gee I wonder who is responsible for this murder? At least now we can finally see the truth and clearly see who is ultimately responsible.

Khun-Khun shot, Billy Woo murdered and now Stephen Leone. Three Surrey shootings for the Hells Angels in five weeks. That's not even counting the one outside the Mirage. Imagine that. It would appear their direct involvement in the Vancouver gang war is nothing new after all. Eric Sandberg did tell agent 22 "they" were ready to wipe out all the competition in Surrey back in 2009.

The fact that the Hells angels are currently using violence to maintain their grip on the drug trade in Surrey, renewed concerns arise about then Hells angels involvement with prostitution. They kept lying about the drugs. What else have they lied about? I keep thinking about that graffiti I saw on a burned out house several years ago a few doors up from the Surrey House of Horrors right by where a Hells Agnella lived. Or at least right by where a Hells Agnella parked his truck.

We know that East Van Hells Angel Joseph Bruce Skreptak owned a house in Kelowna with a grow op in it. He claimed the grow op belonged to the tenants not to him even though his truck was parked outside with a Hells angels bumper sticker on it and Hells angels bumper stickers displayed in the grow op.

Here's the double edged sword: if the Hells angels are currently using such brazen violence to control the drug trade in Surrey, how could they not have been in charge of the drugs being sold out of the Surrey House of Horrors? It defies logic to conceive that anyone but the Hells angels were the ones supplying the Surrey House of Horrors with cocaine.

Juel Stanton was taking over grow ops for the Hells Angels at that time. John Punko and Ron Lising were convicted of selling cocaine and crystal meth in Surrey at that time. John Punko and Ron Lising were also in charge of Kerry Ryan Renaud who was a huge meth cook for the Hells Angels just like they were doing in Kelowna. The Hells angels were in control of the drug trade then just like they are now.

So if they controlled the drug trade in Surrey at that time, how could they not control the prostitution in Surrey at that time? We know once they get involved in a illicit money maker, they use violence to take it over.

Years ago the Vancouver Sun quoted Andy Richards who said: There used to be six or seven agencies that handled strippers in Vancouver, but now two are controlled by the Angels or associates and one is an independent, Richards said.

In the early 1990s, Richards said, the now-dead Hells Angels member Donald Roming was one of the key enforcers helping push others out of the stripper business -- at one point seriously assaulting one of the owners of another agency.

"Without speaking ill of the dead, he was responsible for laying a very serious beating on a 67-year-old man who was involved with one of the independent companies at the time, to the point this guy was hospitalized," he explained.

So we know the Hells Angels used violence to take over the stripper agencies in BC. We are told the Hells angels run a prostitution ring in Maple Ridge at La JJ's. We are told they also ran one under the same name in Kelowna and used violence there to control the trade.

Back in Australia a teenager told police he killed two Thai prostitutes as a "favour" for the Hells Angels. That of course brings us back to the Pickton farm.

Speaking of prostitution and the Hells angels, why is it that during the Summer in Kelowna people claim they always see guys on Harley's checking to make sure the hookers are working? You'd think they were their pimps or something.

The Christy Clark

Evidently the term the Christy Clark is becoming synonymous with the term con job. We had high hopes for Chritsy. Those hopes have been shattered. She was a good talk radio host. Maybe she'd be better off like Sarah Palin on some reality TV show instead of in government.

This video clip from a reporter with the George Straight blows my mind. It's a reporter from a newspaper asking for an interview. Instead of answering any questions she completely ignores him and keeps smiling for the photo shoot. Holy brain dead airheads batman that was rude.

So far her term in office has been nothing but smiles and giggles posing in a Canucks jersey and handing out free candy. I guess she figures that getting elected to be the head of the Liberal party makes her the queen. She doesn't have to say anything intelligent she just has to keep smiling and giggling like an airhead. I find this immensely offensive given the venue she was smiling at.

People are outside protesting George Bush's presence because of his support of torture and she is ignoring the concerns and grinning ear in support of those heinous acts mocking those genuine concerns. That is exactly what she's doing. That is so disappointing. What on earth is happening to our provincial politics? Giggle and smile for the cold hearted bastards that raise taxes more than the left's wildest imaginations and spend it on themselves. Tragic indeed.

Evidently, after larger than expected crowds flooded into Vancouver in Game 1 of the Stanley Cup final, Mayor Gregor Robertson wrote to Premier Christy Clark pleading for extra police funding to ensure “safe and fun celebrations” — and Clark turned him down.

She said she can appreciate that such events do entail extra police attention to ensure public safety,” but “we currently ... have no plans to make further contributions to policing costs for special events.”

“I have noted your request for additional funding for policing based on the nature of this extraordinary public event,” Clark wrote. “I want to ensure you that your comments and those of Chief Constable Chu have been given every consideration during our discussions and in our review of existing contributions.” Smile and giggles as the city burns. What a freaking airhead. Exactly what the Campbell Crusade wanted. A poster girl for Campbell's insanity. God help us.

Incidentally Mayor Gregor Robertson is promising more police if reelected. Imagine that. Harper promised to get tough on crime then cut funding for the RCMP. Now after he plans on spending all that money on way more jets than we need for a contract with one of his candidates lobbyist groups he's freezing funding for the military. Now he's going to screw up the military after overspending on more equipment than we needed. Having a few fighter jets for self protection is one thing but a whole fleet to a company his candidate lobbied for? That is conflicted. That's what we call a neo con. They say one thing and do another. Kinda like claiming the other guys are the ones who are going to raise taxes. Yeah right. We've heard that one before Lyin Brian.

Provincially all I see is a traditional conservative like John Cummings who opposes the gas tax or a left wing social conscience who cares about crime, small business and opposes the HST. Right now I just don't see any middle ground in BC. The Christy Crunch has proven that. Sickly sweet with a very bad after taste.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Hells Angel Pleads Guilty to Murder of Cynthia Garcia

We remember the disturbing murder of Cynthia Garcia and the man hunt for Hells Angel Paul Eischeid who was found in Argentina.

Well, Kevin J. Augustiniak, one of several members of the Hells Angels initially charged in Cynthia Garcia's death has pleaded guilty to second-degree murder. Eischeid remains in Argentina awaiting extradition back to Arizona where he'll face a first-degree murder charge.

Investigators said Garcia was severally beaten, stabbed 27 times, partially decapitated, stuffed in a trunk and dumped in the desert. Eischeid was arrested in 2003 but released on his own recognizance because he had a good job and a relatively clean criminal record.

Gordon Campbell at Bilderberg 2010

I'm not sure what the Bilderberg meetings are all about but here's a picture someone sent me of Gordon Campbell and Peter Mansbridge at Bilderberg 2010.

No doubt the credibility of Bilderberg was diminished with Mr. Campbell's presence. Aside from being a drunken pig, he certainly isn't the sharpest knife in the drawer. Leaving office with the lowest approval rating for a Premier in Canada was a natural consequence of his bizarre attitude while in office.

I have heard about the Skull and Bones and the Bohemian Grove. Sounds pretty weird to me. I don't know much about the Illuminati other than what was portrayed in the movie Tomb Raider but I don't understand the fear of the all seeing eye logo on the American Dollar. The founding fathers were Freemasons. They had a belief in God. On the US Dollar is the slogan In God We Trust. The all seeing eye in the capstone of the pyramid simply means the all seeing eye of God who we are told is the great architect of the Universe.

Personally I think all the paranoia about the Freemasons is a smoke and mirror distraction for the real concern. Not only were George Washington and Ben Franklin Masons, but there were many Masons involved in the Labour movement. The carpenter's Union is but one example.

Free Masons pledge to believe in a higher power and strive to live moral upright lives. They promise to keep their religious traditions secret not the crimes of other Free Masons secret.

No doubt break aways from the free Masons can change those objectives. The Skull and bones sect sounds just plain weird. However, let us remember that it was Free Masons that helped write and frame the U.S. Constitution which preserved on paper the liberty and freedom we all cherish so dearly.

In fact, me thinks Free Masons would be appropriate allies in over coming these dark secret groups that conspire to destroy the liberty and agency of man and enslave them to corrupt corporations driven by greed. The secret societies Kennedy warned about were not the Free Masons, they were the CIA. The ones who submitted Operation Northwoods which he had vetoed.

Friday, October 21, 2011

The Desecration of Moammar Gadhafi

I am also saddened by the murder of Moammar Gadhafi. Another scape goat exploited, betrayed, slandered and murdered. We recently heard news that Moammar Gadhafi has been murdered. In fact in today's Vancouver Province we read three completely different versions of how he died.

"Gadhafi was in a jeep when rebels opened fire on it. He got out and tried to flee, taking shelter in a sewage pipe," an NTC field commander, Mohammed Leith, said.

NTC fighters "opened fire again and he came out carrying a Kalashnikov in one hand and a pistol in the other," he said. Gadhafi "looked left and right and asked what was happening. Rebels opened fire again, wounding his leg and shoulder. He died after that," according to Leith.

But according to Jibril, Gadhafi was shot in the head "in crossfire" between his supporters and new regime fighters after his capture. "When he was found, he was in good health, carrying a gun," Jibril told a news conference in Tripoli. Gadhafi was transferred from the pipe to a pickup truck, at which point he was shot in the right hand.

"When the vehicle started moving, it was caught in crossfire between Gadhafi fighters and the revolutionaries, and he was shot in the head," according to Jibril. Those are two completely different versions of events. This is the third in the same article:

French Defence Minister Gerard Longuet revealed that a French Mirage-2000 fired a warning shot at a column of up to 80 vehicles trying to flee Sirte early Thursday. Libyan fighters then intervened, destroying the vehicles, from which "they took out Col. Gadhafi," he added.

Then a fourth version of events emerged: Fresh witness accounts of Gadhafi's capture suggested he tried to reason with the rebels, demanding his legal rights to fair treatment and asked them: "Do you know right from wrong?" Consequently the United Nations human rights office called on Friday for a full investigation into the death of Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi and voiced concerns that he may have been executed.

Moammar Gadhafi was a Socialist. I am not. Yet I do denounce his murder and the murder of his children. Pastor Niemoeller wrote a profound poem about the war in Germany.

First they came for the communists, and I did not speak out - because I was not a communist;
Then they came for the socialists, and I did not speak out - because I was not a socialist;
Then they came for the trade unionists, and I did not speak out - because I was not a trade unionist;
Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out - because I was not a Jew;
Then they came for me - and there was no one left to speak out for me.

France did business with Libya for years. Gadhafi contributed to Sarkozy's political campaign and Sarkozy completely screwed Gadhafi. Sarkozy is in my opinion, a dirty dog. He is untrustworthy. Incidentally, the article the Province ran today originally came from France.

Gadhafi was captured after taking fire from a French fighter jet. He demanded his right to a lawyer and asked his captors if they knew the difference between right and wrong. Evidently not.

The whole Libyan mission was tainted from day one. Gadhafi wasn't firing on peaceful protesters like they were in Saudi and Syria. The protesters in Libya took up arms against him. As I said before, if I took an angry mob to Ottawa and started firing on Stephen Harper, I guarantee you the police would return fire. The mission in Libya was about oil just like it was in Iraq.

The right to a fair and speedy trial, the need to be charged with an offence to be arrested and the right to legal representation are fundamental rights in a democracy. These are the first inherent rights we violate when we create off shore prison camps like Guantanamo Bay.

What's even more distressing is the murder of Gadhafi's children. Leith, the NTC commander, said one of Gadhafi's sons, Mutassim, was also killed in Sirte. "We found him dead. We put his body and that of [ex-defence minister] Abu Bakr Yunis Jabar in an ambulance to take them to Misrata." It is unlikely we will ever get a truthful record of how his son was murdered.

However, this isn't his only son that was murdered. Gadhafi had another son and three grandchildren that were murdered by allied bombing. He also had an adopted daughter who was killed in a 1986 U.S. airstrike.

Despite denials from Western leaders that the air raid on the Gadhafi compound was an assassination attempt, it has provoked renewed debate on whether the British and French-led strikes are exceeding the United Nations' mandate to protect civilians. Indeed. Remember when I said the mission in Libya was tainted from the beginning? We sent planes in to enforce a cease fire. Instead, we start bombing one side so the rebels could take over an oil town and end up murdering him and his children. That was not enforcing a cease fire.

Let us not forget that we don't know who the rebels are. Other than the fact that they are aligned with the Taliban and that they executed their leader and his first officer. This tainted mission was shameful and the desecration of Moammar Gadhafi has diminished all of us.

There is no need to do an autopsy. Return the body to the family immediately. We all rightfully complain about how outrageous it is when Neo Nazi's desecrate Jewish graves. That is offensively disrespectful. You've already murdered him. Don't you dare desecrate his grave by denying his family their right to a proper Muslim burial. Don't you dare bury him at sea. Doing so because you are afraid his supporters will turn his grave into a shrine is shockingly deranged. Let the family bury their dead according to their own religious traditions. Anything less than that is wrong.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Citigroup pays court settlement

The S.E.C. announced that Citigroup has agreed to pay $285 million to settle a civil complaint that it had defrauded investors in a mortgage securities deal. They would not have paid the settlement if the allegations were false. Citigroup bailed out with tax dollars for committing investment fraud. Go figure.

George Bush in Surrey

Well George Bush came to Surrey today. Many protesters expressed their outrage. The 9/11 truth movement was well represented. I'm glad so many came to protest but seeing civic candidates smiling beside a war criminal makes me ashamed. That is very sad.

I think Dianne Watts has done some good things for Surrey but her absurd claims about venue defending Bush by saying he hasn't been convicted in court yet is really offensive. Really. They were caught torturing prisoners without a fair trial. Congress passed a bill stopping the torture and George Bush vetoed that bill. You can't get any more legally liable than that.

Getting a photo shoot with him and rationalizing it with that smoke and mirrors nonsense really hurts. I hate to say this but she just lost my vote. Really. I guess I should have seen the writing on the wall with her close affinity for Gordon Campbell. Integrity isn't something we sell off depending on the venue.

Come to think of it, Dianne Watts and Donna Cadman both blindly endorsed Stephen Harper after he tried to bribe Chuck Cadman. That was somewhat disappointing to say the least. Then there was all those strange bus shelter adds of Dianne Watts with an Indiana Jones background encouraging people to Read right before a civic election. They even made bookmarks of it and gave them out at the Library. Perhaps she should read that book instead of just posing with it. The Dalai Lama doesn't support war criminals. His path of peace and happiness involves nonviolent opposition to injustice.

Someone is promoting her corporate image like a brand. Everywhere we go we see her face plastered all over everything. Unfortunately every time I see that picture now it makes me think of her smiling beside a war criminal. "They" even had her speak in favor of the carbon tax. Looks like Campbell's crusade has found a new poster girl. Her and Christie Clark smiling in support of George Bush gives me an upset stomach.

Speaking of Texas, let's ban Bush and bring on the Dixie Chicks. We're not ready to make nice with a war criminal.

Jamie Kehoe's Funeral

Jamie Kehoe’s funeral was held on Wednesday. The sign outside the funeral chapel said “For Jamie Always Think Twice Before You act.” A profound and stirring message given the untimely death of such a bright life just when it was ready to begin. Murdered for no reason. A senseless act of violence Tradic yet disturbing.

Nothing can change the fact that this heinous murder was senseless. The guy ran up to Jamie and slit his throat for no reason. Disturbing because it displays a complete lack of respect for human life.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Hells Angels funeral shooting suspect identified

We heard about the recent shooting at a Hells Angels funeral in California. Well the suspect pool just got a bit confusing. San Jose police continued their manhunt for a Hells Angels member who they believe shot to death Steve Tausan, a fellow member of the notorious outlaw motorcycle club, during a funeral crowded with mourning bikers -- and then mysteriously disappeared under the watch of hundreds of police officers.

A Hells Angel suspected of killing another Hells Angel. Like that comes as any big surprise. San Jose police say Steven Ruiz, also a member of the motorcycle gang, shot and killed 52-year-old Steve Tausan on Saturday during a fight at the funeral for Jeffrey "Jethro" Pettigrew. About 3,000 people attended the ceremony at Oak Hill Memorial Park.

On Tuesday, police said Ruiz was fighting with a member of the gang when he was knocked to the ground. Tausan apparently became involved and Ruiz drew a handgun and shot Tausan.

Ruiz is now missing. Investigators say they dug up Pettigrew's grave to see if Ruiz may have been killed and buried there, but didn't find anything.

Tausan was a high-ranking member of the Hells Angels and an enforcer of club rules who sported a tattoo on his wrist that read "Mr. 187," a reference to the California penal code for homicide.

Steve Martin Tausan, 52, also was a bail bondsman who had served in the Marines and been a professional boxer before he became the second prominent Hells Angels member from Northern California to be gunned down in less than a month.

Although police had surrounded the cemetery in anticipation of possible trouble, the shooter somehow vanished. There was also no trace of the handgun.

That's why, sources said, investigators Saturday night got a judge's permission to exhume Pettigrew's coffin to see if Ruiz's body or any other evidence was hurriedly buried in the soil next to his former club president. They reportedly found nothing connected to Tausan's killing.

The coffin itself was not opened. Investigators suspect Hells Angels members or other bikers somehow managed to smuggle Ruiz, dead or alive, from the cemetery. They believe he may have been killed soon after he shot the 52-year-old Tausan, according to sources.

Drugs tossed to inmates over prison's fence

Management at a Manitoba prison has opened an exercise yard for inmates that invites passersby to toss drugs over the fence. Gee I wonder if that's Stony Mountain prison where Deli and Sean Wolfe are staying? Yup sure is.

CTV even caught a drug toss on camera. The drug trade is alive and well in prison. Still. Ya think Mr. Harper would spend some coin on fixing that problem before he builds more prisons and fills them with pot growers. I guess Stony Mounted institution has been renamed to Stoned Mountain.

"I think they're afraid of what the inmate response will be if they close it. You cut off the drug supply and of course they're going to be pissed off." Grabowsky said. You have got to be kidding. The powers that be are afraid of upsetting the inmates if it cuts off their drug supply. Who's in charge here any ways?

Last August an employee was charged with bringing drugs into Stony Mountain. Let's not forget that fatal drug over dose in the Maple Ridge prison. Oh yeah that was from drugs the government brought in. Go figure. Personally I don't like the idea of regular strip searches but there is no reason they can't use drug sniffing dogs. They should have drug sniffing dogs regularly at the border.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Rented Cadillac leads to Vernon drug bust

Here's another brain surgeon who was nine days over due on his rented cadi. He didn't think they'd come looking for the car. When they did he was caught with crack, cocaine, heroin and oxycodone.

The car was rented to a person with a Salmon Arm address and was was located near 35th Street and Centennial Drive in Vernon. Which group sells drugs in Vernon and is connected to Salmon Arm?

Peter Leask keeps screwing up

This is getting to be absurd. Peter Leask is an idiot. It doesn't take a brain surgeon, a committee or a public inquiry to determine what's wrong with our judicial system. With idiots like Peter Leask throwing out good evidence over and over we are beginning to see who the real criminal is. He's sitting on the wrong side of the bench.

That freak represented Frank Biller, a key player in the Eron Mortgage Corp. fraud when he was a lawyer.

Let's Occupy Smithe Street.

Texas reject Harper's crime plan

On a recent trip to Texas, an array of conservative voices told CBC News that Texas tried what Canada plans to do - and it failed. As recently as 2004, Texas had the highest incarceration rate in the world, with fully one in 20 of its adult residents behind bars or on parole or probation.

The Lone Star state still has the death penalty, with more than 300 prisoners on death row today. But for three decades, as crime rates fell all over the U.S., the rate in Texas fell at only half the national average. That didn't change the policy - but its cost did.

I'm all for mandatory minimum sentences for violent crime like murder, swarming or for selling crack or meth but not for pot. A mandatory minimum sentence of three months for a prolific offender who commits a huge amount of crime to pay for his drug addiction is not excessive. Harper preventing those important steps from happening by taking us to the other extreme is in itself criminal. It prevents us from doing what really needs to be done and takes money away from other important programs.

Democratic Socialism

I know this post doesn't have anything to do with the Hells Angels or the gang war but since there has been so much talk about the Vancouver Occupation as well as the New York occupation and what's happening around the globe, I do think in all fairness it needs to be said. For those who just want to hear about the gangs, scroll past. The gang problem is continuing.

I used to work with a good friend who thought I was a Communist for the same reason I thought he wasn't. We both believed in democracy and free speech. I found that somewhat ironic. I used to be a member of a large trade Union. Many members of which were self professed Communists. I was somewhat shocked. I remember having one discussion with a very intelligent National officer who said to me "The Chinese Red Square call themselves Communist but they aren't really Communist. The old Iron curtain and Eastern Europe (Before the fall of the USSR) call themselves Communists but they aren't really Communists." My response was what on earth are you talking about? That's what Communism is.

I've had many debates and heartfelt discussions with many who profess to be Communists. After hearing them out I wouldn't classify them as Communists, I'd classify them as Democratic Socialists which in my opinion is a far cry from hard line Communism. Yet they don't define it as such. They claim true Communism is democratic. It's just so sad every time we see a Communist regime take over, democracy and free speech are the first to go.

These friends would always hold up Cuba and say Cuba is the best model for Socialism we have. I was like what are you taking about? They hold political prisoners. Sure it's a watered down form of Communism because they haven't outright banned religion, but they do discriminate against religion. You can't be a member of the Communist party if you have a religious affiliation and you can't run for office unless you belong to the communist party. I don't see that as a democracy. Yet doing business with China and boycotting Cuba is somewhat absurd.

Personally, I think the best model of Socialism we have is the Kibbutz movement in Israel. That's where volunteers can come and go as they please while those who wish to stay are free to do so. That is the defining difference. They are free to join and they are free to leave. No one earns a wage per say, the profits from the Kibbutz go toward making the standard of living for everyone better. I loved it. I recognize it's not for everyone. Some people don't like to work. At all. They take advantage of the system. Others are greedy. They want more than others and consume all the rations before everyone has had a chance to share. Yet all in all I found it to be a wonderful experience.

Here's my conundrum. True democratic socialism that's governed by the people for the people can only exit in a constitutional republic. For example in Canada or the U.S. people are free to form a collective community where they share things in common. The Amish do. They are free to come and they are free to leave. Their human rights are protected by a Constitution or a charter of rights.

As soon as you throw away that Constitution or that charter, you are throwing away any and all legal protection you have that preserves your democracy. I don't care how wonderful or opiate like the ideals of Marx sound, talking the talk is very different than walking the walk. Lenin taking over the Russian revolution from Shiplov and then sending in the machine guns on the same unionized workers he exploited to get power is a prime example. Like any politician they can promise you the moon but when they assume power they do what they want. A Constitution, charter, proclamation or a declaration needs to bind the politicians to protecting human rights.

Some on the right are deathly afraid of socialism and any element there off. I personally don't share that same paranoia. I consider myself half capitalist and half socialist. I have no problem with someone starting a business and making a buck. Selling those Hope in the Shadows calenders in East Van is capitalism. More power to them. Yet I'm not afraid of sharing things in a collective. I like socialized medicine. A civilized society does not exist if a homeless person can't receive emergency medical aid.

People can argue about ICBC all they want. You want it private or you want it public, I don't care both have their pros and cons. I oppose excessive privatization because of the reason they are doing it. They are doing it to circumvent public accountability and they are doing it to make money off some things they shouldn't be making money off of. Prisons, police and the military should not be for profit Corporations.

Trailrunner claims that all forms of Socialism lead to the Gulag. Many on the right share that opinion. I don't. It's pretty simple to draw lines in that sand as set foundries. I'll never forget hearing Joan Smallwood from the NDP speak many years ago at a large Union convention. She spoke out against the human rights violations of Communist China. I was surprised. Yet the New Democratic party is defined by democracy. She drew a line and she did not cross it.

She also spoke out about how trade agreements like NAFTA or TILMA are bad not only because they ship jobs off shore. They also erode our democratic rights and our sovereignty by removing government's power to create a law that would inhibit a corporation's ability to make a profit. Public health care inhibits a private corporation's ability to make a profit so if you chose public health care, that trade agreement just made it illegal. Dumping or transporting toxic waste damages the environment? Too bad because laws that protect the environment inhibit a corporation's ability to make a profit. These new trade agreements aren't about free trade. They're about removing our sovereignty as we speak. That is the road to
the Gulag right there.

We talked a little but about Cuba and Poland. Remember how Cuba got screwed up in the first place that necessitated a revolution of sorts? The Americans were supporting organized crime in Cuba. The Batista government were a corrupt right wing dictatorship. They didn't care as long as they weren't socialist. They even enlisted the support of the mafia to fight Castro. What the Americans did was wrong. Just like what England did in Iran under operation Ajax when they finally recruited the Americans to help them with that political meddling to exploit for oil. Not much has changed.

I just think we should shun extremism. It is important to confront the corruption in Wall Street. The former Vancouver stock Exchange is a legacy to that urgency. Yet I don't think we should throw out the baby with the bath water and start chanting Castro or Mao. A left wing dictator is no better than a right wing dictator and visa versa. Let's confront corruption and not get swept away in any extreme so we can also preserve democracy and free speech.