Saturday, November 30, 2013

Interview with Kerri Krysko

So Kerri, thanks for agreeing to do this virtual interview with me. To start off, I have to say I’m quite impressed with your book and your campaign to help expose one of the darker sides of gang life that most deny exist let alone want to talk about. That takes a great deal of courage. So you were married to a full patch member of the Hells Angels for ten years, is that right?

We were together 10 years and we were officially married 2 years.

Without getting into the details of your books, as I understand another is on it’s way, you describe your relationship with that particular member of the Hells Angels as abusive. Did he ever hit you or threaten to hit you?

He did more then hit and threaten me , he almost and I say almost broke me of all my self-worth. He had me question my sanity more than once.

Divorces and custody battles are always messy. Marriages often break down. That’s a part of life. Yet it’s hard to see kids suffer and get caught in the middle. The mudslinging in court is often toxic. Yet there is no excuse for a man hitting his wife. There’s nothing manly about it.

I think that’s a big problem in the world not just in the gang life. Let’s face it, many cops have been convicted of assaulting their wives. Even Rob Ford was charged with domestic assault.  

I guess my point is that although domestic violence is by no means limited to gang life it is a big problem there as well. In Kelowna, Don Lyons and Donnie McWhirter from a Hells Angels puppet club called the Independent Soldiers both have recent convictions for assaulting their girlfriends. Even Ryan Holt from the UN has a long list of assaults and threats toward his ex girlfriend.

Some of these guys get all defensive and say even cops beat their wives. I’m certainly not disputing that. One former cop from Alberta was recently convicted of shooting his wife in the face. I’m just saying that domestic violence in the gang life does exist and is a big problem. Would you agree and would you say that could possibly be part of the false illusion the gang life promises?

Domestic Violence comes to men as well. I have seen brow beaten men that look down in a conversation and scurries off to do their woman's bidding. A man who does their best to make a woman happy only to get screamed at or told they didn’t do it right. Isn’t that abuse as well??

I believe we are stereo typing my book or voice simply to young woman or girls influenced by a lifestyle, when in fact a man can be influenced and abused too.

My book is for everyone, it is a true story about life in general, roads that take you places you might not want to be and the road that can lead you home, back to who you truly are. Life is rough, but we all deserve to be heard. Yes I am a hells angel’s ex-wife and no other has wrote their true story before. That makes me the first woman to share but I say this , would any other woman have been able to write this book without sharing secrets or without being vindictive, I do not know. I know I wrote to share that every life is an illusion of what you bring to the table, how you live and who you are. We are not all the same we are all uniquely different.

I have had just as many males write me a fan letter as I have had women. My book is not meant to judge but to heal, to show the world yes it has been done before and yes you can Kerri On.

Good point. You clearly can help both sides. Yet there’s no question you can help a whole group of people that I can’t even comprehend let alone reach. Attractive young girls that are drawn into the gang life and the illusion it promises. What do you think is the big draw to young girls into the gang life? I can understand the money. There is a lot of money and that is a huge temptation but does it go beyond that?

I will say this and this only, perhaps a lump sum of money comes in here and there. A few presents as well, gifts I shall call them, but add a regular paycheck up over time and it equals to the same amount. What I am trying to say is living real, brings a more realistic sense of living, as opposed to fast cash that comes and goes. But you do not really learn that until your an adult yourself.

Perhaps with the west coast there is exuberant amounts of money within the gang life, but in other parts of the world there isn’t. The love of life and a family that will accept you no matter how messed up you are. There is loyalty as well as boundaries you don’t want to cross, with any sort of life or lifestyle. Where some might find pain others do find happiness.  

This last few questions is better answered with one of the last paragraphs of my book " Be careful who you label or judge, you never know if that person is truly what you are saying , or just a simple person looking for love to fill an otherwise empty void." [Link to book trailer]

Is there some kind of acceptance and loyalty gangs promise that might appeal to a young woman who might feel like an outcast in her own home or school?

I have had my family treat me life an outcast my whole life. I have ran to places just to have a place to lay  my head at night. Being a mother myself now I could never imagine doing that to my own child , giving them a feeling of homelessness. I believe any person, man or woman will almost always turn to places that accept them.  I have a family I thought would read my book and knock on my door and finally say I'm sorry, we understand now or even give me that hug and recognition I have been missing my whole life, because I finally gave them answers to what I really did go through, and they really cared. Instead, I’ve only been shunned by them, left in the dark and burned. Cycles start a lot earlier then when a teenager acts out of control or who they date.

I recently watched this show the other night , called Surviving Evil , I am taken aback by it , what these individuals have went through , the way they spoke about it with such strength and courage . I watched the enactments of their ordeals , I haven't been able to get that show out of my head for days now. I can't believe I went through some of those very same things, except almost daily or weekly. Some of those very same people are doing things with their lives now to help others, its unbelievable the world we live in. We almost become submissive to our surroundings, adjusting to it, until we either fight or flight!

What resonated with me and that show was the family who was there for them (victims) at the end of their ordeal. I believe whats allowed me to be strong , has been I was told I deserved the treatment I received ,I never got the same care from the people who were supposed to love me and care about me. Tom that's what makes my book so important to me, so I can be there for others who have no one . Perhaps why you are on a crusade with Janice Shore, because she needs someone to fight for her justice as well. Now that's what I'm talking about! Being there for the ones who need it.

Tom you ask why people are drawn to a certain lifestyle I can only say it in one word - Acceptance.

Does the gang life fulfill it’s promises of acceptance?

I have had my family treat almost as worse as my own ex-husband so I will say this once again to you Tom as I have said in previous interviews. I have been promised a lot of things in my life, but the only promise one does have that is true and real, is from yourself. Only you can vow to be better and do better. If a person is looking in places to find the elusive feeling of belonging chances are they don’t belong.

I know I am being evasive but I try my hardest not to judge and not to label for we all have demons upon our back and skeletons in each closet. Do I agree with hurting another to get ahead? NO I do not. Do I want a better life for all of our people? YES I do. Did I write my book to expose wrong doings done to me by others? NO I didn’t. I wrote my book to give credit to another who might be going through something similar or perhaps what a loved one is experiencing.

I have people thinking it’s cool to do an interview with me just to say the name Hells Angels, I have others freaking out that they might be in my book, and I have a family I thought would read my book and knock on my door and finally say sorry, even give me that hug and recognition I have been missing my whole life, because I finally gave them answers to what I really did go through and they cared. Instead, I’ve only been shunned by them, left in the dark and burned.  

I have such a wide range of reactions it is all so overwhelming. I do know one thing I haven’t turned my back on this world yet and I wont’t rich, poor , black or white we all bleed the same, we hurt differently but we are all people who live by our own set of rules. Yes I have a story and I will share it no matter the reaction. I am helping others and it gives me strength. Perhaps my family is lost, but in turn I have a whole other family in this world embracing me.

I saw your interview on Alberta Primetime with Jenifer Martin. It was impressive. I guess the story broke in Alberta because that’s where you’re originally from is that right?

Yes I am from Alberta but I would say I was raised here in BC mostly. Its a wonder why I haven't had any interviews out here in BC but from my local newspaper whom I did approach, as I felt it was unfair I hadn't done any interviews from BC since going Viral in countless newspapers worldwide.

I noticed an article about your book from the Edmonton Sun made the front page of the Toronto Sun and the Ottawa Citizen. Books don’t normally do that do they?

From my understanding this doesn't happen to self-published books. I have broke records twice now , first by being the 1st woman to share her true story and come forward in regards to being an Hells Angels ex-wife and second landing Nationally in all bookstores across Canada at Chapters/Indigos , now even in Barnes N Noble in the USA. Its been extraordinary the demand for the my book. I am not a typically self-published book though, I did things as a traditional publisher would have done in regards to marketing. I only released the Paperback and Hardcover book for "Kerri On", I never released the E-Book at all. I want the E-Book to be more polished with a traditional publisher behind it as well as the 2nd Book in my series "Kerried Away". I have a unique first time ever book and story that is meant to go worldwide and be properly distributed. I have demand now in the UK as well as Australia with sales as far as there. I would ultimately like to revise my 1st book in regards to a few things. I am confident this will happen. I was even shocked to find out in a 3week period I sold thousands of paperback. I've actually had to step away from media for a short time to regain my balance. 

I hear Chapters is having a hard time keeping up with the demand.

Chapters is keeping up now that they are stocked and I also believe by me stepping away from certain media interviews for a short while. They have been absolutely amazing to me , they believed in the potential of my book and took it to great limits. I have been told my book is one of three that have ever done this. JK Rowlings being one , when she was self-published , a cookbook and Fifty Shades of Grey. I feel honored. I know that Fifty Shades released her e-book when she self published, therefore her sales are tenfold. I would like to leave my e book to be released with whomever I sign with traditionally.

Well your book would make a greater stocking stuffer.

Thank-You Tom Jones , its people who believed in me that allowed me to reach the limits my book has gone.

I noticed in that article you stated that you’re not here to tell Hells Angels secrets. So you have no intention of talking about club business. You’re just talking about your life, how you were drawn into and overcame an abusive relationship with someone who happened to be a member of the Hells Angels and you want to help others leave that life as well. Is that right?

I am going to leave that off the table , it has been answered so many times. People want to know Life as a Wife , well here's my story , read my book and be the judge.

Well I certainly think that is a cause well worth supporting and you certainly appear to be a very competent and capable young woman. So you have two children and you’re doing all this work while you take care of your own children at home. I don’t want to pry but does your ex pay any child support?

No he didn't pay for a whole year and then finally I received a very and I mean very small amount six months ago. I sent an e-mail asking for some support, in a very nice way. He asked me to speak in a certain way when I addressed him. It was almost degrading except, wait I am not his victim anymore!  

I guess I just have a hard time seeing all these guys parade around at a public toy run when they don’t even pay child support for their own kids. It seems so hypocritical to me. Like it’s just one big show perpetuating that one big lie.

There’s no question going through a divorce affects kids. There’s no question kids also suffer when there is no child support. That sure isn’t in their best interest. I guess when a man says he loves his kids then doesn’t pay child support when he has the money to do so, that makes it rather hard to believe he really cares about the kids. How can a man let his kids go hungry? It’s so sad to see kids suffer. Especially at Christmas.

Not all are like that. A lot of fathers are though...... I don't know why any father or parent would allow their child to suffer in anyway. I remember when I first left my ex, I had nothing so I started selling things in my house to pay for my children. He never paid me for over a year and when he did ......ohhh that's my 2nd book....

Anyhow , I wrote my first book Kerri On with such a open heart and a purity to help others who have been hurt in the same way I have. I received my divorce money , took my beautiful sons on a trip and then wrote this book for people. I thought perhaps a few people would read it , the ones who needed to . I never believed in my wildest dreams it would reach the heights it has. I gave back to the community that saved me and my sons the only way I knew how , by sharing my true story to help others.

Lets face it , take a troubled teenager to a counselor they will hear them BUT take them to a Hells Angels Ex-Wife and they will listen. Its using that power for the good. Yes I have a story and it has resonated with people. because I wrote for people , not for other authors or to be famous, I wrote for people.

I certainly admire your tenacity and your perpetual positive attitude. You certainly have an indomitable spirit. I saw a printed copy of your e-book that you co authored with Kathleen Patel. I thought it was very well done. It’s very positive and inspiring.

That’s one thing I noticed. I’ve done a lot of writing and a lot of speaking in my day and I like to quote a lot of sayings, movies, songs. Martin Luther King of course is my personal favorite. Yet I noticed each chapter in your book has a wise quote to start it off. The book you co authored with Kathleen Patel is full of them. Only you’re not quoting someone else, you are quoting yourself. Where do all these quotes come from?

That’s the reoccurring theme in your story that I find so baffling. You’ve been bombarded with all this abandonment and negative yet you are so competent and positive. All these quotes just seem to come from deep down within you. Right from the heart.

You just radiate positive competence. It’s wonderful to see. Good luck on your journey. I’m sure you will help and inspire many wherever you go. I’m sure we’ll be hearing more from you in the future. Kerri On. Kerri Krysko's 's book Kerri On is available at any Chapters outlet or online at Amazon. There's a new book trailer uploaded to youtube as well.

We’re going to do a follow interview with Kerri Krysko in a virtual talk show format. So if you have any respectful questions for Kerri e-mail them to me and we’ll put them to her and get her response in the next interview.

Overview of interviews and media with Kerri Krysko

Friday, November 29, 2013

Hells Angels drug bust in Gatineau

The Ottawa Sun is reporting that Police seized drugs, cash, weapons, 10 cars and have 20 people in custody after dismantling a drug ring linked to the Hells Angels. The haul included: more than four kilograms of cocaine; steroids; more than $100, 000 in cash; several firearms, including a machine gun and two M8-calibre handguns; a Taser; nearly 1,000 methamphetamine pills and 10 vehicles, including a luxury Lexus whose serial number had been tampered with. Implying of course that is was stolen.

The majority of the searches took place in Gatineau however police throughout the Outaouais, and in Ottawa, simultaneously raided 16 homes - 3 in Ottawa - beginning at 2 a.m. Thursday. Another case for criminal organization status of the Hells Angels drug trafficking network. Gatineau is in Quebec and is near Ottawa. No word yet if this ties in to Rob Ford’s dealer in Toronto but Mommy dearest says thanks for your business.

Thursday, November 28, 2013

RCMP pot smoker has uniform seized

CBC is reporting that a RCMP officer who believes he should be able to smoke medical marijuana while in uniform has had his uniform seized by fellow Mounties. Go figure.

Michael Le cops a plea

Hoop there it is. The publication ban must be lifted because Kim Bolan is confirming earlier reports that Michael Le from the Surrey Six has pleaded guilty to conspiracy to murder Corey Lal only. First degree murder charges have been dropped. Another deal with the devil. Kim Bolan is reporting that Prosecutor Mark Levitz said in his opening that Le and Bacon ordered the murder of Lal because he had refused to pay a $100,000 tax to the Red Scorpions. Which was obviously for the Hells Angels not the Red Scorpion but we won’t get into that. Much.

All we know is that James Riach from the Independent Soldiers, a Hells Angels puppet club, met the Bacon brothers at Castle fun Park December 2006 before the Surrey Six which was on Oct. 19, 2007. We know that Larry Amero was partying with the Bacon brothers all along not just when he was shot with Jonathon in Kelowna. That’s what we do know. Looks like Jamie Bacon is going down for the Surrey Six. Let’s hope Larry Amero and Spike goes with him.

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Radioactive water from Japanese reactor is still leaking into the Pacific Ocean

Two different people told me about this at work and I’m wondering why it’s not more prevalent in the news given it’s global significance. Apparently, the Fukushima nuclear reactor is still leaking radioactive water and it’s coming our way. Radioactive water leaks continue to contaminate the Pacific Ocean’s ecosystem, and thus, the entire world’s food supply.

All we heard was something about Japan donating money to help Canada clean up Tsunami debris off it’s coast. I thought that was rather bizarre at the time. Japan gets hit with a Tsunami and they send us money. That’s kind of backwards. Yet this global eco crisis with radioactive water killing the world’s food supply is much more pressing.

300 tons of radioactive groundwater is leaking every day into the plant's harbor and on into the Pacific Ocean. That’s over two and a half years after the March 2011 reactor accident. That is a huge amount of radioactive water contaminating the ocean.

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Toll Fraud Promised

On the front page of today’s Surrey Leader is the headline that reads: “Review on tolls promised.” What a con that is. “Transportation Minister Todd Stone is pledging to review B.C.’s provincial tolling policy that currently blocks tolls on existing roads and bridges, adding he’s concerned about the unfair proliferation of tolled crossings of the Fraser River in Metro Vancouver.”

Why that’s the same scam Dianne Watts tried to pull for the BC Liberals. Finding other regions to pay for her spending. One would think they have the same campaign contributors. The headline and article is a complete scam in itself. It’s trying to come across as though a politician is trying to do something fair for the people. Gag.

In reality he’s talking about committing a criminal act. Right now the law bans them from tolling existing roads and bridges that are already paid for. That’s the way it should be. He wants to change that in another obsessive tax grab. Gee I thought they said the NDP were the only ones that would tax and spend. Evidently not. Isn't the freedom to move in the Charter of Rights?

The Lions Gate bridge was tolled when it was first built. After it was paid for they removed the toll. That is fare. Putting a toll back on the Lions Gate bridge would be a criminal act. The same with the Coquihalla. It’s paid for and the toll has been removed. Putting a toll back on it is simply a tax grab. Godzilla and her Campbelism need to be stopped.

Why is Wally Oppal out of jail?

I find it astounding that this criminal has the audacity to criticize the police for anything while he should be in prison himself for his negligent handling of the Pickton Inquiry. He shut it down as soon as the Hells Angels were mentioned and was seen giving one member a big hug afterwards. All the lawyers for the Aboriginal women boycotted the inquiry. His side job in a slasher movie was outrageous as was his offensive statements about a rape victim.

Monday, November 25, 2013

The Eagles have landed

On the lighter side, Yesterday I went to Harrison Mills to see the eagles. The tide was out and the water was the lowest I have ever seen. I usually put my kayak in at Kilby and paddle up to where the river spreads wide and shallow. Yesterday that whole section was one great big sand bar.

There were several eagles but not the multitude we normally see. I understand there were much more the previous week. The fact that some yahoo was doing stunts in a Cessna didn’t help. All that noise scared the eagles away. When you go bird watching you have to be quite.

If you go to the Rivers Edge Restaurant at the Sandpiper golf course they have a free trail set up where you can walk to the exact spot I usually kayak up to and they have an observation point set up. It’s well wroth checking it out and stopping in for lunch this time of year.

Breaking news at the Surrey Six trial

Well there’s certainly some dramatic breaking news at the Surrey Six trial but unfortunately that information is under a publication ban so I’m not allowed to say what it is. Kim Bolan is confirming that there was a sudden adjournment today and that a new publication ban is in effect. In all fairness I think everyone is going to need some time to process the new development and see how the dust settles. Keep an eye on Kim’s blog because she’ll be the first to break the news when the publication ban is lifted which should be 2:00 PM Wednesday.

Update: Michael Le cops a plea

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Clay Roueche: Balancing the extremes

Before I head out to the real world, I just wanted to mention Clay’s prison transfer again. Although I don’t support selling crack, I used to support Clay’s prison transfer just like I do support Mark Emery’s prison transfer. Both prisoners committed their “offense” while in Canada. One was extradited to the US the other was shafted and arrested when his plane was rerouted there. Both should be allowed to serve their sentences in Canada.

Not to say that the offenses these two Canadians committed are in any way comparable. Extraditing Mark Emery for selling a few seeds while they allow the Hells Angels to extort Mark and the entire Vancouver 420 movement by selling pot openly across the street at the black door and at the Bulldog Café is hypocritical and suspect. It is disproportionate and represents unequal protection of the law.

Clay without doubt is in a league all by himself. No doubt his following scares the authorities. For that reason, I am unsure if a public campaign to support his prison transfer will have the desired result. The more followers he has the more fearful they will be of him and will be more likely to send him farther away. Which in itself is also problematic because wherever they send him he makes more friends and new contacts. Let’s face it, Clay is a pretty likeable guy. Very charismatic. Sells a very appealing message of loyalty and respect. The same terms the Hells Angels use as they stab you in the back to make a buck.

The question we need to ask is are the UN any different? Are they any better? Do they talk the talk or do they walk the walk. Everywhere you go the struggle between good and evil exists. It exists within any organization as well as within every mind and heart of each individual. We cannot understand or appreciate one without the other but clearly we must support good and shun evil if we are attempting to find peace and enlightenment like the Zen masters of old.

Let’s talk about abuse. Beating up your wife or girlfriend isn’t a sign of enlightenment or self respect. It’s the opposite. Kerri Krysko is breaking her story about her involvement in the gang world that was abusive. Don Lyons and Donnie McWhirter from the Independent Soldiers in Kelowna have both been charged with beating the exs.

Obviously individuals in their own personal struggles with good and evil sometimes cave in to the dark side and violate the rules of the club they joined. The question is, what does the club then do about it? Do they turn a blind eye or do they take the person aside and say yo man that is messed up. I’m not talking about shooting them for beating their ex. I’m talking about dealing with it instead of ignoring it and hiding it. The club I refer to could be the Hells Angels, the UN or the RCMP. We see the same problems exist in all three organizations. Rage and denial is archaic. We need to fess up to it and deal with it because it’s not going away.

Let’s talk about good and evil. Obviously one can’t exist without the other. Yet there’s a huge difference between selling drugs in clubs and selling crack on the street. Let’s talk about Janice Shore. What they did to Janice Shore was messed up. Janice was quiet, polite and soft spoken. She was homeless with an addiction. Giving her or anyone else free crack then beating the life out of her for payment is predatory. That is evil. There is nothing good, noble or respectful about it. Claiming there is simply is a lie.

Materialism and greed are not virtues of a Zen Master or the Eastern philosophies. Take Taoism or Confucianism. Materialism and greed are the exact opposite of what those Eastern philosophies teach. Torturing crack addicts in basements so you can drive a new butt ugly SUV that looks like a freaking soccer mom’s mini van is messed up. It’s not the real world. It’s a delusion.

Clay’s got a lot going on. He’s got a new song. He’s putting out books and possibly even a movie. Yet this follower he has concerns me. He needs some time with Dr. Phil.

He appears to be a tattoo artist from Austin Texas. He’s got a good flow, is talented but he really needs to lose the face paint, the knife and the obsession with the dark side as portrayed in Batman’s Dark night. That stuff is kinda messed up. If he can set that part aside, he’d be solid.

I've actually since corresponded with Pepperblade and it turns out he is in reality a really nice guy. Just goes to show you you can't judge a book by it's cover. Take Shane Bunting on the other hand is a creep. Compare Shane with Macklemore from Seattle and you see two extremes reveal two very different worlds. One represents good, peace and enlightenment, the other represents darkness, confusion and misery. We need to support good and shun evil. That’s walking the walk.

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Surrey's 23rd murder of the year

The Vancouver sun is reporting that a man's body was found at 91 and 147A street this morning. Taking Surrey over the top for the record number of murders in a year which was 21 back in 2005. We're now at 23 with a month left to go.

I do however, have the inside scoop on this one. According to local residents, the house where this homicide took place is a known after hours illegal booze can. The neighbors have been complaining about it for seven years. Two years ago a guy was shot in the knee there. When they said after hours club I said what for the Green Timers pub? They laughed and said no. They said people from Surrey don't where stilettos. I said oh so it's pretty high end. Yes they said. They must be from Vancouver. There's prostitution, guns, you can get anything you want there.

So once again we see an once of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Dianne Watts and Bill Fordy rush in with their publicity side show trying to promote their own political campaigns while they were the ones that created the problem in the first place. The residents have been complaining about that place for seven years. The police and the city did nothing about it. The residents said what are you going to do, wait until someone gets killed? Sure enough, now someone has. That negligence falls upon the people that refused to do anything about seven years of complaints.

Update: The Vancouver Sun and the Vancouver Province are both reporting the name of the victim is Ronald Richard Lomas who has extensive criminal record. Both papers are confirming he was murdered in an illegal after-hours bar in surrey. The question is, if the neighbors were complaining about it for seven years, why didn't Dianne Watts and Bill Fordy do anything about it?

Maple Ridge women caught with a kilo of cocaine in Saskatchewan

The StarPheonix is reporting that two women from Maple Ridge aged 23 and 19 were caught with just over a kilo of cocaine at the Saskatoon International Airport. Maple Ridge, why that’s Spike’s stomping grounds. The same chapter implicated in that huge drug trafficking ring in Spain. Haven’t heard how that one is doing lately. We’ll have to find out more about both.

Friday, November 22, 2013

Ross Ulbricht and the Hells Angels

Well this is interesting. A blog reader sent this tip in and I have to look into it further. Ross Ulbricht has been accused of six murders for hire through his silk roads web site. The twist is the claim they were tied to the Hells Angels. A user by the name of redandwhite is alleged to have ties to the Hells Angels. Or at least claimed to have.

Court documents claim that Trevor Jones in Whiterock went by the alias red in the cross border drug ring implicating Tbarz. Trevor is still awaiting extradition on those charges. Trevor’s brother Randy used the e-mail tbarz81 to register that domain name.

The FBI claims that the Silk Road cyber-exchange for drug dealers runs through White Rock. CTV is reprting that the U.S. man accused of running a billion-dollar Internet drug empire is also suspected of hiring a hit-man to murder a White Rock father-of-three, according to court documents. I wonder if FriendlyChemist, had anything to do with crystal meth?

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Dave Pickton faces lawsuit for sexual assault

The Vancouver Province is reporting that Robert Pickton’s brother Dave is now facing a lawsuit alleging he threatened to rape and kill a woman on a Burnaby construction site more than two decades ago. The notice of civil claim against Pickton was filed in B.C. Supreme Court Tuesday, alleging he sexually assaulted the woman on a job site in August 1991 and when the assault was interrupted he threatened to rape her later.

The Vancouver Sun adds that the notice of civil claim states her job was terminated, and the night before she moved from her Burnaby home to White Rock, two large men parked their motorcycles in front of her house and waited for at least four hours. "She telephoned the police, and they told her that there was nothing they could do about it because the men were not trespassing," states the document. Two large men on motorcycles. That sounds familiar.

A day or two later, a heavy-equipment operator beckoned her over. "'You better get out of here. Get your kid and get out of town, They're going to kill you. They're going to cut you up and they'll spread you all over where you won't be found,'" states the court document.

We know that Dave Pickton was convicted of sexual assault on the same pig farm his brother Robert was convicted of murdering all those sex trade workers. We know that Dave Pickton knew where the dead bodies were buried and that he was a Hells Angels associate. We know that Dave was accused of committing another rape on the same pig farm. The woman claimed he tied her to the bed with bungee cords and tried to shove pills down her throat.

During Robert’s trial one of the police officers who investigated the case was put on the stand. He admitted that the police did find bungee cords and pills in Dave's room but rationalized it by saying just because someone was accused of committing a sexual assault doesn’t mean they are a murderer. No but it does mean he should have been charged for that sexual assault as well.

In the lawsuit the family of the victims killed on the Pickton Farm it states “David Pickton and Linda Wright knew that Robert Pickton and others tortured and killed sex workers and other persons at the Pickton property, and were aware that the actions and propensities of Robert Pickton represented a danger to persons attending the Pickton property,” No kidding. Note that the lawsuit says Robert Pickton and others. Robert Pickton was convicted on the premise that he was not the only person involved just and active participant. When the Hells angels were mentioned in the public inquiry, Wally opal shut the inquiry down. Wally opal should be in jail. He aided and abetted multiple criminal acts but he’s not then only one.

Jim the freak Brown comes to mind. Not only was he involved with the Pickton case, not only did he post BDSM pictures of himself online looking for hookups, but I have spoken with someone who claims to have seen a photograph of Jim Brown and Dave Pickton in a threesome. Of course what consenting adults do behind closed doors isn’t illegal. However, fantasizing about criminal acts is not healthy.

We also heard Catherine Galliford claim the other police officers investigating the Pickton case were rude pigs and sexually harassed her. Bill Fordy was one of the officers that investigated that case. The fact that one police officer visited the Pickton farm before he was arrested and told Robert the name of a witness that claimed he was murdering sex trade workers was another criminal act the police committed. Seizing Grant Wakefild's hard drive was another. The list goes on but this story will not die.

Communist China builds up Navy thanks to Canadian gas

The Vancouver Province is reporting that “a congressional advisory panel sounded a warning Wednesday about China's military buildup, predicting Beijing could possess the largest fleet of modern submarine and combatant ships in the western Pacific by 2020.”

Thanks to Stephen Harper, Canada is funding China’s military expansion every time we fill up with gas at the pump. Selling foreign countries oil is good business. Giving them our oil rights is not. China is profiting from our oil not Canada. That is bad business. Now that we’re selling China Candu reactors again we'll help North Korea get nuclear ready in no time. Stephen Harper is a bigger Communist than Pierre Elliot Trudeau ever was.

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Alberta brothers charged in illegal gambling ring

Rodney Scott Garinger, a 45-year-old from Calgary, and his younger brother Kevin Todd Garinger, 43, of Lethbridge, have been charged with running an illegal gambling operation in southern Alberta similar to what was done in Toronto. Thomas John Ross, a 46-year-old highly-ranked golfer from Vernon, B.C., is wanted on Canada-wide warrants.

He is said to be an associate who allegedly supplied large quantities of marijuana to the Garinger brothers and is charged with trafficking and possession for the purpose of trafficking. Illegal gambling and drugs. What do you suppose the odds are that it was for the red and white?

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Arrests in Hamilton Homicide is reporting that two brothers have been arrested for the murder of former Hells Angel James (Louis) Malone. John Josipovic, 50, and brother Mato (Michael) Josipovic, 47, were arrested Monday afternoon and are being charged with first degree murder.

Police claim the two brothers grew up with the person they have been charged with shooting. However, Police would not comment on whether the Josipovics have or had a connection with Hells Angels or any other organized motorcycle gang.

Monday, November 18, 2013

Surrey’s 22nd murder breaks record

Another murder in Surrey today takes us over the top breaking the previous record for homicides in one year which was 21 back in 2005. Surrey has quadruple the crime rate than Vancouver. Which clearly shows Dianne Watts crime prevention coalition was a fraudulent scam as is her recent publicity stunt about the creation of a task force.

If you want to reduce murders in Surrey then stop letting them sell crack outside the Front Room. It’s that simple. The fact that they are not doing that makes us wonder where some politicians are getting their campaign contributions from.

Update: The Vancouver Province is reporting that the murder victim was Mark Winston Berry, 44 and that he had 25 criminal convictions since 1988 for offences that include robbery and assaulting a police officer.The exact cause of death was not released.

Rob Ford turns City council into a WWF circus

Rob Ford and his brother turned Toronto city council into a bizarre WWF circus. During the insanity Rob Ford pushed past an older female city council member and knocked her down. This brazen bullying has to stop. Rob Ford is an anti Christ.

The ruckus erupted after City Counsel voted to reduce Rob Ford’s budget. He is not fiscal responsibility. That is a lie. He is wasting money with his insane illegal activity. I haven’t been writing about this clown because I didn’t want to give him the attention he so desperately craves. His latest foot in the mouth was denying a staffer’s claim he wanted to have oral sex with her. His claim about getting enough at home is rather unlikely since the police were called to his home after a domestic assault. He admitted he and his wife were having problems but they were staying together for the kids sake.

When his wife stood beside him during his apology for the oral sex comment she looked like a battered wife. Rod Ford is a devil. He is completely out of control. We need to calm down and stop his bullying. The right needs to find another candidate. That’s all there is to it. Cut him loose.

Rob Ford: Two more men arrested in drug investigation is reporting that the months-long, ongoing police investigation of Mayor Rob Ford, dubbed Project Brazen 2, has netted two more arrests of suspected drug dealers. There's a lot more I'd like to say about this but can't. I will simple ask Why is it that all these associates of Rob Ford keep getting busted for drugs but he doesn't. Think about it.

Glenn Greenwald and the CESC snow job

Ironically enough as the first snowfall of the season hits our local mountains the CESC snow job begins to sweep the planet. Previously I had mentioned how Canada was caught spying on Brazil for economic reasons not for national security.

CBC did an interview with Glenn Greenwald, a journalist for the Guardian in Brazil who stated that “The fact that Stephen Harper feels compelled to say almost nothing I think is reflective of his contempt for democracy.” He stated that the Five Eyes Program is a massive global spying program that has nothing to do with national security.

Greenwald said that this network spies on ordinary citizens inside and outside of their own respective countries. Contrary to the denials of one former CSIS representative who said their spying on ordinary Canadians is illegal, Greenwald claims they do it all the time which has been confirmed by the Snowden leaks. Another way these spy agencies circumvent the law against spying on its own citizens is to get one of the other countries within the Five Eyes Program to spy on Canadians for them then get that foreign country to share that information with them and vice a versa. That's why Canada is such an important part of the NSA's illegal activity. Jeremy Hammond has already demonstrated this.

The CBC interview with Glenn Greenwald claims more information on this story is forthcoming. I have a source that claims some of the information which is forthcoming alludes to the fact that the Snowden documents reveal that CSEC plays a large role in the INSLAW scandal involving the PROMIS software which we have previously discussed. Stay tuned, more to come. CSEC is a criminal organization just like CSIS is. Wanted: A Canadian Edward Snowden.

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Arrests in Fribjon Bjornson's murder

Eileen Bjornson is reporting that four people have been arrested in her son's murder and that the police will be holding a press conference about it on Monday. Fribjon Bjornson was found dead and tortured February 2012. There are some disturbing claims about the case that I have not yet reported. We'll wait to hear what the press conference reveals.

Update: Global is now reporting that: "Wesley Dennis Duncan, 27, is charged with Second Degree Murder. Jesse Darren Bird, 31, is charged with Accessory After the Fact to Murder & Indignity to Human Remains. James David Charlie, 23, is charged with Indignity to Human Remains. Teresa Marie Charlie, 21, is charged with Accessory After the Fact to Murder. RCMP say that more arrests could be made as the investigation is still active and ongoing."

The Globe and Mail is confirming reports that he was fond decapitated. However, there were reports of other indignities to human remains as well. The Prince George Citizen is reporting that CBS's 28 Hours claimed a connection between Bjornson's death and the May 2011 disappearance of fellow Vanderhoof resident Madison Scott.

Gun Possession mandatory minimum sentences overturned

The Vancouver Province is reporting that mandatory minimum sentences for gun possession enacted by the federal Conservatives as part of a law-and-order agenda has been overturned by the Supreme Court. I’m not sure if I agree with the terms cruel and unusual punishment but I am happy with the result. The bill was a disproportionate application of natural justice.

Mandatory minimum sentences for a crime committed with a firearm yes but not for simple possession of a firearm when no crime was committed. The wording of the conservative bill was flawed. Even in Canada, it is lawful to use deadly force in self defense when someone attacks you with deadly force. The right to bear arms is a fundamental right in the US. Mandatory minimum sentences for simple possession of a firearm is something Stalin or Hitler would do.

North Korea returns to the Dark Ages

On the political landscape, the Vancouver Province reported that North Korea executed 80 people for watching foreign films. It was a small article buried in the paper yet the ramifications of it are absolutely astounding. It’s surreal. It’s almost unbelievable. It’s inconceivable.

The article quotes a South Korean paper which claims the 80 public executions took place in seven separate cities in North Korea and in one case a large number of civilians including children were forced to watch. Family members were sent to prison camps.

The claim is that those put to death were found guilty by the state of minor misdemeanors, including watching videos of South Korean television programmes or possessing a Bible. Possessing a Bible? Watching a TV show? The first question that comes to my mind is that really true? Did that really happen? It was reported in a South Korean paper. Was that just propaganda or did it really happen because if it did really happen, then that is an act of war.

Canada did participate in the Korean War. They helped prevent North Korean from invading South Korea and committing those kinds of atrocities in South Korea. I realize that people are very polarized about religion but imprisoning someone for their religious beliefs or lack there of is absurd. It violates civil liberty. Executing them for either is Hitler and Stalin déjà. It’s hard to conceive that the world would allow that in our modern age.

Another one of my pet peeves is their recent insanity that the Harper government is spamming the public with. They are complaining about something Justin Trudeau said that could possibly be interpreted as an indifference if not support of China’s dictatorship. I just find it insanely hypocritical that they would dare raise the issue to promote their political party. They are the ones that gave Communist China our oil rights.

Every time we fill up with gas at then pimps we are financing the military expansion of a Communist dictatorship. Anything that Justin Trudeau could have possibly said in a talk is nothing compared to the treasonous support of that same dictatorship the Harper government has displayed by giving them our oil rights. That is one decision that needs to be reversed right now. China is the ones supporting North Korea’s insane violation of human rights. Likewise china has a similar history of inconceivable violations of human rights.

We cannot in good conscience support any of that. It mocks everything we stand for. This also opens up the door to claims that China Admits to Organ Harvesting. Soemthing that ties in with BC organized crime.

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Heroin Pharmascam goes to court

The other day the Vancouver Province reported that the heroin prescription scam is going to court. This is one thing the Harper government did right. They recently did away with legalized prescriptions for heroin addicts. The Vancouver Province reported that some of the participants of that insane program are now suing under the Charter of Rights. Double trouble.

There is nothing in the Charter of Rights that says the general public must pay for heroin addicts illegal drugs. Nothing at all. To even suggest that there is and allow that kind of a frivolous law suit to proceed is a prime example of utter stupidity. You can fool some of the people some of the time but you can’t fool all of the people all of the time. Let’s pause for one second and look at who is the real driving force behind this Pharmascam. Providence Health Care is spearheading the insanity suit by using a few addicts on the program.

CBC reported that the office of Health Minister Rona Ambrose said the federal government was forced to close loopholes that allowed "for the feeding of addiction under the guise of treatment." Exactly. Rona Ambrose nailed it. Doctors in Vancouver had obtained federal approval to prescribe the heroin to 21 patients who left the trial, but last month Ambrose intervened when she introduced new regulations to close what she described as a "loophole" that allowed the drug to be dispensed.

So who is the real villains in this fraud? Once again it’s the big Pharmaceutical companies and the corrupt doctors on their payroll. Just like the corrupt BC doctors who get kickbacks from methadone prescriptions and refuse to reduce the dosage of the prescriptions keeping the patients a pharmaceutical dependent forever at the taxpayers expense.

If any judge awards in their favor they should be shot. I’m not talking about a criminal act. I’m talking about capital punishment by way of firing squad because that act would be the worst modern act of treason known to man. This is corporate communism. Forcing taxpayers to pay for addicts illegal drugs. That will bankrupt our democracy not to mention our medical system faster than you can say God help us. Lest we forget Dr. Colin Mangham’s prophetic warning.

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Larry Amero and Shane Maloney busted in Aussie drug ring

La Press is reporting that Australian police have arrested ten people including eight Canadians involved with a large drug ring connected to Larry Amero and Shane Maloney. As we know those two are waiting trial for their involvement in a large cross border drug ring tied to the Hells Angels that supplied New York with BC Bud and brought back massive amounts of cocaine into Canada to be sold as crack.

This time 650 kg of pseudoephedrine were seized as this drug ring was suspected of importing two tons of precursor chemicals for making crystal meth. That is nasty. Larry Amero is such a piece of garbage. Everybody wants to know where he is so they can put a cap in his ass. His life expectancy outside of prison isn’t very long.

I’ve heard rumors that the police have evidence connecting him to many murders in the BC gang war. If Jamie Bacon is being charged with conspiracy to commit murder in the Surrey Six no doubt Larry Amero should be as well because he was obviously the driving force behind the Bacon brothers disease that is hated so much here in Surrey.

Larry Amero is just another suburban princess. He got beat up in Walnut Grove high school so he started taking steroids. Walnut Grove is in Langley. That is about as far away from the hood as you can get. I know because after I got kicked out of highschool in Surrey I went to Mountain. After I got kicked out of Mountain I had to go back to Surrey. Mountain was a great school. They had an awesome rugby team, great band program and an amazing IB academic program. They weren't into gang banging at all. Walnut Grove was a new school built in the middle of huge subdivisions. Complete yuppiedom. Larry getting beat up there was absolutely pathetic.

Shane Maloney is in a wheelchair. That's why they call him wheels. He's not from Ireland or Montreal. He’s from here. He was enrolled in Burnaby South High School but didn't graduate. He was high school friends with Randy Naicker and Nelson Ramirez, both of whom are now dead. Kim Bolan reported that Nelson had a long criminal history of fraud. Are we beginning to see a pattern yet? Birds of a feather flock together.

One source claims Shane would regularly rip people off in bad drug deals. He's certainly not a promising leader to embrace. He and Larry would get along great. They're both con men.

Update: Shane Maloney pleads guilty

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Surrey’s 21st homicide of the year

Surrey had it’s 21st homicide of the year over the weekend. I’m slow to report on it because the details were pretty sketchy. We heard that IHIT was called in and a suspicious death was being treated as a homicide. At the time it was reported that the victim suffered a cardiac arrest after a home invasion. Kinda strange. Yet in today’s article in the Vancouver Province one witness claimed their friend was shot in the back while they slept. Somewhat different than a cardiac arrest.

Hopefully more details will follow to clarify what really happened. The Vancouver Province is reporting that this is the 21st murder in Surrey so far this year while Vancouver has only had five homicides so far this year. The most murders Surrey had in one year was 21 back in 2005 so we’ve tied the record with just over a month and a half left to go in the year. The photo was taken by a blog reader on scene.

VPD seize 54 kilos of cocaine in East Van

Kim Bolan from the Vancouver Sun is reporting that on Saturday the VPD seized 54 kilos of cocaine in an apartment across from Science World. No charges have been laid as of yet. Well done for a huge haul. Somebody needs to be charged and we need to hit them from both sides. We need to stop letting them sell crack in public in the DTES. Intercepting these large shipments is difficult to do but stopping them from selling crack in public is pretty easy. Just arrest the guy at the front of the line on welfare night.

Monday, November 11, 2013

Whiteboy Posse member pleads guilty to murder and cocaine trafficking

CBC is reporting that Kyle Halbauer from the Whiteboy Posse has plead guilty to cocaine trafficking and the first-degree murder of Lorry Santos. In his plea he claims they got the wrong house and shot her by mistake. In the heart. However, when the story first hit the news it was reported that the 34 year old woman answered the door not that she was shot on the way to answer the door. This caused local speculation that it was a hate crime in harmony with the Whiteboy Posse’s neo-Nazi beliefs.

Either way the Whiteboy Posse were selling cocaine for the Hells Angels and committed murder to gain a monopoly of that drug trade. The Whiteboy Posse has also been charged in the murder of Bob Roth who was decapitated in Edmonton for a drug debt. The Westridge Hells Angels need to be charged in both of these murders. The Dirty Few are allied with this same Whiteboy Posse. This is a picture of Travis A Wilson from the Dirty Few posing in support of a Whiteboy Posse member. Travis is the tiny one on the right wearing a 81 support T-shirt.

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Targeted shooting in Drayton Valley

Sunday night November 3rd shots were fired in a residential neighborhood in Drayton Valley. I have a source that claims the owner of that house is a member of the Warlocks who are Hells Angels rivals recently featured on the documentary Warlocks Rising.

Evidently the only one the Warlocks in Drayton Valley have tension with is the Hells Angels puppet club that started up right after they did called the Dirty Few. Also known as the dirty flu. Dusty Blades and Justin Pupetz are involved with the Dirty flu in Drayton Valley. Dusty Blades is seen on the left wearing a Hells Angels support shirt from Westbridge.

Another source claims that Pete Soreson from the Hells Angels Westridge (West Edmonton) chapter is calling all the shots. He has been seen in Drayton quite often lately. Get of the crack. Stop pimping the dream and start living it.

The Salmon are coming

On a completely unrelated note, I see that the salmon are spawning at Tynehead park in Surrey. I realize around this time of year the chum start spawning in Beer Creek. It’s always somewhat mind boggling to see such large salmon swimming up such small urban creeks to spawn. Chum aren’t the type of salmon humans normally eat. They say you can smoke them but they are kind of the dog fish of salmon. By the time they spawn they kinda look a little radioactive.

However, someone said to me they saw some red salmon spawning in Tynehead so I had to check it out. It’s the Coho that change colors and turn red when they spawn. Sure enough, they’re there. I guess it’s because they have a hatchery at Tynehead. It’s worth having a peak and checking it out.

Soon it will be time to check out the eagle fest at Harrison mills. There is a massive chum run and the eagles come in droves to feed on the rotting carcasses. It’s quite remarkable to watch the circle of life in action. Pretty awesome seeing that many eagles all in one spot as well.

As I mentioned the Surrey Winter Fest would highlight the murder of Janice Shore and the crack sold at the Front Room in Surrey. Yet I also made mention of a kaleidoscope of other things to see as well this time of year. This is part of it. There is so much to see in this wonderful planet that you can’t find in a crack pipe. You have to get off the couch to go there to see it.

Meanwhile, commercial fish farms are destroying the wild salmon spawning runs on the West coast of Vancouver Island in Clayoquot sound. Don’t buy farmed salmon. Atlantic farmed salmon doesn’t come from Easter Canada. It comes from Norway and is famed in Clayoquot sound. Foreign investors don’t care that their industry is destroying the local commercial fishing industry. They just want to make a quick buck that kills the industry for everyone else.

Saturday, November 9, 2013

Hamilton Homicide was ex Hells Angel is reporting that the police have confirmed a man who was shot dead on an east Hamilton street Saturday was an ex-member of the Hells Angels. James (Lou) Malone, 49, was very well known to police and had an extensive criminal record. Malone was shot on Kenilworth Avenue near Hope Avenue, just before 1:30 a.m. Saturday morning. No L&R there. Big surprise.

Black Pistons busted in Niagara

CHCH News is reporting that 29 biker gang members and their associates were arrested in simultaneous raids across Niagara Wednesday morning targeting the Black Pistons in St. Catharines which is a puppet club of the Outlaws MC.

150 charges, 31 arrests including Black Pistons ring leader Randy McGean. McGean’s 24-year old wife Caitlin was also arrested. The Black Pistons established a clubhouse at 80 Page Street in St. Catharines. Police claim Nine of the 11 Black Pistons members were set to become full-patch Outlaws by the end of November.

Police said the investigation uncovered evidence of narcotics trafficking — including heroin, cocaine and marijuana — along with weapons trafficking, break and enter, assault, extortion and participation in a criminal organization. Break and enter? More rats stealing sh*t just like the Hells Angels. That's rather disappointing.

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Rob Ford admits to smoking crack

Speaking of pathetic, Rob Ford finally admitted to smoking crack in a drunken stupor now that the police uncovered the video. People have finally had enough and are protesting for him to resign. Thank God. For a minute there I was beginning to think they were going to elect him PM.

Every day there's more drama from the toilet of Ford Nation. Thursday the Toronto Sun released another video clip of Rob Ford in another drunken stupor threatening to "kill that f---ing guy" and "rip his f---ing throat out." He sends his mother and sister to the media trying to do damage control while his lawyer mentions the possibility of rehab. Rehab? He really has a crack addiction? This guy is an absolute idiot as are everyone who ever voted for him.

Talk about insanity, this new Fjord billboard takes the cake. Amid this perpetual insanity a paid billboard shows up supporting the insane lunatic in his criminal dishonesty. It even has the audacity to misquote a biblical scripture and completely rip it right out of context advertizing the great and abominable church. After all, there is more than one ya know.

Christ was an advocate that taught about redemption and forgiveness. Never did he teach a tolerance for sin or abuse. In fact lying is one of the six things he clearly hates. The same with abuse. Rob Ford does both. He is an abusive liar. To claim that he represents the church is a blasphemous outrage.

To claim that he represents fiscal responsibility is a bold faced lie. The right needs to pick a new poster parrot. The fact that they are spending money promoting his lies and criminal activity is a shameful disgrace to what was once conservative values. Rob Ford has absolutely nothing to do with those. Neither do the lunatics that paid for this ridiculous billboard.

Speaking of Rob Ford supporters, Laila Yuile made a rather amusing post linking to the elusive video of Stephen Harper speaking at Rob Ford's barbeque where Ford claims that Stephen Harper is his new fishing partner. What I want to know is if Rob Ford has a crack addiction, did he smoke crack on that fishing trip? Maybe that's what Harper meant when he said he gets high with a little help from his friends. Go figure.

Booze, drugs, suspected escorts in new Rob Ford docs [MSN New Video Clip]

Toronto city council pass a resolution asking Mayor Rob Ford to resign. The vote was 37-5. That's including Rob Ford and his brother Dough who voted against it.

The idiot just doesn't know when to shut up.

Rob Ford Oral Sex Comments