Monday, November 18, 2013

Surrey’s 22nd murder breaks record

Another murder in Surrey today takes us over the top breaking the previous record for homicides in one year which was 21 back in 2005. Surrey has quadruple the crime rate than Vancouver. Which clearly shows Dianne Watts crime prevention coalition was a fraudulent scam as is her recent publicity stunt about the creation of a task force.

If you want to reduce murders in Surrey then stop letting them sell crack outside the Front Room. It’s that simple. The fact that they are not doing that makes us wonder where some politicians are getting their campaign contributions from.

Update: The Vancouver Province is reporting that the murder victim was Mark Winston Berry, 44 and that he had 25 criminal convictions since 1988 for offences that include robbery and assaulting a police officer.The exact cause of death was not released.


  1. Simple reality is NOT in the RCMP's existence today!
    Agent K, your words are reality, but you and I know this will never stop happening with the world you have painted in word!
    To stop this it starts with STOPPING HIGH SOCIETY GREED for MONEY and POWER over the LESS FORTUNATE HUMAN BEING - which they do not consider HUMAN, let alone human beings!
    I know that you do not think that FORDY and WATTS are REALLY concerned when the PROFITS of these Crime Products (Drugs, Prostitution, B & E's, Auto Theft, Burning Building for Insurance claims, Murder for POWER, etc., etc., etc.). This builds Roads, Streets, and Industrial Developments in Slum Surrey!
    We are not ALL naïve to "Ultimate Power Corrupts". High Societies NEEDS MUST BE MET - MONEY, POWER and CONTROL over the STREET SCENE and more!
    This Group of High Society misfits are part of POLITICS! Need more be said for ALL the FORD like society?

  2. Going back in short time, did you ever get disclosure on this item that you posted last year?
    A secret informant told police in 2003 that Dave Basi - one of the central figures in a political corruption trial - was laundering drug money through the Liberal Party, the Supreme Court of British Columbia has heard.
    I suspect that this was what was the BASI/VIRK Drug Trafficking in Victoria Buildings that the street knew all about, but was to afraid to come forward , as was written in the Victoria paper!

  3. I haven’t heard a word about the Bassi Virk drug connection or the money laundering connection. All those charges were dropped when the BC Liberals renewed the RCMP contract.

    1. OH how convenient!
      Here is another issue that is close to my work!
      IF YOU BELIEVE THIS, then I wold ask why the reported CRIMINAL conduct of these many METRO WANTED, from all over Metro Vancouver go intently IGNORED! Ignored is putting it very mildly!
      REPORTED Detailed Crime action IN PROGRESS, Drug Trafficking (large Quantities), stolen Property, Stolen Vehicles (with invalid plates, expired temporary stickers used in the transaction of Crimes), Property Damage (done by these CRIME Proliferators) etc., etc., etc., go IGNORED by ALL sections of the RCMP including this web reported group - arm of the so called RCMP!
      There is no such an operation, to my knowledge, that does what this PR statement states, otherwise there would be much less BIG CRIME in Surrey (RCMP territory) - given what I KNOW HAS BEEN REPORTED!

  4. Mark Winston Berry - Surrey most notorious CAR THIEFS gets (22 record) murdered?
    Again, how interesting!
    If the RCMP know where all these Criminals are, to quote their own words, then why not arrest them before they are (RCMP) knowingly MURDERED???


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