Thursday, September 30, 2010

Hells Angels attended murdered B.C. teen's funeral

Well this is bizarre. I was going to write about the murder of Laura Szendrei because it seemed so random and tragic. She was a delta teen beaten to death in a park. Knowing I run a blog and web site about organized crime someone just sent me this new article claiming members of the Hells Angels attended the girl's funeral.

The police confirmed the Hells Angels attended the girl's funeral and said they were there to support Laura Szendrei's father. Brooks appeared uncomfortable with the question and refused to elaborate or say whether police are investigating any connection between the Hells Angels and the death.

Brooks told reporters that police have still not determined if the daylight attack on the teenager on Saturday was random or targeted. Sorry but I just find this bizarre simply because wherever the Hells Angels are, bad things happen.

Of course it's possible that the girls father had friends who were members of the Hells Angels and they simply wanted to show support for their friend. Yet somehow that just doesn't sit right. The Hells Angels are drug dealers deeply involved and primarily responsible for the Vancouver gang war. They have a history of threatening people's family. I wonder if Hells Angels attended Juel Stanton's funeral.

Drugs in Prison

Here's another thought. We know that Peter Adiwal, one of the last remaining old IS leaders, was caught selling drugs in prison and received no extra time for it. Well it appears Canada isn't the only place with drug problems in prison.

It appears that England is having a serious problem as well which is resulting in a huge amount of corruption within their prison guard system. This is something we also need to address.

We need prisons without hard drugs or sexual assaults and we need opportunities for inmates to work to earn early parole instead of mandatory statutory release. That would be more productive and help offset costs.

Red Lobsters - O'Brien, Brown and Mo

Two people linked to the Red Scorpion gang were charged with possession for the purpose of trafficking after a police raid on their Mission house. Abbotsford Police Const. Ian MacDonald said his force conducted the investigation because the two - Michael O'Brien, 28, and Mohamed Amarhoun, 27 - were suspected of supplying drugs to the street-level crews in Abbotsford.

Gee if they were suspected of supplying drugs to street level dealers in Abbotsford, I wonder who was supplying them? Let's see, police found the same red lobster disco jacket in their home as was found in Jason William Brown's home the week before. Jason had ties to the East Van Hells Angels. So who was supplying them the cocaine? No big mystery there.

An Information to Obtain (ITO) search warrant showed that Amarhoun had links to Dennis Karbovanec, who pleaded guilty to killing three people in the Surrey Six slayings. The ITO stated it was Amarhoun that Karbovanec called when he was arrested in October 2008 by Abbotsford Police while wanted on a warrant out of Mission.

Karbovanec was stopped by police while driving his GMC Yukon near Matsqui Trail Park, and wanted the vehicle released to an associate. A search of the SUV uncovered a loaded handgun and silencer stashed in a hidden compartment in the vehicle.

So here we have the new Red Scorpions tied to the Hells Angels and to Dennis Karbovanec who was involved with the murder of the old Red Scorpion leadership that had beef with the Haney Hells Angels. Imagine that. Karbovanec was also with the Bacon brothers at Castle Fun Park with the new and improved Independent Soldiers.

On Thursday in Abbotsford provincial court, Amarhoun was sentenced to 15 months in jail, while O’Brien’s charges were stayed. Crown counsel does not reveal the reasons for staying charges. Hmmmm...

Oh and letting the Bacon disease freely walk past an open window where the UN were in a room behind an unlocked door was irresponsible and suspect.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

When the Government becomes PIMP

I am told the truth hurts and abuse of sex trade workers does go on in indoor brothels as well. I'm glad to hear the Tories are appealing the Ontario decision. I'm not sure Iggy would. I've already talked about some of my concerns with giving courts power to over ride democratic laws in society. I'll just clarify the concerns with how they specifically relate to the Ontario court's decision to strike down existing anti prostitution laws.

Like every decision there are up sides and down sides. As the decision stated, prostitution itself wasn't illegal in Canada. Some laws were created making some kinds of public prostitution illegal. All anyone has to do is open up a copy of the Georgia Straight or read the personal adds of any newspaper to see that there currently exists a huge tolerance for private prostitution.

It's kind of like the difference between legalizing marijuana and decriminalizing it. Human nature takes a mile when given an inch. If we legalized pot, would that mean we have to offer urine samples at road blocks instead of breath tests because driving under the influence of pot is just as bad as driving under the influence of alcohol. Sometimes things are just better off left alone.

So what's the next step - legalize prostitution completely and tax it? I spoke with one sex trade worker who opposes legalization. Most cities already make people pay for escort licenses. In Kamloops they have to pay $3,000.00 a year for an escort license. Right now the city is the pimp. If we legalized prostitution would these escorts now have to pay income tax? Would that not make escorts a target for laundering drug money?

Many would rightfully argue that the government would be a nicer pimp than the Hells Angels would. Metaphorically speaking of course. Yet if prostitution was legalized that would not get rid of the Hells Angels control and involvement. It didn't in Amsterdam. In Amsterdam the city hall was upset that the Hells Angels used extortion and bully tactics to buy a brothel for far less than what it was worth.

I'm not concerned about what goes on between consenting adults. I am concerned about dealers and pimps who turn someone into an addict then force them to a life of prostitution and abuse. Especially minors. I say abuse because most street prostitutes are abused.

I remember driving around Surrey when my kids were younger and seeing all the prostitutes pretending to be hitchhikers I said I remember back in my day when hitch hikers were really hitch hikers.

Back in the day, things were different. In Vancouver you'd see the classy hooker around Richards. If you were a heterosexual John you had to be careful around Seymour Street as that was referred to as Tranny Alley. Back in the day, enforcers would beat up Johns for abusing or mistreating the ladies. That has certainly changed.

The East Van prostitutes were very different. They were drug addicted beaten and abused. It was really sad to see. No one in their right mind would want to pay money to have sex with them. Since the crack explosion, that's what happened to the Surrey prostitute. The drugs quickly took their toll and what used to be a pretty young girl quickly became a deformed shadow of what that young laddie used to be. They're scary.

That's why I get so upset when I hear court decisions that tell me I must have a safe injection site in my neighbourhood and I must pay for it with my tax doctors. Like hell I do. There isn't enough money for real hospitals and schools so there certainly isn't enough money to buy addicts drugs. No doctor in their right mind would prescribe alcohol for alcoholics yet in essence that is exactly what some are saying.

On another side note, I heard that Judge Walker in California just overturned Prop 8 and has been getting a lot of slack over it. I also heard that he just announced that he is resigning effective December 31 2010. I'm not going to get into the Prop 8 argument. I'm just concerned when a judge starts overstepping their boundaries and starts telling me what to believe and what to spend my tax dollars on.

As a reader has pointed out in my previous post the Notwithstanding Clause of section 33 of the Charter of Rights is well worth examining. I was not aware of that loop hole and am not sure I am comfortable with it. The government can violate the Charter of Rights if it says notwithstanding. I'm not sure that's a good thing. I think the better route would be to make judges publicly accountable by creating a provision were bad judges could be recalled or simply fired.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

When courts have too much power

Well we all know that power tends to corrupt and how some say absolute power corrupts absolutely. Well I think the latest decision from an Ontario court is a perfect example of that. Now I know this is going to be controversial because I totally oppose violence against and exploitation of sex trade workers. Yet there are two points to make about this slippery slope.

In BC we have witnessed the other extreme, when courts have too little power to deal with gangs and organized crime. We see the limp noodle effect or the shocking extreme of a judge throwing out good evidence for no real reason. One threw out a case even though the police got a search warrant. They said the judge erred in giving them the search warrant. Another threw out a case because although the police got a search warrant and knocked on the front door before entering, they didn’t knock on the back door as well. I kid you not.

One poor cop was so worried about these wacko judges he got written permission to search a guy’s car. The judge even threw that case out because the cop did a pat down of the suspect which was in violation of his rights. Clearly we see judges in BC that are inept or corrupt. I don’t know why McLean’s ran an article about Quebec being the most corrupt province. Clearly BC is.

OK s here’s the deal. An Ontario court has ruled that anti prostitution laws are “not in accord with the principles of fundamental justice." This decision has completely stepped off the limb into the real of the Twilight zone. It’s one thing to hold a law up to the Constitution or the Charter of Rights. All laws are subject to that higher law but to say a law created by a democratically elected government violates fundamental justice? What the hell is that?

The common term in natural justice. Regardless the term fundamental justice is subjective. Who’s definition? Who holds the golden measuring stick? Would that definition change with each person we poll? A constitution or a Charter of Rights is clearly defined on paper. The subjective concept of fundamental justice as a measuring stick gives judges absolute power over a democratic society and that is not a good thing.

Before we discuss prostitution let’s look at NAFTA. Free trade is fine but giving courts power over elected governments is not a good thing. TILMA is the same idea but more extreme. It is a trade agreement that exists between BC and Alberta that some are trying to extend across the country.

The agreement makes it illegal for any level of government to make a law that would inhibit a Corporation’s ability to make a profit. I kid you not. The implications are frightening. What if the people say they want to create a law that protects the environment?

Say a province has a lot of environmentalists in it’s constituency and says they want to ban off shore drilling or oil sands cultivation within their jurisdiction. TILMA says a Corporation could then sure that government for creating a law that inhibits their ability to make a profit and win. That is absurd. The case isn’t even heard in a court of law it’s heard in some tribunal.

What if a province wants public health care? According to the trade agreement a private corporation could sue the government because public health care inhibits their ability to make a profit. Here we see a trade agreement and a tribunal over ride a democratic society’s rights.

They say prostitution is the oldest profession. What goes on between two consenting adults is really their business. Yet the effects of prostitution and drug addiction can make a serious impact on a community. To say that it is illegal for a community to ban prostitution is as absurd as saying it is illegal for a community to ban crack houses. Yet that is clearly what some lobbyists are trying to do.

I don’t think this would help reduce violence against sex trade workers any more than legalizing crack would see a reduction in organized crime. It would only make it more prevalent and much harder to prosecute.

The point is a democratic society has the right to create just laws to govern that society. Saying a community is legally bound to buy drug addicts needles and drugs is absurd. This law would only benefit organized crime and is the very reason it is being pushed. Upholding individual rights is a good thing. Expanding that to the erroneous claim that it is a human right to commit crime is nonsense.

If a community has democratically chosen to legalize prostitution or crack then that is their choice. Forcing that decision upon a democratic society against their will is lawlessness.


Just as we thought, extremists are billing this as "emancipation day" also known as anarchy. Yet here's another wacko abusing the Charter of Rights once again. He runs a clothing optional nudist colony and was charged with public nudity when he and two other guys went through a drive through at Wendy's in their car naked. The teller was offended but they didn't care. They said their rights were more important than hers and they are counter suing under the Charter of Rights. They say laws baning public nudity violate a persons charter rights.

This is what I'm talking about. Wackos will take as much as we let them. Giving a judge power to override just laws in a democratic society is absolute lawlessness. It has nothing to do with justice whatsoever. One persons rights don't overrun another persons rights. No doubt the nudist case will be thrown out but imagine what would happen if some wacko judge said he's right. Laws banning public nudity violate his individual rights?

So when the dirty old pervert in a trench coat starts flashing old ladies or little girls, the police can't arrest him. That is insane. So when the three amigos pull up to the drive through at Wendy's naked in their car and start doing the pee wee Herman or when someone decides to go to a movie theatre naked and start doing the pee wee Herman in public, that's ok and if someone is offended by that, that's their problem. Nonsense.

We did have something similar in the Newton Wave pool in Surrey. The pool stopped renting out then pool to a nudist colony for them to use at their leisure so to speak. The nudists sued and said it was discrimination and they won. I'm certainly not swimming in a public pool after they had their orgy in it.

My concern with striking down the prostitution laws is the whole can of worms it opens. Like I said what consenting adults do behind closed doors is their business. But when you have open prostitution and open crack use that wrecks havoc on a community. No wacked out judge has the right to tell me I have to put up with that in my community.

That's the time to change the laws that govern the selection and retention of judges. It's the time we enact legislation that lets us fire bad judges because they clearly have too much power and it has clearly gone to their head. Legalization of prostitution will not stop the exploitation. It will only make in impossible to control.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Game Tight Soldiers and the Renegades

Well this is a startling new revelation. Kim Bolan went on a ride along with the gang squad in Prince George.

"Interestingly, we ran into the leader of the the largest gang in town, the Game Tight Soldiers. Steven King, who now lives in Penticton, rode up to the Renegade clubhouse on Fir Street on a Harley with Jason Hall, a full-patch member of the Renegades. He was wearing a Renegades vest with a bottom rocker."

We had been under the impression that the Game Tight Soldiers were rivals of the Hells Angels not associates. Now this new association shows how the Hells Angels continue to be not only actively involved in the drug trade but directly in charge of it.

Long ago the police have claimed that no one can buy or sell drugs in Prince George without the permission of the Hells Angels. The Renegades were the Hells Angels puppet club in charge of other groups. First it was the Crew. The Crew sold crack for the Hells Angels in Prince George under the direction of the Renegades. The crew got a lot of bad press for cutting off fingers for drug debts and many crossed over to the Independent Soldiers who have become another Hells Angels Puppet club.

Now we see the Hells Angels supply and are in charge of both the Game Tight Soldiers and the Independent Soldiers. If those two groups fight over the right to sell the drugs the Hells Angels are clearly the ones ultimately responsible for the violence.

BTW we've been getting a lot of feedback and rude comments about the name Game tight soldiers. Most think it's a really dumb name. Worse than the Red Lobsters.

I mean look at this guy's mannerisms and the way he wears his scarf. Doesn't that scream interior decorator? I mean like who still wears paisley? Paisley was out of style a long time ago. Why do we catch on to fads so late?

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Lindsay Buziak's murder

There have been lots more shootings lately and it's hard to keep track of them all. That certainly doesn't mean we shouldn't make the time to look at the human loss this gang war is causing.

I thought this case was recent. I didn't realize it happened back in 2008 and the reason people are talking about it now is because it was recently on Dateline NBC.

Crime stoppers has a PSA about the murder. She was a Realtor in Sannich on Vancouver Island and was murdered while showing a home. Her father claims they have five suspects.

Police say there's no evidence to indicate Lindsay Buziak was involved with crime or drugs but it is clear she knew people who were.

In December 2007, Buziak visited her father in Calgary and while there met with old friends she grew up with. A month later, one of these men was arrested in connection with the largest cocaine bust in Alberta history. While Buziak was not an informant, it was possible she heard or saw something that put her life in danger, police said.

If you have any information about her murder please contact Crimestoppers at: 1 800 222-8477

Here's the twist. If the couple who called her up to see the home were contracted to murder her, will the people who hired them to commit the murder be charged as well as the people who committed the murder?

That is the ongoing problem. Convicting the people ordering the murders. Especially if it's an organization.

Gun Registry stays 153-151

Well the vote on Gun Registry was close: 153-151. Yet the bill to do away with long gun registry was defeated. Despite the result, Prime Minister Stephen Harper said the Tories will continue to work toward dismantling the registry.

"With the vote tonight its abolition is closer than it has ever been," Harper told reporters immediately after the vote. "The people of the regions of this country are never going to accept being treated like criminals and we will continue our efforts until this registry is finally abolished."

WTF? This is why we don't give either party a majority. If they had a majority they would keep steamrolling ahead regardless of the democratic will of the people. So what's Harper gonna do when the referendum says no to the HST? Steam roll ahead and stack the Senate like Brian Mulroney did? Oh Harper already did that, my bad.

Harper is determined to pit rural areas against urban. People in rural areas are allowed to have long guns and they are not treated like criminals for doing so. Unless they refuse to obey the law and register their long guns. The registry doesn't stop farmers from owning guns.

I will agree there are some valid concerns with gun registry. Hitler brought in gun registry before he disarmed the public and took over the country. The Liberals desire to do away with firearms licenses once gun registry has been established is very suspect.

Indeed most crimes occur with firearms that were not registered. Yet some do and more would if the registry was done away with. No one is going to commit a crime with a registered firearm, unless they plan on committing suicide. If some kid is going to shoot all his classmates and commit suicide, then he won't care if the gun is registered.

If an abusive husband shoots his wife and family then commits suicide, then he's not going to care if that gun is registered or not. Regardless of the registry, there currently are too many guns in the hands of criminals.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Three little piggies wrestle in court

Well the piglets jumped the UN in court. It was not a consensual fight. They escaped and started it. Not charging them with assault is shameful. We cater too much to these pigs. They are not welcome or respected in Surrey.

It was a pretty lame fight. The video was caught on security camera. There was another fight Jamie Bacon was caught on video right before he was arrested showing that the pig slapping in court was just an orchestrated show.

Jamie Bacon is a piece of garbage. He's a hillbilly from ABBOTSFORD. His brothers are Preps from ABBOTSFORD. The got shot up in Surrey and moved to Abby to get police protection. What a joke that was. 24 surveillance with TV monitoring. They are the queens of Kevlar. Who wears Kevlar to Castle Fun Park? How lame is that?

This whole case reeks of police corruption. Why would they get police protection in Abby and why would the police let them go and pick a fight in court? How did they know the UN were in that room? It has the appearance of corrupt prison guards turning a blind eye to prison rape.

Claiming it was a consensual fight and not pressing charges is totally lame. Letting spoilt brats strut around like they're somebody when they're not. They're hillbillies from Abbotsford. That is all.

Abbotsford shooting victim identified

The Integrated Homicide Investigation Team says the man gunned down yesterday morning in Abbotsford has been identified as 49 year old Thavone Narong. Narong was the father of Eddie Narong, who was one of the victims of the 'Surrey Six' slayings October 19th, 2007.

Well isn't that interesting. Like I said, how could Jamie Bacon be involved in the Surrey six murder and not his older two brothers? The old Red Scorpion Leadership had beef with the Haney Hells Angels. Now they are pals with the Independent Soldiers and the Hells Angels.

Gang Rape Pic online

Well this is just plain sick. I read a headline that said something about how the police were unable to block pictures of a rape being posted on Facebook. I find that hard to believe as that would clearly violate facebook's terms and conditions.

The latest headline is a former sex crime investigator says that posting or reposting pictures or videos of a 16 year old girl getting raped is a criminal offence. This story is horrible for two reasons. First for the actual act itself. Second for the fact that anyone would get off on reposting pictures of any rape not to mention one of a minor.

The sickening thing is that it's a local story. It happened right here in Vancouver. The 16 year old girl was given a "date rape" drug at some point during the party in Pitt Meadows, then taken out of the house and assaulted by between five and seven youths while several others watched and at least one took photos, police say.

The pictures were distributed through social networking sites and cellphones and one 16-year-old has been arrested and charged with production of child pornography.

Participating in any rape, especially a gang rape is deranged. (No offence to convicted armed rapist Mom Boucher) So is watching it or giving someone date rape drug. Selling date rape drug would be just as bad. Oh but wait, who are the largest distributors of date rape drug in Canada? The Hells Angels.

The Hells angels were involved in the two largest date rape drug busts in the country in Vancouver and Toronto.

Haney Hells Angel Vincenzo James Sanssalone of Maple Ridge was caught with 600 litres of GHB Date Rape Drug. Maple Ridge is pretty close to Pitt Meadows. I wonder who sold the date rape drug that was used in this teenage gang rape case?

Toronto Hells Angel associate Mark Figueireo was sentenced to six years in prison for being caught with 350 litres of date rape drug. The Toronto Star reported that Mark Figuereo had no previous criminal record but plead guilty to conspiring with six other men, five alleged to be Hells Angels, to traffic 600 litres of GHB worth $1.2 million. Police found 350 litres of the drug in his Toronto garage.

After the trial Mark Figuereo, 30, wept as he hugged his wife, sister and niece before he was lead away in handcuffs. This is another example of how the happily married family man was just a front. How would he have felt if someone used that drug to rape his wife, sister or niece? Selling date rape drug is deranged. Getting rich off selling it is very sad. Call it in. Report it.

Oh and let's not forget the Red Scorpion hiding out in the Kelowna retirement village who was also caught with GHB.


One person has been arrested involved with the rape. Now for the other six and those who stood there and watched.


Second arrest. Police are seeking more witnesses.
Come on people, call it in.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Abbotsford shooting an execution

Another targeted shooting in Abbotsford today. Although the number of shootings has gone down a bit in the Lower mainland, it's still hard to keep track of them all.

The Vancouver Sun reports that Abbotsford man gunned down in targeted attack. CTV reports that the victim has been identified and he is known to police as having a criminal lifestyle. The Vancouverite states that Abbotsford shooting an execution.

Somehow it feels like we've taken one step forward and two steps back. The victim was known to the police and has been identified. Yet the public still doesn't know who it is. Remember the Chris Mohan case? An innocent family lost an innocent son because they were unknowingly living next door to gang members that were known to the police but not known to the public.

The Abbotsford Police Department have promised us a web site identifying known gang members. Well at least the top 10 gang members. We're still waiting.

In the mean time we are still hearing about more targeted shootings and execution of people who are known to the police but not known to the public. Without getting into the legal liability of withholding that kind of information from the public, what about common decency? Have we learned anything from the Chris Mohan Ed Schellenberg case?

If the victim of a gang related shooting is known to the police, they should be known to the public. That is public safety.


Abbotford shooting victim identified.

Quebec Biker War

If the Quebec biker war was about the Hells Angels violent attempt to kill all their competition systematically and gain a monopoly over Montreal's illegal drug trade, then what are they now doing in British Columbia?

Killing rival gang members and independent drug dealers is one thing but what about people like Britney Irving and Geoff Meisner? What about the addicts in Prince George who have been tortured for drug debts? Who else have they killed in BC?

The Hells Angels have become the largest organized crime group in Canada. Rat out the real rats and make this world a better place to live.

Hells Angels were flying in coke from B.C.

So the Hells Angels were flying cocaine to Montreal from Vancouver. That was the case that involved one of their lawyers Louis D. Pasquin. Interesting to note that the local patch member involved was Salvatore Brunetti.

The pilot, Michael Russell, was reported to have connections to the Hells Angels in B.C. but none were named or charged. Again. Clearly the horrific judicial system in B.C. is affecting the rest of the country.

Interesting to note that Salvatore Brunetti was a member of the Rock Machine then changed sides to join the Hells Angels along with four others. Apparently "the fact that he was a former member of the Dark Circle convicted in 1996 of plotting to kill Nomads didn't prejudice his candidacy for the Hells Angels elite group."

One has to wonder if the implications in Gary McKeehan's fictional book called The Angels has merrit. The Blog about the book contains an interesting hypothesis about how Maurice "Mom" Boucher at one time paid his "rivals" in the Rock Machine to murder some of his own people who he saw as political threats to his leadership within the club. The author of the book claims to have received the information from an ex Rock Machine member.

Unproven hearsay but somewhat interesting nonetheless given the repeated method of operation we have observed coming from the Hells Angels collectively and Maurice Boucher individually. It makes ya kinda wonder how some of these rivals latter joined in his merry band afterwards.

Salvatore Brunetti was convicted of plotting to kill Nomad Normand Labelle. Normand Labelle had become critical of the Montreal chapter and decided to form a splinter group. Things that make ya go hmmmm... Lennoxville massacre.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Hells Angels' Lawyers, Judges, Border Guards and Airport Security

Interesting to note that former RCMP Officer Rob Sidhu is being represented by Criminal Defense lawyer Matthew Nathanson who has represented Hells Angels in the past.

Matt Nathanson helped Nanaimo Hells Angel prospect Lawrence Dean Bergstrom get off after he was found guilty of assaulting a police officer. In the appeal the judge claimed that although someone hit the police officer and although Bergstrom was present in the rowdy crowd, there "wasn't enough evidence to prove" Bergstrom was the one that hit the officer.

I suppose the officer who saw him hit him wasn't enough evidence for a BC judge to uphold the conviction. Kim Bolan reported that wasn't the first time Bergstrom's lawyer Matt Nathanson has won an appeal for the biker.

Matt Nathanson kinda looks like Owen Wilson. I wonder if he knows any drinking games. He is pretty funny.

In another case for the Hells Angels defence lawyer Matthew Nathanson, who successfully argued before Holmes, said wiping 476.13 "off the books" is an affirmation of people's rights because the legislation gave police unfair powers to gather information from wiretaps and other evidence while investigating organized crime.

B.C. Supreme Court Justice Heather Holmes concluded the law was too broad and vague, and therefore violated the constitution. Wait a minute, let's look at the law and it's clear intent and see if it has anything to do with the constitution.

It was the first time Section 467.13 of the code -- which makes it illegal for a member of a criminal organization to instruct someone else to commit an offence -- has been challenged in any Canadian court since it became law in January 2002.

How on earth does creating a law that says it's illegal for a member of a criminal organization to instruct someone else to commit a criminal offense violate the constitution? IT DOESN'T. Here we have another corrupt or inept B.C. Judge committing treason by violating the Charter of rights which states we believe in the supremacy of God and the rule of law.

This judge has struck down a just law and left us with lawlessness. Yes as individuals we have basic rights. It is not a charter right to commit a crime or to instruct someone else to commit a crime. That is absolutely insane.

The new news is that a former border guard has been granted bail after being accused of allowing $75 million of cocaine to cross into B.C. at his Aldergrove border post in 2007 and 2008 for about $60,000 Canadian a load. He was allegedly working for the same drug group as Rob Shannon and Devron Quast, which the U.S. Attorney said was run for the benefit of the Hells Angels in B.C.

Rob Shannon as we know was seen in Weird Hal Porteous' dumb rap video glorifying old men using Viagra and profiting from the sale of drugs. He was convicted of smuggling cocaine into Canada. US officials said he was smuggling the cocaine into Canada for the Hells Angels who he had been seen associating with and used to threaten his coaccused's grandmother.

There was another border guard named Mindi Niedermeiser who was fired because it was found out that she had been partying with the Hells Angels but she got her job back and that security risk still exists. Not to mention the fact that the Hells Angels have been accused of controlling the airports in Edmonton and Calgary.

Oh and let's not forget the Hells Angel lawyer in Montreal Louis D. Pasquin who was convicted of drug trafficking. In that case massive amounts of cocaine were shipped from Vancouver to Montreal. Pasquin was a well-known defender of bikers and mobsters from the Hells Angels to the Montreal Mafia’s notorious Cotroni clan.

We won't even mention the infamous Peter Leask. Much. But we will mention Jacques Leger. He was a lawyer who represented the Hells Angels in a trade mark dispute and was appointed to the Supreme Court by the Conservatives. That was way worse than what Maxime Bernier did.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Gun Registry Debate

Well the gun registry debate continues and another NDP MP withdraws their support to scrap the registry. This is another example of why I hate the Liberals collectively and Michael Ignatieff specifically.

The Reform Party talked about giving their members free votes. Here we have Jack Layton walking the walk not just talking the talk and gives his caucus free votes on an issue while the Liberals do nothing but complain.

Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff has ordered his MPs — including those who previously joined with the Conservatives — to unanimously oppose the bill put forward by Manitoba Conservative MP Candice Hoeppner, arguing that gun control is a matter of public safety.

“Mr. Layton’s refusal to unequivocally support the gun registry is playing right into Stephen Harper’s ideological crusade to see it scrapped,” Valeriote said. “If the gun registry gets scrapped it will be because Mr. Layton failed to show leadership."

This smear campaign is exactly what's wrong with the Liberals and Ignatieff and it shows why they chose someone like Ignatieff, a know torture supporter, to be their leader. Jack Layton IS showing leadership by giving his MPs a free vote on the bill. He's just not being a dictator like the Liberals would rather him be. Somewhat ironic for a leftist leader to be more democratic than the others isn't it?

My concern with gun registry is not that it exists. My concern with gun registry is what do the Liberals intend to do with it next? Their kind of "Leadership" is Big Brother knows best and is a dictatorship. If they want gun registry to ultimately stop issuing gun licenses all together, then I completely oppose that next step.

However, right now I do support gun registry. Not because I believe disarming the public and arming the criminals is a good thing because it's not. Not because I like giving the government absolute power over it's citizens because I don't. Not that I think rural farmers shouldn't be allowed to have riffles or shotguns on their farm because I think they should. I just don't think people in the city should be able to have unregistered rifles and shotguns. That would only make it easier for the gangs and make it impossible for the police to charge crack houses with stockpiles of firearms.

I don't like the idea of the government knowing where all the guns are so they can seize them. Yet I don't think everyone and their dog having access to rifles and shotguns in the city would be a good thing. If you do shoot a firearm in self defense in the city, you have to control the muzzle because the trajectory of that bullet goes pass or through the target and can hit or ricochet into Innocent people and children.

Can you imagine what would happen if these wacko Anarchy protesters who loot and vandalize things were all armed with rifles and shotguns? Controlling that disturbance would be very bloody.

What if I have road rage and I pull out a shot gun from my trunk. A pump action 12 gauge shotgun can be brutal from short range. It can blow your head off. I do think assault riffles should be restricted weapons.

The bottom line is I support the status quo. I think gun registry should exist but I clearly oppose the Liberals plan to take gun registry to the next step and stop issuing new firearm licenses which would result in the complete disarmament of the general public and I applaud Jack Layton for allowing his MP's free votes on the issue. I still think a Conservative NDP alliance is safer than the Liberals and Michael Ignatieff.


Ok the latest word is that Jack Layton claims the NDP has enough voes to save the registry. He is voting to save it but is giving his caucus the right to vote how they feel their constituents want them to vote.

"My members have asked that they have the opportunity to make whatever announcement they have to make in their own ridings in their own way, because it's really from listening to their own constituents that they've arrived at this conclusion,"

That was the Reform way. Free votes so elected representatives can vote on an issue how their constituents want them to vote on an issue.

Tory MP Candice Hoeppner tabled the bill, which passed second reading with the support of 12 New Democrats and eight Liberals. The Bloc Quebecois says it will vote against the bill next week, and Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff has ordered his caucus to do the same.


While I certainly don't agree with everything every police force says, Jim Chu stands out as someone who is consistently stable with proactive insight. He has publicly come out in support of the gun registry and gives examples how it has helped public safety on various occasions. Like I said, I support the status quo. I think the registry should stay but don't think the Liberals should take it to the next step and stop issuing new firearm licenses.

BTW it appears that Stephen Harper used to be for the gun registry back in the day. Shows the history of free votes.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Spike in Abbotsford break and enters

Well the spike in Abbotsford break and enters isn't very baffling. That's what happens when you let dealers sell crack in public. Addicts steal to support their habit.

Local police are "disappointed" that more residents who are witnessing suspicious activity aren't calling 911 or the non-emergency number (604-859-5225) to report break-and-enters in progress. Tell that to the Judicial review group in Aldergrove who started because prolific offenders got less time in jail the more offences they committed. The residents there are fed up with the theft from break and enters.

Even the VPD is frustrated with the courts refusal to deal with prolific offenders. Maybe Jamie B&E has left Aldergrove and is now working in Abbotsford.

Friday, September 3, 2010

Assault Riffles and Gun Control

Well it would appear the Conservatives are trying to get rid of gun registry and seem to be fighting the police on it. Now why on earth would the police support gun control? Perhaps it's because they are the ones that have to deal with guns on the streets.

However, some argue that gun control just takes the guns away from law biding citizens. It does nothing to remove them from criminals because a criminal is not going to commit a crime with a registered gun.

Now there are different reasons for opposing gun control and they are indeed political and ideological. Originally the Americans "Right to Bear Arms" was entrenched in the constitution for two reasons. To allow citizens the right to protect their constitutional right to life liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

The other was to help prevent a democratic nation from being conquered by a foreign power or a corrupt government. Hitler supported gun control and disarmed the nation before he seized dictatorship.

The Americans big fear was godless Communism. If the general public is armed and has guns, it's harder for a foreign government to invade and take over that country. Kinda like how it was difficult for England to invade and control Scotland when everyone and his dog had a sword. They'd take their claymores with them everywhere. Even to church on Sundays.

Then there's protection of persons and property. In America, if a criminal breaks into someones home and threatens their family, that home owner is legally justified to defend himself and his family. If he shoots the invader he is a hero. If a Canadian did that he would be a criminal.

I used to be a strong advocate for the right to bear arms for those two reasons. Many in Canada are less vigilant when it comes to that right. They are concerned with gun violence. When guns are in the home, fatalities from domestic violence increases. When guns are in the home accidents happen especially when children get a hold of them. When guns are in the home street violence rises when those guns are stolen and used to commit crimes.

The gun registry debate has resurfaced and Harper made a statement about not wanting to turn farmers with rifles into criminals. Fair enough but we do know that the real reasons behind the right to bear arms are ideological as I've mentioned and have nothing to do with farmers.

Now, on to assault rifles. Semi Automatic Assault rifles are a restricted weapon in Canada. That means you may buy them but you have to have it registered and you may only use it on the gun range. OK what if you buy one and you use it to commit a crime? You basically get a slap on the wrist and a lifetime firearm ban which really doesn't mean anything because like i said, people aren't going to use a registered firearm to commit a crime.

There needs to be a more severe penalty for someone who uses a firearm to commit a criminal offense. Registered handguns in Canada are not for self defense. They must be stored unloaded, in a locked container with a trigger lock. You are not allowed to use a registered handgun as self defense even though we are legally authorised to defend ourselves with reasonable force against a lethal attack.

Logic would infer that if someone was attacking you with deadly force, you would be legally authorized to use deadly force to defend yourself. I.E. if someone was shooting at you you would be allowed to shoot back as that would be reasonable force against a deadly attack. Yet the gun control laws prevent that from happening. So in reality, if someone was shooting at us, we would be legally authorized to snap their neck with our bare hands not shoot back at them.

I fully agree there are too many guns in the hands of criminals on the street. Not just .22's. We're talking about automatic weapons, semi automatic assault riffles, rocket launchers and hand grenades. I kid you not.

Right now I can go to my local sporting goods store and buy an AR 15 or a M&P 15 semi automatic assault riffle as long as I don't buy it with a banana clip with a large capacity. However, nothing would stop me from buying the assault riffle with a small magazine and later buying a larger banana clip for it afterwards.

Don't get me wrong. I think the idea of getting an AK or an M&R 15 and taking it to the gun range to blow shit up would be a blast. I'm just wondering how we get guns out of the hands of criminals.

Typically a right wing conservative government supports democracy and less government meddling into the lives of private citizens. However, that is a stereotype. True the Liberals are really making a big deal about nothing when the Harper government wants to make census information less intrusive.

The Liberals making a big deal about that is bizarre and a red flag. Why does the government need to know all that information about it's citizens?

Then we have the patriot act. Isn't that an oxymoron. Overriding the US Constitution by removing civil liberties and calling that Patriotic. This done by a right wing government that had abandoned democratic principles just like Hitler did. A right wing dictator is the same as a left wing dictator.

Harper's obsession with his idol Brian Mulroney and his deja vue push for the HST is very undemocratic. The HST is killing the housing market. Despite huge public opposition the government is determined to press forward unilaterally. That is a clear example of how the stereotype is wrong and shows a right wing government abandoning the principles of democracy it so dramatically boasts about defending.

I will add that no one is going to commit a criminal offence with a registered firearm unless they plan on committing suicide. If someone plans on committing suicide, they aren’t going to care if the registered firearm is going to be traced back to them.

Likewise if someone was going to commit a Bowling for Columbine murder suicide, they aren’t going to care if the registered firearm gets traced back to them. I think everyone would like to see less guns in the hands of criminals. Except for the companies that make guns of course.

Gang Task Force visits Prince George

The Gang Task Force visited Prince George. As they busted a “known crack shack” run by a local gang in the 2200-block Quince Street, seizing a loaded shotgun and escorting drug dealers out of the residence, they were saluted by neighbours watching from their balconies.

“People want to know something will be done when they call us,” Smith said. Indeed. Perhaps Dawson Creek should be next on their to do list.

In a small town police officers don't have access to back up like they do in a big city. In a small town everybody knows each other. When the big gangs move into the smaller towns common sense dictates the local police should have back up from the gang squad.

That means the provincial government should make financial resources available for this. One bust is not enough to get rid of a crack house. It needs vigilant determination to follow up on it to see it through.

Mind you let's hope the bust Hells Angels crack houses as well. Moving in and only busting GTS crack houses would be insane and suspicious.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Natasha Dostal died in Dawson Creek

Natasha Dostal was a fun loving young lady from Dawson Creek just outside of Prince George, BC. She died a suspicious death in February 2006 at the age of 20 years. She had become addicted to drugs.

December of 2006 Thomas Willcocks, 28, died in Dawson Creek. He was a drug dealer who was beaten to death, dismembered and then burned inside a vehicle.

February of 2007 a couple was found dead in Dawson Creek. Police said an autopsy showed Allan Terrance Best and Donna Marie Taylor had been murdered.

In June of 2007 60-year-old Kelly Eugene Roney was fatally shot outside a Dawson Creek Pub. Police described that shooting as targeted. Dawson Creek RCMP Corp. Darren Traichevich said Roney was known to RCMP, and the murder of Willcocks is believed to be drug-related.

This all sounds a lot like the drug related violence in near by Prince George. Well let's see... who was in charge of the drug trade in Prince George at that time? Police claimed no one bought or sold drugs in Prince George without the permission of the Hells Angels.

The Crew, the Reneges and the Independent Soldiers sell drugs for the Hells Angels in PG. Now the GTS are starting to move into town. Selling crack is bad but competition is good. When their enemies rise and they are fighting with each other, they have less control over silencing the public.

What about Natasha? One witness claimed that the other person found dead, Clayton Desjarlais was a drug dealer.

Given the number of drug related murders in Dawson Creek, it is quite possible that Natasha was murdered. However, I don’t think her murder was a huge police cover up. I think society has a misguided apathy for crimes related to women involved in drugs or prostitution. There is a long list of missing women from East Vancouver, Surrey and Edmonton that would attest to that fact.

Prince George had a small conspiracy and cover up. Judge David Ramsay plead guilty to to five charges, including sexual assault causing bodily harm, and obtaining sexual services from someone under age 18. Two police officers from Prince George were also investigated for similar offenses.

There was a former RCMP officer in Manitoba who plead guilty to trafficking guns for the Hells Angels. Yet that was the exception not the norm.

Neither do I think Natasha’s murder is tied to a judicial and government conspiracy connecting Stephen Harper to the Hells Angels. Without trying to be mean, I don’t think Harper is that bright.

Conservative MP Maxine Bernier did resign when it was made public that he left confidential military documents with his girlfriend who had ties to the Hells Angels. At first Harper said it was no one’s business. Yet that was a pretty loose connection. Julie Couillard former husband used to sell drugs for the Hells Angels through the Rockers but quit selling drugs to marry Couillard. After the marriage failed he later became a police informant.

What was far more interesting in that case was Couillard's claim that Bernier had told her the war in Afghanistan wasn't about liberation it was about gaining control of the opium trade.

Yet the real concern was when Harper recently appointed a lawyer who had represented the Hells Angels in a trademark case to the Supreme Court. That appointment was bizarre, obscene and offensive.

However, the real organized crime connection to Canadian politics was Alfonso Gagliano. The New York Times quoted an FBI informant naming Gagliano as a made member of the mafia in Montreal tied to the Bonno crime family in New York.

Gagliano denied the allegations and sued the government for slander but lost. Turns out in 1994, La Presse reported that Gagliano was the book keeper of Agostino Cuntrera, cousin of cocaine baron Alfonso Caruana. Gagliano is from the same small village in Sicily that the Cuntrera-Caruana mafia clan is from.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Shannon Collins Murdered

That sad story of a missing girl from Edmonton could have ties to the Hells Angels. Police have been able to determine that Collins had been living a high-risk lifestyle. It was reported that she was going to leave for Calgary to work for the Hells Angels. She never made it. She was found dead in a rural area of Edmonton.

The question is, if she was involved in prostitution and was going to leave for Calgary to work for the Hells Angels, did she also work for the Hells Angels in Edmonton? It appears that there is a long list of missing women in that area. Can't blame those on Pickton.

The discovery of the bones came a week after two sets of human remains were found together near Lamont. "It's a cemetery," Pitt said, estimating that at least 30 bodies have been found in the area since 1988.

Pitt noted gangsters may also be dumping dead rivals out there because of its thickly wooded areas. "They're dropping zones for dead bodies. They are incredibly dense and make good places to hide bodies."

A wonderful daughter stolen from the world. Turning young ladies into addicts them forcing them into servitude is not a noble quest. Neither is criticizing them for becoming addicts. The real deviants are the ones who profit from the sale of crack and meth.

The Naked Judge

Well Lori Douglas, associate chief justice of Manitoba Court of Queen's Bench has been caught in the nude. Her husband, Jack King is a Winnipeg lawyer who has been accused of showing nude photos of his wife in acts of bondage to computer specialist Alexander Chapman as he tried to pressure him into having sex with his wife.

OK that's just plain weird. The husband is the one in the wrong. The bondage thing is weird but I'm more concerned about what her decisions were like. For us to keep a nutbar like Peter Leask while they get rid of a judge because her husband was a pervert is strange.

Turns out she has stepped aside while the investigation is under way. You mean while her husband is investigated. Why won’t Peter Leask step aside? Oh right, because he’s not as honest as she is. I’m more worried about her decisions. Was she a fair judge? Her marrying a deviant is not relevant.

Prison Photos

Someone sent me a photo of Mom Boucher in prison a while back and I'm like whoa, where did you get that? Then someone sent one of Deli and some of the busted Hells Angels from Manitoba in Stony Mountain prison.

Well Sunday Kim Bolan ran a photo of Clay Roueche in prison on her blog. At first I thought Clay must have sent it to her himself because it looked like a promo picture then I figured it must have been posted on Facebook.

Clay was a bit chunky before going into prison and now he's lost a fair bit of weight and actually has abs. Well good for you. You sit in prison all day and do sit ups. You're still just a drug dealer. I always thought the UN's motto about honour was rather misguided. There is no honour in selling crack or meth. I remember reading an article about how the UN beat up someone in a wheel chair for a crack debt in Vancouver. There certainly is no honour in that.

Clay showed compassion on a friend in helping him get off the crack. Yet that is what they sell. They even stamped their logo on a brick of cocaine. Reflecting on all these prison photos I had an epiphany. They're all showing off. They all think they're something special. In reality they're just kids who never grew up.

Think about it. When you misbehaved as a toddler you got time out. When you misbehaved in school you got a detention. Prison is detention for adults who never grew up. That's why they call it a detention centre.

I remember visiting a friend in juvie. One week he was so proud because he was allowed to wear street runners with all the prestige those brand name runner carry. Then he got in a fight and lost that privilege. I was kinda surprised to find out how wearing regular runners was such a big deal. To me it was like, who cares, you're in jail. If you weren't in jail you could wear whatever you want.

Taking the runners one step further I noticed in all these photos of gang members in prison, they aren't wearing prison uniforms. They are getting special treatment. As a result their ego gets carried away and they like to take photos of themselves bragging about the fact that they don't have to wear prison uniforms. Who cares, you're in prison. Mind you I think that privilege should be revoked. Not making gang members wear prison uniforms is insane.

However, someone just claimed in another post that in federal prisons inmates wear their own clothes. In provincial prisons they don’t. What’s up with that?

Regardless, these guys are all posing for the pictures, look at me look at me. Yeah I see you. You're a kid who never grew up. Look at their myspace. Even Tiny Tim. They all say their favorite movie is Scar Face. Grow up.