Saturday, June 22, 2024

The Edmonton Oilers exciting come back

Well here it is. After being down 3 games to nothing in the Stanley cup final against the Florida Panthers, the Edmonton Oilers won 3 straight to tie it up as they go into game 7. I don't really care about hockey but there are a few Oiler fans at work who are ecstatic.

I remember when Vancouver lost to the Oilers in a close series one of them was excited because it looked like the Oilers would win against Florida. Then they just couldn't beat their goalie. Well game 4 they figured out how to beat their goalie. So this is exciting. For them. It's been a long time since a Canadian team won the Stanley cup in a league they used to dominate.

Seemingly their goalie goes low and it's impossible to beat him on the ground so they go high and have been getting it in. Everyone was talking about an Oilers fan who went viral after flashing her boobs for the camera. Evidently she goes by Kait and was recently featured in Playboy.

She's being billed as the Edmonton Oilers good luck charm. She's obviously very attractive and will be very successful which apparently has caused some trolls to be jealous. However, posing for pictures flipping the bird is a bit trailer trash. All the wannabe bikers do that and it looks kind of silly. At least she likes to hike in the mountains. Someome is trying to rip her off by managing her Only Fans page. Behind every pretty girl is a line up of dirty pimps wanting to exploit them.

Let's raise the bar for game 7. "Game 7 goes Monday in Sunrise, Florida. Edmonton is looking to become only the fifth team in NHL history to win a best-of-seven showdown after trailing 3-0 — and just the second in the Cup final, joining the 1942 Toronto Maple Leafs."

Everyone's also talking about the Hawk Tuah girl from Nashville and I'm like whatever. That's not my thing. However, the fact that so many guys are obsessing over this is a bit Dr Phil.

BC Gangster arrested in Newfoundland

The RCMP is reporting that "RCMP Federal Policing – Eastern Region, in collaboration with the RCMP-RNC Joint Forces Operation West (JFO West), announced today that it has seized the province's largest non-pharmaceutical (illicit) quantity of fentanyl earlier this week on the province's west coast. As a result of Project Beamline, charges have been laid against 25-year-old Abishake Lohia, who recently moved to Newfoundland and Labrador from British Columbia."

Abishake Lohia was busted beside Kyle Latimer and Jamie Bacon back in 2018.

There were a few things pretty shady about that Project Territory bust. They did nail Kyle who was a high ranking member of the Red Scorpions. In fact, Kyle and Lolo Lanski both ended up betraying Gary' Kang's BIBO faction after he was killed and have taken over the leadership now that Jamie Bacon is in Witness Protection. So the project Territory bust was real.

However, the dramatic press releases about pressure cooker bombs were fake as f*ck. It screamed foreign intelligence. The CIA are the only ones who know how to make pressure cooker bombs. The average citizen doesn't. I sure don't and I have experience with chemistry sets. John Nuttall didn't. John was panicking because he couldn't figure it out after the police agents downloaded the instructions for him. He was afraid Mr Big was going to kill him and his family if he couldn't make one. So he says you know what would really make this thing work - C4. Then when they showed up with C4 he sh*t his pants. That's why it was entrapment. Without the Police agents' pressure and assistance there was no means or motive to commit the crime.

Likewise, it's pretty obvious that the police planted the pressure cooker bombs in Project Territory. However, there was another anomaly. The police seized some really tacky giant black Scorpions. As soon as I saw that I said WTF is that? The name of the group is the Red Scorpions. It's as though the foreign intelligence agency didn't read the memo.

Let's not forget, the Hells Angels were grooming Jamie Bacon because he was an easy mark to tax. While Gary Kang was active with his BIBO faction the Hells Angles hired the Brother's Keepers to kill BIBO members of the Red Scorpions but they left Jamie Bacon alone. That's because the club wanted him there. Shrek was a long time associate of Jamie Bacon.

As we recall, Kyle Latimer and Lolo Lansk both recently betrayed the BIBO faction cementing their leadership under the Hells Angels. Lolo Lanski's trailer trash GF finally read the memo and is keeping her mouth shut after she tried to start drama with Kyle's GF at a nail salon. That was ridiculous. She wasn't even Lolo's baby mamma. She was a nobody trying to be somebody by starting stupid sh*t that interfered with them all making money.

Friday, June 21, 2024

Toronto Moving Bilboard promotes the narative

OK let's talk about this. Today a coworker showed me this video clip on his phone. He was outraged that leftists were calling a moving billboard in Toronto hate speech. When I first saw it I said was that Rebel News or Billboard Chris? Turns out it was Rebel News.

I'm going to talk about this and I'm going to talk about the extremes on both sides of the debate. It's no secret that I have been sadly disappointed with Rebel News' one sided coverage of the conflict in Gaza. Rebel News has not said one word about the massive weekly protests in Israel calling for emediate elections demanding Benjamin Netanyahu resign. Not one word.

Rebel News has not said one word about the irregularities surrounding the October 7th attack. Not one word. Instead they've been force feeding us the narrative that October 7th was Israel's 9/11. That's a huge red flag. Does that mean Rebel News refuses to recognize 9/11 was an inside job? Evidently so. I don't know about hate speech but I personally find the message on their moving billboard hateful and offensive. I'll expand more tomorrow after my overtime shift but I just wanted to throw it out there that this divisive message promotes the narrative.

The Irish Proclamation, like the US Constitution and the Canadian Charter of Rights guarantees the freedom of religion. It states that "The Republic guarantees religious and civil liberty, equal rights and equal opportunities to all its citizens, and declares its resolve to pursue the happiness and prosperity of the whole nation and of all its parts, cherishing all of the children of the nation equally, and oblivious of the differences carefully fostered by an alien Government, which have divided a minority from the majority in the past." Rebel News is promoting division.

Rebel News blindly endorses Benjamin Netanyahu who is a globalist and a corporate Communist just like Klaus Schwab and the Mossad. Right now, as Ezra Levant reveals his defiant arrogance on this issue it looks like he is a propaganda wing for Mossad now more than ever. This is how Globalism infiltrates the right and leads it astray. Muslims aren't the enemy. They see what kind of freedom they have in Communist China. The Intelligence Community and the WEF Agenda that has overtaken the UN is. The UN's NWO is insane. That is what we need to address.

We can debate mass mirration without criminal record checks but the freedom of religion is not debatable. I've had some clowns claim that the Star of David is a Satanic symbol because it has six points and therefore represents the number 666. That is ridiculous. Some of these clowns claim that Judaism is Satanism. That is ridiculous. That would be considered hate speech. It would also oppose the US Constitution and the Canadian Charter of Rights protecting Religious Freedom. Call a religion a cult and you are justified in wiping it out. Not.

This brings us to Netanyahu invoking the law of the Amalekites. Netanyahu is using defamation and a false flag attack to justify a genocide. Last year there were crazy billboards in Canada talking about babies held hostage by Hamas. Reminiscent of ISIS beheading people to create public outrage. Later we discovered that the CIA created ISIS just like Mossad created Hamas. This is what I mean about shunning extremes. Olivia Chow is indeed a leftist but she is the widow of Jack Layton and Jack Layton was well liked and respected. We need to balance the extremes.
Ezra claimed his moving billboard was about Hamas but it didn't say a word about Hamas. It showed pictures of Muslims praying and said "Is this Iraq? Is this Syria? No, this is Canada. Wake up Canada you're under siege." Under siege by Hamas? No. Under siege by Muslims.

Hamas is not in Iraq or Syria. George Bush invaded Iraq based on a lie. He said Iraq has WMD. We know it. Dr David Kelly said that was a lie. He said he was the weapons inspector based in Iraq and assured us Iraq had no WMD. Then after Bush invaded Iraq and found no WMD he said Mission Accomplished. At the time, Tony Blair was in bed with George Bush who gave him a congressional medal for perpetuating that lie. Before the invasion MI6 launched Operation Mass Appeal flooding the fake news with false information about Iraq's WMD.

When Tulsi Gabbard visited Syria the people asked her why America was supporting terrorists in Syria like ISIS who were raping Syrians. She was shocked and did not have an answer. The CIA created ISIS and ISIS K to win over public opinion to oppose Assad and the rival pipeline from Iran over the Saudi backed pipeline from Qatar. Notwithstanding the fact that Mossad created Hamas, Ezra's moving billboard didn't target Hamas it targeted Muslims in the same way Hitler's antisemitic propaganda during the Holocaust targeted Jews.

I can tell you right now, all the Jews in Israel protesting Benjamin Netanyahu's government did not approve the message on Ezra's moving billboard. Ezra is supporting the globalist narrative that divides people over religion to justify taking away civil liberty. He is a wolf in sheep's clothing.

Children and civilians are literally starving in Gaza while Ezra pridefully drives this offensive circus side show to the police station demanding to be arrested. That is not good. That is not godly.

Lawrence breaking trail in New York City

Speaking of different kinds of music, this is a brother and sister team from New York called Lawrence. Their background is blues, jazz and funk but they're making new music and creating their own genre. Yes they're very white but a whole lot of black people have laid the foundation for Jazz, the blues and funk so although it's not hip hop it can be considered diverse.

I'm just so done with listening to the same old rappers obsessing over money and drugs.Shooting someone for a pair of sneakers is very shallow. I'm ready for something new. They're not afraid to dress up as nerds but when you hear their voice, it's impressive.

I really like their song it's not all about you. It's inspiring.

Wednesday, June 19, 2024

White West Coast Rappers and Tobias Sahlstorfer

ABC Australia is reporting that "A Hells Angels bikie has been jailed for at least 23 years for the tragic, brutal and totally unnecessary bashing murder of "innocent bystander" Mark Boyce, whose death has inflicted unimaginable grief upon his family."

"Tobias Sahlstorfer, 35, was found guilty of the January 2017 crime earlier this year after a Supreme Court trial before Justice Laura Stein, in the absence of a jury. In sentencing on Thursday, Justice Stein said Sahlstorfer, of Gulfview Heights, was the first of three men to attack Mr Boyce, using his fists and feet as weapons. She said the three men inflicted a flurry of punches and kicks which continued after Mr Boyce was on the ground."

That was a bit dramatic but we get the point. Three big guys give someone the boots and it wasn't the guy they were looking for it was simply his friend. This is what you call bad press. This guy is not a role model. He's a bully. He is not noble. Which leads me to ask what do we aspire to?

Recently someone sent me a link to some videos of more white rappers on the West coast and for me it was a bit cringe but in a different way. Many years ago I was a youth leader and the guys would often play their music in the car while we were driving. One time Offspring came on and I laughed as I quoted a line. "I'm not a dweeb. I'm just a guy with low self esteem." They were like hey, don't make fun of our music. I was like my bad. I just couldn't help myself.

I think some of these new white West Coast Rappers are going for some of Mad child's dramatic madness. They all wannabe Eminem. Eminem put out some powerful stuff but he always put out some Dr Phil sh*t. I'm referring to the one where he was digging a grave to bury his mother. Talk about girls with Daddy issues, that's a guy with Mommy issues. Now I don't know what happened with his mother and I don't want to know. My concern is a lot of these new white kids on the coast want to portray themselves as victims to rationalize drug abuse.

That's not very positive. As I said before, our trials don't define us they refine us. No matter what your past, you have a spotless future and no matter what trauma you've endured, we are all responsible for our own choices in life. We need to process the past but we also need to move forward and get passed it. Now I understand that I'm not supposed to make fun of young people's music and I'm not going to. I'm just sharing a few concerns. Well, two to start.

None of these guys are what I would consider role models. None of them have their sh*t together. They have their own issues they're working through. Maybe that's why so many people can relate to them. A lot of Australian bikers have facial tattoos. Some are sleeved up all over their face. Personally I see that as a bit weird. Don't get me wrong. Getting a facial tattoo is better than committing suicide but it doesn't scream enlightenment. It's someone screaming for help.

Now I'm not going to name names. I'm just going to say mind how you go and be careful who you follow. Mad Child came and went and he was pretty messed up. He copied Eminem's grave digging scene and put a deranged Robert Pickton twist to it. In one video he kidnapped a girl, tied her up and threatened her with a knife. Then he allegorically killed her and buried her. That was mentally deranged. That's not something to brag about or aspire to.

Mad Child admitted he blew all of his money on oxies and viagra. That's kind of a waste of money. I had many reports of how he was known for letting young underage girls backstage in the VIP room. That was a case for Creep Catchers. It wasn't something to aspire to.

Stiff Gritty made a funny Mad Child diss. I wrote about it but look what happened to him? Nothing. He got his a*s kicked in Surrey by a nerd doing a freestyle battle rap. The Surrey nerd was actually pretty good. Yet that was so 2002. No one does battle raps any more.

Stiff Gritty's girlfriend had a bunch of jail bait friends who became patch pounders. Again that's nothing to aspire to. It is as the House of Pain declared a f*cked up place.

I mentioned to the person that sent me the link that Tom MacDonald was better. They said Tom MacDonald is a racist who hates natives. I'm like is he? Is he really? A lot of people throw those allegations around but I'm not sure how valid they really are. People criticize right wing values and I'm like WTF are right wing values? What does that mean? How can values or morals be bad? The whole purpose of the book Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance was an inquiry into values. It had nothing to do with being right wing.

Benjamin Netanyahu is considered right wing but he certainly doesn't have any conservative values. He's just a globalist on the right who supports corporate Communism. Some people call that Fascism. I don't. It's similar but it's different. Globalists are Communists who do not believe in sharing their wealth. They want to increase their wealth by making consumers slaves regardless of what racial background you are.

So Tom MacDonald is a bit over the top but he's better than some of these other guys trying to turn people into victims so they can rationalize their crime and drug addiction. Which bring me to my second concern. I've heard it said that "A song is a prayer of the heart. Which God are you praying to?" Music can be a powerful influence for good or for evil.

We know back in the day a lot of Heavy Metalists were in your face Satanists. Some claimed they just did it to get a reaction. I just saw it as messed up and confused. I was in Ireland and I met a guy who liked Metalica so I picked up the album and started reading the lyrics. "Banned by the light, I'm on the left. Come follow me, I'm the one or I'll make you pay the curse of Malachi." When I read that I was pretty shocked and said well at least it's scriptural.

I don't have to explain what that means. People can listen to whatever they want to but like I said mind how you go. That same spirit which has power to posses us in this life will have power over us in the life hereafter. I'm not big on religion. I see a lot of people getting religion really mixed up. The bottom line is actions speak louder than words. By their fruits ye shall know them. By what they say and by what they do. If they do evil, they are evil.

Does this new music make us feel at peace? Does it enlighten us? Does it inspire us to do good and be better? Does it do all of that or does it victimize us to rationalize our crime and addictions which ultimately enslave us. Mind how you go. Wickedness never was happiness.
In contrast we have east coast Canadian rappers who actually are brothers from the hood. The problem is, they're aspiring to the wrong things. It's still all about money. They've lost their soul.

Sunday, June 16, 2024

Rapper Young Thug's RICO trial in Atlanta

Update: Young Thug's lawyer files motion to remove judge from case, calls for mistrial

The judge they want to get rid of denied the motion but Atlanta News First is reporting that " The attorneys for rapper Yak Gotti, one of the defendants in the Young Thug trial, have filed a motion calling for a stay of all proceedings until the Georgia Supreme Court issues a recusal order for the judge overseeing the massive RICO trial. The motion was filed by Yak Gotti, a rapper signed to Young Thug’s record label, who is facing 12 counts, including murder, racketeering and street gang participation. At the center of the call to halt proceedings is alleged misconduct during a private meeting by Judge Ural Glanville related to witness Kenneth Copeland’s testimony. On Monday, Brian Steel, one of Young Thug’s attorneys, filed a motion to have Glanville removed from the case and for a mistrial to be declared — a motion Glanville denied."


Young thug is a US rapper facing RICO charges. Only some bizarre events in the trial clearly demonstrate judicial corruption. Moosejaw Today is reporting that " Georgia judge has ordered a lawyer for rapper Young Thug to spend the next 10 weekends in jail after finding him in contempt. Defense attorney Brian Steel represents the rapper, who is currently on trial in Atlanta on charges including violation of Georgia's anti-racketeering and gang laws. Fulton County Superior Court Chief Judge Ural Glanville on Monday ordered Steel jailed after the lawyer refused to tell him how he found out about a meeting between the judge, prosecutors and a prosecution witness."

Remember that. The lawyer refused to tell the judge how he found out about a secret meeting between the judge, prosecutors and a sworn prosecution witness during his testimony. The judge didn't deny the inappropriate meeting and what happened at that meeting he sent the lawyer to jail for refusing to tell him who told the lawyer about the shady meeting.

Atlanta New First is reporting that "Fulton County Superior Court Judge Ural Glanville ordered Brian Steel be held in the Fulton County Jail for no more than 20 days, consisting of every weekend for the next 10 weekends."

USA Today is reporting that "The Georgia Supreme Court granted an emergency motion for bond filed by Steel on Wednesday, per The Atlanta-Journal Constitution and The Washington Post. The appeal means he will no longer have to report to jail on Friday.​"

"We are thrilled that Brian will be home with his family for Father’s Day this weekend," Ashleigh Merchant, an attorney for Steel, told The Atlanta-Journal Constitution. "We appreciate how quickly and thoughtfully our appellate courts handled this unfortunate situation."

We need to examine what was discussed in the ex parte meeting between the judge, the witness and the prosecution. It is significant and demonstrates how shady the contempt charge was. Evidently the witness was going to testify to the fact that he was the killer of Donovan Thomas.

Synopsis of the judical cirus on Tik Tok

So is it possible to have someone who committed a murder to testify against someone who ordered the murder? It certainly is. The question is, did Young Thug order the murder or did he simply play a minor role in the murder if any at all.

In Quebec we've seen several hit men for the Hells Angels testify against the Hells Angels who ordered the murder. Yves “Apache” Trudeau, Stéphane Gagné, Aimé Simard and Danny Kane are a few. So why did they all roll? Well the Hells Angels have a reputation for rolling on the hit men they hire to commit murder.

In 1995 Bobby Moyes killed a police informant and his wife on Christmas Eve for the Hells Angels. Salvatore Ciancio asked Bobby Moyes to kill Eugene Uyeyama because Eugene was the police informant that busted Salvatore and Anthony Terezakis aka Big Tony for drug traficking. Salvatore ordered the hit but Salvatore and big Tony were drug traficking for the Hells Angels so the hit was for the Hells Angels. Bobby Moyes had an associate named Mike assist him.

Salvatore told Bobby Moyes to kill Mike after they had killed Eugene and his wife. Which he didn't do but shows you there's no loyalty among thieves. I'm not sure who Mike is but contract killer Mickie (Phil) Smith killed Paul Percy Soluk at a crack house in Surrey for the East Vancovuer Hells Angles in 1999. Yurik helped him chop up and dispose of the body. Smith said "Yurik's not an Angel but he works with the Angels."

Anyways, Salvatore telling Bobby Moyes to kill his co accused after they killed Eugene and his wife was a bit problematic. If you kill a hit man for the Hells Angels to keep him quiet, what's to stop them from killing you to keep you quiet? That's why Yves “Apache” Trudeau rolled on the club. The club tried to kill him in the Lennoxville massacre. Stéphane Gagné was the one who convicted Mom Boucher for ordering the murder of that prison guard.

My problem is that in BC IHIT and the CFSEU do the opposite. They have people like Damion Ryan in protective custody for rolling on the people he hired to commit murder. Damion tells the police who did it and has associates testify against them so the police get an arrest and he gets to keep selling drugs and ordering new murders. It's a shameful scam that needs to end.

Fatal shooting in Princeton - Don Lyons

Unrealted: Two people hospitalized after shooting outside victoria Sunday night

I'm told there was a fatal shooting in Princeton last night. A name we all know. I'm sorry to hear that. I'll post more when the media picks it up. The night before father's day. That's messed up.

Update: Infotel is reporting that "RCMP are releasing few details after a body was found on a property near Princeton on Saturday. Princeton RCMP officers were called to the report of a suspicious death on a property near Princeton on June 15, according to a press release from police. “As it’s believed the man’s death is the result of foul play, the Southeast District Major Crime Unit has assumed conduct of the investigation,” Southeast District Major Crime Staff Sgt. Jason Smart said in the release." It was Don Lyons.

December 2023 someone named Don Lyons was shot dead in Calgary. That was a different Don Lyons. Sadly this time it's the one we know of who used to be a member of the Independent Soldiers. It's really f*cked up killing him the night before Father's Day. He had a kid.

As we know Don Lyons was with the Independent Soldiers and at one time was affiliated with the Kelowna Hells Angels. That was a long time ago. He was born in 1972. That makes him 52 years old. 15 May 2023 he was charged with assault in Hedley. October 19 2023 he was charged with uttering threats in West Kelowna. For the most part, he's stayed out of trouble for the past 10 years. IS has been replaced by the Wolf Pack. Some say IS became the Wolf Pack.

Saturday, June 15, 2024

8 tons of cocaine seized in Europe

CBS is reporting that "European police forces have arrested around 40 people in a years-long operation to bust a major drug smuggling ring, leading to the seizure of eight tons of cocaine, Europol said Thursday. The cartel, whose leaders were (temporarily) based in Turkey and Dubai, had been dealt a major blow after a final set of arrests Wednesday, the Hague-based police coordination agency said. According to Europol, the final phase of the operation began with the August 2023 discovery by the Guardia Civil of 1,540 pounds of cocaine in a boat off the Canary Islands, which was crewed by Croat and Italian citizens."

DW is reporting that "Investigators in Germany have discovered a record amount of cocaine worth several billion euros, authorities reported on Friday. 'Dozens of tons of cocaine worth several billion euros have been taken out of circulation,' the Baden-Württemberg State Office of Criminal Investigation and the Customs Investigation Office in Stuttgart, as well as the Düsseldorf public prosecutor's office announced. The huge quantity of drugs was first discovered in the port of Hamburg last year, and, according to the German news agency DPA, originated in South America. The northern port city of Hamburg is a hot spot for cocaine to enter mainland Europe. "

Free Covid Tests - WTF?

The other day I was at a post office in Surrey and saw a stack of brand new free Covid Tests that weren't there the week before. That is bat ch*t crazy. If it wasn't for Texas and Florida, Bonnie the Freak Henry would still have us under lockdown.

When viruses replicate themselves they get weaker not stronger. Omicron was weaker than the seasonal flu. Locking down over omicron was a criminal act. The PCR tests are useless. They can't tell the difference between the Covid coronavirus and the flu or common cold. They give a 90% false positive. There has been a cold virus recently going around. It was even weaker than omicron. Runny nose, slight cough, all went away with a bit of rest. Pushing that same bulsh*t after all this time is mentally deranged. The Real Anthony Fauci Movie with RFK.

Dr Fauci is a bad man - Bonnie Henry is a Freak.

PLANDEMIC 1 Documentary - COVID-19

Israelis demand new elections & an end to the war

Gaza needs local representation. Fatah needs to replace Hamas. Fatah was the political wing of the PLO who signed the Oslo accord. It still exists in West Bank. Mossad created Hamas to push Fatah out of Gaza so they could justify this war and genocide. Palestinians need local representation not extremists who work for Mossad and live in Qatar.

Friday, June 14, 2024

Candace interviews Briahna Joy Gray about Free Speech

I just want to reiterate the obvious. There's a lot of weird stuff going on. I oppose Benjamin Netanyahu because he is a WEF Globalist. That means even though he's "Right Wing" he is promoting Corporate Communism where the rich get richer and consumers become slaves. On the Palestine / Israel conflict I am neutral. I support the Oslo accord. I believe both parties have a right to exist. People say there will never be peace in the Middle East. I disagree. Right before Yitzhak Rabin was assassinated, peace was established through the Oslo accord.

I don't support Palestine wiping Israel off the map. I am not a Holocaust denier. Yet everyone has to be accountable. There is good and evil in every race and religion. Denying that and censoring that is dysfunctional. Blind obedience to evil is cowardly and will result in global slavery.

Wednesday, June 12, 2024

City of Surrey's application to save the RCMP dismissed

Update: Surrey mayor gives up battle to keep RCMP

The Surrey Police Service is reporting that "The Supreme Court of British Columbia dismissed the City of Surrey’s petition for a judicial review of Minister Farnworth's decision that the City must continue the transition to SPS. The decision to move to a municipal police service was made by the City of Surrey in 2018 and affirmed by the Province of BC in 2020 and 2023. It was then put into law in October 2023, and now it has been validated as constitutional by the BC Supreme Court. In April, the Province of BC announced that SPS will take over responsibility for policing and law enforcement in Surrey on November 29, 2024. On this date, SPS will become the police of jurisdiction, and the RCMP will provide support to SPS until the transition is complete."

"It is now time for all parties to focus on the acceleration of the transition as the change of command date nears. SPS has continuously adapted its plans for the transition as the process has evolved to reflect government decisions. In the weeks and months ahead, we are looking forward to deploying our SPS vehicles, and deploying more officers into a wider range of units as we get ready for November 29." This is a copy of the court decision.

Wolf Park Roll on Zone 43

CTV is reporting that "Police in Vancouver say a 14-month investigation into a Quebec-based organized crime group has led to the arrests of five men and the seizure of two handguns and 24 kilograms of drugs. The Vancouver Police Department said in a statement Tuesday that its organized crime section had been probing the local operations of Zone 43 – a gang originally from Quebec – for more than a year before the seizures."

"Investigators say the drugs included seven kilograms of fentanyl, 11 kilograms of cocaine, two kilograms of methamphetamine, and four kilograms of mixing agents." That is significant. Was this part of Damion Ryan's latest plea deal? OK so let's talk about the elephant in the room.

The VPD claim that this was a 14 month investigation into a Quebec based gang known as Zone 43. They fail to mention the obvious. The Wolf Pack hired them after they rolled on Lil Man from the Driftwood Crips. So why won't the VPD and the fake news admit Zone 43 work for the Hells Angels though the Wolf Pack? This is like the recent shooting in Surrey by a Driftwood Crip.

Last Friday there was a fatal shooting in Surrey. Almost immediately four suspects were arrested after they had successfully torched their vehicle. How is that not suspicious? Three brown guys and one black guy from Ontario who happens to be a rapper for the Driftwood Crips who Damion Ryan and the Wolf Pack have contracted before. The three brown guys were obviously with BK who are aligned with the Driftwood Crips. Lil Man was a Somalian but he had a BK tat.

So it's really concerning that this quick arrest refuses to mention the Wolf Pack. Just like how this article about Zone 43 fails to mention a word about the Wolf Pack. Are we getting scammed again? It sure looks that way. This is the reoccurring problem with E Division. The police have the people ordering the hits in police protection so they roll on the people they hire. That way the police get a bust and Damion Ryan continues business as usual. You guys are all dirty.

Damion Ryan and his uncle are trying to take over Haney chapter. They're politicking up a storm. Jesse is a good guy. Damion Ryan is not. He's a heat bag that rats out people he hired and all his sweetheart deals with the PoPo won't change that.

Suspect charged in Edmonton fatal shooting

The Edmonton Journal is reporting that "A 46-year-old man is facing second-degree murder charges in connection with a 36-year-old man’s death in central Edmonton earlier this week. On Monday at around 5:15 a.m., police responded to a report of gunshots near 109 Avenue and 96 Street, finding a man with serious, life-threatening injuries. Officers said emergency crews responded, but the man was declared dead on scene."

"Tuesday’s autopsy determined that Habib Abukar, 36, died of gunshot wounds in a homicide. Police said they arrested and charged Mahad Ismael Elmi, 46, with second-degree murder. Investigators believe the victim and suspect knew each other."

Looks like the Edmonton Angels are rolling like Damion Ryan and the Wolf Pack.

Did you know that one of the guys the Edmonton Angels hired to shoot Ali in Surrey was black? He was caught pretty quick too. Imagine that. They killed Ali to have their debts forgiven.

Edmonton Police seize 25 kilos of cocaine

The Edmonton Police are reporting that "In October of 2023, the Edmonton Drug and Gang Enforcement (EDGE) Section initiated an investigation into the activities of the accused, Jeremy Manuel, 23. The investigation culminated in search warrants executed at a residence in Leduc, Alberta, two storage facilities in Edmonton and Calmar, Alberta and two vehicles."

"As a result of these search warrants, police seized approximately 15 kg of cocaine, almost 11 kg of MDMA, 270 tabs of LSD, 21 grams of methamphetamine, 863 oxycodone pills, and 6 kg of the buffing agent phenacetin. Indicia of trafficking, including a hydraulic press, were also seized. The street value of the drugs is estimated to be approximately $1.5 million."

This kind of a bust is highly unusual for the EPS. That's something we'd expect from ALERT.

Tuesday, June 11, 2024

Hunter Biden Found Guilty On Bogus Gun Charges

I am not a fan of Hunter Biden but I am not a Hunter hater and obsessor either. I think the gun charges were stupid and nothing compared to his dirty business deals in the Ukraine with the Biolabs. Some of those crack videos with prostitutes were just plain nasty. My Son Hunter.

As Colion pointed out, one of the charges against Hunter was lying on a form to obtain a firearm. The question asked have you ever used pot and are you addicted to any controlled substance? That questions shouldn't even be on the form. Define addicted. If you drink alcohol does that mean you're an alcoholic? If you are an alcoholic, are you banned from owning a car even if you have never driven while under the influence? I agree crack addicts probably shouldn't oen a firearm but this question opens the door for more government intrusion.

Sometimes when crossing the border they ask have you ever smoked pot before? If you lie, you're in trouble but if you said yes, 20 years ago I smoked a joint, they write that down and ban you from entering the country. They have no business asking that question and recording that.

Busting a nice drug dealer

In this video clip from the Last Narc, Hector Berrellez shares one of his intense and chilling stories about how he busted a drug dealer and became a DEA Agent. It's intense alright. It's also heartbreaking. He said on his first undercover op he was young, had short hair and looked like a cop. He was sent in to buy an once of heroin for $10,000. Hector speaks Spanish.

The drug dealer looks at him and says are you sure you're not a cop? Hector was like no man, I don't even have my papers. I'm not even legal. Then he asks the drug dealer if it's pure heroin. He says they'll kill me if it's not pure. Then he tells the drug dealer, look, I don't know anything about heroin. My mother is sick. She has cancer. I'm trying to get some money to pay for her medical bills. The drug dealer assures him it's pure heroin and completes the transaction.

The the drug dealers says now I have something for you. He pulls out a bag of cocaine and puts it on the table. He said this is my gift to you. He said sell the cocaine and pay the medical bills for your mother. You don't belong in this business. I don't want to see you around her any more.

Hector leaves and the police come in and bust the drug dealer. That was harsh. Don't you feel the slightest bit guilty? That guy was really nice to you. People will always sell drugs. Those are the kind of guys you want in the business. They're not lacing their cocaine with fentanyl and they're not trolling rehab targeting people trying to get off drugs. As soon as the guy did that I would have pulled off the wire and said yo man, this is a set up. Run out the back door.

It's pretty rare to find a drug dealer who is going to give someone a gift with no strings attached. The HAs would be like now you owe us and turn you into a slave for the rest of your life.

It I was in Hector's position, after that first experience I would have said, sorry guys. I'm not cut out for this. I'm not going to do this any more. Hector said after the drug dealer was arrested he walked past him and said oh you're good kid and Hector said thank you.

Good at what? Lying? That;s not something to be proud of. I realize Hector is a good person and is very sincere. However, this whole glorification of lying is a slippery slope. This is how the Agency recruits good people to do bad things. They rationalize it by claiming the end justifies the means. First of all it doesn't. Second, they are lying about their real intent.

Sunday, June 9, 2024

The Last Narc on Amazon: Iran contra never stopped

Felix Rodriquez is the sleazebag Tucker Carlson recently interviewed. Felix Rodriquez worked for Allen Dulles and was an associate of Barry Seal. "DEA Witness Testifies Miguel Angel Felix Gallardo told him that he believed his narcotics trafficking operation was safe because he was supplying arms to the Nicaraguan Contras." Félix Gallardo was arrested in 1989 for ordering the murder of Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) agent Enrique "Kiki" Camarena.
Allen Dulles was the author of Operation Northwoods. The fake news claims the Last Narc is a hit with QAnon. QAnon was a CIA op designed to discredit the resistance and lead it astray. I do not support QAnon but I recognize the CIA's long history of drug trafficking.

George Bush Senior was Reagan's VP. George Bush Senior was the one that got the CIA addicted to drug trafficking in Vietnam. George Bush Senior and William Casey were directly involved with the October surprise. They are the ones that bribed the Iranian Hostage takers to keep the hostages until after the election with the money Earl Brian embezzled. .

Judge Bonner claimed that when he was a DEA agent, the CIA smuggled a plane loaded with a ton of cocaine into the United States which ended up on the street. Over and over again the agency passionately denied it. Judge Bonner stood firm. He even went on 60 minutes and documented everything. When confronted with the facts, the CIA finally admitted he was right but then spun it by claiming it was the only time and it was a mistake. They were trying to catch a drug trafficking ring. Only just like in Operation Fast and Furious, they made absolutely no attempt whatsoever to track the drugs and make any arrests. We also know it wasn’t the first or the last time they were caught trafficking drugs in Military aircraft.

US pier for humanitarian aid used in Nuseirat Massacre

Update: Right after Benny Gantz resigned the staged hostage rescue is orchestrated

Inside Nova is reporting that "In a recent escalation of violence in the Gaza Strip, the Israeli military allegedly utilised a US-constructed pier, originally intended for aid delivery, to conduct an operation against the Nuseirat refugee camp. This operation, which reportedly resulted in the deaths of hundreds of Palestinians, has drawn international condemnation."

The Guardian is reporting that "Israeli attacks in central Gaza killed scores of Palestinians, many of them civilians, amid a special forces operation to free four hostages held there, a death toll that has caused international outrage." The hostages are being used to justify a Palestinian genocide.

Benjamin Netanyahu let his operatives with Hamas take the hostages. He took all the soldiers guarding the border off that watch then issued a IDF stand down order. If he didn't do that, there would have been no hostages. Mossad created Hamas to push Fatah and the PLO out of Gaza because the PLO signed a cease fire and agreed to the Oslo accord. The CIA is ISIS and Benjamin Netanyahu is Hamas. This operative is not Palestinian. It's all theatrics.
The is a scam like the staged Iranian hostage rescue which was part of the October surprise. Mossad and the CIA committed investment fraud to bribe the hostage takers to keep the hostages until later the election. In this case, Mossad facilitated the hostage taking on October 7th and increased civilian casualties on October 7th due to friendly fire. Let's examine that.

Israeli News confronts IDF Friendly fire on October 7th

After the IDF was caught shooting Israelis on October 7th, they claimed they were implementing the Hannibal directive. Kill the hostages and the hostage takers yet that doesn't make sense. We had inside reports that claimed that Netanyahu issued an IDF Stand Down order during the orchestrated raid and hostage taking. If the IDf were engaging the Hannibal directive, the IDF would have called for back up and the Hamas operatives would have been annihilated. Let's talk about the USS Liberty. That wasn't Hamas that was the IDF. If the Russian spy ship hadn't witnessed that event, it would not have stopped and they would have blamed Hamas.

Why does this matter? Because 9/11 was an inside job and October 7th was Israel's 9/11.

Benjamin Netanyahu is Hamas, Gill Rosenberg is Mossad

Saturday, June 8, 2024

Judge corrects lawyer's bad gun safety

Kenshin: Reflecting on Change and the Silk Road

I started watching Rurouni Kenshin on Netflix and they started talking about his past. Then I realized there was an episode before that called the Beginning so I watched that to catch up. It's a very thought provoking plot so it is with elements of tragedy woven into it. I guess for me it illustrates how seeing something from a different perspective can change our understanding of it.

I started watching the first episode of the New Hells Angels series on Vice TV and I turned it off. I'm so done with that. I want to do something different. In the second episode Kenshin vows to never kill again and becomes a traveler with a reverse blade designed to protect life not take it. We can't change the past but we can change the future. Looks like there's a new Shogun out.

Don't get me wrong. The Vice series on the Hells Angels is well done. It interviews Julian Sher and Jerry Langdon who are competent Canadian authors. Julian wrote the Road to Hell a few years before I started the blog. Back then everyone was in denial about the Hells Angels. Rainbow Ricky would lie and deny everything. Now everyone knows what they are involved with.

Having said that, I still think government overreach since Covid is a far worse problem than the Hells Angels. While I was catching up on Kenshin's past history I also watched Dragon Blade with Jackie Chan about the Silk road. I really liked that. It wasn't so dark and started off like a typical Jackie Chan movie with martial arts and comedy. It was a little lighter and positive. Then it got a bit intense. It was very well done and had a good message.

Which leads us to the rebuilding of the Silk Road. I don't see the meaning of life as America First. I see it as People First. It's not about East versus West it's about Slavery versus Freedom. If China wants to rebuild the Silk Road, let them. If Iran wants to sell their oil, let them. The free market is the key to freedom. Edward Snowden exposed the NSA. Edward Snowden is a patriot. The Five Eyes are enemies of civil liberty and the Constitution. We need to face those domestic demons before we confront any foreign threat. Power to the People.

The CIA set up the CFO of Epoch Times

Meanwhile, back on the ranch, Fox News is reporting that "A Georgetown University professor who spent 12 years as a CIA intelligence analyst is warning that diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) efforts and the overall politicization of the intelligence community have become a "significant" problem and that he is confident those agencies will attempt to interfere with the 2024 election similar to their efforts in 2020."

"My guess is that the the proverbial deep state within the intelligence community will reemerge because presumably a Republican candidate will again be seen as a threat to the internal policies that many intelligence people like," Dr. John Gentry, author of the new book, "Neutering the CIA: Why US Intelligence Versus Trump Has Long-Term Consequences," told Fox News Digital.

OK this is the tip of the iceberg. Judicial Watch interviewed Dr. John Gentry about this. It's no secret that the CIA promoted Joe Biden over Donald Trump and Hilary Clinton over Donald Trump. It's no secret that the CIA rig election in foreign countries like Honduras while Mossad rig elections in Africa. QAnon was a CIA op designed to infiltrate Trump's support base and discredit it. John Brennan represents everything that's wrong with the CIA.

John Brennan voted Communism before he joined the CIA and still actively promotes Communism long after he left the CIA. The CIA are proud sponsors of the WEF and the UN's New World Order. That is the root of the concern. The CIA don't oppose Communism they endorse it. That leads us to the recent set up of the CFO of Epoch Times.

The New York Post is reporting that "The chief financial officer of the Epoch Times newspaper — a New York-based weekly critical of the Chinese government — has been charged by the feds with money laundering, according to US officials. Weidong “Bill” Guan — CFO for the news site that also distributes papers across the US, UK, France and Canada — is alleged to have laundered $67 million in the alleged scheme, according to a Monday indictment by the US Justice Department. Guan, a 61-year-old resident of Secaucus, NJ, used a cryptocurrency platform to buy up prepaid debit cards at a discount after they were loaded with money that was obtained from fraudulent unemployment insurance claims, court papers said.

That is bat sh*t crazy. Look at how the other fake news outlets are misrepresenting the story. MTN is reporting that "DOJ Says MAGA Favorite Epoch Times Is A Massive Money Laundering Scheme." The Defector is reporting that "Feds Accuse America’s Weirdest Media Company Of Being A Money-Laundering Front For The Falun Gong." What is Epoch Times crime? They support Donald Trump and they opposed Organ Harvesting in China.

Those two positions justify a mainstream defamation campaign and a CIA led sting operation. It is no secret the CIA has funded and has tried to influence the Epoch Times in it's anti China campaign. The problem is, Epoch Times supports Donald Trump and the CIA does not. That's why they set up this sting operation against the CFO.

The Falun Gong are honest, hard working people. They don't get involved in investment fraud but the CIA do. The CIA used investment fraud to raise money for Iran Contra. They still do. These allegations against the Epoch Times CFO don't sound like the Falun Gong. They sound like the CIA. The CIA has set him up to discredit their support for Donald Trump. "

In response to the CIA set up the Epoch Times states that "The Epoch Times was founded to counter the Chinese Communist Party’s (CCP) persecution of innocent people. The Epoch Times has a guiding principle that elevates integrity in its dealings above everything else. The company intends to and will fully cooperate with any investigation dealing with the allegations against Mr. Guan. In the interim, although Mr. Guan is innocent until proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt, the company has suspended him until this matter is resolved."

4 suspects arrested after fatal Surrey shooting - Update

CTV is reporting that "A man is dead following a shooting in Surrey Friday, and homicide investigators say four people have been arrested. Mounties were called about the incident at 8:46 a.m., saying it happened in a residential area near 164 Street and 10 Avenue."

Not long after, police were called about a vehicle on fire on McMillan Road near 20 Avenue. Four suspects had been taken into custody as a result of the quick, co-ordinated response of Surrey RCMP, Air 1 and the Lower Mainland Integrated Emergency Response Team." 6AK_TV vid.

Global is reporting that the victim is Yuvraj Goyal, of Surrey.
The India Express is reporting that he was from Punjab’s Ludhiana. The Vancuver Sun is reporting that "Manvir Basram, 23, Sahib Basra, 20, and Harkirat Jhutty, 23, of Surrey, as well as Keilon Francois, 20, of Ontario, have been charged with first-degree murder."

The Hindustan Times is reporting that "One of those arrested, Harkirat Jhutty was the subject of the public warning issued by Surrey RCMP in December 2022, along with Karnvir Garcha. In July 2023, Garcha, 25, was found fatally shot in the town of Coquitlam."

This local shooting made the Daily Guardian. I guess that's the Canadian version of a British paper. "The authorities continue to investigate the circumstances surrounding Yuvraj Goyal’s tragic murder, aiming to bring justice and closure to the affected community."

Justice and closure doesn't come from convicting the shooters when the police have the people that ordered the murder on their payroll. Speaking of which, whatever happened to those crazy charges against their man Damion Ryan? Are any of the charges against him proceeding?

6AK_TV is reporting that Manvir Basram graduated from Tamanawis secondary while Harkirat Jhutty and Sahib Basra both graduated from Queen Elizabeth secondary school in Surrey but the Ontario guy is "Keilon Deshann being the infamous rapper known as Keyzie (Driftwood WassGang Member)." So does that mean the other three are BK? That means they work for the Edmonton Angels. Justice and closure won't happen until the ring leaders are convicted.
The Wolf Pack hire the Driftwood Crips to commit murder then roll on them as soon as they do the hit. That's Damion Ryan's MO. Damion Ryan hired and rolled on Lil Man for killing Mo.

Shooting someone for a pair of sneakers is pretty messed up.

Friday, June 7, 2024

Why the ATF should and should not be disbanded

I realize this is a loaded question but there's a reason why it's relevant. There has been a lot of discussion about disbanding the ATF and it is worth having that discussion. However, the reason why I think we should disband the ATF isn't simply because of corruption. The CIA corrupted the ATF so if anything we should disband the CIA but that's a separate discussion.

The reason why I think the ATF should be abolished is because it has become an anti Second Amendment lobbyist group. I'm all for law enforcement. The ATF is supposed to enforce the law not lobby to change the law especially when those changes violate the Constitution which the ATF has sworn an oath to uphold. The flip side of the debate is pretty scary.

The Hill is reporting that "The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) should be abolished, because of its inability to enforce gun laws, according to a lengthy report from the left-leaning Center for American Progress. The FBI is better suited to crack down on gun violence, and should absorb the ATF’s agents, the report argues." AYFKM?

"The ATF is undercut by political limitations — from misguided congressional meddling to the failure to confirm a permanent director — that make it difficult to enforce the nation’s gun laws, according to the report." Oh the cunning plan of the evil one.

Here we have two polar opposite reasons for disbanding the ATF. One is because the ATF have broken their oath and are enemies of the Second Amendment. The other is because they don't have enough power to destroy the Second Amendment completely. Can we now see why the CIA infiltrated the ATF? They have an agenda and that agenda has nothing to do with keeping their oath to defend the Constitution from all enemies both foreign and domestic.

Thursday, June 6, 2024

Revisiting the murder of Cynthia Garcia

Since A&E's Secrets of the Hells Angels did such a great job revisiting the Margo Comptom murder I thought we should revisit the Cynthia Garcia murder since it is indirectly related to the murder of Lindsay Buziak as they were both brutally violent stabbings.

The official version of the Cynthia Garcia murder isn't anything remotely close to the truth. Kind of like Noel Bargers rewriting of her historical fight with Sonny Barger. Cynthia Garcia was brutally murdered October 25, 2001 by members of the Mesa, Arizona Hells Angels. She was stabbed 27 times, stuffed in a truck and dumped in the desert.

The Aging Rebel added some important details the official version omitted. Kevin J. Augustiniak, who was a prospect at the time, plead guilty to second degree murder and was sentenced to 23.5 years in prison. Paul Eischeid was sentenced to 19 years for second degree murder.

Before I dive into the real story I will share what nudged me to investigate it. I hesitate to share this but I think it's noteworthy. I'm not into weird sh*t. I don't follow moving statues or bleeding paintings and I don't have prophetic dreams. If I have vivid dreams it usually means I ate spicy food before bed or watched a really weird movie. Having said that, one night I did have a vivid dream which encouraged me to dig a little deeper into this story.

Someone was sending me information about an online prostitution ring run by the Hells Angels. I had decided not to write about it for two reasons. What concerning adults do behind closed doors is none of my business and if I wrote about it, all that was going to do was give them more business. I asked the person if they had any info on Mesa Mike as I was more interested in him and they gave me some but I kind of dropped the ball and forgot about it. Until that dream.

In the dream I came face to face with a member of the Hells Angels. He was a big guy and you could tell by the way he stood and spoke, he represented the club. He wanted me write write a blog about a police informant who was an a*shole. He wrote a name on a piece of paper and gave it to me. I was hesitant and said even if he is an a*shole, I can't put the life of a police informant at risk. He just looked me in the eye and said just read the name.

I open up the piece of paper and read the name. It said Cynthia Garcia. That's when I woke up. I remembered the name. The police informant in that case was Michael Kramer also known as Mesa Mike. That's when I started to do some digging and connect the dots.

The Aging Rebel said Michael Kramer was the architect of the murder then became a police informant. Let's walk through what happened. Wikipedia states that "On the evening of Thursday, October 25, 2001, a group of Hells Angels wearing their gang colors were drinking at a bar in Gilbert led by the Mesa chapter president Robert 'Bad Bob' Johnson. When the bar closed at 1:30 am, the Hells Angels returned to their clubhouse to continue drinking. Amongst those drinking were Kramer, Augustiniak and Eischeid."

"The Angels sent out a prospect, Kelby Randolph, on a scavenger hunt for pussy as the Angels wanted women for sex. Randolph returned with Garcia." I was under the impression that Paul Eischeid went with him to invite women to a party at the clubhouse.

Eischeid was a stock broker by day and a Hells Angels by night. He was described as a handsome young man who had his sh*t together. So he was probably a good one to get to invite women to a party at the clubhouse. They'd take a look at him and say yeah sure, I'll come.

Notice the intent. They weren't just sent out to invite women to a party. Kramer wanted to have sex with her. That was his clear intent. The official story claims that when she got to the clubhouse she started disrespecting the club. According to who? According to the people who killed her. There are no other witnesses. Aside from being not credible, that's not believable.

Why would she go to the clubhouse and start trash taking the club. She wouldn't. Kramer wanted to have sex with her and she said no. That's how she disrespected him. She was interested in Eischeid not Kramer. The Aging Rebel went at great lengths to describe the inconsistencies with Kramer's version of events. It's unfortunate his blog wasn't archived after he died of cancer but I will recite what I saw on his blog. The Aging Rebel said Kramer claimed to have a change of heart when Cynthia grabbed his leg after she had been stabbed 27 times and almost decapitated. The Aging Rebel said that was bullsh*t and so do I.

The Aging Rebel pointed out that Kramer was the senior member at the time. Augustiniak was a prospect and if Eischeid had his patch he didn't have it long. Augustiniak and Eischeid were acting under Kramer's orders. Now let's flash back to Pat Matters in the A&E series Secrets of the Hells Angels. Pat said when he was a prospect a full patch member told him to pick up the member's girlfriend and bring her to the clubhouse. When he got there he was told to punch her in the head then f*ck her which he did. He was a prospect and he did what he was told.

Stabbing her 27 times was Dr Phil. Kramer did that because she had rejected him. Domestic violence is deranged but stabbing a woman 27 times is deeply personal. Just like Lindsay Buziak's murder was. Lindsay had rejected someone just like Cynthia Garcia did.

The Michael Kramer story gets worse. Kramer killed a prospect named Richard Hyder who disposed of their blood stained clothes. He ran him over at a funeral. It also ties in with the prostitution ring run by the Hells Angels. Aside from being the architect of the Cynthia Garcia murder, Micheal Kramer was a rat. He became a paid police informant to avoid doing jail time.

After he became a police informant Micheal Kramer ran a prostitution ring called Humaniplex. When a witness saw Kramer with active members they said what are you doing with him? That guy's a rat. They were told to shut up and drop it. That rat works for the club and the ATF.
Humaniplex is a CIA sting operation like Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell's Mossad op. The ATF run the site for the CIA and track you so then can extort you. As soon as you click enter their scripts are on your computer. As Jason Goodman pointed out, after 9/11 all the intelligence agencies started to merge. That's why the ATF ran Operation Fast and Furious for the CIA. The CIA infiltrated them. They are the Octopus Danny Casolaro referred to.

Tuesday, June 4, 2024

Black Market Organ Harvesting with Mariana van Zeller

Doctors Against Forced Organ Harvesting

China is sequencing Uyghur DNA for organ harvesting

Doctors Against Forced Organ Harvesting

RFA is reporting that "Chinese authorities are collecting genetic data from the country’s Muslim Uyghur minority as part of a forced organ-transplant program marketed to Muslim medical tourists from Gulf states, experts told a U.S. congressional committee hearing on Wednesday. The medical tourists are willing to pay premiums for organs from fellow Muslims who abstain from pork and alcohol, the experts said, with DNA-matched Uyghur “donors” being rendered brain-dead and flown from Xinjiang in the country’s west to hospitals in the east."

"Chinese authorities insist that forced organ harvesting of executed prisoners has been banned in the country since January 2015. Testifying to the Congressional-Executive Commission on China, Ethan Gutmann, a research fellow at the Victims of Communism Memorial Foundation and the author of 'The Slaughter', a book about forced organ harvesting, said Uyghurs aged in their mid-20s to early 30s are being taken from mass internment camps and killed for their organs."

"While China’s organ harvesting industry began a decade ago using adherents of the banned Falun Gong spiritual movement, he said, it switched focus to Uyghurs and other Muslims interned in Xinjiang around 2017 due to demand from Middle Eastern medical tourists."

Brighter World is reporting that "China is the only country in the world to have an industrial-scale organ trafficking practice that harvests organs from executed prisoners of conscience. This practice is known as forced organ harvesting."