Sunday, June 9, 2024

The Last Narc on Amazon: Iran contra never stopped

Felix Rodriquez is the sleazebag Tucker Carlson recently interviewed. Felix Rodriquez worked for Allen Dulles and was an associate of Barry Seal. "DEA Witness Testifies Miguel Angel Felix Gallardo told him that he believed his narcotics trafficking operation was safe because he was supplying arms to the Nicaraguan Contras." Félix Gallardo was arrested in 1989 for ordering the murder of Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) agent Enrique "Kiki" Camarena.
Allen Dulles was the author of Operation Northwoods. The fake news claims the Last Narc is a hit with QAnon. QAnon was a CIA op designed to discredit the resistance and lead it astray. I do not support QAnon but I recognize the CIA's long history of drug trafficking.

George Bush Senior was Reagan's VP. George Bush Senior was the one that got the CIA addicted to drug trafficking in Vietnam. George Bush Senior and William Casey were directly involved with the October surprise. They are the ones that bribed the Iranian Hostage takers to keep the hostages until after the election with the money Earl Brian embezzled. .

Judge Bonner claimed that when he was a DEA agent, the CIA smuggled a plane loaded with a ton of cocaine into the United States which ended up on the street. Over and over again the agency passionately denied it. Judge Bonner stood firm. He even went on 60 minutes and documented everything. When confronted with the facts, the CIA finally admitted he was right but then spun it by claiming it was the only time and it was a mistake. They were trying to catch a drug trafficking ring. Only just like in Operation Fast and Furious, they made absolutely no attempt whatsoever to track the drugs and make any arrests. We also know it wasn’t the first or the last time they were caught trafficking drugs in Military aircraft.


  1. I read the book and watched this, after watching narcos Mexico. Interesting how Keke uncovered everything or so they thought and that’s why he was killed for it.

  2. Felix ordered KiKi’s death


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