Friday, November 30, 2012

Another Hells Angel charged with murder

Jeffrey David Peck, a member of the Manitoba Hells Angels since 2002, has been charged with first degree murder along with Robert Simpson. It involves the June 1982 murder of Robert Frank Conroy inside Collin's Bay Institution in Kingston.

Peck is a former president of the now-defunct Los Brovos gang, which eventually morphed into the Hells Angels in 2000. In 2007, Peck pleaded guilty to selling a kilogram of cocaine to an undercover agent as part of a police sting operation. He was sentenced to 71/2 years in prison.

There are concerns within organized crime that a source, or sources, are working with police and may be spilling the beans on other unsolved crimes. "There will be a lot of people wondering what else might be coming," a longtime gang affiliate told the Free Press Thursday on the condition of anonymity. That’s the spirit. Rat out a real rat and make this world a better place.

F-35 not only jet top general says

Canada's new chief of defence staff has contradicted Defence Minister Peter MacKay by suggesting that other fighter jets do offer some of the stealth capabilities the military needs. Tom Lawson said during testimony Thursday before the Commons defence committee about the planned $25-billion purchase that most fighter jets offer some degree of stealth capability, including Canada's aging fleet of CF-18s. Boeing's Super Hornet and the Eurofighter Typhoon have been suggested as alternatives to Lockheed Martin's F-35, which until now appeared to be the only fighter jet Canada was considering. Looks like he’s be looking for a new job now. Harper's insider trading jets don’t work in the arctic so they are not for protecting Canada.

Robocall complaints in 56 ridings

Elections Canada investigators are tracking complaints of misleading or harassing phone calls in 56 ridings during the 2011 federal election campaign, newly released court documents show.

The documents show exactly how widespread the investigation has become since it was first revealed that the election agency was looking into allegations of misleading phone calls in Guelph, Ont. The documents, known as information to obtain a production order, cover phone records for customers of Vidéotron in Quebec and of Shaw in British Columbia, Alberta, Manitoba and Ontario. A production order for Rogers hasn't yet been publicly released.

The phone records requested cover nearly one-fifth of Canada's 308 ridings. Elections Canada has said they are looking into complaints from 1,399 people in 247 ridings.

Thursday, November 29, 2012

CIA Sued over alledged 1953 Murder of Military Scientist

This is timely. A blog reader sent me a link to yesterday's story about the CIA being sued for the murder of a scientist back in 1953. This ties in with the Gary Webb story and is worth looking in to. Allan Dulles the scumbag was director of the CIA in 1953. He was also in charge of an assassination squad known as Operation 40. The case alleges the CIA murdered Frank Olson because he was opposed to the use of chemical weapons on CIA prisoners and the CIA’s practice of murdering prisoners.

Frank Olson’s body was exhumed in 1994 and a secondary autopsy was performed which contradicted the original autopsy and found a large hematoma on the left side of Olson's head and a large injury on his chest. The team concluded that the blunt force trauma to the head and injury to the chest had not occurred during the fall but most likely in the room before the fall. The evidence was called "rankly and starkly suggestive of homicide." Based on his findings, in 1996 the Manhattan District Attorney opened a homicide investigation into Olson's death, but was unable to find enough evidence to bring charges.

Yesterday it was announced that that Frank Olson’s sons Eric and Nils are seeking unspecified compensatory damages in a lawsuit filed in federal court. They also want to see documents related to their father's death and other matters that they say the CIA has withheld from them.

Keeping unlawful state secrets is unlawful.

Frank Olsen Legacy Project

Government Commercials should be cut

Michael Smith from the Vancouver Province wrote an appropriate column about how government ads should be cut in times of budget cuts and he is very right. How can the government claim poverty to rationalize cutting services and raising taxes when it spends millions on commercials. That just isn’t right. Attack adds or partisan ads should be reported and take up the party’s election advertizing budget.

Drunken RCMP officer resigns

Well the first of the three RCMP Stooges has resigned. The Vancouver Province reported on a drunken RCMP officer transferred to BC who assaulted one of his subordinates. Yesterday they reported that he resigned. Which shows you the inherit problem within the system that rage and denial will not hide any longer. This guy was a misfit. Another drunken pig (excuse the pun) that disgraced the uniform.

He should have been fired. He shouldn’t have been transferred to BC. Which brings us back to Don Ray and Jim Brown. Those other two stooges should not be working for the RCMP. Any other industry and they would be fired. Any other unionized industry and they would be fired. Unions don’t just protect idiots from getting fired. Unions enforce the laws of a harassment free workplace.

It’s tragic the Harper government is going to continue to muzzle and manipulate Bob Paulson. He really could have made a difference. Giving them more power to fire whistleblowers is not the answer. The laws are already in place to fire Don Ray and Jim Brown but they refuse to do so. Which simply means they will use their new disciplinary powers to silence critics and sweep problems under the carpet where they’ll fester and grow. With all these alcohol problems within the RCMP there is not a snowballs chance in hell they should be given a liquor license in Surrey. That would be an offensive outrage both to the public as well as to all the officers who have been victimized and bullied by drunken coworkers.

Monday, November 26, 2012

Vernon Greeks found guilty of murder

Speaking of Hell Angels violence tied to the drug trade, five members and associates of the Vernon Greeks were finally convicted by jury of murder and manslaughter. We remember the Vernon Greeks. The high profile bust and trial has been riddled with gory violence. We knew they couldn’t be operating in Vernon without the permission and supply of the Hells Angels. As a result, police found Hells Angels support gear in their possession.

Marnuik was hunted down and taken to a building in Vernon that the gang called "the office" where he was beaten with a hammer and burned with a blow torch. Let’s not forget that the office on Fairweather Road was owned by Zenon Stepkowski whom police confirm is an associate of the Calgary chapter of the Hells Angels. Thus the Calgary Hells Angels support gear found on site.

So no word on Zenon being charged. Is he still doing business as usual in Salmon Arm? What about that lawyer that was initially charged and had a no contact order with the Hells Angels as a bail restriction? Were those chargers dropped as well?

The sad thing is, although the conviction is good news, right after they were busted Brock Palfrey set up shop who one source claims was also working for the Hells Angels. Evidently he used the same smuggling route across the Saskatchewan-Montana border and into B.C. So again, one violent puppet group gets busted and another sets up shop and gets busted while the ringleaders are still free doing business as usual. Well except for Skellator of course. That’s one piece of good news.

The thing we still need to discuss is the deranged level of violence associated with the Greeks and all the puppet clubs that sell drugs for the hells angels: torture, dismemberment, decapitations. We need some serious time with Dr. Phil. We need to talk about what kind of unresolved issues lead to these sick acts. They aren’t normal. They are deranged. They are the sign of a sick mind with unresolved issues. We need to talk about that and we need to talk about why we would wear a support shirt supporting that. It’s like wearing a shirt that says support Charles Manson or support Clifford Olsen. It means we need professional help.

Hells Angels competitor shot dead in Burnaby

Sukhveer Dhak was shot dead in Burnaby today at the Executive Hotel and Conference Centre on the Lougheed Highway. Another very public shooting just like the one where his associate was gunned down at the Vancouver Sheriton Wall Centre. Today’s victim was also part of the Duhre / Dhak group that have been systematically assassinated for competing with the Hells Angels drug trade. We need to talk about who is responsible for all this public violence.

This is why all of their clubhouses need to be seized. They keep shooting people in public. Obviously they aren’t doing it themselves, they pay someone else to do it for them. Last August 13 Hells Angels plead guilty to murder and conspiracy to commit murder in Quebec. Later on it was determined that the Hells Angels had a murder fund where the members put 10% of their illicit earnings into. They paid $25,0000 for the murder of each rival drug dealer and every murder was approved by a committee.

The key thing to remember here is that they weren’t just murdering enemies from a rival gang. They were murdering rival drug dealers to take over the drug trade. They are doing the same thing here. That’s why not only should ALL their clubhouses be seized, but every member should be charged with murder. If you pay someone to commit murder, you’re guilty of murder. If you contribute 10% of your drug profits into a fund to murder rivals, then everyone who contributes to that fund needs to be tried with murder.

Rob Ford bites the Dust

Ontario courts have found Toronto Mayor Rob Ford guilty of conflict of interest and have ordered him out of office. The abusive drunk has vowed to fight the court order tooth and nail.

The next day he apologized so that makes everything OK. Just like how he denied that he got drunk at a hockey game and was kicked out for being abusive to another couple at the game. The next day he admitted it was him. Or when he’s driving around town talking on his cell phones with personalized license plates that says ROBFORD. A mother and daughter tell him to get off his cell phone while driving so he gives them the finger. Real classy.

Come to think of it, the police were called to his home for a domestic violence complaint. He said they were separating but staying together for the kids so everything’s OK. Everything’s not OK. Rob Ford is an abusive drunk. It doesn’t matter whether he’s left wing or right wing. The president of the communist party in China recently got caught with his pants down in a sex scandal. The concern is Rob Ford’s abusive nature. Everybody thinks it’s funny he’s running around like he belongs on Jerry Springer but it’s not funny. He needs help and he should not be in politics.

Update: Seemingly Rob Ford is allowed to run in a by election so he partying like a rock star and canvassing the local night clubs for support.

Sunday, November 25, 2012

The Keating Five

A blog reader sent me this and I think it is highly relevant. The Keating five refers to five US senators, four Democrat, one Republican, who were in a conflict of interest pressuring regulators to go easy on one of their large campaign contributors who was involved with committing fraud. If you read the Wikipedia article on Charles Keating, do a control “f” search for “fraud.” You’ll see what I mean. This is tied to the Saving and loans crisis that incurred a massive tax payer bailout based on fraud and the politicians who helped cover it up because they were given political contributions.

So here we have the S&L crisis, fraud, and tax payer bailout tied to political corruption. Yes, I am going somewhere with this. For now I just want to throw out the name Keating five since it’s the silver anniversary of that scandal and ask readers to think about it and read up on it. It ties in with other things and we will soon connect the dots. My point is, it wasn’t just a matter of banks failing because they took on high risk mortgages. It was about investment fraud that resulted from deregulation. Obama bringing up the Keating Five is as ironic as Romney bringing up Operation Fast and Furious.

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Eagles on Harrison

I took the kayak out on Harrison River today to see the eagles. The festival was last weekend but I like to go when there aren’t so many people there. They are really advertizing it a lot now with commercials on TV. Those tour boats are absurd. I had no idea how loud they were. They sound like a diesel train roaring up the river.

For people who want to see eagles I have one tip for you. Eagles are birds. When you’re looking for eagles you’re bird watching. That means you have to be quiet. Roaring up and down the river on a speed boat scares them away and defeats the whole purpose.

I put in a few weeks ago to check it out and the water was very high, very fast with a strong headwind. I could barely make it up to the bridge. This river must be tidal like Pitt Lake and Widgeon Creek. Today the water was much easier to paddle up but we were paddling upstream nonetheless. Right before I started to return home the current stopped and was like glass as though the tide was changing. Then on the way back, by the time I got to the bridge it was like the tide was coming upstream. I must have started when the tide was going out, been there when it stopped and retuned when it started to come it. I didn’t think Harrison was tidal because they claim Pitt Lake is the largest tidal lake in the area and Harrison is a bigger lake. Not to worry.

I paddle up where the speed boats can’t go where it’s quiet in 12 to 6 inches of water. The eagles are everywhere there feeding on the salmon carcasses. Rotting chum. We don’t eat chum. They’re kinda like the dogfish of salmon but the eagles like them. You can see chum spawning in Bear Creek in Surrey at the end of November. They look kinda beat up and radioactive.

While I was there I looked up and all of a sudden I could see over a hundred flying very high over my head. You probably can’t see it very well in the pictures but if you click on the picture and see the enlarged view you can count the dots. There’s a lot. On my way up there was about a dozen flying very high up. When I came back with my car they were all gone.

I saw quite a few flocks of trumpeter swans on the way up and on site. They really don’t like you getting too close to them. The sign said the trumpeter swans show up there when the rivers and lakes up north start to freeze over. The same with Pitt Lake. I’ve seen them there too this time of year.

Harrison, Brackondale, it’s nice to see the eagles. On the way up I spoke with a guy from Langford and he said they have the same thing on Gold stream. They have the same thing in Victoria too. Rivers when salmon spawn and the eagles come to feed on the carcasses. The circle of life.

Another place for bird watching, aside from the Reifel range, (Reifel is the name of a guy not a place where we bring guns to shoot tweetie bird) is Boundry Bay in Ladner. Quiet and obscure, the Alaskan Snowy Owls migrate there during winter once every four or five years. It’s at the south end of 64th or 72nd Avenue off Ladner Trunk Road. Last year was one of those years. The snowy owls are pretty small but it’s interesting to see.

Sounds like the Alaskan Snowy Owl is back again this year.

Friday, November 23, 2012

Vic Toews muzzles Bob Paulson

Vickileaks is now trying to muzzle Bob Paulson for honestly trying to address the problems within the RCMP. No big surprise there. They do fire whistleblowers you know. They didn’t want Paulson to actually fix the problem, they just wanted him to spin it. Vicky needs to get a real job.

Gary Webb was Right

I’m going to start the Gary Webb tribute early because I want to get it all out there for us to think about this December which I have referred to as the Gary Webb appreciation month. The first point I want to make is that Gary Webb was right. He said the CIA were responsible for the US crack epidemic in the /80’s and that drug plague was tied to the Nicaraguan war. He was right. He was ridiculed, persecuted and bullied for saying what he did, but he documented everything and since then many more witnesses have come forward.

Iran contra wasn’t just about selling arms to Iran to free some hostages. Not at all. Iran contra was about selling Iran arms to raise money for the contra rebels in Nicaragua. It had nothing to do with freeing hostages. Clearly the first element of the ongoing three part series is arms dealing. Just like in the movie Lord of War, it’s not just arms dealing to our allies. It’s arms dealing to whoever just so we can make money selling guns and ammunition.

Ultimately, Iran contra was about raising money to help Nicaragua fight Communism. The agency rationalized some of their unscrupulous actions with the argument the end justifies the means when it surely does not. Selling weapons was one way to make money. Drug trafficking was another. Even in the movie Lord of War, eventually the war lords started paying for the arms with drugs. This is exactly what happened in Iran contra. Arms went in to Nicaragua on military planes and cocaine came back to the US by the ton. Mena Arkansas was one of the hubs in this drug trafficking network.

Bill Clinton was tied to this operation in Mena and helped crash the BCCI as a result. Hilary Clinton was tied to the operation through her law firm in Little Rock. Barry Seal was one CIA operative caught drug trafficking for the CIA. Chip Tatum was another who came forward. There have been many more.

I want to emphasize the opposition Gary Webb faced in breaking and standing by his story until his untimely death. Catherine Austin Fitts talked about the attack poodles that were sent out to discredit and bury the story. The bullying was so invasive his newspaper started to back away from the story.

Dewey Clarridge is a lying sack of sh*t. He tried to discredit the Gary Webb story by using that same old conspiracy mockery. “Don’t give me that conspiracy bullsh*t. You’re a more intelligent man than that. There has never been a conspiracy in this country.” Dateline was quick to point out that even if the Gary Webb story was false, there has been conspiracies in the United States. Iran contra was one of them. One which Duane Clarridge was involved with. Clarridge was indicted in November 1991 on seven counts of perjury and false statements. On Christmas Eve 1992 in the waning hours of his presidency, George H. W. Bush pardoned Clarridge before his trial could finish. He still has his own private spy firm involved with the opium in Afghanistan.

I just want to pause and emphasize that Duane Clarridge is not a patriot. He used the conspiracy mockery to hide a criminal and treasonous act. That is why I don’t have the time of day for people who keep reusing that same treasonous argument. Gary Webb was not a conspiracy theorist even though they mocked him and claimed he was. Gary Webb was right and those disinformation dogs are not patriots. They are something else. Gary Webb is the real patriot.

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Gateway Casino donated $24,500 to Diane Watts campaign in 2011

I stand all amazed. The Vancouver Province ran a profound article in today’s paper with two headlines in the printed edition. The first headline reads: “Donations won’t sway votes: Watts.” The second headline reads: “Casino backers chip in election contributions to Surrey First of $24,500 in 2011.” We could stop right there. Nothing else needs to be said. Except there’s more.

So Gateway Casinos want to build a Gambling Megatropolis in Surrey that will inadvertently be a haven for organized crime. Last year the casino made a huge donation to Dianne Watts campaign. This is Doug McCallum times a thousand. Then Diane Watts has the audacity to say those political contributions won’t sway votes on city council. That’s not very intelligent or honest.

The article also refers to the shady Bob Cheema. What on earth is Diane Watts doing with Gordon Campbell’s bagman? That is distressing and disappointing. No wonder she was so comfortable with Christy Clark and Kevin Falcon at the George Bush summit in Surrey. The article clearly opens the door to Pandora’s box on the Surrey First secret society and their conflicted development corporation that has zero public accountability.

Watts denies widespread corruption in Surrey

Surrey audit cites missing planning funds

Laila Yuile on Surrey City Hall

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Court action to seize Kelowna and East Van Hells Angels clubhouses

On the brighter side, big news about how the government has filed court action to seize the Kelowna and the East Vancouver Hells Angels clubhouses. Oh happy day. I have a lot to say about this but will write more tomorrow. I have to clarify some details. It sounds like they have just filed legal action. In Victoria the police seized it. The Hells Angels then went to court trying to have the action undone and thrown out and the courts said it wouldn’t throw it out and may proceed. From my understanding the seizure of the Victoria clubhouse hasn’t been to trial yet. Just the adjournment was denied. To my knowledge.

Which means I’m going to have to clarify just who in fact seized the Victoria clubhouse. Was it the police, the gang squad or the government? This action of the government seems to be new. Three cheers. Historically the Campbell government has done SFA about organized crime in BC. Better late than never. Seizing the Kelowna clubhouse is a must. With the David Giles drug bust and the fencing stolen cars ring and all. Not to mention the Vernon Greeks. Much.

Ricky fat ass Ciarniello is still spewing bullshit. He claims it’s so much easier to seize civilly where the police don’t have to prove any criminal activity. That guy is really offensive. Not just to look at but to listen to as well. You can’t seize property under criminal organization legislation until you have proven the parties involved have been convicted of criminal activity. How do we know Ricky fat ass is lying? His lips are moving. How about those videos Tony Terezakis made of him beating the life out of crack addicts in east van that owed him money. He was selling drugs for the Hells Angels. What does the fat ass have to say about that?

Instead of hearing from an obese idiot, why don’t we here from Randy Jones? Let’s hear from the Walrus himself. Let’s ask him why he registered Tbarz in his mothers name and let’s ask him who the “new” owners really are. So the police can seize that bar which was implicated in the US cross border drug trafficking indictment. Let’s hear what he has to say about that. Oh, Randy doesn’t talk to the media? Well maybe Rainbow Ricky should stfu too.


Kim Bolan is reporting that Revenue Canada is also involved in the court action to seize the clubhouses. That's an interesting development.

Surrey the Centre of Stupidity

In local news we read that the emergency ward of Surrey Memorial hospital has flooded and will be closed for two weeks as a result. They’re setting up a portable emergency facility in the parking lot. This is unprecedented. All that construction and not a penny for proper drainage. Bad planning to say the least.

Next we read that the promised express bus across the Port Mann won’t be stopping in Surrey. Stupidity once again. Recently the news reported they were planning on reopening an express bus service across the new Port Mann Bridge since they shut the service down and banned it for so many years. It was a time saving and money making run. From Guildford to the PNE took about 15 minutes. Rerouting everyone through bus, skytrain – stop and go, then bus again took forever. Aren’t we supposed to be supporting business? Taking a bus from Guildford to the PNE encourages people to go to the PNE.

So now we get a promise the service will return with the insanity amendment: it won’t be stopping in Surrey. Who gets these ideas? They obviously have no business sense whatsoever. Then there’s the non existent counter flow lane on the Port Mann Bridge.

Years ago, after they spent all that money to expand the existing Port Mann bridge they now want to spend more money to tear it down. As a result, they added a lane of traffic to the bridge. Only unlike the Lion’s gate bridge or the Dease Island tunnel, they never made it a counter flow lane to ease morning rush hour. They simply made it an eastbound lane to help ease afternoon rush hour traffic which did absolutely nothing to ease morning rush hour traffic into Vancouver. We still had two lanes of traffic going into Vancouver over the port Mann and three lanes returning home. Insane.

Then to ad insult to injury, they open up half of the new bridge. Wonderful. Five lanes of east bound traffic but wait… they still only have two lanes of westbound traffic during morning rush hour. Not only that, but the three lanes eastbound on the original bridge is left empty with no one on it. So while everyone is so excited about half of the new bridge being open, we still had only two lanes open to go into Vancouver in the mornings with traffic at a snails pace backed up to the moon.

Here I am, shaking my head over the fact that for years they never made the eastbound lane a counter flow lane astounded that after opening up five lanes of eastbound traffic on the new bridge we still only had two lanes of traffic open going into Vancouver in the morning commute while three lanes on then old bridge is empty. Now I’m like where’s the hidden camera? This is a joke right? Well it is, but they didn’t intend it to be.

So they announce they were opening up the new bridge on Saturday to westbound traffic. So I comment at work and say finally they have more than two lanes going into Vancouver over that bridge in the mornings. No they reply. They just opened up two lanes westbound because the other lanes aren’t finished. Are you kidding me? What are they doing with all the lanes on the old bridge? Well, they have to take up some of those lanes for the new lanes at the exit ramp. OMG. Now they have five lanes eastbound two lanes westbound and a whole bridge of five lanes sitting empty while there is still only two lanes open west bound in the morning. All we really needed was a counter flow lane for rush hour traffic. Was that too much to ask? Evidently so. Surrey has clearly become the centre of stupidity. One day we will be free. Free from stupidity. But not yet. I’m afraid there’s a lot more to come.

Attack Ads paid for with Tax dollars

Monday the Vancouver Province printed several articles about how Christy Clark’s Liberals used taxpayer resources to make an attack Adrian Dix web site. Numerous people have written in expressing their disgust as have numerous editorials been written. One of which raises a point I would like to address. The B.C. Liberal Party is being asked to cut a cheque to taxpayers and submit itself to an independent audit after it was revealed this week that employees in the legislature used taxpayer-funded resources to craft an anti-NDP attack website.

There are three issues on the table: Attack ads, Attack ads paid for with tax dollars, and paying back tax dollars misappropriated for political partisanship. First let me address the issue of attack ads. Attack ads used to be unpopular and unCanadian. If someone used an attack ad that was like shooting themselves in the foot because Canadians didn’t have the time of day for them and it would turn voters off the party making the attacks. My point is there are three types of attack ads: true allegations, false allegations and down right nasty.

We know Kash Heed was caught putting out a down right nasty attack ad on the NDP during his campaign for the BC Liberals. Someone who worked for the federal NDP were caught making a fake twitter account called VivkiLeaks that started leaking out info from Conservative MP Vick Towes divorce. Everyone said that crossed the line. Personally I think voters have a right to known if their “Christian” candidate had an affair and fathered a child with a younger woman. I personally see that as relevant. All the mudslinging in custody battles isn’t relevant but if that fact is true, then it’s true and voters have a right to know. If he was in the US military, he’d be facing charges.

Likewise the attack ad of Adrian Dix. Were the accusations true or false? The whole concept of “We can’t afford Dix” is something the Harper government is doing for Thomas Mulcair. It’s irritating because in Harper’s case it is absolutely false and is playing on a very old and outdated stereotype that he has broken.

In the past we were told the left likes to tax and spend while the right likes to balance the budget and reduce taxes. Brian Mulroney’s GST changed all that and Stephen Harper’s HST is even worse. Millions of dollars for a fleet of insider trading jets that don’t work in the arctic and billions on the banks that didn’t need a bail out. Canadians can’t afford that kind of pork barrel politics. The first aspect of the attack ads that I take offense to is that they are false.

The second aspect of the attack ads that I take offense to is them being paid for with tax dollars. It’s pretty clear that both Stephen Harper and Christy Clark are using tax dollars to promote their political party. No doubt it’s their same Pee Wee Herman advisor’s brainstorm. Someone please buy that guy a new tie.

Using tax dollars to promote your political party is very offensive and very big brother. Right now Harper has two sets of ads. One set is a BS propaganda campaign about how great his party is for the environment and the oil sands when in reality his party has done the exact opposite. These ads are clearly paid for with tax dollars which is inherently wrong.

Yet there is another set of attack ads that are ongoing. They are becoming very invasive and are everywhere. When I get woken up by a Harper attack add on my clock radio, then I take great offense to that obsessive big brother paranoia. The question is, who are paying for Harper’s attack ads. I would assume that is coming out of their political party’s contributions. Again, attack ads are bad enough but when they are flooding the airwaves when there is no election on, that is offensive. There needs to be a financial disclosure of how much these cost to make sure they fall under election guidelines. They are allowed a budget during an election. These attack ads are a part of that budget.

All this brings us back to political parties paying back taxpayers when they have misappropriated tax dollars for political purposes. Returning those tax dollars is essential as is paying a fine to act as a deterrent. Without a fine there is no deterrent. Let’s get taxpayers to pay for our ads. Worse case scenario is we will have to pay it back if we get caught. That is why a fine is in order.

Clearly the most important and the most significant misappropriation of tax dollars is when Brian Mulroney committed perjury and lied about his relationship with Karl Heinz Schreiber in the Aribus scandal when he sued the government for slander and thereby fraudulently obtained an out of court settlement. Number one: that scoundrel should be in jail. Number two: that scoundrel should pay back the 2.1 million tax dollars he fraudulently stole from Canadian taxpayers. This still needs to be addressed.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Game-changer at Main & Hastings

The Vancouver Province ran an article today about another development project that includes low income and social housing with private condos. As I’ve said before, these are ideal. Again local extremists complain that the development project will chase away addicts. I’m sorry if I find that amusing but most people think getting the drug addicts out of the neighborhood is a good thing. If a new development project will bring working people into East Van and get rid of all the drug addicts, than that is a good thing.

I’m not talking about crushing the homeless. This project includes spaces for low income as well as social housing. So that would mean 97 more low income units than what currently exists in that location. And get this: they are low income units in a nice building not a disgusting slum that is a health hazard like the American hotel were Tony Terezakis was beating the life out of drug addicts who owed him money.

The builder refers to the project as a game changer and I agree. This is what we need. Usually it’s hard to convince business to move into bad areas. Now they are doing it all on their own, they’re included low income housing and we have extremists still complain. They must be the ones selling drugs out of Vandu. Drug dealers oppose the project because it will reduce their business.

Did you know there is some magnificent stained glass at the Carnegie centre? I noticed it one day wading through the drug dealers on East Hastings. It’s low, right about the street level. Turns out on the inside there’s a marble swirling staircase and a magnificent stained glass portrait of Milton, Shakespeare and Spenser. Everyone should be able to see the magnificent history the Carnegie Centre has to offer. Right now all the drug dealers are preventing the general public from seeing it. That isn’t right. The Institute for Stained Glass Canada has documented it on their web site.

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Surrey’s Casino Megatropolis

Residents expressed concerns at a Town Hall meeting about a proposed casino Megatropolis in South Surrey. No doubt those concerns will once again fall on deaf ears. Personally I am totally opposed to the project. BC has a gang war driven by the drug trade that is known to launder drug money through casinos. Building a drug money laundering megatropolis in Surrey is in my opinion absolutely insane.

I am opposed to the social problems gambling creates. I know of people who have lost their homes and their marriages from gambling problems. I am astounded how people can have a gambling problem with just slot machines. I can understand roulette wheels where people can lose an insane amount of money in a short period of time but slot machines? I just don’t get it. People who sit in front of slot machines all day and spend their entire pay cheques. Why on earth would people do that? Yet they do. It’s an addiction. It’s a problem. It’s something we shouldn’t support.

As a parent sitting on committees fund raising for dry grad, I know how hard it is for concerned parents to stand up and say I’m not comfortable with supporting a casino night for dry grad. They make so much money. People respond with yeah how many car washes are you willing to do to make up that kind of money? It is a real temptation. That doesn’t make it right.

Aside from my concern about not wanting to support gambling addictions which are very real and do exist, I am deeply concerned about supporting the gangs laundering drug money. Don’t tell me it doesn’t happen because it does. Don’t tell me you’ll take steps to prevent that from happening because you already haven’t.

Yet another flaming concern that was brought to my attention today was Gateway Casino’s $1.5 billion debt restructuring. How does a company that owns 9 successful casinos in BC and Alberta get $1.5 billion in debt? That is a flaming red flag. How did that happen? Who stole that money and where did it go? Just like with these bank collapses, banks don’t collapse all by themselves. Someone has to commit investment fraud and steal from them for them to collapse, usually someone who owns the bank.

So again I ask, how did Gateway Casinos get $1.5 billion in debt? Before we let them build a Casino Megatropolis that will become a haven for organized crime we need to answer that question. Don’t tell me it was a sluggish economy. I don’t believe that. Even when jobs are short people still gamble and people still spend money on drugs. Even more so when jobs are tight. So where did this $1.5 billion debt come from?

Recently we heard news about how the HSBC was caught laundering money for the Mexican drug cartels. So what happened? Absolutely nothing. It’s business as usual. Why? Because people want to invest in companies that launder drug money. They think those are good investments. They don’t realize that people who sell drugs are dishonest. When they launder drug money they are consumed with greed and always accompany that with investment fraud which steals from and crashes banks. We saw that at BCCI. We saw that at Banco Ambrosiano. We saw that at Nugan Hand bank in Australia. It keeps happening over and over again and we just aren’t getting it.

Catherine Austin Fitts refers to it as the tapeworm economy. It sucks the life out of the economy just like a tapeworm sucks the life out of it’s host. Gateway Casino’s $1.5 billion debt restructuring with Catalyst Capital Group needs to be examined before we create an organized crime megatropolis in Surrey.

The Calabrians and the Ndrangheta

A lot of media outlets are talking about the Ndrangheta. They are the Calabrians from the toe of Italy’s boot. They’re not just in Toronto, they are expanding into the UK and Ireland. One outlet refers to them as Italy’s most powerful crime group. Another describes them as more powerful than the Mafia.

Anti-mafia activist Rosy Canale used to own a restaurant and disco in the region’s biggest city, Reggio Calabria, and the Ndrangheta wanted to push drugs there. "I was to turn a blind eye," she said, speaking by telephone from an undisclosed location in the US. "If I had done so, I’d doubtless still be in Reggio Calabria, driving round in a brand-new Ferrari."

Instead, she refused. And the Ndrangheta took its revenge. Canale was kicked and pistol-whipped almost to death. "Nearly all my teeth were broken. So was my upper jawbone. They broke my collarbone, several ribs and a leg. It was eight months before I left hospital. The doctors had to reconstruct my mouth and for a long time I had to be fed through a tube. At one point, my weight dropped to 39kg," she recalled.

After being discharged, Canale left for Rome and the start of three years of rehabilitation. "I needed to learn to speak again because my tongue had also been damaged," she said. "Even today, I can’t run, though I can walk. And my right hand was so badly injured that I can’t play the piano any longer. This is the price I paid for being an honest person."

"In February, some men came to my parent’s; home in Rome posing as postmen. They said they had a letter. My mother opened the door and they pushed past her. They told her that, if I published my book, they would cut me into pieces and feed me to the pigs. A book creates awareness," added Canale. "And it remains."

The Calabrians couldn’t afford a horse’s head so they beat up a girl and used a rabbit’s head instead. I’m still having a hard time accepting that these guys are more powerful than the Sicilians. The Calabrians keep killing each other. They have no concept of loyalty at all.

The Return of GSP

George St-Pierre won a unanimous decision in his come back fight last night with Carlos Condit after his knee surgery. GSP’s win will likely mean a super fight with Brazilian Anderson Silva. GSP said “I need to take some vacation and think about it." He might give Nick Diaz a shot first.

Daiz seems to be a bit of a mouthy bitch like Tito. CSP has way more class. Yet Condit was clearly groomed for his come back. A stand up fighter without ground skills who wasn’t as strong at stand up as GSP. GSP has ground skills but he’d have a serious challenge with Anderson Silva. Ya gotta respect the Brazilians ground fighting. They wrote the book on ground fighting.GSP is still the hometown favorite.

Saturday, November 17, 2012

The War in Gaza

OK I’m going to have to weigh in here. The tensions in Gaza are spilling over to protests in Canada and it behooves us to see the insanity for what it is. I am the first one to admit that Israel is not always right. I am the first one to admit that I am not comfortable giving Israel or anyone else for that matter, a blank cheque of endorsement. Yet this time, I agree with Stephen Harper’s position on Israel. Which doesn’t mean I don’t still have serious concerns about Harper handing over our oil rights to Communist China and signing trade agreements that gives up our sovereignty because I do. What it does means is that although no two people agree on every political issue, no two people disagree on every issue either.

Let’s take a step back to the previous violence in Gaza and look at the wrong that was done by both sides. Gaza says we want to be free. We want to be independent from Israel. Israel says, OK. They pull out and let Gaza have more control of their sovereignty. So what does Gaza do as soon as Israel pulls out? They start firing rockets into Israel at random. That was crazy.

I thought it was absurd how some Canadian trade unions were speaking out against Israel and denouncing a wall they built to protect themselves from rocket attacks demanding the wall be taken down. Those Canadians are crazy. They have no right to make such an absurd claim. If someone was firing rockets at me, I’d build a wall to protect myself too. That was the least aggressive and most peaceful solution conceivable.

So Israel pulls out of Gaza and Gaza responds by firing rockets into Israel. Israel then launches military strikes at points in Gaza where the rockets are being fired from. Fair enough. Israel even called in advance giving Gaza warning about a military strike in a rocket launching area. So the nutbars in Gaza then send in crazed woman screaming like they belong in an institution rushing to where Israel said they were going to strike wanting to be a martyr for the cause so Gaza could tell the world Israel was killing civilians. Not only was that crazy, it was dishonest.

I do think Israel using white phosphorous on civilians in Gaza that it bought from the US was extreme and over board. Yet they did have a right to protect themselves and strike at militant areas that were firing rockets into Israel. That’s a given. Nutbars rushing into the areas to increase civilian casualties to gain public sympathy was pure insanity and complete dishonesty.

The very fact that Gaza keeps firing rockets into Israel shows why Israel needs to maintain a naval blockade against Gaza. Not against food or medical supplies but against arms that they will clearly use against Israel.

Let us remember that Gaza is different from the rest of Palestine. The residents of Gaza are not the original inhabitants of Gaza. The Philistines were. The Philistines were conquered by Egypt under king Rames and carried away as slaves. No doubt there are many people and many families in Gaza that are normal people who just want a normal life. Yet there are many insane wackos that want to destroy Israel at any cost and play the victim to gain public sympathy as they do so. They don’t have my support.

Perhaps Gaza should be given back to Egypt. Gaza is clearly not mature enough to run themselves.

December is Gary Webb Appreciation month

December 10th is the, correct that, eighth anniversary of the death of Garry Webb. Movember may well be grow a stache for prostate cancer research but this December I want to remember Gary Webb and outline the most profound contribution he made to investigative journalism and the absurd opposition he faced. His memory will continue and so will the story they tried to bury.

When Catherine Austin Fitts read about the Gary Webb story she said something about it rang true. She had worked in the Bush Administration, she had seen how the disinformation campaign works to discredit a source. She referred to them as attack poodles that would flood the internet and media with disinformation to hide or bury a story that may be damaging to them.

Gary Webb doesn’t strike me as a conspiracy theorist. He was an award winning investigative journalist. He was clear and concise and backed everything he said up with facts. Not only do I want to emphasize what Gary Webb revealed, but I also want to emphasize the consistent disinformation campaign that sought not only to bury that story but any like unto it.

Another story they tried to bury was Judge Bonner’s claim that when he was a DEA agent, the CIA smuggled a plane loaded with a ton of cocaine into the United States which ended up on the street. Over and over again the agency passionately denied it. Judge Bonner stood firm. He even went on 60 minutes and documented everything. When confronted with the facts, the CIA finally admitted he was right but then spun it by claiming it was the only time and it was a mistake. They were trying to catch a drug trafficking ring. Only just like in Operation Fast and Furious, they made absolutely no attempt whatsoever to track the drugs and make any arrests. We also know it wasn’t the first or the last time they were caught trafficking drugs in Military aircraft.

Since I am passionate about getting crack and crystal meth off the streets and the resulting gang war that affects all of us, examining the past and present history of the CIAs drug trafficking network is a fundamental part of that. So if you don’t like conspiracies, then take the month off and don’t read my blog during the month of December. It’ll make you go blind. I’m really tired of people repeatedly saying you’re stupid. You’re crazy. You can’t say that. That’s just a wacko conspiracy theory. It is not. It is well documented and is something any real patriot must examine.

I can say whatever I want. If I want to talk about aliens and UFOs, I can. Obviously, that’s not my thing and I don’t have the time of day for that. Yet drugs and the gang war is and I will talk about that. What I will not do is listen to the same people tell me over and over again how stupid I am and how I can’t talk about those things. There are a lot of things I don’t know. I don’t claim to be an expert on anything. Yet I wasn’t born yesterday and I am not stupid. It’s not that my frail self image will crumble with a few insults. It’s just that I’m not going to listen to that abuse any more. So if you post a comment saying how stupid I am and how I’m not allowed to talk about a certain topic, don’t be surprised when that comment isn’t approved. I have a full time job and do the web site and blog on the side. I’m not going to waste my days away sitting on my ass arguing with trolls. I need time away to get out and enjoy the outdoors. That’s what I am.

So, a toast to Gary Webb and the story they tried to bury but just wouldn’t die. Simply because history repeats itself and they keep getting caught doing the same thing over and over again. If we want to deal with the gang war and the cocaine on our streets, we need to deal with the CIAs drug trafficking network. Fighting Hitler and fighting Stalin as important as that is, is in vain if we do not fight that same enemy from within. The question we need to face is if the CIA has lied about years of drug trafficking, what else have they lied about? If they are capable of poisoning their own people to raise money, what else are they capable of? A true patriot will examine that. A traitor will not.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

The Legalization of Pot

The second thought I wanted to mention was all this frenzy about the legalization of pot now that Washington and Colorado said yes. California I might add, said no. To me it’s kinda like Gay pride. What two consenting adults do behind closed doors is their business. Yet parading around half naked in public with whips and chains handing out free condoms isn’t really a family friendly event.

If someone wants to smoke a blunt in private that’s their business. Yet parading around in public flaunting it and forcing others to smell it and inhale all that second hand smoke gets carried away. I’ll be the first one to admit that I don’t support mandatory minimum sentences for smoking pot. Nor do I think sending people to jail for smoking pot is productive. Yet we know what human nature is like. We know how people get carried away on 420. I don’t support the legalization of pot. I support the decriminalization of pot. There’s a big difference.

Recently there was a headline in the paper about how a pot advocate won the lottery and has committed to spend a portion of his winnings on legalizing pot in Canada. I find it somewhat amusing that all of a sudden they are referred to as pot advocates. Back in the day we called them stoners. People who smoked pot all the time and were basically burn outs. Society didn’t look up to them back then. Times have changed.

The Separation between Church and State

I have two moral thoughts before catching up on some biker news back east. The first involves the separation of church and state. Someone brought this to my attention on facebook and I’m astounded it’s even being considered. In Riverside, California there’s a popular hiking trail on Mount Rubidoux.

Mount Rubidoux is a public park beloved by the community and has had a cross on its top since 1907. It is home to what locals say is the longest-running outdoor Easter sunrise service, which began in 1909. A group of extremists calling themselves advocates for the separation of church and state have threatened to sue city council if the cross isn’t taken down. As a result, the citizens are rallying together to preserve the religious and historical monument.

Before we weigh in and debate the issue we need to clarify one thing. This group that claims to be advocates for the separation of church and state are anything but. They are not advocates for the separation of church and state. They are advocates for the elimination of church. Before we go anywhere let’s be honest about that simple fact before we let anyone pervert and destroy the sacred constitution.

If this is a religious and historical monument, then tearing it down would be a violation of the constitution and their freedom of religion. It’s not about preserving Christian principles, it’s about preserving the constitution. Tearing down all the statues of Buddha or Islam or any religious symbol is not supporting the separation of church and State. It’s supporting a Marxist Leninist Atheist sate I.E. Communism where you’re not allowed to worship how where or what you may. That is where we are going with this. Just so we’re clear.

It is Communism that tells us we’re not allowed to go to church. It is communism that tells us we’re not allowed to pray or have religious symbols. It is the Constitution that tells us yes we can. It is the Constitution that tells us, yes we are allowed to pray and have religious symbols. First they came for the Christians, then they came for the Muslims. Then they came for the Buddhists. All we were left with was a Communist state with no human rights. That is not the road any of us want to take.

Come to think of it, there’s a group in California that want to outlaw circumcision. Next they’ll want to outlaw personal hygiene. Jews and Muslims both believe in circumcision. That is their constitutional right. Violating the constitution is against the law. Everyone gets all freaked out as soon as someone threatens to sue. Let them sue and make a counterclaim for costs and damages. The constitution needs to be preserved. We know what the end result is if it isn’t.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Top U.S. commander in Afghanistan under investigation

I’m all for scandals and conspiracies but this one is simply tabloid trash and when you put it together with the recent resignation of the director of the CIA, it smells fishy. Gen. John Allen, the top U.S. commander in Afghanistan is now under investigation for what is being described as "inappropriate communication" between the general and a woman implicated in the scandal swirling around former CIA director David Petraeus.

An unnamed Pentagon official told the Associated Press that between 20,000 and 30,000 pages of emails and other communications between Allen and Jill Kelley are under review. A senior defense official would only tell AP that some of the emails could be described as "flirtatious." However, other top officials have told AP that generally speaking, the messages are not sexually explicit.

Kelley was the recipient of threatening emails from Paula Broadwell, the 40-year-old woman with whom Petraeus, 60, admitting to having an extramarital affair. As the world turns. Who the hell cares? This is just soap opera drama. However, it does launch a parade of red flags. First we have big brother combing through 30,000,000 pages of private e-mail after searching their entire home for whatever they’re really looking for. Second, we have the Pentagon sending out press releases giving the media updates. That’s a red flag. If they weren’t out to get these guys, they’d be hushing it up. Instead, they’re on a character assignation campaign which is the first thing they do to a potential whistleblower.

Remember the Secret Service agents in Columbia that were caught stiffing a prostitute? There were tons of high ranking officials involved. No Pentagon press releases about that one and low and behold, it’s all swept under the carpet. Surprise surprise. Another red flag is that fact that General John Allen took over the command in Afghanistan from General David Petraeus. That means they knew each other and have worked together. It’s even possible that they were friends with each other.

Let’s put this in perspective. I certainly don’t condone adultery. Yet I find getting all freaked out because General Allen had private correspondence with some woman completely disproportionate when we say nothing about US troops helping protect the Opium farms in Afghanistan. That’s the real scandal right there. Not a word said about that though because the pentagon aren’t sending press releases out about that.

Reversing the contract for the oil pipeline is a way bigger scandal then a bunch of flirtatious e-mail. Yet that doesn’t matter because that’s the party line. What’s the matter, weren’t these guys gonna tow the party line any more?

Turns out court records show the former CIA director and Gen. John Allen intervened last September in a messy custody dispute on behalf of Jill Kelley’s sister, whom a judge described as dishonest and lacking integrity. This photo is of Petraeus with Jill Kelley’s twin sister Natalie Khawam. I’m not sure what all those beads he’s wearing represents but he looks like he’s having a good time. Somehow I don’t think there was anything secret about any of these relationships.

Monday, November 12, 2012

St. John's inmate mistakenly released from jail – again

A New Brunswick inmate who was released by mistake from a Saint John jail last month is now facing charges in a home invasion that resulted in a death. It's not clear if McCutcheon duped the administration at the detention centre or if it was a paperwork error.

In 2010 another inmate was mistakenly released from jail in St. John's Newfoundland even after trying to persuade guards, sheriff's officers, court staff and police that he should remain locked up.

Remembrance Day 2012

On the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month in 1918 the hostilities of World War I came to an end. In Flanders Fields is a famous poem written by Lieutenant Colonel John McCrae during that war that referred to the poppies that grow in the fields of France where some of the bloodiest battles of the war were fought. As a result, the poppy has come to symbolize remembering the sacrifices made on our behalf in times of war.

The other day the Vancouver Province ran an editorial cartoon of a solemn memorial for all the soldiers who died in war. The picture beside it was a memorial for all the civilians who lost their lives in war. That monument was three times the size. That is indeed tragic. Last year one reader said it was a 10 to 1 ratio of civilians killed in war compared to soldiers. Certainly Hiroshima and Nagasaki were examples of that. Just as the poppy has come to symbolize the sacrifices made in war, the paper crane has come to symbolize the civilian casualties of war. Something we need to remember as we embark on drone wars to kill suspected terrorists and civilians.

Last year on the 11th day of the 11th month of the 11th year I wrote a post about how we’ve gone from the poppies of Flanders fields in France to the opium poppies grown in Afghanistan after the allied invasion. Times have sure changed and it hasn’t been for the better. We have changed the mission and distorted the dream. I’ve been surprised how much traffic that old post is getting this month.

I’m not going to restate the same concerns here but I will expand upon them. WWI and II were pretty clear cut good versus evil. A madman rises to take over the world and the world responds to stop him. It is important to remember the steps Hitler used to con his people and convince them into giving him more power then he ever deserved.

Even Korea and Vietnam, as controversial and unpopular as those wars were, were fighting for a specific cause. It was a stand against a nation who wanted to invade another nation and bring them into bondage. It was still a fight for Freedom. The invasion of Iraq changed all that. It introduced war profiteering and propaganda which resulted in the occupation of foreign land based on a lie. We were tricked in Afghanistan and lost many wonderful sincere soldiers as a result. The loss of life does not make a struggle wrong. Fighting for oil pipelines and control of the opium trade does.

An article in the Vancouver Province recently cited how much money the Harper government is spending on advertizing. A new trend mirrored by the flailing Christy Clark government here in BC. A government starts to sink in the polls and instead of heeding the democratic will of the people, they spend millions on advertizing trying to convince voters why big brother knows best.

Yesterday morning I was awoken by a commercial on my clock radio. It was a Harper attack add on Thomas Mulcair. I found it offensive, obsessive and dishonest. It went on and on about how Mulcair supports a gas tax that could be as high as ten cents a litre and how we can’t afford Thomas Mulcair because he wants to spend huge amounts of tax dollars. It was indeed dishonest, offensive and obsessive. This isn’t even an election. Back in the day we would only hear election ads during an election.

Harper’s obsessive paranoia started off with attack ads against the federal liberal leader Bob Rae after the election. The liberals were wiped off the face of the earth after the election. The criminally dishonest robocalls played a role in that. Spending money on attack ads after a political party were wiped off the map was very obsessive. Now the ongoing attack ads have turned to the leader of the opposition and are inherently dishonest. Stephen Harper’s pal Gordon Campbell was the one who supported a gas tax as well as the HST. The NDP and the provincial conservatives in BC do not. Friday I filled up with gas in Abbotsford. There already is a 9 and a half cents per litre difference in the price of gas in Surrey compared to Abbotsford. That is criminal.

Aside from attack ads after the election is over, we also have these crazy ads the Vancouver Province talks about which are paid for with tax dollars just like the Christy Clark government is doing in BC. Why no wonder. They both have the same Pee Wee Herman advisor. The Clark government went so far as paying for a self promoting commercial during the Super Bowl. Insanity to the extreme.

This is the one day of the year Stephen Harper and Peter McKay should hang their heads in shame and be in hiding because they have betrayed the Canadian military they exploit. As we speak there are law suits and complaints of cuts to funding for soldiers, pensions and support services. Jack Layton would not have done that but Stephen Harper did.

It’s like getting elected on a tough on crime platform then cutting funding for the RCMP and the gang task force while at the same time spending millions on advertizing for the RCMP trademark. This is Stephen Harpers bizarre new world that looks more like a bad acid trip down the rabbit hole with Alice in Wonderland then anything we had hoped for. Millions on insider trading jets that can’t be used in the arctic to protect Canada but nothing for the soldiers or coast guard. Billions on the banks that didn’t need a bail out why we cut pensions and raise the age of retirement. What have we done?

When I was looking through youtube videos of the Pink Floyd’s song Requiem for a post war dream, one had a clip of a sky full of parachutes as a multitude of soldiers descended to a bloody battle for freedom. It’s overwhelming to think about how many soldiers volunteered for that colossal cause. It also showed clips of soldiers killing each other and it made me ask, what makes us different from the enemy?

The first difference was we weren’t invading another country trying to conquer them. We were helping to stop that. The other difference was that we don’t torture our prisoners. Sadly in modern warfare both distinctions have been lost. This is not what our soldiers fought for. This is not the dream they died for. What happened? What happened to the post war dream? Take heed. Take heed of the dream. That’s what makes us different from the enemy. Lest we forget. Lest we forget who we are. Je me souviens. Blessed are the Peacemakers. That is what we used to be.

Saturday, November 10, 2012

The FU Crew and the Outlaws

Looks like the Ontario Village Idiots have just become the hunted. A second shooting in London Ontario targeting the Hells Angles appears to be linked to the FU Crew tied to the Outlaws. I’d say that’s a natural consequence... of being an idiot.

The fires and shootings erupted because the FU Crew and the Outlaws motorcycle club are pushing back at the Hells Angels' attempt to take over the drug trade in London, multiple sources said. "The Hells Angels have terrorized everyone for 10 years," said one man.

Ten months after a Hells Angels leader was shot in London, police have arrested a fifth person in the attempted murder. The attempted murder charge indicated Jason Greenwood is accused of counseling another person to murder Diamond Ialenti, the reputed Hells Angels leader shot Jan. 11 during a tense turf war in London.

Besides the shooting outside the Hells Angels clubhouse, a strip club, tattoo shop and two massage parlours believed to be connected to gang members were set on fire, and a house was shot at over a two-day period, with total damage estimates at almost $200,000.

Political Pedophiles in the UK

A growing political scandal in the UK has just exploded. BBC's Newsnight claimed that a 'leading politician from the Thatcher years' was embroiled in a widespread pedophile ring - and repeatedly raped boys from a children's home in Wales. Alleged victim Steven Messham told reporters he was raped 'more than a dozen times' by the man, described on the program as a 'shadowy figure of high public standing'.

Mr Messham, now 49, was one of hundreds of children horrifically abused in children's homes in North Wales during the 1970s and 1980s. He lived at the now closed Bryn Estyn boys home, Wrexham during the 1970s. Allegations of abuse at the homes began to emerge in the 1990s and the Waterhouse Inquiry Report in 2000 looked into the claims.

OK let’s pause there for a moment. The BBC produces a witness who claims he was raped numerous occasions when he was young at the Bryn Estyn boys home in Wales. That’s pretty significant. Yet the allegations are not new. Numerous allegations were made back in the 1990’s and an inquiry was held.

William Hague, the then Secretary of State for Wales, announced in 1996 a judicial inquiry into abuse in North Wales children's homes, he described it as one of the "saddest chapters" in the history of social care and insisted there would be "no cover up". Yet it was. He announced that a "senior figure" would investigate "truly dreadful" child abuse claims some of which involved a senior Tory figure who was prominent under the Thatcher regime. But he didn’t.

In steps Sir Jimmy Savile. A media personality from the BBC who was knighted in 1990. Last month, a year after his death, a TV documentary about Sir Jimmy being involved in child sexual abuse allegations was aired and triggered Scotland Yard to begin a criminal investigation of child abuse allegations that covered six generation. Now we have more witnesses come forward and David Cameron promises to get to the bottom of it as he runs off to do some arms dealing in the Arab world.

BBC names the shadowy politician to be Lords a leaping Robbie McAlpine. Robbie denies it, threatens to sue and heads start to roll at the BBC. Sad. Very sad. Sounds like Alfonzo Gagliano and Jim Brown. You can’t sue someone for telling the truth.

The fact is, there were many real victims in a widespread pedophile ring. That needs to be investigated before we run off and do any more arms dealing, drug smuggling and money laundering. We’ve seen where that road leads.