Saturday, November 17, 2012

December is Gary Webb Appreciation month

December 10th is the, correct that, eighth anniversary of the death of Garry Webb. Movember may well be grow a stache for prostate cancer research but this December I want to remember Gary Webb and outline the most profound contribution he made to investigative journalism and the absurd opposition he faced. His memory will continue and so will the story they tried to bury.

When Catherine Austin Fitts read about the Gary Webb story she said something about it rang true. She had worked in the Bush Administration, she had seen how the disinformation campaign works to discredit a source. She referred to them as attack poodles that would flood the internet and media with disinformation to hide or bury a story that may be damaging to them.

Gary Webb doesn’t strike me as a conspiracy theorist. He was an award winning investigative journalist. He was clear and concise and backed everything he said up with facts. Not only do I want to emphasize what Gary Webb revealed, but I also want to emphasize the consistent disinformation campaign that sought not only to bury that story but any like unto it.

Another story they tried to bury was Judge Bonner’s claim that when he was a DEA agent, the CIA smuggled a plane loaded with a ton of cocaine into the United States which ended up on the street. Over and over again the agency passionately denied it. Judge Bonner stood firm. He even went on 60 minutes and documented everything. When confronted with the facts, the CIA finally admitted he was right but then spun it by claiming it was the only time and it was a mistake. They were trying to catch a drug trafficking ring. Only just like in Operation Fast and Furious, they made absolutely no attempt whatsoever to track the drugs and make any arrests. We also know it wasn’t the first or the last time they were caught trafficking drugs in Military aircraft.

Since I am passionate about getting crack and crystal meth off the streets and the resulting gang war that affects all of us, examining the past and present history of the CIAs drug trafficking network is a fundamental part of that. So if you don’t like conspiracies, then take the month off and don’t read my blog during the month of December. It’ll make you go blind. I’m really tired of people repeatedly saying you’re stupid. You’re crazy. You can’t say that. That’s just a wacko conspiracy theory. It is not. It is well documented and is something any real patriot must examine.

I can say whatever I want. If I want to talk about aliens and UFOs, I can. Obviously, that’s not my thing and I don’t have the time of day for that. Yet drugs and the gang war is and I will talk about that. What I will not do is listen to the same people tell me over and over again how stupid I am and how I can’t talk about those things. There are a lot of things I don’t know. I don’t claim to be an expert on anything. Yet I wasn’t born yesterday and I am not stupid. It’s not that my frail self image will crumble with a few insults. It’s just that I’m not going to listen to that abuse any more. So if you post a comment saying how stupid I am and how I’m not allowed to talk about a certain topic, don’t be surprised when that comment isn’t approved. I have a full time job and do the web site and blog on the side. I’m not going to waste my days away sitting on my ass arguing with trolls. I need time away to get out and enjoy the outdoors. That’s what I am.

So, a toast to Gary Webb and the story they tried to bury but just wouldn’t die. Simply because history repeats itself and they keep getting caught doing the same thing over and over again. If we want to deal with the gang war and the cocaine on our streets, we need to deal with the CIAs drug trafficking network. Fighting Hitler and fighting Stalin as important as that is, is in vain if we do not fight that same enemy from within. The question we need to face is if the CIA has lied about years of drug trafficking, what else have they lied about? If they are capable of poisoning their own people to raise money, what else are they capable of? A true patriot will examine that. A traitor will not.


  1. Bully for you Agent K!

    I believed nine eleven was an inside job until I discovered that it was business as usual.

    Gary Webb is a notch in the key to unlocking Pandora's box but other than awareness, I'm not sure how much we can alter the shit sandwich we get fed everyday.

    Looking forward to learning more about Mr. Webb from you and hey, go outside more, will you?

    Thanks pal.

    1. I totally agree the Gary Webb story is the key to unlocking Pandora's box. I think it’s something we need to discuss and examine. What do you mean you believed nine eleven was an inside job until you discovered that it was business as usual? Clearly with Obama and Operation Fast and Furious it is business as usual. I think Hilary would be even worse.

    2. What I meant by nine eleven being business as usual is that skullduggery and misdirection have always been used by our elite handlers.

      When this artificial reality is employed to thwart our enemies it's fine by the masses but few of them consider the possibility that the same capacity might be utilized on them too.

      Pearl Harbor, the Gulf of Tonkin and nine eleven are copycat magic shows with different magicians / sets and their modus operandi illuminates that history does not repeat itself but similar to a great circus, it moves so seamlessly from time to time that few folks are aware of how or who sets up the tents.

      And big top commissioning / decommissioning is business as usual.

    3. An example:

      How U.S. Economic Warfare Provoked Japan's Attack on Pearl Harbor | Robert Higgs - misesmedia

  2. Funny...I have just learned about this guy from the film "American Drug War the last White hope" (2007) Great docu that your readers should watch. Btw, it's the eight anniversary of Mr. Webb's death, not fourth.

    This all reminds me of the time in 2004 when a diver found cocaine on one of Paul Martin's ships. Overnight, surprise - surprise, the RCMP cleared everyone on board that ship and of course, no one ws ever charged. I'm willing to bet his ships are still bringing it in.

    1. Eighth anniversary, my bad. I thought he died 2008 but you’re right it was 2004. You make a good point about the cocaine found on a ship that Paul Martin owned. I forgot about that. When you say you just found out about Gary Webb, that’s kinda my whole point. I had no idea about what he was putting out at the time in 1996 and just found out about it recently. If we are not *allowed* to talk about it, people will never know.

  3. You say how Mr. Webb "was ridiculed, persecuted and bullied" He was also murdered. And I think we both know who would have wanted him silenced.

  4. Indeed. I'm getting to that part.
    That does definitely add a whole new dimension to the story.


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