Sunday, September 30, 2012

The tragic story of Omar Khadr

This is the sad story of a Canadian teenager who grew up in Guantanamo bay. You know Guantanamo. That’s the CIA black prison site where they torture prisoners without a charge or trial and hold them indefinitely. That’s the place that Obama promised to close but didn’t. It’s a sad tale about what our complacency has turned us into.

Omar had just turned 15 when a foreign army invaded his homeland. Nine months later he was captured by the US military and charged with throwing a grenade at a US soldier which killed him. If he was in France and had thrown a grenade at an invading Nazi, he would have been given a medal. If he was in Canada or America and threw a grenade at an invading army, he would be revered as a war hero.

Instead, the 15 year old kid grew up in Guantanamo Bay. After 8 years in Guantanamo, if that kid doesn’t grown up to be a terrorist, then we know he is a saint and never should have been incarcerated in the first place. His father fought the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan.

After spending 8 years in that God forsaken institution where prisoners are tortured without a trial, he made a plea bargain. If he pleaded guilty to murder then he would receive another 8 year sentence with the possibility of being transferred back to Canada. He signed the plea agreement which makes the confession itself suspect.

So he returns to Canada and his lawyer contends that Harper has vilified his client. Harper claimed Omar was a convicted terrorist that supported Al-Qaeda. Wait a minute. Stephen Harper supported Al-Qaeda when he agreed to violating the no fly zone in Libya and helped Al-Qaeda terrorists overthrow Gadaffi. Should we put Harper in Guantanamo for that?

We know very well that Unicol supported the Taliban and Al-Qaeda. They were wining and dining them trying to win the contract for the oil pipeline across Afghanistan. Should we put Unicol in Guantanamo for their support of the Taliban and Al-Qaeda?

Nobody likes terrorism. Yet no one likes the invasion of a sovereign nation either. The Globe and Mail claims Omar Khadr ‘s return will test Canada’s commitment to war children. Indeed, the double standard is disturbing. If the Taliban are so bad, why did they stop opium production in Afghanistan and why did we increase it?

I think we as a people are diminished when we let this kind of injustice continue. Recently a blog reader sent me a list of You Know You Are a Conspiracy Theorist If… Sadly we could also use that list to define domestic terrorists. We are going in the wrong direction and we are letting our fear and hate take us there.

The War of 1812

Let’s turn back the hands of time and bring it home. What if this happened in 1812 when the Americans weren’t an ally they were an enemy who invaded Canada. Of all the tyrants and terrorists this world has to offer, the United States is the only country thus far that has actually invaded our country. We are seeing heritage commercials about the event on TV since it’s the 200th anniversary. Remembering that event is worth while.

So what if this Canadian born 15 year old was living in Canada in 1812 and had shot an invading American soldier? Would he still be called a terrorist? Would we still support his torture? Would we still say anyone who fires upon an ally deserves to die? The Americans invaded Canada and their navy kicked our ass. In response we marched across the border with some First Nations brothers and burned the White house to the ground. Was that an act of terrorism or an add for a heritage commercial?

The location of Guantanamo Bay

Another thing we need to discuss is the location of Guantanamo Bay. The Guantanamo Bay detention camp is in Cuba of all places. It was turned into a prison camp for torturing prisoners without a trial in 2002 by War criminal George Bush. The one who vetoed the bill to stop torture. Not only were they caught torturing prisoners, George Bush vetoed the bill stopping it. That makes him a war criminal. By vetoing the bill, he assumed legal liability for the torture.

Cuba is not an ally. The prison does not exist with Cuba's permission. Before the prison camp was created in 2002, the US had a naval base on site. This was from Cuban-American Treaty of 1903 where they were permitted to have a coaling (fuelling) station. A naval base is not a fuelling station nor is a prison camp for torturing prisoners. According to the 1903 agreement the US are required to recognize the Republic of Cuba's ultimate sovereignty over the area. They have failed to do this by changing the purpose of the fuelling station against the will of Cuba. This is the invasion and occupation of a sovereign nation.

The Cuban government opposes the presence of the naval base, claiming that the lease is invalid under international law as it was not a sovereign nation at the time. Obviously. There is no longer an agreement between both parties. The United States argues this point is irrelevant because Cuba apparently ratified the lease post-revolution, and with full sovereignty, when it cashed one rent check in accordance with the disputed treaty. That's like saying someone squatted in your house rent free for ten years and you cashed one of their rent cheques. That doesn't mean you agree to them being there. It means they accepted a token payment for all that time you squatted there rent free. It's time for Cuba to raise the rent and evict those evil squatters.

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Another shooting in Winnipeg - 6 shootings in one week

A beautiful windy fall day on the water in Vancouver and another double shooting in Winnipeg. Tragic. 12:20 AM this morning police responded to a shots fired call. Two young men were hit. Police say a 24-year-old man is in critical condition, and a 19-year-old man is in stable condition.

There was a double shooting at a restaurant in Winnipeg last Thursday and three separate shootings in one day last Saturday. All six shootings in the past week have all been in the same neighborhood. When will it end? We all know it’s connected to the drug trade and we all know who’s ultimately responsible. It’s time to step up to the plate and rat out the real rats to stop the senseless violence driven by greed and betrayal.

Candy laced with Pot

Meanwhile, back on the ranch, a Surrey man is facing charges for allegedly trying to sell drug-laced candies to kids in Kelowna. Sorry guys. RCMP stopped a vehicle after receiving reports of a driver selling drugs to children. A test showed the candy contained THC, the main ingredient in marijuana. The man, released in August, may now be charged with possession of a controlled substance. Putting drugs in candy and giving them to kids is really messed up. People will say, oh it’s just pot. It doesn’t matter. Putting drugs in candy and giving it to kids is messed up. Especially around Halloween.

Crystal meth is indeed way worse than pot, yet the whole idea of selling drugs to kids in candies is really messed up. Back in the day we all used to joke about hash brownies. Yet I know a guy that make thc cookies. They joke about how powerful they are. One grown man had some one night and they laughed about how we was f*cked up for days. Another guy said oh yeah, you’re only supposed to have half of one. Well no one told this other guy that and it seriously messed him up for a long time.

Personally, I don’t like getting messed up at all not to mention for days. I’m the first one to admit that there is a huge difference between a grow op and a meth lab. Yet I am told the pot now a days is way more powerful then when we were kids. The smell now is very sharp and harsh. It’s not that mellow pleasing aroma. It’s poignant and smells awful. Although crystal meth is way worse than pot, there are way too many people that smoke way too much pot especially while driving. That is irresponsible.

Recently there was more drama from some of the former Vancouver majors calling for the legalization of pot. After thinking about it, I have come to the conclusion that I do not support the legalization of pot. I’m ok with decriminalization but I’m not ok with all out legalization. All out legalization would be a free for all and it’s bad enough as it is. I don’t support mandatory minimums for pot but I think all out legalization would be like kids in a candy store. You think second hand cigarettes smoke is bad, I don’t want second had pot smoke. Period. I don’t want it sold in the corner stores and I don’t want it put in candy for kids.

Military loses millions in ‘black assets’

Here’s a disturbing story that raises two serious concerns. The first is fiscal responsibility. “Conservatives” are *supposed* to be fiscally responsible. Or so they keep telling us. That’s why I keep saying Stephen Harper is not a conservative.

The Ottawa citizen is reporting that Canada’s special forces are having trouble keeping track of millions of dollars worth of sensitive equipment that they use — and in one case had no idea of the extent of the missing “black assets,” as they are known, according to a new Defence Department audit.

The US has the same problem times a thousand. The day before 911, Donald Rumsfeld said the greatest threat to America is the enemy from within and that the US military can’t account for 25% of what it spends and has lost $2.3 trillion. Trillion. That was the day before 911 and the invasion of Afghanistan overseeing opium production and the unlawful invasion of Iraq. Since then that figure has no doubt increased exponentially.

So the first problem is fiscal accountability. One department loses millions of dollars, I.E. Canadian tax dollars and they had no idea of the extent of the amount of missing money. That is a huge concern in itself.

Criminals steal. They mug people and steal purses. They will break into your home and will steal your car. They will steal your id and take money out of your bank account. More sophisticated criminals will commit investment fraud and steal from banks and wall street. The bottom line is that wherever there is money, there will be criminals wanting to steal it. It becomes a public issue when they are stealing tax dollars.

Since the military has money, they too are a prime target for criminals to steal from. Al Martin talked about how big a problem it is in the States when he described Huntsville as the vortex of corruption. Clearly Canada has a similar problem that needs to be addressed. No doubt Stephan Harper will fire the whistleblower that made this information public instead of dealing with the problem.

That brings us to the second concern. The Ottawa citizen is reporting that the nature of the equipment in question is censored from the audit done by the department’s Chief Review Services. But much of it is considered so secret that details about the gear is not even shared with the Defence Department or Canadian Forces.

The Canadian Special Operations Forces Command, or CANSOFCOM, calls such equipment “black assets.” Other equipment, which can be openly discussed are labeled as “green” assets. Ok so what the hell is a “black asset?” We have heard the term in a popular video game Call of Duty Black Ops. We have read recently of CIA black prison sites all over the world where they torture people without a lawyer or fair trial. So tell me then just what is a black asset?

Oh we can’t tell you because that is classified. Bullshit. That is hiding something that you know is wrong under the guise of national security. A military secret is something like the range and location of your missiles or fighters. A black asset is not a military secret that affects national security. It only affects national security if we keep it secret. Keeping an unlawful secret is unlawful.

This whole topic brings us to a third ongoing concern. After it was reported that the Harper government spent $750,000.00 on legal fees fighting Canadian veterans so they could claw back their pensions and benefits, Pierre Daigle the Canadian Forces ombudsman claimed two former soldiers, suffering from post-traumatic stress disorders, were unfairly treated by officers and Defence Department managers.

The military dismissed the allegation saying the ombudsman has no jurisdiction to investigate the matter. That is crazy. That’s exactly what an ombudsman is supposed to do. Saying he has no jurisdiction to investigate the matter is another way of saying we are guilty and we don’t want to be accountable to anyone, especially the public.

Then Peter pea brain McKay pipes up and tells the media the ombudsman shouldn’t be acting as an advocate for the soldiers. That’s exactly what they are supposed to be doing. Investigating complaints. If they find a complaint is valid they are supposed to say so. Peter McKay should not have anything to do with the Canadian military.

Peter McKay and Stephen Harper lied about handing over Canadian prisoners to be tortured. They broke the law, they lied about their knowledge of it, and they fired and slandered the whistle blower that leaked the information to the public in the interest of national security.

Peter McKay and Stephen Harper are not honest men and should not have anything to do with the Canadian military. Ever. They have repeatedly proven to be in a conflict of interest that has jeopardized national security. Sadly, Pierre Daigle will be the next in a long list of whistleblowers fired by the Harper government. Stephen Harper has changed the nation and what he has created in not good. It is dark and evil and the time has come for those secret works of darkness to be brought to light. Word.

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Every murder was approved by a committee

Project Sharqc investigators say the Hells sought to "expand their empire" by conspiring to eliminate drug dealers who refused to buy from them. Investigators say targets included members of the rival Rock Machine as well as independent dealers. They were among 165 people killed between 1994 and 2001 during the war over control of lucrative drug territory in Quebec. Gee, it sure looks like that’s what’s happening now in Winnipeg and Lloydminster.

In the spring of 1997, bikers "voted in favour of establishing a $25,000 premium paid out of the 10% to all their Hells Angels members for the murder of a Rock Machine member," Leblanc said. She said every murder was approved by a committee. So if the Hells Angels contracted a murder, then that criminal organization is criminally responsible for that murder. That would include the East Vancouver Hells Angels when David Giles was on that executive. Let's not forget that they didn't just kill rivals. Nice shoes girls.

Winnipeg double shooting

One man is dead and another in hospital following a double shooting at a restaurant in Winnipeg 3:00 AM this morning. Police say it appears to be targeted. CTV is reporting that sources claim the victims were cocaine dealers and suggested they were shot by a rival group. Gee I wonder who that would be. At least in Winnipeg when someone gets shot dead the police call it a homicide not a suspicious death like they do in Edmonton.

Five days ago there were three separate shooting in the same day in Winnipeg all tied to the drug trade. The deceased in today’s shooting has been identified as Jeffrey Lau. Six bullet holes can be seen in the front window of the restaurant. A handgun was found on the street at Hector Avenue and Stafford Street, several blocks from the restaurant. There are no concerns for public safety, police said in a release. No concerns or no regard?

Mongols and Hells Angels clash at biker rally

This one is priceless and sad at the same time. The Hells Angels were panhandling at a bike rally in Oregon selling their support your local crack dealer T-shirts. It was the Second annual Run to the Cascades in Redmond.

According to witness reports, a large Mongols group approached the Hells Angels members already at the event – the HAMC had a vendor booth there – and “demanded the Hells Angels group leave immediately.” It was reported that weapons were brandished. Once word of the confrontation went out to law enforcement it prompted police and sheriff’s deputies to enter the fairgrounds and stand by while the Hells Angels group packed up and left.

Other witnesses reported that the Hells Angels group intended to return with more people to settle the dispute, and at that point, sheriff’s deputies and police contacted fairgrounds Director Dan Despotpulos “and strongly recommended the event be closed in order to protect public safety.” The fair director agreed and they immediately began closing the event.

They sure ran to the cascades alright. The sad part is, no one needs or wants the Hells angles violence in their community not to mention at a biker rally. They are destroying it for everyone. People can say the Mongols started it this time but did they? The Hells Angels shouldn’t have booths selling things at biker rallies because they are a criminal organization that sells drugs. The East coast president was caught bringing crystal meth from California to Massachusetts.

In Vegas the Hells angels started a fight with Vagos. When they started losing the fist fight they pulled out guns and lost the gun fight too. There was Hells Angels violence at Sturgis as well. Clearly the Hells Angels should be banned from these events. They should not be allowed to have booths set up advertizing and pan handling for their criminal organization. Instead of cancelling the event, they should simply ban the Hells Angles. It has been said club business isn’t my business. It is when they sell crack or crystal meth in my community. It my business then. Just as it is if they bring violence to a bike rally I want to attend or a bar I want to drink at.

Jimmy Hughes’ Murders Ministry

I know I shouldn’t even mention it, but I will. Since we were talking about religious hypocrisy tied to the drug trade and the gang war, there’s one more example that I forgot to mention, Jimmy Hughes. Jimmy Hughes is a paid minister who’s claim to fame is that he was a hitman, a murderer. Now he’s a paid minister. Although he admits to being a hitman and murderer, he refuses to name any of the people he was contracted to murder. Oh that’s just between me and God. No it’s not. It involves the families of everyone he has murdered as well as the courts.

Not long ago, Jimmy Hughes was charged in a cold case where three people were murdered on the Cabazon Indian Reservation back in 1981 called the Octopus murders. It was alleged that a member of the Hells Angels hired him to murder another member of the Hells Angels and two of his friends to cover something up.

Glen Heggstad was a member of the Hells Angels who was alleged to have hired Jimmy Hughes to kill Ralph Boger, another member of the Hells Angels and his friends Fred and Patty. The motive for the murders is that Ralph and Fred were going to expose something Glen and a group of others didn’t want exposed.

So Jimmy Hughes was arrested not long ago for the murder but the case flopped and didn’t go anywhere. Now he’s back to being an unrepentant paid minister. The other day I saw one of Glen Heggstad’s books at Chapters. I can’t think of anything more hypocritical then bragging about being a former hit man and refusing to name who he murdered to the courts. That makes his ministry a lie. Yes people can change but you can’t overcome your past without coming clean and accepting responsibility for it.

Three years after the slaying, Jimmy Hughes claimed he was just a bagman in the case, contending that John Philip Nichols had him deliver $25,000 to a man in Idyllwild as partial payment for the hit. But that confession went nowhere. Police couldn't tie Nichols to the triple murders. Perhaps his ties to Robert Booth Nichols had something to do with it. Detectives won't say what prompted them to charge Hughes after all these years. But it's clear they believe Hughes was the hitman, not the bagman.

I used to work with a Protestant who was also a talented musician. He was very cynical about circus style religion and wrote a song about a Jimmy. His song was about three people named Jimmy: Jimmy Baker, Jimmy Swaggart and Jim Jones. He compared all three as snake oil salesmen leading a parade of insanity that was a bizarre circus side show. Clearly we can add one more jimmy to that list: Jimmy Hughes. Buyer Beware.

Justin Trudeau to make bid for liberal leadership

Thank God. What took so long? The Federal liberals wanted to flog and exhaust every other feasible alternative first? Justin Trudeau to lead the party’s come back. Now that’s worth seeing. Finally the son rises after a long dark night. Polls are already saying the nonexistent party has promise under his leadership. The gloves are off. Let’s get ready to RUMBLE…

Update: Canadians have spoken. Trudeaumania has begun.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Shooting in Lloydminster

There was a shooting in Lloydminster, Alberta yesterday morning around 5:00 AM. I have a report claiming Bryan Gower 35 was shot in the head and dead on scene and that Mike Bexson was shot 5 times with conflicting reports as to whether or not he is still alive or is on life support.

The newspapers are confirming shots were heard and Bryan Gower was found dead on the scene. Then comes the same bizarre slogan, the investigation into the death of Bryan Gower is being treated as a suspicious death, pending the results of an autopsy that is scheduled in Edmonton tomorrow. Shot in the head and that’s suspicious. I’d say so. That’s like that SUV in Edmonton that was parked at a cemetery and was riddled with bullets. The police treated their death as suspicious. I don’t understand how they can say that with a straight face.

Reports are also coming in that the White Boy Posse is in town. That’s the Neo Nazi Hells Angels puppet club from Northern Alberta that sell drugs for the Hells Angles. Apparently this shooting was drug related. I’ll tell ya what’s suspicious. That police department is suspicious. That’s not protecting the integrity of an investigation, that’s withholding information from the public. It’s called suppression of crime statistics, namely homicide.

Vancouver man charged with a kilo of crystal meth in Winnipeg

Winnipeg: Police have charged one person identified as Mohammed Akrawi after more than a kilogram of crystal meth ( methamphetamine) was discovered by police during a traffic stop in Winnipeg in the 3500 block of Portage Avenue.

A search of the vehicle found 1.4 kilograms (three pounds) of the drug, estimated to be worth $440,000 on the street. Police also seized an amount of Canadian Currency. A Vancouver, B.C., resident Mohammed Akrawi,37, has been charged and detained in custody.

Since we know the Hells Angels and the Rock Machine are fighting over the right to sell drugs in Winnipeg it had to have come from one of those two groups. Just shows how the dealer on the street is really supplied. Crystal meth is a really bad drug.

Mahatma Gandhi was an inspiration

Mahatma Gandhi was truly an inspiration. Mother Teresa would often quote Gandhi saying he who serves the poor served God. Martin Luther King was also profoundly influenced by Gandhi for his nonviolent activism in confronting evil and righting wrongs.

So here we have one man who inspired two others who in turn did great things. The ripple effect of the pebble in the pond. I might add that Mother Teresa was a Catholic and Martin Luther King was a Protestant. Both were great Christians and great people.

Many people, myself included, get totally turned off religion when people start twisting scriptures to preach hate and intolerance. That is the exact opposite of their intent. Setting religion aside, there is one thing most of us can agree on: the existence of good and evil. We all know that murder and oppression is evil while service and charity is good. You don’t need religion to see that.

Gandhi was a Hindu in India who saw extreme violence between those professing to be Hindu and Muslim. Gandhi said "my Hinduism teaches me to respect all religions. The common factor of all religions is non-violence. Religion is outraged when an outrage is perpetrated in its name. Almost all the riots in the unhappy land take place in the name of religion, though they might have a political motive behind them. There is no room for goondaism in any religion worth the name, be it Islam, Hinduism or any other."

"If religion dies, then India dies. Today the Hindus and the Muslims are clinging to the husk of religion. They have gone mad. But I hope that all this is froth, that all this scum has come to the surface, as happens when the waters of two rivers meet. Everything appears muddy on top and underneath is crystal clear and calm. The scum goes to the sea of itself, and the rivers mingle and flow clear and pure."

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Another clown with a 666 tattoo on his face

In contrast, here we have Thor Koba, the son of Per Koba, a high ranking member of the Hells Angels in Denmark. Per’s son Thor is involved with AK81, a local Hells Angels support club. Clearly this guy never saw the movie. Thor is a good guy. He is not a supporter of 666. That would be Loki. So here we have another clown with not only a huge facial tattoo, a huge facial tattoo of the number 666. Does this guy have a job? What kind of a career are you going to have with a huge facial tattoo of the number 666? It doesn’t just scream freak, it also screams idiot. Someone who wants an excuse for not being able to get a real job. Oh right, he’s in prison.

Don’t support your local 666.

Mother Teresa in a Special Edition of Time

I was at the supermarket the other day and picked up a copy of Time magazine. They reissued a Special Edition all about Mother Teresa. My lucky day. Now I know you’re saying, so? What on earth does that have to do with the gang war? Personally I think it’s highly relevant. Both to our external world conflicts as well as to our internal gang conflicts.

When everyone was hating on the Muslims I posted a quote by Saint Francis saying “Make me an instrument of thy peace. Where there is hate, let me sow love.” With regards to the bizarre violence in Muslims countries recently I simply said, I think Christians need to be reminded what it means to be Christian and Muslims need to be reminded what it means to be Muslim.

Then a born again hater writes me and says, oh, you’re Catholic implying that Catholics aren’t Christians. Really? Catholics worship Christ. Ever see the stations of the cross? Yet just because I quote Saint Francis, that doesn’t make me Catholic any more than quoting Gandhi makes me Hindu or quoting the Dalai Lama makes me Buddhist.

To me, Mother Teresa is the image of a true Christian who walked the walk and didn’t just talk the talk. For me, pure religion is to visit the sick, feed the hungry, house the homeless, and yes visit those in prison. When I look at the gang war, I have seen three examples of born again hypocrisy that completely distorts the Christian message into something very different.

The first example is Tony Terezakis. He was a drug dealer for the Hells Angels in East Vancouver and video taped himself beating the life out of drug addicts who owed him money when he laughed and shouted Praise the Lord. He claimed in court that he was just filming a reality TV series called Bible Thumpers and that all victims were willing participants and were paid for their services in drugs. The court didn’t believe him. I suppose the fact that he couldn’t stop laughing when they played the videos in court made his story hard to believe.

Born again hypocrites know a handful of scriptures and wrest them to their own destruction. When I criticize Tony’s actions they quickly respond with Christ said judge not lest ye be judged. True, he did say that but we have to put it in context. I don’t think we have a right to judge Mary Magdalene or modern drug addicts because we don’t know what they went through to get them addicted. Once they’re addicted it is a very hard life. Yet we grow spiritually when we judge or discern good from evil and chose to follow good not to follow or support evil. Supporting drug dealers torturing addicts is evil. I don’t care what religion you claim to be.

Their next argument is that all you have to do to be “saved” is to confess that Jesus is the Christ. Once you do that you are saved and no matter what you do or who you hurt, you’re going straight to heaven. I do not believe that. I know some scriptures imply that. Those too have to be taken in context. When Jesus was on the earth, one of the miracles he performed was to cast out demons. On one occasion a group of demons recognized Christ and said why have you come to torment us before the time has come? They knew who he was and that knowledge didn’t save them. Likewise, the devil himself knows very well who Christ is and that knowledge doesn’t save him either.

Christ said “Every tree that bringeth not forth good fruit is hewn down, and cast into the fire. Wherefore by their fruits ye shall know them. Not every one that saith unto me, Lord, Lord, shall enter into the kingdom of heaven; but he that doeth the will of my Father which is in heaven. Many will say to me in that day, Lord, Lord, have we not prophesied in thy name? and in thy name have cast out devils? and in thy name done many wonderful works? And then will I profess unto them, I never knew you: depart from me, ye that work iniquity.”

Clearly Christ taught what we do is important. Saying Abracadabra then continuing to do evil will not save us simply because we live in a cause and effect world. As we sow, so shall we reap. I don’t believe hell is a place where God spanks us for eternity saying I told ya so.

There was a Chinese painting of Heaven and Hell. In the painting hell was a group of people gathered around a banquet table. The only way they could eat the food was with chop sticks that were longer then their arms. They had all this wonderful food in front of them but they were in torment because they weren’t able to eat it. The picture of heaven was the same banquet table with the same eating utensils. Only everyone there was happy and fulfilled. They were feeding each other.

To me living in a society filled with people like Mother Teresa would be heaven. Living in a society filled with people like Charles Manson would be hell. It’s that simple. We are free to chose and create our own destiny but we can’t lie about what we are and what we do.

Now there are two other cases of born again Christians sending me hate mail as they blindly support a drug dealer they know or are related to. There was a guy in Grand Prairie named Shaun Thexton who was arrested in the largest cocaine bust in Grad Prarrie’s history. He bragged about being a member of the Baseball Team which sources claim are a Hells Angels puppet club that enforce or protect the drug dealers that sell the Hells Angels drugs. He is also a fan of the TV series Anarchy bikers. His mother, wife and friend get all up in my grill claiming Shawn is a nice Christen father.

Let me tell you that nice Christians don’t sell drugs or work as an enforcer for drug dealers. That is what the Bible refers to as hypocrisy. When the Bible says the day will come when all the hidden works of darkness will be brought to light, that is one of them. I found it strangely ironic that one of the most vindictive drama queens supporting Shawn in Grand Prairie was Donnie McWhirter’s cousin in Kelowna. I found that somewhat suspicious she knew this guy and was so blindly supportive of what he was doing.

The other group of born again hypocrites in my grill of late are the codependent drama queens spreading all kinds of really offensive nonsense in support of Donnie McWhirter who just pled guilty to assaulting a woman in court who I might add was not his only female victim. That’s not something a good Christian does. By their fruits ye shall know them. It is strangely ironic that Donnie, also known as Blaze as in to smoke a joint, is so close to Joey Verma who has been charged with Brittney Irving’s murder. I want to know where Donnie was when Joey was accused of murdering Britney. Is his sister really a reliable alibi? People claimed Donnie really changed after that Easter. Why does Joey have a no contact clause with Donnie? You’d think that a good Christian would be a good influence on an accused murder. Apparently the courts disagree.

We know that Donnie McWhirter brags about his membership in the Independent soldiers, a puppet club for the Hells Angels. A good Christian doesn’t get involved in the BC Gang war where gangs are murdering each other for the right to sell drugs. Good Christians don’t do that but hypocrites do. Good luck with that. See you on the other side G. Good Christians don’t support their local 666. By the way, These six things doth the LORD hate: yea, seven are an abomination unto him: A proud look, a lying tongue, and hands that shed innocent blood.


I will add that I am not a member of the Roman Catholic Church although I do have many friends who are. I am not saying all born again Christians are hypocrites. I’m saying the ones sending me hate mail full of false allegations ragefully supporting drug dealers in the gang war are.

I am a constitutionalist. I believe in the freedom of religion. I shun extremism and I oppose hate and intolerance. In Ireland I am called a Republican because I believe in a free Republic. Not to be confused with the American political party.

People most certainly have the right to be Protestant. The flag for the Republic of Ireland is called the tricolor. It is green, white and orange. Green represents Irish Catholics, orange represents Irish Protestants and white represents peace between the two. When hate mongers like Ian Paisley burn that flag they are burning the olive branch of peace. It is a very unchristian act.

I’ve heard Ian Paisley’s hate and I do not support it. I’ve heard his jeers calling the Pope the anti Christ and I still say from what I saw, Ian Paisley was more of an anti Christ than the Pope was. Paisley preached hate and was paid to do so. That is the devil’s work.

Personally, I don’t like snake oil salesmen like Jimmy Baker or Jimmy Swaggart and I’m not comfortable with a circus style of religious service but that’s just me. To each their own. I just get upset with the flaming hypocrisy because it is full of intolerance and using God’s name to support drug dealers in the gang war is clearly using the Lord’s name in vain.

Saturday, September 22, 2012

The betrayal and murder of Joey Morin

The Edmonton Hell Angels drug conviction and the recent Bandidos sighting in BC brings us back to the betrayal and murder of Joey Morin. January 30th, 2004 two men were murdered in Edmonton: Joey Morin and Robert Simpson. At the time of the killings the Bandidos web site identified Joey Morin as a "probationary" member and Robert Simpson as a "hangaround." Yet in October 2004, the Bandidos patched over to the Angels in a quiet Red Deer ceremony.

I remember reading about that. One minute these guys from the Rebels were wearing Bandidio patches, then the next they were wearing Hells Angels patch. I found that very strange. One minute you’re enemies, the next your burning your old patch and kissing their ass. I can’t see any L&R in that. Especially when it involved the murder of two of their own guys. Just like the take over of the Death riders in Laval.

Interesting to note that three Bandidios who attended Morin’s funeral were John Muscedere, Paul Sinopoli, and George "Crash" Kriarakis. All three were later murdered in the Bandido massacre in Ontario that the Hells Angels weren’t involved with but had foreknowledge of. No doubt some of the other Bandidios that attended his funeral were the ones that patched over to the Hells Angles nine months later. With friends like that, who needs enemies.

Morin worked for a floor-laying company and as an agent for Independent Artists, an Alberta-based firm that booked nude dancers for clubs throughout Western Canada. The Saint Pete's club where he was murdered was an IA client. The exotic dancing industry has been traditionally been controlled by the Hells Angels.

Scott Jamison is affiliated with the Hells Angels in Edmonton as well as the Adult entertainment industry. He runs Showgirls. Georgina Papin from Edmonton’s remains ended up on the Pickton farm. She frequented Showgirls.

So this recent sighting of Bandios in BC on their way to a meeting with Hells Angels has us all wondering who’s gonna get shot and who’s gonna patch over in this sick saga of greed, betrayal and murder.

Two Edmonton Hells Angels sentenced to 10 years for trafficking cocaine in Fort McMurray

Here’s an important link that Freddy posted. It’s another example of one step forward, one step back. The Edmonton Journal is reporting that: Alan Peter Knapczyk, a 38-year-old Hells Angel member, and John Reginald Alcantara, a 39-year Hells Angels prospect, were convicted on Aug. 17 of conspiring to traffic cocaine and conspiring to traffic cocaine for the benefit of a criminal organization, although neither of them were directly involved with the drugs themselves.

Instead, both men were involved with protecting the cocaine business from competitors and theft and were not directly involved in the purchase or distribution of the drugs. Justice Sheila Greckoll said the men were “motivated by greed” and “responsible for causing harm to the community of Fort McMurray.” Three cheers. They get ten years for enforcing for the drug dealers. Using the name and reputation of the Hells Angels to protect the drug dealers they supply. That is one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind.

The one step back is the claim that “They brought not only their individual reputations, but brought the reputation of the Hells Angels Motorcycle Club in their protection of the organization.” They were convicted of conspiring to traffic cocaine for the benefit of a criminal organization. To claim they brought the reputation of that criminal organization into disrepute is a bit strange. That is the purpose of that criminal organization. These were two members of a motorcycle club acting on their own. They were on official club business.

The Edmonton Hells agnels not only supplied the White Boys Posse a neo-Nazi group of drug dealers selling cocaine all over northern Alberta, but they even stamped their logo on bricks of cocaine. 51 stands for EA Edmonton Angels just like 81 stands for HA Hells Angels. We're still waiting to hear about similar charges in the Edmonton Hells Angels cocaine trafficking ring in Grand Prairie as well.

Alcantara is already serving a 14-year prison sentence on separate drug charges that were connected to the Caines investigation. Eight years of his new sentence will be served concurrently, while the last two are consecutive. Basically concurrent sentences mean zero sentence so the 10 years has been reduced to two but the question is, what on earth did he do to get a 14 year sentence?

Private Prisons and resurrecting the Canadian Arrow

Well, Stephen Harper takes one step forward and three steps back. I first heard that Harper is considering resurrecting the Canadian CF-105 Arrow, a fighter jet Canada proposed to build but scrapped. Unlike the expensive insider trading jets he wants to squander the entire military budget on and more these jets actually work in the arctic. Generals have criticized Harpers jets because they can’t be used for protecting Canada’s arctic. They are meant for the oil wars. Building jets in Canada will create high tech jobs here and give us a better product that we can actually use in Canada. One step forward.

Then he sets up a committee to study privatizing prisons to “save money.” That is an evil lie. Look at the horrific problems California had when they privatized their prisons. A private prison is mandated to make money. Just like the private power brokers who sell power to BC Hydro at inflated rates, their mandate is to rip off tax payers. A privatized prison is not mandated to consider inmate rehabilitation. Private prisons are bad just like private power has proven to be. Three steps back. I knew it was too good to be true. Stephen Harper doesn’t care about jobs in Canada because he is not a conservative. He is something else.


My bad. Harper didn’t even consider the Arrow. Some company made a presentation to him. He insists on pressing forward with his insider trading jets that won’t even work in the arctic. Firing any military officer with a brain and promoting poster puppets that will say what he wants is very dangerous for the nation.

Sun News is reporting “In appointing air force Lt.-Gen. Tom Lawson to be Canada's next chief of defence staff, Prime Minister Stephen Harper is sending the message about as loudly and clearly as he could that Canada is going to spend billions on F-35 stealth fighter planes no matter what.”

All this with today’s news that Harper wasted $750,000.00 on legal fees fighting Canadian Veterans over claw backs to their pensions and benefits. Killing the Arrow again, spending billions of tax dollars on US jets that won’t work in the Canadian arctic to a company his candidate lobbied for is a crime. Committing that crime while he cuts funding to the military and claws back their pensions and benefits is disgusting. It’s a sad day for Canada. I thought we took one step forward, three steps back. Unfortunately we didn’t even take that one step forward and in reality have just taken twelve steps back. It’s a sad day so it is.

Friday, September 21, 2012

3 Bacchus members charged with uttering threats in Dartmouth

Three members of Bacchus were arrested in Dartmouth for uttering threats: Pat James, the flaming idiot with the bad ink, David Pearce and Duane Howe. Police seized vests as well as steroids and magic mushrooms. Great. Hillbillies on juice and shrooms. Flaming idiots.

They’re still wearing the traditional logo of their patron saint with the condom nose and the poked out eye. The condom nose is for kissing HA ass with all those support pins they wear and the bromance pictures they post. Don’t forget their patron saint is no Spartan. He’s a Roman soldier who was openly gay and secretly Christian. It’s OK we won’t tell anyone. Much.

Two Hells Angels shot and stabbed in Denmark

Just as I was trying to catch up with all the news about Denmark's problems with the Hells Angels and their associated gang violence, breaking news tonight is two Hells Angels have been shot and stabbed in Copenhagen. I say tonight because it's already night there.

A Hells Angel was thrown out of a moving car after he was beaten and stabbed with a knife, while another Hells Angel was found lying on the back seat of a car with a gunshot wound in the leg. A Hells Angels Rocker means a full patch memebr. The other day a 17 ton truck drove right into the Bandidos clubhouse in Copenhagen. "Castle" is properly translated to be clubhouse. Looks like the truck drove right into a brick wall and received more damage than the clubhouse did.

Turns out this recent stabbing and shooting of two full patch Hells Angels in Denmark has nothing to do with their conflict with the Bandidios. It was yet another conflict from within. Philip Nielsen is the Hells Angel stabbed and thrown out of the moving car, while Kasper Kruse is the Hells Angel that was shot in the leg. Both had been recently kicked out of the club in bad standing. Clearly steroids don’t make you bullet proof. Seemingly Philip Nielsen slandered a number of older HA-brothers, as being too old and weak. Time will tell. Sadly, the ongoing internal betrayal will likely strengthen the Hells Angels’ enemies.

Unreported shootings in Surrey

I had a report there was a shooting in Surrey again two days ago but didn't see anything in the news about it. I asked the source where hey heard about it and they said they drove past the crime scene and saw four bullet holes in the house. They claim it was around 80 Ave and 184 Ave. This brings us back to the concern that the police aren't reporting every shooting if it didn't result in a fatality. To me that is suppressing crime statistics. The duty to warn the public would include the duty to warn them about all shootings in their community even if it didn't result in a fatality.

It was pretty hard to conceal the fact that a pick up was shot at in Vancouver the other day when they closed the Burrard street bridge down to seize the vehicle. You'd think they would have let him get across the bridge before they seized it.

Anyways, when Bob Green's cousin Len Pelletier was shot at picking up his son from school in Langley that was in the news and no one died. That was a public safety issue. When Jody York's house in Langley was shot at, that made the news even though no one died. It's all a public safety issue. Like that recent shooting in Vancouver. Many shots were fired but only two hit the truck. That puts the public at risk.

We're going to have to do better about warning the public about shootings in their community even if it didn't result in a fatality.

I'm still trying to find out what happend with Giles in court today.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Slavko Ilic from Blackwater caught with 35 kilos of cocaine in Kitchener Ontario

OK here’s one a reader sent in about a former Blackwater trainer named Slavko Ilic who was convicted of cocaine trafficking in Kitchener, Ontario back in 2008 after 35 kilograms of cocaine was found in the trunk of his car. The investigation of Ilic had all started after police had seized another 46 kilograms of cocaine and arrested two Kitchener men at the U.S. border in Sarnia two months prior. The size of the seizure and the location of the trafficking is one of those things that makes ya go hmmmmm. Or should I say aHA.

Well, guess what. The guy is out of prison already and according to the Cambridge Times holds one of two Adult Entertainment Licenses in Cambridge, just outside of Kitchener. He appeared before council’s general meeting on Monday, May 19th in hopes that Cambridge will enforce the bylaws and close down all the other unlicensed massage parlours. Trying to get a monopoly on the industry. Gee, where have we heard that before?

The question is, how on earth did this guy get a massage parlour license in the first place? Don’t they do criminal record checks in that shady industry controlled mostly by organized crime? That is suspicious indeed. He should not have a license for that anywhere in Canada.

Kristopher Pribic was later convicted of cocaine trafficking later on and was part of the same drug trafficking network in Kitchener. Kristopher's father Zivian, was a biker and cocaine dealer, an influence cited by the defence to help explain his career choice. A biker and a cocaine dealer in Ontario. Gee I wonder which club he was with. Sources claim Slavko was involved with Zivian Pribic. We know that Dominico Esposito is a Hells Angels associate in Kitchener. "When you arrest someone for drugs and ask who it's from, they say it's HA coke. Ninety per cent of the time it's HA coke," says a police officer in the Kitchener area, a Hells Angels stronghold.

Here’s a couple of links about Blackwater guys in Iraq doing steroids and cocaine.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Daytime shooting in Vancouver’s West end

There was a shooting in Vancouver’s West end yesterday at 3:00 PM. A black pick up truck was shot at near Jervis and Comox. A local resident told the Vancouver Province that he heard bang, bang bang and thought kids were throwing firecrackers. The target driving the pick up was not injured and left the scene. Police caught up with him as he was driving across the Burrard Street bridge and seized his vehicle for the investigation.

Reports came in that the truck was riddled with bullets yet only two bullet holes were seen. One dangerously close to the driver in the bottom of the driver side window and another on the rear left quarter panel. The police found shell casings in the alley behind Jervis and Comox. Judging from the photos in the paper, the police had numerous markers on the ground implying several shots were fired.

So although several shots were fired only two shots that we know of actually hit the vehicle and the driver was uninjured. Not like the recent daytime shooting in surrey where the shooter fired several shots from point blank range through the windshield right into the target.

Although the name of the intended target in this case is not being released, police state the shooting was targeted and gang related.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Canada needs less MPs and BC needs less MLAs

The Vancouver Province published a stellar editorial in today’s paper about the number of MPs we have in Canada. They said we need less MPs not more and they are absolutely right.

“The U.S., with about 314 million citizens, has 435 congress-men. Why does Canada, with a population one-tenth the size, need 308 MPs, let alone the 338 now being proposed? Britain, with nearly 63 million citizens, has 650 MPs, but is reducing that to 600, in part to cut the cost of government. With the cost of our Parliament pushing $600 million a year, cutting the number of MPs would free up tax dollars for more important programs.”

Here here! Can we get an Amen on that brother? Canada already has a hugely bloated parliament and Canada's 10 electoral boundaries commissions are holding public hearings to sell Canadians on a plan to increase the number of seats in Parliament to 338 from the current 308. Get off the crack! This is what’s wrong with pork barrel politics.

Part of the problem is that everyone wants more. Everyone wants more tax dollars spent in their riding. BC has an increasing population and some want that increase in population to reflect an increase in the number of MPs. Breaking news folks, as long as the number of MP’s is a percentage ration of population to MP, then it’s fair and everyone is equally represented. That means we can cut MPs and as long as we do it proportionately, we will save money and keep equal representation. We need to follow up on this.

Increasing the number of MPs should be stopped and we should follow England’s example of reducing the number of MP’s proportionately to save money. Especially in BC. They keep giving themselves raises and gold plated pensions so we need to cut the over all number of MLAs. That legislature is way over crowed as it is. It’s a very old building and they don’t have enough room to expand the floor. Cutting the MLA proportionately will save money and solve the problem of having to build another Legislature.

Internet Explorer bug

Microsoft is warning about a new IE bug that hackers have discovered. They have yet to release a fix but they have some advice on how to protect yourself in the interim. I didn’t see use another browser on their list.

Ya gotta wonder about who hacked into the hole in the first place. It’s like those spyware companies that put spyware on your computer that says your computer is infected download and buy this program to fix it. I’m not going to download that program. Those are the bastards that put the spyware on my computer in the first place. They should be going to jail not getting money from me. You have to make sure the patch you do download is from a trusted web site.


Microsoft has the fix now. You can download it through windows update.

Monday, September 17, 2012

More violent murders in Mexico’s repulsive drug violence

The dismembered bodies of 17 men were found Sunday on a farm in a part of central Mexico disputed by violent drug cartels. The bodies were naked, mutilated and stacked with chains around their necks. They had been killed elsewhere and dumped on the property.

Some 60,000 people have died in drug-related violence in Mexico since late 2006. On Friday, 16 dead bodies were found in northern Mexico. Nine of those dead were found hanging from a bridge in the northern border city of Nuevo Laredo.

Authorities have warned of an increase in gang violence following the arrest of Jorge Eduardo "El Coss" Costilla, the top boss at the Gulf drug cartel, one of the country's seven powerful crime syndicates. Costilla's arrest came one week after authorities detained Mario Cardenas, another top Gulf Cartel leader.

Now let’s take a step back and remember a recent headline about the HSBC getting caught laundering money for the Mexican cartels. The scandal drew in British trade minister “lord” Green after Labour warned he had "serious questions" to answer about the way the bank laundered money for drug cartels, terrorists and pariah states while he was at the helm.

Green was chief executive of Britain's biggest bank between 2003 and 2006 and was its chairman until 2010 when he resigned to take up a position of trade minister in the coalition government.

A damning Senate report - which concluded the bank had a "pervasively polluted" culture - covers the period 2004 to 2010 and shows that HSBC subsidiaries moved billions of dollars around the financial system from countries such as Iran and Syria as well moving cash for Mexican drug cartels.

However, “lord” Strathclyde, the leader of the upper house, brushed off Labour requests for Green to answer questions on the grounds that he is not accountable to peers for his business career. I kid you not. That is evil. Nothing but. OK so it’s time to re examine that scandal. Good thing I didn’t call it a conspiracy because no one would think it really happened when in reality it did.

Just like the BCCI’s laundering of drug money was tied to senior intelligence agencies, the HSBC’s money laundering appears to be tied to senior government officials. Kinda like the Rupert Murdoch wire tapping scandal. The banking spin doctors did a magnificent smoke and mirrors presentation on behalf of ll Green. They said of all people he must be the most shocked and disappointed because he has always been the moral compass of the banking industry. Bravo! What a hilarious performance. What’s worse is the people bought it. Sad but true. Why? Because the opposition parties weren’t allowed to ask him any questions about it. That is NOT a democracy. Oh right, monarchy and all.

I’m not going to get too much into it today, but I will. We need to follow up on the major banks that have been involved in money laundering for the Mexican cartels that were no doubt also tied to Operation Fast and Furious. We can’t let Obama’s Oliver north take the fall for this. We need to follow the money and follow up on the money laundering in the banking industry. Including but not limited to the Carroll Foundation Charitable Trust fraud tied to the HSBC.

The point I want to stress here is that a British politician who was CEO of the HSBC during the time it was accused of laundering drug money for the Mexican cartel is being protected from having to answer questions in the British Parliament because some idiot who calls himself a lord says he doesn’t have to answer any questions about his involvement in the money laundering on the grounds that he is not accountable to peers for his business career. That needs to be addressed.

Lawyers for two RCMP officers withdraw from case

Lawyers for two RCMP officers charged in the breach of their duties in the Surrey Six investigation have withdrawn from the case because they haven’t been paid. Crossin said he could not continue to represent his client for ethical reasons but would assist him in seeking to obtain legal aid.

Ethical reasons? They both said it was because they hadn’t been paid and were both helping their clients apply for legal aid. Strange choice of words. This is the case where that cop from IHIT that had an affair with a witness and the other cops that covered it up. Sad.

Sounds like there are two other lawyers represent two other officer that might follow suit if they can’t get a confirmation about the force paying their legal fees. No offence, but that’s something even the Union wouldn’t do. Oh but wait, you don’t have a Union. Expecting the employer to pay for your lawyer when you’ve been charged with a criminal offense is quite a stretch of the imagination. But hey, it’s worth a try. Stranger things have happened. Jim Brown and Don Stang still have a job.

Wayne Scott sentenced to 3 ½ years

Great Scott, granddad’s going to jail. Here’s a guy who’s daughter was the girlfriend of one of the Bacon brothers and had a child with him. The girl’s father gets nabbed in a drug conspiracy ring with the Bacon brother and gets sentenced to three and a half years in prison for his role. OK so that was his girlfriend’s father but what about his own father and mother? Wire tap evidence showed that not only were they aware of it, they were involved as well. Not only does that make them bad parents, it also makes them an accessory to the crime.

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Letter to Christy Clark

A couple people sent me this link and I saw it posted on someone’s facebook so I suppose it’s going viral. Evan Solomon from the CBC wrote an open letter to Christy Clark expressing some valid concerns including the fact that she just canceled the fall sitting of parliament. Gordon Campbell and Stephen Harper both have pulled the same stunt in the past.

The whole idea of cancelling an entire session of parliament is problematic. No other industry in the world pays you for not going to work. Let alone give you an obscene raise and gold plated pension for booking off. Since they’re cancelling the fall session they should return that portion of their yearly salary. It’s only fair.

Letting a political party with no approval rating whatsoever meet to create news laws is a bit scary but we all know the real reason for cancelling the fall session is two fold. They don’t want to have to answer questions from the opposition. It is a form of censorship. They also don’t want to get caught in a non confidence vote which would spur an election and their subsequent demise earlier than they can squeeze out another pay cheque.

Now I will say that Christy Clark was Gordon Campbell’s Liberals best chance at saving the party from the brink of destruction. We can’t blame Christy Clark for what Gordon Campbell did any more than we can blame Kim Campbell for what Brian Mulroney did. Both women were left with their predecessors trash. The problem was all the other MLAs were part of the same Campbell Cabal that arrogantly steam rolled right over voters democratic will. The current rats leaving that sinking ship are just that, rats.

Which brings us to the next concern. The leadership rumblings in the provincial conservatives. What a scam that is. The media claimed there was some kind of internal rift over the new leadership of the party. Oh really? He’s the one that put it on the map. It’s the fastest growing party in the country. Who on earth could have a problem with that? His only MLA? Well that explains it. We shouldn’t have let van Dongen cross over. He is still consumed in the Campbell cabal arrogance and has been swept away in his pride.

Why is politics such a dirty business? Selfishness and greed permeate the process. The idea of service is lost. With all these rats leaving the Campbell Cabal’s sinking ship, it is clear they want to infiltrate and destroy freedom’s hope in BC just like they did federally by letting Harper turn Reform into Mulroneyism. They very evil they set out to change. A sad day indeed. It’s a mess filled with selfishness and greed. Locally and internationally.

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Bandidios in BC

I forgot to mention I was speaking with someone who claimed they saw a group of about 40 Bandidios driving up the Coquihalla just north of Hope a few weeks ago. He said he also saw a group of Hells angels shortly thereafter travelling in a group heading in the same direction. It was as though they were having a meeting of some sort. Seeing both groups on the same freeway heading then same direction was suspicious indeed.

The source isn’t the type to make up some bs story. A recent comment on the blog claiming Bandidios have been sighted in the north Okanagan reminded me of the claim and is another confirmation of the sighting. We don’t really have Bandidios in BC. We know they’re in Bellingham. We remember the Bandidio massacre in Ontario. They sound like more drug dealers as opposed to a legitimate MC.

In November, 2006, Glenn Merritt of the Bellingham, Washington chapter was sentenced to four years in prison for drug possession and trafficking in stolen property. A total of 32 members were indicted in the associated investigation, on charges including conspiracy, witness tampering, and various drug and gun violations. Eighteen of those plead guilty. They were trafficking crystal meth and selling stolen Harleys. Maybe they wanna get a piece of Johnny Newcome’s racket.

Pretty significant since although the Bandidos started in Texas, some claim their HQ is now in Bellingham. We know some of the German Bandidios crossed over to join the Hells Angels. It’s all about the money to be made from the drug trade. And stolen motorcycles of course.

Here’s a rather amusing story of a member of the border Riders MC meeting some Badidios in Bellingham. I hadn’t heard of the border riders either. To each their own : )

Teresa Mitchell-Banks new director of enforcement for the BC Securities Commission

Investment fraud specialist, David Baines from the Vancouver Sun is reporting that Teresa Mitchell-Banks, the former head of B.C.’s organized crime prosecution unit has been appointed to be the director of enforcement for the BC Securities Commission.

Sounds like this is a step forward. Both David Baines and Kim Bolan claim Mitchell-Banks is competent and accessible. Baines did express the concern that Mitchell-Banks background is with criminal prosecutions and that the vast majority of the commission’s enforcement efforts are pursued through administrative hearings, where penalties are limited to market suspensions and fines, rather than through criminal prosecutions.

However, BCSC executive director Paul Bourque said “We allege fraud in many cases, and the difference between administrative and criminal fraud is just one of intent.” In recent years, the commission has been stepping up its criminal investigations and pressing Crown counsel to take securities offenders to criminal court, where jail sentences can be imposed.

A step forward indeed. Investment fraud is a huge problem in the modern world that effects pensions, markets and tax dollars. Focusing in on the criminal aspect of today’s investment fraud is crucial to our civil liberty. It is often tied to money laundering through drug trafficking like with Bandera gold.

Friday, September 14, 2012

Kim’s Back

Nice to see Kim Bolan’s back on her blog. Readers have been in withdrawal. Interesting to note she’s reporting that Rob Sidhu has been arrested in Montreal for his involvement in Rob Shannon's Hells Angel cocaine case in Seattle.

Cocaine bust at Pacific border crossing

A passenger on a bus from Seattle to Vancouver was caught with cocaine. Turns out he had ingested it and passed 66 condoms of cocaine totaling 756 grams while in custody. That is nasty. Same thing happened at the Vancouver International Airport last April. Ricardo Vasquez is charged with unlawfully importing cocaine into Canada and unlawfully importing cocaine for the purpose of trafficking.

New Quebec Premier stops export of Asbestos

Three cheers for the new Quebec Premier. She vowed to kill provincial subsidies for the local asbestos industry since it is proven toxic. As a result the Harper government has finally announced they will no longer oppose the global fight against asbestos. Canada has been selling asbestos to India for a long time. I can’t believe we can find people willing to mine the stuff let alone block attempts to stop it.

9/11: Explosive Evidence - Experts Speak Out

Speaking of 9/11 and the subsequent loss of civil liberties, there was a screening of a movie put out by Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth at Sullivan Hall in Surrey last night. The movie is called 9/11: Explosive Evidence - Experts Speak Out. It was very well done and worth seeing. This is the trailer and this is the movie in it’s entirety. You can purchase a copy of the DVD from their web site.

There are three aspects of the movie. First is the obvious everyone can see and understand. The collapse of the third tower as well as the twin towers looked just a controlled demolition. Never in the history of the world has a large steel framed tower collapsed due to heat and fire. Never. We have seen many examples of large steel framed towers burn for much longer periods of time, becoming completely gutted, and not collapse let alone at freefall speed like a controlled demolition. When you watch videos of the collapse of the towers along side videos of controlled demolitions, they look the same. You don’t have to be an architect or a scientist to see that. That was the first phase of the documentary. It repeatedly stressed that science says the towers fell like a controlled demolition.

The second phase of the movie talked about the molten steel and the heat needed to melt iron. Jet fuel and office fires do not generate the heat required to melt steel. Thermite does and would explain the melted cars found at the base of the towers as well as the intense heat found at the site long after their collapse. Bulldozers were seen lifting red hot metal from the ruble. Witnesses described seeing molten metal flowing at the scene. Scientists claimed they found thermite in the 9/11 dust and refuted claims that the same elements are found in paint and chalk.

The third phase of the movie was something completely new. They brought in a team of psychologists specializing in trauma and grief. They explained that the reason many people adamantly refuse to look at the evidence is that it disturbs their world view. They compared a person’s belief system or their world view to their idea of their home. Showing pictures of a cross stitch home sweet home and a house with a white picket fence, they explained that if you attack someone’s world view they feel as though you are attacking their home, what makes them feel safe, and they will instinctively fight to defend their home or in this case their world view. Even if it defies the evidence.

It reminded me of the saying never tear down a fence without knowing why it was put up. People often build fences of denial to protect them from having a breakdown. Tearing that fence down before they are ready can be harmful. Yet not doing so can result in the loss of even more innocent lives. One psychologist talked about the grief she experienced when her world view was crushed by the 9/11 evidence. She said she had to go for a walk and really process the hurt and grief she felt. I think it was am amazing film and recommend people watch it. Despite the raging insults, I still believe 9/11 was an inside job and that concerns me deeply.

Vultures on Corporate welfare

Interesting editorial in the paper yesterday about corporate welfare. Timely as it was published the same time talks about plans for the next round of stimulus was reported. Remember back in the day when corporate welfare was a bad thing? Conservatives would call it communism. Things have sure changed.

I remember one of the signs from the occupy movement saying “We have privatized gains and socialized losses. That is not capitalism.” Back in the day, corporate welfare was a dirty word. The right who had a hate for Trudeau, would call him a Communist for wanting to create a top heavy government that created jobs by employing people. Yet what they’re doing now is far worse. At least he had a desire to create jobs to strengthen the economy. Now the corrupt politicians simply burn tax dollars by handing out money to banks and Wall Street of all places. It is insane. Back in the day, the right would be screaming fiscal irresponsibility.

The editorial talks about business grants that aren’t paid back. One can legitimately argue that offering business grants will help create jobs and thereby improve the economy and the tax pool. My flaming concern is when we hand over billions of dollars to the banks who as we say, didn’t need it and to investors on Wall Street most of whom history has shown are crooked.

The dismantling of the VSE is a prime example. It was full of fake pump and dump stocks. That trend continues on all the markets. Investment fraud was what caused the Greek financial crisis. What was public money all of a sudden became private money, then mysteriously disappeared through investment fraud. Bailing out investment fraud is insane. Doing it on an ongoing basis is simply criminal. It is a misappropriation of tax dollars. It is a scam.

The Mitt Romney Bain Capital model kills jobs and embezzles money from companies while it feeds the banks with insane interest on loaded debt and fills these vultures’ pockets with insane consulting fees. Business consultants who extract millions of dollars in fees from sinking companies before they go bankrupt should be in jail. They should not be getting tax dollars to help them steal. That applies to Mitt Romney at Bain Capital as well as Newt Gingrich at Fannie Mae. They even call it the vulture fund. We should not be aiding and abetting that kind of fraud with tax dollars.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Tributes pour in for Peter Lougheed

Peter Lougheed has passed away at the age of 84. He was a Conservative leader in Alberta who has been considered the best premier in the province's history. It’s refreshing to see a vigilant politician that is well respected after they leave office instead of being revealed to be a dirty scoundrel like so many others.

Peter Lougheed opposed the Keystone pipeline. However his opposition was based on economic reasons, rather than environmental. "We should be refining the bitumen in Alberta and we should make it public policy in the province," he said.

The U.S. State Department is considering a proposal to extend the pipeline which would carry oil from Alberta's oilsands to Texas with a decision expected by the end of the year. Environmentalists have been aggressively protesting the line saying the heavy oil, or bitumen, that would flow through the line is dirty, toxic and corrosive.

Lougheed told Anna Maria Tremonti of CBC Radio's The Current Tuesday the bitumen should be refined in Alberta."I would prefer...we process the bitumen from the oilsands in Alberta and that would create a lot of jobs and job activity," he said. "That would be a better thing to do than merely send the raw bitumen down the pipeline and they refine it in Texas that means thousands of new jobs in Texas." The Enbridge Partnership is based in Houston.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Two Hells Angels released on Bail

Meanwhile back on the ranch, two Hells Angles arrested in that drug bust following the Kelowna clubhouse raid have been released on bail this morning. Shawn Womacks and Orhan Saydam were released following an appearance before B.C. Supreme Court Associate Chief Justice Austin Cullen in Vancouver. Bail hearings for two of the remaining six accused are ongoing in court.

This is what I mean. We have not seen an improvement in the court system in BC. If they let David Giles and Brian Oldham out on bail, we’re going to have to fire another corrupt judge.

Just for the record, the Vancouver Province reported that eight members of the Hells Angels were charged in that drug trafficking ring not two. That was before Johnny Newcomes’ chop shop was busted. A stolen travel trailer was seized in the drug bust as well.