Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Langford male high on drugs crashed his mobile drug lab

Scan BC is reporting that #Langford crews on scene at Veterans Memorial Pkwy & Sooke Rd after a male high on drugs crashed his mobile drug lab into several cars. Dude, don't drive high.

Another shooting in Surrey and more dead bodies recovered

The Surrey Leader is reporting that a targeted shooting in Newton Tuesday evening has left a man in hospital with a non-life threatening injuries. Surrey RCMP were called to the 12100-block of 68 Avenue at approximately 8 p.m. where they found the victim suffering from a gunshot wound. CBC reported that a burned body found in North Vancouver on Monday was a homicide.

Last Monday the Now Newspaper reported that Police are investigating after two bodies were discovered here within 24 hours, one in a ditch and another next to a grocery store. The first body was discovered around 10:30 p.m. Friday near a Safeway store at 88th Avenue and 152nd Street, said RCMP Staff Sgt. Blair McColl. He said police and paramedics tried to revive the person when they arrived on scene but were unsuccessful. On Sunday afternoon, police identified the dead man as Greg Lupel, 27, of no fixed address. He was known to frequent the Surrey area, police stated. "Mr. Lupel’s death is suspicious, and IHIT (the Integrated Homicide Investigation Team) will continue investigating to ensure nothing is overlooked," Corporal Meghan Foster of IHIT said. "An autopsy and further testing is required to determine Mr. Lupel’s cause of death, and to determine if foul play was a factor."

Meanwhile, at just before 3 p.m. Saturday, a second body was discovered in a water-filled ditch by a mother and two children walking down the 3600-block of 176th Street. McColl said it appeared as though the body had “been there some time.” An underwater recovery team was deployed to investigate. There is no known cause of death and IHIT was not called. Investigators remained on scene Saturday evening. “We have a number of avenues to cover off — whether it’s an accident, whether it’s anything else,” McColl said. “We’ve got a lot of area to cover before we make any determinations.”

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Former president of Sonoma County Hells Angels charged with sexual assault

The San Fransisco Gate is reporting that When a 49-year-old Santa Rosa woman learned her husband was about to be stripped of his membership in the notorious Hells Angels Motorcycle Club, police say she met with a member over the weekend to get answers. Instead of receiving an explanation, officials say she was sexually assaulted by the former president of the outlaw biker group’s Sonoma County chapter and forced to comply for the sake of her husband’s safety. Her attacker, 53-year-old Rohnert Park resident Raymond Michael Foakes, was arrested Monday night on suspicion of sexual assault, victim intimidation, stalking and gang participation.

Brothers Forever Forever Brothers or at least until we kick your ass out and treat you like sh*t.

Trudeau greenlights Trans Mountain expansion, Enbridge Line 3, but rejects Northern Gateway

The Calgary Herald is reporting that the Liberal Government has rejected the Northern Gteway Pipeline proposal which was to send crude tar sands oil through the Bear Rain Forest. Instead they approved the Enbridge line 3 project which would send the tar sands crude oil through an expanded existing line from Hardistry, Alberta to Superior, Wisconsin.

They have also approved the twining of the existing pipeline from Alberta to Burnaby which would increase tanker traffic in the port of Vancouver. I'm not sure what the status of the proposal to pipe Natural Gas to Kitimat is. I got the impression the Liberal Government was OK with that one.

What are we doing with all the petroleum coke that is left over from all the tar sands oil we are currently refining in Vancouver? Are the tankers taking it without refining it? We know that navigating tankers all the way to Kitimat is very problematic.

Some people protest everything. People were even protesting the twining or expansion of the Port Mann bridge. That was ridiculous. People were rightfully concerned about cutting a new pipeline through the Bear Rainforest for toxic tar sands crude. They said no to the proposal. That was a huge victory. Twinning two existing lines is a fair compromise. Protesters who can't accept that are simply unable to compromise anything and don't represent the majority of Canadians.

Saturday, November 26, 2016

Castro is dead: Viva la Francois Hollande

Various world leaders have come out with some pretty absurd statements in reaction to the recent passing of Fidel Castro. Justin Trudeau takes the cake for twilight zone absurdity. Obviously no one wants to speak ill of the dead and trash someone after they have died. That would be disrespectful to the grieving family. Yet it becomes a concern for world peace when we rewrite history and misrepresent Communism to be good when we have clearly seen that it is not.

I understand that Justin Trudeau's father was friends with Fidel and that Justin met Fidel when he came to his fathers funeral. I respect that. However, I have serious concerns about the Marxist Leninist atheist state Fidel created after seizing power as a dictator following the revolution. All dictatorships are bad whether they be left or right. I agree the Batista government was no better than Castro. The CIA and the United States should not have endorsed such a corrupt government. That indeed paved the way for the tide to change in the wrong kind of revolution which created a Communist state instead of a free republic.

Conservative leadership hopeful Lisa Raitt stated No @JustinTrudeau, Castro was not a 'remarkable leader', he murdered and imprisoned thousands of men, women and children. She's right. Putin made reference to the free and independent Cuba created by Castro. That is absolutely absurd. Cuba is anything but free and independent.

Francois Hollande, the socialist president of France was the voice of reason in the debate. Reuters is reporting that "Fidel Castro was a towering figure of the 20th century. He incarnated the Cuban revolution, in both its hopes and subsequent disillusionments," Hollande said in a statement. "France, which condemned human rights abuses in Cuba, had equally challenged the U.S. embargo on Cuba, and France was glad to see the two countries re-establish dialogue and open ties between themselves," added the Socialist party leader.

Cuba is not a free republic. They have political prisoners. Yet enforcing a trade embargo with Cuba while promoting trade with Communist China is absurd. China has far worse human rights violations than Cuba. Ignoring that is socially irresponsible.

La Niña is a Netflix series about FARC in Columbia. It is even better than Narcos because it is made in Columbia not by Hollywood. The story is heartfelt and real providing profound insight into that conflict. Farc is a Communist revolutionary group that has enslaved Columbia for years.

Update: Reuters is reporting that "Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau will not attend the funeral of Fidel Castro, his office said on Monday, days after Trudeau's warm comments about the late Cuban leader sparked a backlash."

That's kind of unfortunate. I don;t want to be a part of a lynch mob. I recognize that Castro was a friend of his father and that he attended his father's funeral. I don't have a problem with Justin respectfully attending Castro's funeral. I'm just concerned with blanket endorsements of revolutionary Communism. Like I said, Cuba's human rights record was not as bad as China's.

Snoop Dogg and Martha Stewart's new reality series

On the lighter side, in the spirit of diversity, Snoop Dogg and Martha Stewart have teamed up for a new reality TV series. Now that looks like fun. A little refreshing comedy to lighten up the day. Snoop Dogg claims of the two of them he's the one that's not a convicted felon. With the legalization of marijuana in so many states it will be intersting to see just what those two cook up.

On the subject of multiculturalism, a friend from the Falun Gong recently sent me a link about a great annual presentation in Vancouver called Shen Yun. It's a magnificent Chinese cultural extravaganza each year that's well worth seeing.

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Quebec police raid drug-trafficking ring tied to Hells Angels

CBC is reporting that "about 70 police officers are raiding locations linked to a drug-trafficking ring on Montreal's South Shore this morning. Police say the ring is controlled by alleged members of the Devils Ghosts, which is affiliated with the Hells Angels."

In 2015 CBC reported that five members of the Devils Ghosts were charged with drug trafficking after a kilo of cocaine was seized.

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Russia moves nuclear missiles closer to Europe

The Telegraph is reporting that "Vladimir Putin, the Russian president, said on Monday he would move nuclear-capable missiles closer to Europe in response to Nato's expansion in the Baltic states. In a bold display of force against Western allies, Russian S-400 surface-to-air missiles and a ballistic Iskander system will be deployed in Kaliningrad, which is situated between Lithuania and Poland. Iskander missiles have a range of 450 miles, which means they could hit Berlin if launched from Kaliningrad."

Hillary Clinton was the one that sold him the weapons grade uranium for his nuclear missiles.

Monday, November 21, 2016

Shots fired in south Surrey

The Surrey RCMP is reporting that Shots fired outside South Surrey hotel early this morning believed to be targeted. 9 arrested; 1 minor injury due to glass fragments. News 1130 is reporting that RCMP have made nine arrests after they say was a targeted shooting in a hotel parking lot early this morning. Mounties got reports of shots fired just after 3 a.m. at the Pacific Inn on King George Boulevard near 8th Avenue.

Another earthquake hits Japan, Fukushima residents flee tsunami

Reuters is reporting that an earthquake with a preliminary magnitude of 7.3 hit northern Japan on Tuesday, the Japan Meteorological Agency said, issuing tsunami advisories for much of the nation's northern Pacific coast. I thought the earthquake had to be further offshore to generate a tsunami. CNN is reporting a three foot wave heading for Fukushima. However, it does not appear the current size of the wave is large enough to breach the seawall. Yet.

Speaking of Fukushima, did they ever get that reactor leak fixed after the last earthquake? Pretty soon our sushi will glow in the dark.

Saturday, November 19, 2016

Crime Promotion still front and centre for Surrey Mayor

The Vancouver Sun / Vancouver Province ran yet another monthly promotional peice for the new Surrey mayor entitled Crime Promotion still front and centre for Surrey Mayor. For some reason the article wasn't in the comic section it was in the other news.

The Postmedia Marketing Network is in full effect. If they don't arrest the drug dealers publically selling fentanyl laced drugs, all this PR smoke and mirrors is just one great big lie.

Canada might buy Super Hornets

The National Post is reporting that a Liberal government proposal to buy Super Hornet fighter jets as a replacement for the air force’s aging CF-18s is back on the table.

Finally someone with a brain. Boeing is good - Lockheed Martin is bad. The Super Hornet work in the Canadian Arctic. The F-35s don't. Canada can't do the mid air refueling for the F-35's. It's just not cost effective. That whole F-35 scam was tied to insider trading within the Harper government. The Super Hornets are a much better investment.

Opening up the bidding process is pointless since Lockheed Martin has a past history of underbidding to secure a contract then over charging once they have it. That's one of the reasons they've been in court so many times for fraud.

Thursday, November 17, 2016

More Fentanyl Overdoses

There has been more Fentanyl overdoses in BC. The Daly Hive is reporting that there was 11 in one day in the DTES. Maple Ridge has been hit hard as well. September the Maple Ridge times reported four more Fentanyl fatalities. There was 63 in BC for the month of October alone.

Yesterday the Vancouver Sun / Vancouver Province highlighted the death of 21 year old Charly Ann Torikka in Maple Ridge Novemeber 6th. Another young woman who did a line of cocaine recreationally and ended up dead because it had Fentanyl in it. Just like Leanne Yardley in Surrey.

Leanne was at Shakerz in Surrey and simply did a line of cocaine recreationally. She did not know it was straight fentanyl not cocaine and died. It wouldn't be very hard to conduct an investigation into finding out who was the drug dealer that sold them the tainted drugs and arrest them. That would be the logical conclusion to such a malicious crime.

Failing to do so isn't just stupidity, it is criminal culpability. Instead of implementing the Four Pillars and enforcing the law by arresting drug dealers that sell tainted drugs, the extremists cry out for more lethal injection sites to help these predatory drug dealers do more business and make more money. That is the biggest human tragedy we now face in Canada.

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

The Fall of Postmedia News

On the front page of today's Vancovuer Province was the headline Man shot by police was former Falun Gong activist. The breaking news was not the fact that someone accused of armed robbery was shot dead by police in Burnaby after stabbing a police officer and a store employee. That was old news. The front page breaking news was the fact that he was a Falun Gong activist and participated in the Tiananmen Square protest.

So this must mean that Falun Gong activists are crazy and the Communist government of China is justified for holding them political prisoners and executing them for their organs right? Wrong. It is more absurd propaganda which is exactly what the state run newspapers in Communist China do. This was a white guy from Calgary who went to China and supported a Falun Gong protest over ten years ago and hasn't had anything to do with the group since.

They even had the audacity to cite the fact that he was involved in the Tiananmen Square protest in 2001. Does that mean the Tiananmen square massacre was justified when the Communist government used live ammunition on protesters calling for more freedom in China? Absolutely not.

They weren't even talking about the Tiananmen Square massacre in 1989. They were talking about the false flag event set up by the Communist government in 2001 used to defame Falun Gong practitioners so they could rationalize and justify their unlawful imprisonment.

I could understand reading this kind of putrid propaganda in a State run newspaper in Communist China but here in Canada? Does the Communist government now own Postmedia News? Is that what happens when the Chief Editor of the Vancouver Sun takes over the Vancouver Province? Shame on you. That kind of propaganda diminishes all of us. Buyer Beware.

Saturday, November 12, 2016

Trump wants to reopen 9/11 investigation

The Daily Star is reporting that Donald Trump pledged to launch a fresh probe into the 2001 September 11 attacks. “First of all, the original 9/11 investigation is a total mess and has to be reopened." Speculating over the collapse of the skyscraper after the attack, he said: “How do two planes take out three buildings in the same day? I never got my head around the fact that nothing is mentioned about the destruction of Building 7 in the 585-page document.”

Wait a minute... is that Donald Trump speaking or Jesse Ventura? This is a prime example of how although no two people agree on every issue, no two people disagree on every issue either. Truthers can support this quest. Let's just hope he doesn't get shot before that happens.

In the documentary 9/11 Explosive Evidence Experts Speak out, experts in the field of controlled demolition declare that the only way three towers can collapse at freefall speed into their own blueprint is if the load bearing beams are blown out. That is what experts in the field declare.

Looking past the extremists we need to realize that a lot of people who voted for Donald Trump aren't racist. They just want a decent job and want the economy to improve. Renegotiating NAFTA is a step forward that we all can support.

We need to realize that the CIA will pay agitators to paint swastikas on public property. In Canada CSIS created the Heritage Front. Everyone knows that painting a swastika on a building now is like pissing on a good soldiers grave. It is not something any of us support.

Oprah Winfrey's Voice of Reason

The Hollywood Reporter is reporting that while speaking to the Associated Press on Thursday, Oprah Winfrey admitted that she was in disbelief at Donald Trump's win and Hillary Clinton's shocking defeat on Tuesday. But the media mogul was seemingly so impressed by the President-elect's meeting with President Obama that her feelings took a different turn, as she tweeted, "Everybody take a deep breath! Hope Lives!"

She isn't saying cave in to bigotry. She's saying she met him and feels the guy has been humbled. I've lived in Belfast and I've lived in Israel. I've seen the blind sectarian animosity perpetuating the you kill one of ours and we kill one of yours insanity for generations. Wait 'till I tell ye, there is no logical conclusion to that kind of violence. It continues forever. There is no logic in it. This is exactly what Martin Luther King meant when he said the old law of an eye for an eye leaves everyone blind. I've seen it. We need to rise above the hate and the lies.

Take the movie Gran Torino. Clint Eastwood played a redneck Archie bunker type who ws less than impressed with the immigrants that moved in next door and were talking over the neighbourhood. After he got to know them he ended up protecting them from the gang banger bullies within their community and ultimately risked his life to save them.

He ended up leaving his prize possession, his flawless Gran Torino to the immigrant kid next door because he had ended up getting closer to him and his family than his own kids and grand kids who turned out to be ungrateful spoilt brats. If you get to know them you just might be surprised.

There are many different forms of racism. In Rwanda we saw a bizarre tribal conflict that resulted in a modern day genocide. In Fort Langley the fur traders helped protect the local First Nations from a rival tribe that would raid them and carry them away as slaves.

I spoke with a Latino in Langley who had spent some time in LA. He told me how he and a friend had stumbled into black area. Before they could leave they were surrounded by a large group of black men who closed in on them. Right before they kicked their ass he just bowed his head and closed his eyes giving in to the fact that they were going to get badly beaten. Then all of a sudden he felt a gust of wind rising up beside him. He looked up and saw a police helicopter hovering right above them which dispersed the mob. They were very fortunate.

New York wasn't like that. When I was there, half the guys were black, the other half were Puerto Rican. There was no conflict between the two. No one gave me a hard time for being white despite the fact that I was the visible minority. In the midle of the night another white guy from Queens took me on a tour of Spanish Harlem to see the elephant grave yard where they dumped all the stolen cars and had them on blocks after stripping them down. In New York there was no conflict between Harlem and Spanish Harlem. They got along great. Tupac even rapped about it.

All this petty hate we are starting to see diminishes us as a society. We need to rise above it.

Friday, November 11, 2016

Shunning Extremism

As the dust settles we have seen brief glimpses of two ugly extremes after the US election. People protesting the results of a democratic election and others promoting hate. Communism and Fascism are BOTH WRONG. They are two ugly extremes that end at the same place.

As Martin Luther King declared: "I've seen too much hate to want to hate, myself, and every time I see it I say to myself that hate is too great a burden to bear." Diversity makes us strong. "It is better to light one candle than curse all the darkness." Lao Tzu

Let there be Peace on earth and let it begin with me.

I still believe in the Canadain Mosaic.

Macklemore speaks out on Addiction

As we have heard in the news, the US crack epidemic of the /80's has been replaced with a new modern day heroin epidemic that is sweeping the United States and infiltrating the middle class. We have seen pictures of parents overdosing in their cars with their child sitting in the back seat. This tragedy is the result of doctors overprescribing painkillers. People can't afford the painkillers so they turn to heroin which is cheaper. Another tragic result of the invasion of Afghanistan. Here at home Macklemore speaks out on Addiction. Peace.

A shout out to Leonard Cohen "Well, maybe there is a God above, but all that I've ever learned from love was how to shoot someone who outdrew you. It's not a cry that you hear tonight, and it is not some pilgram who claims to have seen the light. It's a cold and it is a broken Hallelujah."

Remembrance Day: Lest we forget

Today is Remembrance Day in Canada which is known as Veterans Day in the United States remembering the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month in 1918 when World War I came to an end. World War I was referred to as the war to end all wars. Sadly, it was repeated and we need to remember how and why it was repeated.

Adolf Hitler burned down the German Parliament building and blamed it on terrorists so he could become Chancellor just like Senator Palpatine in Star Wars. Then he burned down a German radio station and blamed it on Poland to justify the invasion of Poland. The rest is history.

In Flanders Fields is a poem written by Lieutenant Colonel John McCrae durring WWI referring to the poppies that grow at Flanders Fields in France where some major battles took place. I wrote a bog post in 2011 about how we have gone from Flander's Fields in France to the Opium Fields in Afghanistan. A sombering thought indeed.

In Guildford Mall they have a few war memorials set up. One of them had a poster of all the soldiers that died in Afghanistan. We lost a lot of good soldiers in Afghanistan. One of them was Bill Turner. He was a postal worker from Edmonton who joined the reserves. In his eulogy they said he was the type of person that would say, Hi my name is Bill, I'm here to help. Someone who gave his all not to invade another country but to serve others.

We invaded Afghanistan after 9/11. We were told it was because Afghanistan did the 9/11 bombing on the three Towers in New York only the Bin Laden confession video didn't look anything like Bin Laden. Iraq wasn't invaded for 9/11. They were invaded for having Weapons of Mass destruction only none were found. It was really about oil. So was Afganistan. Oil and opium.

The Texas oil barons were wining and dining the Taliban trying to win the contract for the Central Asian Gas pipeline across Afghanistan. After they decided to get Argentina to build the pipeline instead of an American firm, 9/11 occurred and they were invaded. After the invasion that decision was reversed and the American firm regained the contract for the pipeline.

Right before the invasion, the Taliban had brought opium production to a grinding halt. After the invasion Afghanistan returned to become the world's largest producer of opium. That was the result of the invasion. US troops were openly protecting the opium fields claiming that if we didn't do it the Taliban would which was another bold faced lie.

Canadians participated in the Korean war which was a good thing. As we have seen, stopping Communist or Fascist invasions is good. Promoting drug trafficking is not. Lest we forget.

On the brigher side, there's a new war movie in the theatres that's worth seeing called Hacksaw Ridge. Like the November Man it's also based on a true story. It's about an American soldier who went to war and refused to fire a bullet. In basic training his fellow soldiers would bully him and beat him. On the battlefield he earned their respect. He would run into battle and risk his life saving wounded soldiers one at a time. It's a heartwarming story about a different kind of valour.

Thursday, November 10, 2016

The End of the Bush Clinton Fraud Era

Moving forward in a posative direction it is also important to note that the election of Donald Trump represents the End of the Bush Cinton Fraud Era which has infiltraited the office of president for the past five generations.

We've talked about the Gary Webb story which was portrayed in the movie Kill the Messenger and confirmed in Freeway Ricky's Crack in the System. Gary Webb claimed the CIA was responsible for the US crack epidemic in the /80's and documented everything. He was right. Operation Fast and Furious showed us that Iran Contra never stopped. It all started with George Bush Senior and the Vietnam war.

George Bush Sr was the one that got the CIA addicted to drug trafficking in Vietnam. They created the Golden Triangle. War hero Bo Gritz was the first witness to step up to the plate confirming George Bush Sr's involvement with drug trafficking in Vietnam. Terry Reed was the next witness to document it. Jonathan Kwitny documented their creation of the Golden Triangle in his book the Crimes of Patriots.

The rationalization behind the drug trafficking in Vietnam was the same as the motivation behind the drug trafficking in Nicaragua. They claimed the end justified the means. They claimed they were selling drugs to raise money to fight the spread of Communism. Fighting Communism is a good thing. Selling drugs is not. Time has revealed that their original premise was a lie. They weren't trying to fight Communism at all. They are the ones trying to bring it in.

I don't believe Reagan was part of the fraud. I believe he was conned by it. George Bush Sr told Reagan that Barry Seal was smuggling drugs for the other guys not them and Reagan believed it. Bush lied. Barry Seal was working for them all along. Now that Trump has been elected it will be interesting to see if the new movie about Barry Seal played by Tom Cruise will be as censored as Narcos was. So it all started when George Bush Sr. was director of the CIA then Vice President of the United States.

When George Bush Sr was President, Bill Clinton was Governor of Arkansas when Mena was the hub of the CIA's drug trafficking ring. Hilary Clinton was just as involved as her husband Bill through her law firm in Little Rock. Terry Reed's book Compromised clearly illustrated Bill Clinton's direct connection to George Bush Sr and the CIA's drug trafficking in Mena.

Chip Tatum was another witness confirming Bill Clinton's involvement in the CIA's drug trafficking out of Meena. Even Ron Paul talked about it. Fast forward to Hillary Clinton 2016.

Hillary Clinton was the author of Operation Fast and Furious. Obama was a great guy and a wonderful speaker but he used executive privilege to hide Operation Fast and Furious for Hillary. When Hillary Clinton was Secretary of State under Obama, she financially benefitted from convincing the United States government to sell arms to ISIS through Qatar and Saudi Arabia. History has recorded that. The fact that 50% of Americans voted for her anyways shows how deep the Bush Clinton Fraud still reigns in the minds of the mainstream media.

So let's look past the Operation AJAX demonstrations and thank God that era of fraud is dead and pray we will have the courage and fortitude to remove that cancer from our government. Peace.

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

The November Man

I recently watched the November Man with Pierce Brosnan on Netflix. Obviously it was fiction, but just like American Odyssey it's not only plausible, it actually happened. The story line claims that the Russian President used a false flag attack to rationalize the Chechen war and get elected. That actually did happen in real life.

In 1999, the Russian KGB allegedly conducted a wave of bombings in Russia in order to justify war against Chechnya and put Vladimir Putin into power. This was apparently a false flag attack wrongfully blamed on Chechen terrorists. September 22, 1999, locals in the regional town of Ryazan saw three men emerging from the cellars of a block of flats who later turned out to be FSB officers. When local police checked the cellars they found sacks of high explosive wired up to a detonator. The FSB later attempted to explain away the incident by claiming that the entire operation was a training exercise.

Then the November Man movie reveals it was actually the CIA that did the attack to help the Russian President get elected. That actually did happen in real life. Graham Fuller was with the CIA and was tied to Iran Contra as well as the Boston bombing. Investigative reporter Daniel Hopsicker demonstrated that the address for the Congress of Chechen International Organizations just happened to be the home address of Graham E. Fuller, formerly Vice Chairman of the Reagan-era CIA's National Intelligence Council.

The November Man is an entertaining movie. Just like Air America, it is based on a true story.

Hillary Clinton is not an enemy of Vladimir Putin. She sold him weapons grade uranium.

Donald Trump and Free Trade

As the dust settles and the shock waves dissipate, one of my coworkers who did not support Trump tried to look on the bright side and agreed the bottom line is that Americans want jobs and are unhappy with the way things have continued to go for many years. One of my pet peeves is these ridiculous Free Trade agreements that have absolutely nothing to do with free trade and everything to do with giving up sovereignty. It all began with NAFTA Chapter 11.

Donald Trump said that NAFTA was the worst trade deal the US ever signed and said he would pull out of the Trans-Pacific Partnership. This could be a good thing for all of us.

One of the logical consequences of NAFTA was seeing American made automobiles assembled in Mexico. If Japanese cars can be assembled in Canada why are American cars assembled in Mexico? Because it's cheaper labour. So Buying American isn't supporting the American economy any more. The American auto industry received a $80 billion bailout from tax dollars which was ultimately spent in Mexico not the United States. So when Donald Trump says NAFTA was a bad deal, there is merit to his argument. Why should a company receive tax dollars to be spent outside the country?

My concern with NAFTA is chapter 11 compensation awards. That hidden clause that says it's illegal for the government to create a law that would inhibit a corporation's ability to make a profit. Under that clause, if the new Donald Trump government said OK we'll give you a bail out but you have to start building cars in America the corporation could sue the government under NAFTA because they can find cheaper labour in Mexico and that law would inhibit their ability to make an extra profit. This is the inherent flaw in these trade agreements.

Under NAFTA chapter 11 Ethyl Corporation sued the Canadian Government and was awarded $20 million because Canada banned a toxic gasoline additive that California also banned. SDMI is a private corporation located in Tallmadge, Ohio specializing in the disposal of hazardous waste including the disposal of PCP contaminated waste. MYERS Canada was incorporated as an SDMI affiliate in 1993. Their business plan was to dispose of Canada’s stockpile of PCP and to open up the border to make Canada a dumping ground for PCP from the United States. Canada banned the dumping of PCPs and the company sued Canada under NAFTA Chapter 11. They were awarded $6 million in their second award. Not including legal costs.

The government was sued under NAFTA for saying you can't dump toxic PCP in Canada. That is absurd. It clearly shows how the trade agreement is flawed and is designed to give up sovereignty not promote trade.

The trade agreement Harper signed with China was even worse. Trump is wise for pulling out of it. Under the new agreement with China, Canada is not allowed to say China can't open up a private organ harvesting hospital in Canada that gets its organs from political prisoners in China because that would inhibit their ability to make a profit. That is why this agreement is pure evil. If Trump pulls out of that agreement, then more power to him.

2016 US Election Results and California Chronic

The New York Times is reporting that Donld Trump has won the 2016 election for the office of the president of the United States. He needed 270 seats to win and he won 279 while Hillary Clinton won 218. The popularity vote was almost tied. In fact Hillary Clinton received a fraction of a percent more popularity than Trump but that did not translate into more sets. Google is confirming the report and is stating that Republicans won the House as well as the Senate.

I am indeed shocked yet I will boldly declare that the sky will not fall. When Trump was leading the race for the Republican nomination I was outraged at his racial hatred and thought I'd never visit the US if he became president. Then when Hillary won the Democrat nomination I thought we were doomed to another era of the Bush Clinton Fraud. All the drug trafficking and all the arms dealing Hillary did as Secretary of State she would continue as President and the Bush Clinton Arms and Drug Dealing fraud would continue unabated.

Consequently I am shocked by the results but don't interpret them as a victory for hate. I interpret them as a victory for law and order. Who knows. Trump could easily buy into the CIA's false flag attacks and continue chasing Edward Snowden and continue destroying the US Constitution with unlawful surveillance. Time will tell. It is quite possible Trump will join in the the CIA's bank breaking investment fraud to raise money for off the book operations and continue the Pentagon's criminal quest to keep siphoning trillions of dollars out of the American taxpayers wallet.

All we know for sure is that Obama was a great guy and eloquent speaker but he was killing the Constitution like all the others in the Bush Clinton Fraud. We know that Hillary was not an enemy of Putin because she was selling him weapons grade uranium. That we do know for sure.

All I'm going to say is that the sky has not fallen. There are a lot of Americans that don't support hate and a lot that oppose corruption in government. Once again I will declare that these are the times Charles Dickens wrote about when he said they are the best of times and the worst of times depending on how we look at it. Now let's look at the issues one by one and debate the issues not the personal attacks. Let's look at the CIA's drug trafficking network that was prolific when the Clintons were in Mena Arkansas and throughout the Bush family's reign. Let's look at Hillary Clinton's involvement with Operation Fast and Furious and let's look at her arms dealing with ISIS so that criminal activity will finally come to an end. Peace.

California votes in favour of legalizing marijuana

The LA Times is reporting that "Voters on Tuesday approved Proposition 64, making California the most populous state in the nation to legalize the recreational use of marijuana. The New York Times posted a breakdown of the vote. California already voted no on this measuse. I guess if at first you don't suceed try try again. Are they going to revote the yes vote like they revoted the no vote? There were numerous other propositions on this vote that will be worth examining.

Justin Trudeau's reaction to the election results. He sure has a lot of class.

Sunday, November 6, 2016

Hillary Trump Drama and the Rise of Free Speech

I'm going to pause for a moment of silence to record my dissent and mourn the Death of Reason in the United States of America and the ushering in of the Age of Treason. The US election has become a circus side show of bizarre insanity that has diminished all of us.

Some blindly overlook all of Hillary Clinton's criminal involvement and passionately support her thinking the end justifies the means. Others blindly overlook all of Trump's racial offensiveness realizing anything is better than the Clinton Criminal Enterprise. I endorse neither. How those two clowns got the nominations shows the system is broken. Either more people need to get involved in the nomination process, or the process itself has become corrupt.

I agree the main stream media has endorsed Hillary and is biassed towards her. Which in itself is a red flag since the Agency spams the main stream media with disinformation on a daily basis. That means the CIA drug trafficking network wants Hillary for President. It doesn't take a brain surgeon to figure out why. She was the author of Operation Fast and Furious. Obama used executive privilege to cover it up for her but she was the author of it just like back in Mena.

When Donald Trump started preaching his racism, I was outraged. How could any group of respectful people support such hate in our modern age? Then when Hillary attained the nomination my heart sunk. How can any group of self respecting individuals support such a dirty criminal? Although I now agree Trump is not as bad as Hillary, I don't endorse either.

That does not mean I am encouraging people not to vote. On the contrary, I am declaring that this is the first time in many years independent candidates have risen to the table providing a voice of reason in this age of treason.

The election dry heaving drama has become impossible to watch. It's worse than a bad soap opera or an episode of the bachelorette. Gag me with a spoon. What has happened to our society? The media is working the e-mail scandal with passionate smoke and mirrors obsessing over a multitude of things that simply do not matter. Hillary Clinton was selling guns to ISIS for God's sake. Nothing else needs to be said. Donald Trump said the Clinton Foundation is a criminal enterprise. He is absolutely right about that. Stand with any man as long as he stands right, and part with him when he goes wrong. I agree Hillary Clinton is a criminal.

However, I do not agree with Donald Trump's hate and racism. That is what's feeding the CIA's false flag attacks and unlawful surveillance of ordinary civilians for their political beliefs. That hate is contrary to the principles of a Free Republic which when push comes to shove is the ultimate destiny that I endorse. I do not share Donald Trumps hate of the Canadian medical system. I don't have a problem with Obamacare. Only building hospitals in rich neighborhoods is deplorable.

I agree with Hillary Clinton that we should oppose privatized prisons. I just don't agree we should let all her Bush Clinton Fraud drug dealing partners off and give them jobs with Fox News.

ABC is reporting that Evan McMullin could tip the 2016 Election. Given the CIA's long history of drug trafficking, I am somewhat hesitant to endorse a former CIA Operative for the office of President. I am simply saying that given the horrible choice Americans are currently faced with, looking at Independent alternatives is likely the logical conclusion for all those who cannot in good conscience vote for hate or vote for a criminal.

Although Evan McMullin could win Utah, Gary Johnson, former governor of New Mexico is with the Libertarian party and could win New Mexico. Yet some of his policies are just as bizarre as the other circus clowns. Dark times are upon us. The good news is that here are still a lot of good Americans that are heartbroken with the choice they have to make and do care about their country. These are as Charles Dickens declared the best of times and the worst of times depending on how you look at it. Sadly, in this election, I don't endorse anyone.

Instead we need to be vigilant about each separate issue when the next president is elected and reassert our right to free speech. Although Justin Trudeau is much more personable than Stephen Harper, his blind allegiance to Communist China is just as concerning as Hillary Clinton's drug trafficking because it is all part of the same agenda. Buyer Beware.

To all those undecided, I support Thomas Paine. Give me liberty or give me death.

With regards to the eloquent writings of Thomas Paine, I will clarify that I suport him in the sense that he clearly defined a Free Republic and suported the freedom of religion both of which I completely support. Many claim he was an atheist but if you read his discourse on religion entitled Age of Reason, you will clearly see he was not an atheist although he was somewhat disillusioned with organized religion. Even if he was an aithest I would still sport him because the freedom of religion protects the rights of atheists as well as all other religions.

Thomas Paine stated “I do not believe in the creed professed by the Jewish church, by the Roman church, by the Greek church, by the Turkish church, by the Protestant church, nor by any church that I know of. My own mind is my own church. All national institutions of churches, whether Jewish, Christian, or Turkish, appear to me no other than human inventions set up to terrify and enslave mankind, and monopolize power and profit.”

I respect his opinion just as much as he respects mine and that of anyone else who endorses any of those creeds in the established religions. However, my interpretation of those creeds differs slightly. I do not believe that organized religion are human inventions set up to terrify and enslave mankind, and monopolize power and profit. I believe that any religion, trade union or political organization can be infiltrated to terrify and enslave mankind but I do not believe that is their original intent. Many politicians are corrupt. That does not mean all are.

All religions contain the golden rule: treat others the way you would like to be treated. If all religions practiced that principle, this world would be a better place. I do believe in the revelations of God. I believe God is good and is the author of liberty. Although I support the US Constitution with a passion, I am Canadian. I also support the Canadian Charter of rights and civl liberty.

At the Peace Arch border crossing it has the words children of a common mother. Indeed we are. My mother was born in Amherst Nova Scotia. Bill J. Wilms wrote a paper explaining Nova Scotia's neutrality during the American Revolution and claimed it was in part due to the preaching of Henry Alline and the Great Awakening. Nova Scotia chose a different path.

In the movie the Patriot, Mel Gibson originally said "Why should I trade one tyrant three thousand miles away for three thousand tyrants one mile away? An elected legislature can trample a man's rights as easily as a King can." Clearly that is the position some Loyalists in Canada took on the American Revolution. Perhaps as children of a common mother we can reason together and reach out to like minds across the border combining the Age of Reason with the Great Awakening.

I have no desire to convert someone from one religion to another simply because I beleive adapting a single state religion is just as bad as abolishing religion all together. Both roads lead to the same place. I rather inspire than convert. If you are a Catholic, Muslim or Jew, then be a good Catholic, Muslim or Jew. As I previously said my neighbours are Muslim refugees from Syria. They are wonderful. When I was in Belfast I met a Jewish man who was like a father to me. I believe in the Hamilton model. I simply aspire to something higher - a Free Republic. Peace.

Saturday, November 5, 2016

Tribal MC in Fort McMurray

Interesting to see a Tribal MC member wearing a Fort Mac bottom rocker. They are a support club for the original Edmonton Hells Angels chapter. Interesting to see because the Nomads put the Syndicate in Fort McMurray. These aren't rivals they're just more smoke and mirrors in the shell game tied to the Edmonton Hells Angels drug trafficking network. Same puppet diferent string

On that note, back in July of last year one person commented on an old blog post and claimed that there was a Ontario Nomad in Fort Mac named Rick Levesque. Only he kept his Ontario rocker because he didn't get along with the Alberta Nomads out of Red Deer that run the Syndicate in Fort Mac. Well now that the Ontario Nomads have been disbanded, he is wearing an Edmonton rocker. E Ville is referring to Edmonton. Rick certinaly doesn't look very bright. HAs in BC aren't so loud and proud. They are somewhat more discreet.

He's got the tat on the back of his hand but he still has a baby face. Maybe that's why Leo Gallant told him to f off when he to tried to boss Leo around back in New Brunswick. Poor guy is getting chased all over the country looking for someone to bully. That's Ontario for ya. They never did grasp the MC concept much. That's what happens when you support evil. Je me souviens.

Josh Petrin found guilty in shooting of Lorry Santos

Global is reporting that Josh Petrin has been found guilty of first-degree murder in the shooting death of Saskatoon mother Lorry Santos. Petrin was also found guilty of conspiracy to commit murder. Last Month CBC reported that A Crown witness says that accused killer Josh Petrin came to Saskatoon four years ago to oversee the murder of a man who had left the White Boy Posse gang. Instead, the hitmen he recruited went to the wrong house and killed Lorry Santos. The witness said Petrin wanted to kill T.J. Cromartie, who had left the gang and moved to Saskatoon. The man said that Petrin wanted them to "blast" Cromartie after leaving because, "The only way out is in a body bag."

The court got this one right. My sources claim that Josh Petrin was the one calling the shots in this murder. He was also charged in the murder of Mitchell Chambers and Bryan Gower for a drug debt. Josh Petrin's coaccused James O’Hagan was also charged in the murder of Bob Roth who was decapitated for a drug debt. Randy took the fall for Josh in Brian's murder. O Canada dot com reported that the motive behind the murders was rivalry, discipline or debt-collection.

All of these convicted murderers were members of the Whiteboy Posse who sold drugs for the Edmonton Hells Angels. Josh was close friends with Sean Jackson aka Fat Mike. Josh got all the product from him. Sean was supplied by the Hells Angels.

This conviction is a step forward because it holds the person who ordered the hit accountable. The next step up the food chain would be to hold Sean Jackson accountable. Dominic DiPalma was the member of the Hells Angels who oversaw all that violence and has already been convicted of cocaine trafficking for supplying the Whiteboy Posse just like I originally reported.

The key thing to see here is that all this violence was the result of one group obtaining a monopoly on the drug trade. This wasn't rivals fighting over the drug trade. This was one group that used ruthless violence to discipline people for leaving or for collecting drug debts. Similar to some extent to what's happening here in Metro Vancouver now.

Friday, November 4, 2016

Brandon Drug Bust

Last month reported that three men were arested in a drug ring conectiong Brandon, Manotoba and Toronto, Ontario. Police seized 3 kilos of cocaine, 1 kilo of crystal meth and 2 kilos of cutting agents as well as various firearms. CBC is reporting that this arrest is connected to a series of recent shootings in Brandon tied to organized crime.

CSIS caught breaking the law again

The Toronto Star is reporting that CSIS program illegally spied for a decade, judge rules. "In a scathing ruling, Justice Simon Noël said the Canadian Security Intelligence Service had illegally retained an unknown amount of data on “third party” and “non-threat” individuals since 2006."

Big surprise. Just like the Edward Snowden movie declared. The Globe and Mail is reporting that the Operational Data Analysis Centre was unknown even to the judges who had been issuing the warrants to collect the information it mined, according to Noel’s ruling.

Last September CBC reported that "Public Safety Canada has repeatedly approved CSIS and the RCMP's use of devices to spy on Canadians' communications, documents obtained by CBC News reveal. Canadians have been kept largely in the dark about police and intelligence agencies' surveillance capabilities. But recent revelations in a Montreal court case that police are using electronic tools to scoop up mobile phone signals have prompted some experts to call for greater transparency in the approval and use of technologies that potentially violate privacy."

BC Law Society rebuked for violating Charter of Rights

The Vancouver 24 hours is reporting that the Law society of BC was recently rebuked by the BC Court of Appeal for knowingly violating the Charter of Rights. The court upheld the B.C. Supreme Court ruling that the law society was wrong for denying certification to Lawyers from Trinity Western University because they did not approve of their religious beliefs or moral standards. In July, the Nova Scotia Court of Appeal also upheld the charter of Rights.

The key point here is we all knew what the Law Society tried to do was illegal but they did it anyways. In the United States they have Catholic Universities. You can't deny people certification from a religious University just because you don't like their religion. The Charter of Rights protects minorities from another Holocaust. If this was a Muslim or Jewish University, the decision would be the same. You can't discriminate against them. Likewise if it was a Gay or lesbian University, you can't deny them certification. In a Free Republic you can't force your beliefs on someone else but you can't punish someone from practicing their religious beliefs.

Even I knew what they were doing was illegal and I'm not a lawyer. As I previously reported, Tony Wilson, a Vancouver Lawyer who states that he is an atheist who voted in favor of accrediting TWU Law school grads pointed out that the current case law upholds the Charter of Rights. The Trinity Western University v. B.C. College of Teachers case is still the law of Canada. That 2001 case, from the Supreme Court of Canada, determined that the B.C. College of Teachers could not deny accreditation of TWU’s teaching degree. So clearly the law society knew what they were doing was illegal. The Law Society is suposed to uphold the law not defy it.

Another bizarre tragedy is that the Ontario Court killed the Charter. Vancouver 24 hours reported that Legal regulators in Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island and Newfoundland and Labrador have gone along with the TWU proposal. The Supreme Court in BC and Nova Scotia upheld the Charter but Ontario did not. The Charter of Rights is a sacred document that protects civl liberty. When the courts rule against it, we are all diminished.

Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Calgary Shooting, Abbotsford stabbing, Maple Ridge Homicide - Update

The Calgary Herald is reporting that Kyle Shae Rowe is the 26-year-old who died Monday morning, gunned down in a vehicle in the driveway of a suburban home in the city’s southeast. He was shot just before 11:00 AM on Halloween.

The Canadian Press is reporting that Police say a female student is dead and another is in hospital following a stabbing at a high school in Abbotsford, B.C. Abbotsford police Chief Bob Rich said a young man is in custody and it appears he is not a student at the school. Officers were called at 2:05 p.m. Tuesday and arrived at Abbotsford Senior Secondary School to find two female students with stab wounds. School staff had subdued the suspect while teachers and other students were administering first aid to the victims, Rich said. The two girls, whose names and ages have not been released, were taken to hospital. "I am so sorry to tell you now that one of the students has succumbed to her injuries," Rich told media on Tuesday night.

CBC is also reporting that "the Integrated Homicide Investigation Team (IHIT) has taken over the investigation into the discovery Tuesday of a man's body in Maple Ridge, B.C."

Update: CBC is reporting that Gabriel Brandon Klein is the homeless man from Alberta that walked into a school in Abbotsford and randomly stabed two teenage girls killing one of them and wounding the other. A bizarre tragedy indeed.

The Vancouver Sun is reporting that a homeless man found dead in a Maple Ridge scrap yard on Tuesday has been identified as Bradley Allan Nielsen, 53, of Maple Ridge

The Vancouver Sun is reporting that Dean Sahanovitch was arrested last week in the murder of Jonathen Patko September in Maple Ridge.