Thursday, December 13, 2018

Bob Paulson calls for a public inquiry into his bogus fishing trip with the Friends of Craig Callen

Sorry but this one is too much for me to stomach. I'm not a fan of Doug Ford but Bob Paulson's dirty politics is just too hypocritical for me to let slide by unnoticed.

The Globe and Mail is reporting that FORMER RCMP Police Commissioner Bob Paulson who failed to address sexual harassment within the force and within his own office is now claiming that there are reasonable concerns about the appointment of Veteran Toronto Police Chief Ron Taverner as the next commissioner for the Ontario Provincial Police and that an independent inquiry should be conducted to preserve the integrity of the force.

AYFKM? How about a public inquiry into Bob Paulson's bogus fishing trip on Pitt Lake with Crag Callen, Bill Fordy and some of the Friends of Craig Callen aka the FOCCers.

What seems to be the real concern here? Ron Taverner has experience investigating organized crime, something the RCMP has absolutely no desire to do. Bob Paulson admitted in his exit interview that he personally took almost every officer investigating organized crime off of organized crime and put them on the RCMP Terrorist Creation Task Force that loses a billion dollars from it's budget every year. Perhaps we should have a public inquiry into that task force's budget and Bob Paulson's refusal to confront sexual harassment within the RCMP. Perhaps we should also have a public inquiry into his mishandling of the Diane Rock file. Just sayin' yo.

Surrey RCMP seize 6 kilos of crystal meth

BC Local News is reporting that Surrey RCMP seized six kilograms of methamphetamine when they executed search warrants on Nov. 29 on two different units at a storage units in the 7200-block of 132nd Street." That is significant. No arrests have been made. That is unfortunate.

Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Vancouver mayor targets housing and opioids

The Vancouver Sun is reporting that the new mayor of Vancouver states "“The number one thing we were all elected on was housing. And I think people need to see results,” said Stewart, who campaigned on a plan to build 85,000 new homes over the next decade, most of which would be non-profit or purpose-built rental units."

"But in addition to supportive housing for those in the most dire need, Stewart said, the city must also accelerate approval and construction of rental homes, especially units targeted for families earning incomes between $30,000 and $80,000. “That is one of the key tests, and that is what people really want,” he said, “to get this rental housing built.”

Very true. To combat the housing crisis in Metro Vancouver we need to build more rental units.

"Second, Stewart wants to see the rate of overdose deaths decrease." I think we all want that. It's just that we are in complete disagreement on how to go about it. What we are doing is not working. Vancouver has the most lax drug laws in the country yet we have the highest drug overdose rate. That correlation is no coincidence. It has become criminal culpability.

I'm not going to launch a left versus right debate. I'm going to appeal for common sense and real social justice. Helping people kill themselves at an unprecedented rate is not doing anyone any favors. There are Four Pillars not one. Harm prevention has become harm promotion.

We need to implement all four pillars not just one. That is in everyone's best interest. First is enforcement. We must enforce the law. If a drug dealer sells someone heroin, cocaine or crack, and it's laced with Fentanyl, we need to arrest that drug dealer for breaking the law. Failing to do that is complete insanity. We need to target the predatory drug dealers not the addicts.

The next is Treatment. We need to make treatment available for those who want it and we need to encourage people to seek treatment instead of avoiding it. Portugal's drug policy included mandatory treatment for addicts. I'm not saying we should go to that extreme but I am saying we should encourage people to seek treatment because right now we aren't. Right now we are encouraging addiction and thereby supporting overdoses. We need to stop doing that.

Saturday, December 8, 2018

The Game comes to Vancouver January 12th

604 Now is reporting that "One of rap’s heaviest hitters is coming to Vancouver this winter. Jayceon Terrell Taylor, better known by his stage name The Game, will be performing at the Harbour Event Centre on Saturday, January 12th, 2019. He is best known as a rapper in the West Coast hip hop scene and for being one of Dr. Dre’s signees under Aftermath Records."

The Game, famous for G-Unot as well as 300 bars and running is a legend. When my daughter was young we were all about G Unot. She wanted the Game's running shoes called Hurricane because it had a map of Compton on the tread. Brazil and Wimbledon yo.

Bad Blood, a dramatization of organized crime in Montreal is now on Netflix

Season one of Bad Blood a TV series on Vito Rizzuto in Montreal is now on Netflix.

Friday, December 7, 2018

UN Associate gunned down in Mexico

Kim Bolan is reporting that the police say a UN Associate was gunned down in Mexico Wednesday afternoon. Two Hells Angels associates were gunned down in Mexico earlier this summer. Robby Alkhalil's brother Nabil Alkhalil who sold drugs for the Hells Angels and Larry Amero was killed in August along with Guiseppe Bugge who police say is a Hells Angels associate. The police say.... the police say.... We know what the police say and we know who speaks for the police. We want to know what the police don't say and who will speak to that.

Khalil Alkhalil was shot dead in Surrey back in 2001 over a drug debt when he was 19. Mahmound Alkhalil was shot dead in the Loft six shooting back in 2003 when he was also 19. Nabil Alkhalil was shot dead last August and Robby Alkhalil, Larry Amero's drug dealing pal, is on trial for murder. Not a very good prognosis for the Alkhalil family.

Larry Amero's friends tend to get shot: Randy Naicker, Jonathan Bacon and Jeremy Bettan.

Surrey Launches Bar Watch

The Surrey Now Leader is reporting that "Police and bar/restaurant operators in Surrey are launching an Inadmissible Patrons Program, or IPP, in an effort to further support public safety and deter individuals who are associated to violent crime from being in Surrey.”

So does that mean Randy Jones isn't allowed in Shakerz any more? That would be poetic justice. When is he getting extradited anyways? The Hells Angels sold cocaine out of the Dell Hotel

Does that mean the Cub pack isn't allowed in Panchos any more?

Bag of Hells Angels firearms found in Surrey

Post Media Propaganda opposes fiscal responsibility

Doug McCallum supports fiscal responsibility and so do I. He said he was dismayed by the City's $514 million debt and the Surrey Now Leader launched an attack campaign on fiscal responsibility saying Surrey's debt was within the legal limit. No one said it wasn't. Money Mart charges obscene interest that's within the legal limit. It's still bad business to use them.

Then the front page news called McCallum a liar stating Surrey's debt is $267 million not $514 million. After the dust settled the Vancouver Sun / Province admitted that the $514 million figure was correct if you included Surrey First's five year tax and spend plan which McCallum thankfully just cut. The full scale assault on fiscal responsibility is straight out of the twlight zone.

We need to live within our means. That is common sense. Wasting tax dollars on interest is bad business. Balancing the budget is what Doug McCallum was elected to do. Dianne Watts, Linda Hepner and Tom Gill were on the wrong track. It's time to set the record straight.

Post Media News owns the Vancouver Sun, Province as well as the Surrey Now Leader. Their reporting is clearly biased. Their support of fiscal irresponsibility is in support of their corporate advertisers who get rich off of tax dollars. Corporate Communism seeks to enslave consumers with taxes paying down unnecessary debt. Post Media News isn't worth lining the bottom of a bird cage with. The public need to find alternate news sources.

Thursday, December 6, 2018

Telecom executive from China arrested in Vancouver

Keith Fraser is reporting that "A top executive with a major Chinese high-tech company has been arrested in Vancouver and is being sought for extradition by the United States apparently for allegedly violating U.S. trade sanctions against Iran."

I am not a fan of Communist China but I will say this arrest is a dirty deed done dirt cheap. So what was this telecom company accused of doing? Murdering political prisoners for their organs? Nope. That doesn't seem to bother anyone. What they are accused of doing is violating the United States trade sanctions against Iran. WTF?

The United States has the right to boycott trade with anyone they want to just like any other country has. They do not have the right to force their boycot on any other country just like any other country does not have the right to force the US to obey their selective boycott. This outrage is unprecedented because we have a foreign executive arrested in Canada who has not been accused of committing any criminal offence with the intent of extraditing them to the United States. That is just plain evil. If they can do it to her, they can do it to anyone. This is illegal.

Arresting someone for doing business with Iran? AYFKM? What are they going to do next, arrest the Prime Minister of England? A couple of minutes ago the United States was ready to sell Iran nuclear reactors. Now all of a sudden they are imposing sanctions on Iran again. This sounds a lot like Libya. One minute France is trying to sell Libya a nuclear reactor then as soon as they decide to buy a reactor from Argentina the world invades them. That was a dirty deal.

I realize the change in the policy on Iran comes from the election of a new president who is pro Israel. I get it. I'm not comfortable with selling Iran nuclear reactors any more than I am Canada selling Communist China nuclear reactors. I'm just saying it is a colossal double standard for the US to arrest a telecom executive for doing business with Iran when England is now selling Iran nuclear reactors after the US pulled out of the world agreement.

The US has every right to ask England not to sell Iran nuclear reactors but the US does not have the right to arrest the Prime Minister of England or anyone else if they happen to visit Canada just because they said no. The United States has jurisdiction within the US. They do not have jurisdiction outside the US.

I will point out that Iran aren't the bad guys here. Cyrus the Great was the one that set the Jews free after the Babylonian captivity. British and American meddling in the politics of Iran has breed extremism. Operation Ajax overthrew the democratically elected ruler of Iran to take over their oil.

This arrest in Vancouver has nothing to do with justice or human rights. It's about a trade war. That's all it is and we are all diminished by letting it happen unchallenged.

Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Gangsters out vindicated by the ghost of David Giles

Kim Bolan is reporting that the lawyer for the Hells Angels recently made a huge blunder in the civil forfeiture trial implicating one of their clients. Either that or they just threw one of their own under the bus again. Perhaps it's David Giles' payback from the grave.

I'm not going to name anyone directly or indirectly. I'm just going to say have a read of Kim Bolan's article. It vindicates this blog once again and ties in with the Britney Irving murder.

In case you missed it let's review the David Giles declaration and the transitive axiom of equality. David Giles stated that not every member of the Hells Angels is involved in criminal activity but anyone who uses the name of the club for criminal activity needs to have that activity approved by the local executive. David Giles was the vice president of the Kelowna chapter he was not the president. Yet David Giles told under cover officers that his Panama drug deal had approval of the chapter. If A=B And B=C Then A=C. Do the math.

Not that it matters because gang enforcement in BC is compromised and absolutely nothing will be done about it in this life but it's always nice to be vindicated after the fact. Perhaps this post will magically disappear but the facts will not disappear. History has recorded them. To this end I shall once again reiterate a poem by Bobby Sands called The Rythm of Time:

"There’s an inner thing in every man, Do you know this thing my friend? It has withstood the blows of a million years, And will do so to the end.

It was born when time did not exist, And it grew up out of life, It cut down evil’s strangling vines, Like a slashing searing knife.

It lit fires when fires were not, And burnt the mind of man, Tempering leandened hearts to steel, From the time that time began.

It wept by the waters of Babylon, And when all men were a loss, It screeched in writhing agony, And it hung bleeding from the Cross.

It died in Rome by lion and sword, And in defiant cruel array, When the deathly word was ‘Spartacus’ Along with Appian Way.

It marched with Wat the Tyler’s poor, And frightened lord and king, And it was emblazoned in their deathly stare, As e’er a living thing.

It smiled in holy innocence, Before conquistadors of old, So meek and tame and unaware, Of the deathly power of gold.

It burst forth through pitiful Paris streets, And stormed the old Bastille, And marched upon the serpent’s head, And crushed it ‘neath its heel.

It died in blood on Buffalo Plains, And starved by moons of rain, Its heart was buried in Wounded Knee, But it will come to rise again.

It screamed aloud by Kerry lakes, As it was knelt upon the ground, And it died in great defiance, As they coldly shot it down.

It is found in every light of hope, It knows no bounds nor space It has risen in red and black and white, It is there in every race.

It lies in the hearts of heroes dead, It screams in tyrants’ eyes, It has reached the peak of mountains high, It comes searing ‘cross the skies.

It lights the dark of this prison cell, It thunders forth its might, It is ‘the undauntable thought’, my friend, That thought that says ‘I’m right!’

Tuesday, December 4, 2018

Planets visible in the December morning sky

Venus is known as the morning star because it is the first and last star seen on the horizon above the rising and setting sun. However, this morning there was another planet visible higher up on the horizon above the cresent moon two hours before sunrise. I'm trying to figure out which planet it is. It must have been Venus higher up on the horizon since Jupiter and Mercury appear lower down on the horizon while Saturn and Mars are out of the picture right now.

New Cosa nostra boss arrested in Italy

AP News is reporting that "Italian authorities said Tuesday they had dismantled the rebuilt upper echelons of the Mafia in the Sicilian capital by arresting 46 people, including the man presumed to have taken over as provincial kingpin after the death of “boss of bosses” Salvatore “Toto” Riina. Based on wiretaps, police determined that Settimo Mineo was elected head of a reconstructed “cupola,” or provincial mob commission, during a May 29 meeting of clan leaders in Palermo. It was the first time clan leaders had gathered in such a forum for years, and followed Riina’s November 2017 death, prosecutors said."

"Italy’s chief anti-Mafia prosecutor, Federico Cafiero de Raho, said the election of Mineo, 80, was significant because it showed that the center of power of Cosa Nostra had shifted to Palermo. Under Riina, its longtime base was Corleone, the Sicilian town made famous by writer Mario Puzo when he used Corleone as the main character’s name in his 1969 novel The Godfather.”

Monday, December 3, 2018

Dennis James Watson from Surrey has never been charged or accused of child molestation

On a matter of personal privilege, I will restate the obvious. Dennis Watson from Surrey, BC has never been charged or accused of child molestation. Ever. Blaze is lying. Again. My daughter is 26 years old and she is now married. Blaze really needs to get a life and stop using so much of his own product. I'm not the one in hiding, Blaze is.

Blaze is hiding out in Boston under the Witness Protection Program. How do I know that? He told me. The idiot just can't keep his mouth shut. That is why he is unreliable and untrustworthy.

Blaze, if you can't understand the difference between Jamie Bacon and Jimmy Bulger, I can't explain it to you. If you can't understand the difference between Chad Wilson and Bob Green, I can't explain it to you. The light light shineth in darkness, and the darkness comprehendeth it not. Yet the Ghetto Gospel will continue to go forward into every hood possible. So mote it be.

Blaze I'd tell you to go to hell but I think you're already there. You're the one wailing and gnashing your teeth trying to hide you own misconduct by making up lies about others. Natural justice is simple. You have to live with yourself. I'm just glad I'm not you. Word.

In case people are wondering what I'm talking about, I'm referring to yet another post Blaze put on the Dirty about me. He claims that in his next post he will state that I raped my daughter's mother. So 27 years ago I raped my wife on our honeymoon right after we were legally and lawfully married. Like I said, I can confront evil, but I can't fix stupid.

Saturday, December 1, 2018

Ontario Cop shoots another cop

CBC is reporting that "A Niagara Regional Police officer is in stable condition in a Hamilton hospital after being shot by a fellow police officer in Pelham, Ont., the service says. Around noon Thursday, several officers were investigating a collision that had happened days before in the area of Effingham Street and Roland Road in the rural area southwest of St. Catharines, Ont., when two of the officers became involved in an altercation, according to Monica Hudon, spokesperson for Ontario's Special Investigations Unit."

The Vice is reporting that "An Ontario cop was shot multiple times by a fellow police officer after an argument between the two became violent." The Toronto Sun is reporting that "The shooting, sources say, followed a “heated argument” and “fist fight” between a constable and a detective sergeant responding to a traffic accident around Roland Rd. and Effingham St. in Pelham, 22 kilometres south of St. Catharines."

"Wounded Const. Nathan Parker was in hospital fighting for his life Thursday while Det.-Sgt. Shane Donovan was determined to be the subject officer by the province’s Special Investigations Unit (SIU). Sources told the Toronto Sun that Donovan was losing a fight before the shooting. Up to five bullets were allegedly discharged from a police officer’s gun. Police officer shot by another officer in Niagara has extensive disciplinary record."

Thursday, November 29, 2018

3 men charged in assault at Gate Keepers clubhouse

CBC is reporting that "Nova Scotia RCMP have charged three men in connection with a serious assault on another man two years ago inside the former Gate Keepers biker gang clubhouse in New Glasgow. On June 7, 2016, Inverness District RCMP responded to a call after a man was found severely injured in a parked pickup truck on the side of Highway 105 in Glendale. The man was airlifted to hospital in critical condition."

"RCMP allege the man was assaulted inside the clubhouse about 130 kilometres away from Glendale and then transported to the pickup truck and left on the side of the highway. Three Nova Scotia men face charges of aggravated assault, forcible confinement, conspiracy to commit an indictable offence and accessory after the fact: Donald Melbourn Messenger, 48, of Broughton. William Jeffrey Giles, 45, of Pictou County. Charles Jardine Hayman, 49, of New Glasgow."

Gate Keepers are affiliated with the Hells Angels.

The Hells Angels sold cocaine out of the Dell Hotel

Km Bolan is covering the trial about the seizure of the Hells Angels clubhouses in Nanaimo, East Vancouver and Kelowna. Michael Plante has taken the stand. Obviously Michael Plante's testimony has nothing to do with the Nanaimo clubhouse only the East Van clubhouse. Neil Hall wrote a book about his testimony in the EPandora trial called the Hells Angels vs the Million Dollar Rat. Plante was paid a million dollars to wire tap and testify against the East Vancouver Hells Angels. Now Kim Bolan is reporting that he is being paid $80,000 to testify in this trial.

Michael Plante's testimony primarily involved Randy Potts, John Punko and Ron Lising. Randy Potts was a complete Potsie. He was a full patch Hells Angel. Somebody beat him up in Surrey and stole his patch. The interesting part of the recent testimony was the claim that Michael Plante met Randy Potts when Randy was selling cociane out of the Dell Hotel in Surrey.

That is yet another confirmation the Hells Angels were actively involved in that part of the Surrey drug trade at that time. Ryan was a long time Surrey meth cook that worked for John Punko.

The Hells Angels and the Surrey House of Horrors connected to the Pickton Farm

Bag of guns found in Newton tied to the Hells Angels

Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Surrey mayor is dismayed over city’s debt load

The Surrey Now Leader is reporting that "Surrey Mayor Doug McCallum said he’s “deeply dismayed and shaken to the core” after learning the city is shouldering a $514 million debt load. In a release issued early Tuesday morning, McCallum said Surrey’s current debt is “simply untenable and frankly, irresponsible.”

The mayor vowed to “immediately bring the city’s spiraling debt under control. “When I was previously Mayor for nine years, I took great pride in running the city’s finances by saving first and avoiding debt. Council and I have agreed to immediately bring the city’s fiscal house in order,” McCallum stated. According to the release, staff will be directed to prepare a budget that will “significantly cut down the debt by embracing the principle of pay as you go.”

“I want to assure the citizens of Surrey that the services and programs that the city delivers will not be impacted and they can expect the same high level of service as before. What we will be doing as a council is determining what makes the most fiscal sense for our ratepayers and how to responsibly proceed with capital projects. In short, we will not mortgage the city’s future and will operate like a regular household by saving up and paying as we go.”

Three Cheers. The fact that the paper is quoting Tom Gill reveals the paper's biased ownership Post Media Propoganda who passioately lobbed for the tax and spend tsunami in the Vancouver Sun and Province. Tom who? Tommy the Tinker lost the election by a landslide. He is no longer an elected official. He's not the leader of the opposition. He doesn't have a seat any more because he was part of the problem. Dianne Watts put Surrey in record debt. Linda Hepner and Tom Gill perpetuated that debt by supporting junkets. That is the truth.

Doug McCallum is a true conservative not a tax and spend neo con like the others. He supports fiscal responsibility and lower taxes. He already got rid of paid parking at the hospital. He has already lowered taxes through fiscal restraint. This country needs more people like him.

$10 million bribe in SNC-Lavalin case

The Montreal Gazette is reporting that "A man who was key to ensuring the contract to build the McGill University Health Centre superhospital was awarded to a consortium led by SNC Lavalin was taken into custody Monday after he pleaded guilty to four charges related to the fixed bid. Yanaï Elbaz, 49, winked to his younger brother Yohann as he was handcuffed and taken into custody to begin serving his prison term in the MUHC scandal that also involved Arthur Porter, the head of the MUHC when the bid was proposed and the contract was awarded."

Arthur Porter died in a Panama prison back in 2015. When he was chair of CSIS's watchdog agency Porter wired $200,000 to an Israeli arms dealer based in Montreal named Ari Ben-Menashe. Now he's dead. Things that make ya go hmmmm....

Monday, November 26, 2018

Fatal shooting in Surrey

The Peace Arch News is reporting that "Police say one person is dead after a shooting in Newton just before noon Monday. The Integrated Homicide Investigation Team has taken over the investigation since Surrey RCMP was called to the scene in the 14600-block of Southview Drive at 11:46 a.m. on a report of shots fired." It's actually Panorama ridge not Newton.

Sunday, November 25, 2018

Creed 2 is Epic

We saw Creed 2 tonight and I have to admit it was epic. Everything Stalone does has class but this all about Adonis Creed who rose to the challenge inside and outside of the ring. Michael B. Jordan didn't just give an award winning performance, he gave a life changing performance. This movie is about fighting hard and fighting smart. It's about having heart and being a good father. It's all that and more. It is truly inspiring. Hats off to Drago Jr and Sr. They're far better of without that snake in the grass. They have each other. That's what real love is all about.

Jarrod Bacon released and nobody cares - Update

I hesitate to comment on this since as I previously said, it is a nonissue, yet since the media keeps milking it I will comment on it. CBC is reporting that "Details about the June 14 release of pathetic B.C. gangster wannabe Jarrod Bacon have just been sent to media because of an unexplained technical glitch, according to the Parole Board of Canada."

Who? Jarrod. He's the third little piggy. Not the brain dead ork that executed the Surrey Six for the red and white and not his dead preppy brother Jonathon who was pals with Larry Amero. He's the other preppy brother with the chip on his shoulder.

As we previously reported he was released early by mistake due to a typo. In 2012 he was sentenced to 12 years in prison for conspiracy to import cocaine. Statutory release means he gets out after two thirds of his sentence. That would be eight years not seven and the typo saw him released early by mistake. When he breached probation by taking his GF to a strip club (real classy) and was hanging out with a Hells Angels associate that breach got him back in prison for breach of probation. Since he and his brothers were selling drugs for the Hells Angels one of his parole conditions was not to have any association with members of the club.

There was no technical glitch. The BC Gang Task force is COMPROMISED. They withheld his release to protect his safety just like the are protecting the Cub pack and now the Softside.

The thing is nobody cares about Jarrod. Jamie and Jonathan are the ones everyone had beef with. Jarrod is just a preppy nonissue with a chip on his shoulder. What he does next and how he behaves will determine how many days he has left to live.

Life is all about choices and consequences. We are free to choose but we are not free to avoid the consequences of our decisions. Choose wisely or this little piggy will go all the way home to his grave just like his dead preppy brother Jonathan. He and his hommies will be lying in chalk.

Correction: The initial news report about Jarrod Bacon's early release stated that a typo mistook a 9 for a 7. However, two thirds of a 12 year sentence is 8 years not 9 so Jarrod's statutory release has in fact now occurred. Nevertheless, the BC Gang task force is indeed COMPROMISED as they have clearly chosen sides in the gang war. I do not believe there was a glitch and Jarrod's release was mistakenly withheld from the public. I believe they intentionally withheld the news of his release to protect his safety. They didn't announce he was released early either until he was re arrested for breach of probation. They were offering the Bacon brothers 24 hour police protection before they were arrested for God's sake. It's a no brainer.

Saturday, November 24, 2018

Seeing the holidays differently

My Christmas message is early this year. In fact it's my Christmas theme so it is. I was at Staples today and saw a poster with a slogan on it that said "See the holidays differently." I stopped for a minute and said that's actually quite profound so it is. I know I'm interpreting it very differently from their original intent but when you think about it, it is profound.

Last year my daughter spent Christmas in Central America. She bought small Christmas gifts for the family she stayed with. The younger brother was excited and said to his neighbour Santa brought me a present this year. The little boy who lived next door said, there's no such thing as Santa. He's never brought me anything. It was pretty sad. The older boy didn't know what to say so he blurted out, yes there is a Santa. It's just that he can't come here because of the gangs.

That was heart breaking. I was thinking of creating a non profit organization to raise money for Christmas gifts for kids in the hood but I'm not sure how to go about it. It would be a lot easier to simply support some other charity but most of the charities in that area skim off the top and barely any support gets to where it is supposed to go.

So when I say see the holidays differently, I'm meaning think of kids in the hood. No matter how bad you have it, there is always someone worse off. No matter how much money you do have or don't have there is always someone with more and less than you. As TI said you gotta stop thinking about what you don't got and start thinking about what you do got.

I can't stand the commercialization of Christmas. One year there was a banner outside Guildford mall that said Have a Big Beautiful Christmas. That was IMO pretty decadent. Yet Christmas keeps getting louder and louder every year making it one of the highest suicide rates for those who don't have family or have broken families. My advice is slow down and keep it simple.

Having no family is better than having bad family. Some people stay in abusive relationships becuase they are afraid of being alone. Yet Solomon said "It is better to dwell in the wilderness than with an angry and contentious woman." Word. It also goes both ways. It's better to dwell in the wilderness than with an angry and contentious man. Just remember to "Go placidly amid the noise and haste, and remember what peace there may be in silence."

Protest and Petition for BC Judge to be Fired

CTV News is reporting that hundreds of people showed up outside BC Provincial court earlier this month calling for a judge to be fired after he gave a teen convicted of aggravated sexual assault to just two weeks in prison. It's pretty much a no brainer. Judges are paid by the public and if they betray the public trust they need to be removed. The defiant arrogance needs to end.

Harold Munro folds like a cheap tent

Friday, November 23, 2018

Brother of Honduran president detained in Miami for conspiring to import cocaine

The Miami Herald is reporting that "Less than a year after a convicted drug lord testified that he had met with the Honduran president’s brother to discuss the repayment of debt related to a money-laundering operation, Juan Antonio “Tony” Hernandez was detained by federal agents in Miami on drug and weapons charges. Hernandez, the brother of President Juan Orlando Hernandez, was detained Friday for “conspiring to import cocaine into the United States, and related weapons charges,” said James Margolin, the chief public information office for the U.S. attorney’s office for the Southern District of New York, in a statement to the Miami Herald. Margolin said Hernandez was expected to appear in federal court in Miami on Monday."

Like I said, the election fraud in Honduras which Donald Trump supported, wasn't to stop drug trafficking it was to promote it. Honduras has been a central hub in the CIA's drug trafficking network since Iran Contra. Hilary Clinton supported the CIA coup in 2009 and Donald Trump supported the CIA election fraud in 2017. Controlled opposition. Nothing has changed. is reporting that "The former head of the Los Cachiros cartel Devis Leonel Rivera Maradiaga had testified to a court in New York in 2017 that he had bribed the president's brother when he was a lawmaker, in exchange for his assistance to the traffickers. Maradiaga had also testified against Fabio Lobo, son of former Honduran President Porfirio Lobo, who was sentenced to 24 years in prison for collaborating with the Los Cachiros cartel. In his testimony, he had explained how the Los Cachiros had set up an intermediary company which it used to conduct business with the government, and which served to launder its trafficking profits."

It's OK President Juan Orlando Hernandez's brother Juan Antonio Hernandez will get a pardon after he's convicted and then they'll give him a job with Fox News along side Oliver North.

Honduras police chief assisted cartel leader deliver a ton of cocaine

Thursday, November 22, 2018

Private school gang rape reminiscent of the Pickton Farm

The Vancouver Island Free Daily reported that "Six teens were arrested and charged Monday in connection with an alleged sexual assault at an all-boys private school in Toronto as police said they were looking into more incidents and additional charges could follow. Insp. Dominic Sinopoli said the six boys who attended St. Michael’s College School each face charges of assault, gang sexual assault, and sexual assault with a weapon in connection with an incident that allegedly took place on campus and was captured on video. 'We have reason to believe there are more incidents and more videos,' Sinopoli told a news conference."

CBC is now reporting that "The principal and president of St. Michael's College School have both resigned amid allegations of assault and sexual assault involving students, according to a statement issued by the private, all-boys' school Thursday afternoon."

"On Wednesday, the school reaffirmed its support for Reeves and Thompson after some alumni had called for senior administrators to resign and for teachers who knew about the assaults to step down. Reeves, who has been criticized for not going to police sooner, defended his actions in an interview with CBC's The National host Adrienne Arsenault. He explained he held off contacting authorities because the alleged victim hadn't told his family about the incident. On Tuesday night, Reeves said if presented with the same situation he "would do exactly the same thing." OK that's part of the problem right there. He is unrepentant for his criminal negligence.

Obviously the victim is the one that should go to the police. However, if a gang rape video has been posted online, the police need to be notified. There is no absolution for criminal acts without involving the courts. Before I liken this to the Pickton Farm and the gang rape of Dianne Rock I will point out one other thing. The principle referred to the victim as a he.

Wow. Boys from a Catholic private school posted a video of them gang raping another boy. Where is Dr Phil when you need him? One has to ask if any of those offenders were ever raped by a priest but that is not very related because two wrongs don't make a right. It just illustrates that there is something seriously wrong here. However it also ties in with prison rape.

How can a man get aroused gang raping another man? Don't answer that. I don't want to know. How can any man get aroused raping a woman? The whole power domination obsession is completely deranged. It's small man syndrome times a thousand. Rape is heinous but gang rape is in a whole other league. Something is completely missing in your DNA.

This brings us back to the Pickton Farm and the gang rape of Dianne Rock. Dianne Rock claimed she was gang raped on the Pickton Farm by bikers and cops. She left Bob Paulson's protective custody because he didn't believe her and he was too interested in his partner at the time.

Dianne Rock ended up dead on the Pickton Farm. The cover up of the Dianne Rock story once again leads us to the current collusion between the police and the Hells Angels in British Columbia. Not every cop gang raped Dianne Rock but some did and others covered it up. Likewise, not every Hells Angel gang raped Dianne Rock but some did and others covered it up. That kind of collusion is what's holding back gang enforcement in this province right now.

Sunday, November 18, 2018

Hells Angel murdered in Maple Ridge - Update

The Peace Arch News reported that "Police are on scene after a body was discovered beneath the Golden Ears Bridge in Maple Ridge Sunday. The discovery was made just before 11:30 a.m. just west of Wharf Street and Hazelwood Street. The Maple Ridge Fire Department called for the RCMP shortly after arriving on scene. Inspector Vishal Methura, regional duty officer for the Lower Mainland district, said police discovered a man lying face down, deceased."

"Several men wearing Hells Angels insignia arrived on scene, crossing the police tape to talk to investigators." LOL I gotta tell that one to George Christie. Whatever happened to we don't call 911? Not in BC. In BC the HAs have the Po Po in their pocket. They have Wolf Pack drug dealers in witness protection that get police escorts when they sell cocaine. Now that's f*cked up.

While I was out at Harrison soaring with the eagles the chickens came home to roost. Give it up for the red, white (and blue). The new po po hoes yo. The new Hells Angels support gear have just added another color to their team. It's the boys in blue.

Kim Bolan is reporting that since the compromised BC Gang task force won't arrest Hells Angel associates for drug trafficking, Manitoba has to. Manitoba confronts illicit drugs while BC doesn't.

Update: Kim Bolan is confirming rumors that the victim in Maple Ridge was a full patch Hells Angel named Chad Wilson aka Huey as in Huey, Dewey, and Louie from the Hardside chapter which formed off of Haney. The Hardside chapter are trying to run the drug trade in Surrey since the Surrey Girls are completely useless. Sounds like the Duck Dynasty decoy will be next. There ain't enough Viagra on the planet to make those wet noodles hard.

Chad just about lost his patch in the States for testifying in Wyoming court. That's why he was sent to Canada. I guess they don't just send their draft dodgers here, they send their po po hoes here too. Chad's friends were awfully quick to cooperate with the police. That's the way the red and white roll in BC. As soon as people start bustin caps they be running to the police for help faster than 50 Cent. Evidently there's going to be a large police presence at the funeral. They're joining the procession with the mourners. Just don't let Rainbow Ricky lead that pride parade.

Professional Courtesy

Sorry boys and girls but this is how it's supposed to be done. No public shooting. They took the guy aside, shot him dead then dumped him in the other guys turf saying here's your boy. No civilians hit or traumatized, no indignities to a human body, just straight up business.

No wonder his friends called the police as soon as he went missing. Chad Wilson was no Bob Green. He was simply a floater. Just another short fro ho pimping for the Po Po. This is what happens when the soft side comes to Surrey. Let is be known that Surrey is Free.

The murder was obviously related to expanding the drug trade into new markets. Chad got off lucky in Spain. This time he wasn't so lucky. Buyer Beware. Pride cometh before the fall.

Police Brace for more Violence after Hells Angel murdered

The headline in today's paper read "Police Brace for more violence after Hells Angel murdered." STFU. Maybe if drug and gang enforcement in BC wasn't so compromised the police might take proactive steps to end the drug related violence instead of doing nothing except bracing themselves for more violence. That is absolutely pathetic.

The guy was a nobody. He almost lost his patch in the States. Give your head a shake.

Don't you dare compare this idiot with Bob Green. That is missrepresentation.

Harrison Eaglefest

I went kayaking at Harrison Mills today for the Eaglefest. Mid November there are always lots of eagles that come to feed on the rotting Chum after they have spawned. Just like Brackendale from mid December to mid January.

I put in at Kilby and paddled up the river past the bridge where the river gets very wide and shallow. As I was putting in a father with young children asked me where's the best place to see the eagles. Not here I said. Drive over the bridge and go to the golf course. They have a trail to a viewing platform that overlooks where I go in my kayak.

As I was paddling upstream power boats were roaring up the river, a jetski was racing down the river and a freaking helicopter landed at the golf course. I'm like AYFKM? All that noise? Eagles are birds. When you are bird watching you have to be quiet. No wonder all the eagles had dispersed away from the noise.

The weather was a lot nicer this year. Usually it's cold and pouring rain. Today was warm and sunny. Several kayaks were out at my favorite spot where the water gets really shallow and the power boats can't get to. Wherever the salmon carcasses are, that's where you'll see the eagles feeding. When you're in the kayak they're all around you. If you get too close they just fly away but if you keep a comfortable distance they are fine.

There were even some biplanes that kept flying low overhead. I'm like are you serious? What the hell are you going to see from there? All you're doing is making more noise and scaring them away. One year I was in the shallow water and looked up. The sky was filled with eagles soaring. Today, all those planes and helicopters had dispersed them. It really should be a no fly zone.

There was one boat tour in the top picture that was worth taking. They were gliding down the river quietly and the deck was filled with people who were quiet and had binoculars. That was worthwhile. Taking a plane or helicopter is just plain stupid. I prefer paddling with the eagles in my kayak. It's very rejuvenating so it is. Peace. 2011 Trip ~ 2012 Trip

Trolls Cyberbully Surrey Councilor

CBC is reporting that a couple of cyber trolls are complaining that Surrey councilor Laurie Guerra set her Tweets to private after they were bullying her online. It's shocking and disappointing that CBC is losing it's identity and has fallen into the main stream media toilet. I thought they were better than that. Evidently not.

This is a woman being bullied online. The mother of an autistic child. Instead of condemning the bullying the media is encouraging it and egging them on. That is absolutely shameful. This is another example of how the alt left is anything but inclusive.

The concern arose when a Surrey councilor attended a function that opposed the SOGI insanity in schools just like the elected government in Ontario. She has every right to do that. After the trolls complained, she resigned from being a director of Autism BC. The bullies won.

Heidi Smit Vinois is an abusive troll with a political agenda. She claims it is her right to troll Laurie Guerra's twitter and argue with her. It is not. Laurie Guerra has a right to her opinion just as Heidi Smit Vinois has a right to her opinion. Neither party has the right to force their opinion on the other. Yet that is exactly what Heidi insists on doing. Heidi disagrees with Laurie and wants to force her opinion on her. Trolling Laurie's twitter account is called Cyberbullying.

Aman Basi is a flaming idiot. He claims "im sure @guerra_laurie CANNOT have her twitter private." Actually she can. In fact she doesn't *have* to have a twitter account at all. She has every right to set her twitter to private because like every other elected official they have a legal right to privacy. You don't have a right to sit outside her home every day and bully her. That is called stalking. Doing it online is called cyberstalking.

"The City of Surrey said Guerra's Twitter is a personal account and that it doesn't have jurisdiction over personal social media accounts." That is absolutely correct. "Vancouver and Burnaby also told CBC News they don't have social media policies for elected officials." Nor should they. "Municipal governments should reconsider that, said Micheal Vonn, policy director of the B.C. Civil Liberties Association." Micheal Vonn from the Centre for Free Expression of everyone except those who disagrees with her.

Me thinks Micheal Vonn is in a conflict of interest in this case. SOGI is not inclusive and neither is the Alt Left. Here in Canada, Christians are now in the minority. Yet they still have a Charter Right to their religious beliefs as do the Muslims, Jews. Sikhs and everyone else. All those minority groups have a right to their beliefs and to feel included.

Micheal Vonn and Heidi Smit Vinois do not want to include any of those minority groups. Heidi Smit Vinois, the Cyberbully that was trolling Laurie Guerra, is from @BCEdAccess, Advocate/Supporter of Inclusion&Diversity. Yet she does not support inclusion at all. I am a parent in Surrey. Heidi Smit Vinois does not repreent me and I object to her using a campaign of inclusion to bully and exclude others. Especially a mother with an autistic child. She should be ashamed of herself as should anyone else who condones that kind of abusive behavior.

Saturday, November 17, 2018

RCMP bust illegal B.C. cannabis lab

Kelowna Cap News is reporting that "Cannabis may now be legal in Canada but altering the plant using chemicals to make oil is not. Harvard Place off Airport Road in Chilliwack. A male in his 20s is facing charges after approximately 250 pounds of dried marijuana and 30 pounds of marijuana resin/oil were seized in a warehouse in Chilliwack on Wednesday."

"Police say a male in his 20s was arrested at that location for illegal production using chemicals to alter cannabis under Section 12(1) of the country’s new Cannabis Act." AYFKM? The RCMP still don't get the intent of the law. Pot is not illegal. Focusing on pot instead of crack, crystal meth or fentanyl is a waste of tax dollars. People are dying from fentanyl not pot. When will they ever get that? This is why we need to get rid of the RCMP in Surrey. The RCMP are out to lunch.

Surrey RCMP Fail

Today I saw a Surrey RCMP officer who pulled over a pick up truck for what the officer seemed to feel was an unsafe load on 104th Avenue. The driver obviously disagreed with him because he was taking pictures of the load with his phone from various angles as evidence. The cop must of given him a ticket. Sine the guy was getting agitated they called for back up and another car arrived. By the time I got out of the store a third cop car arrived on scene and the guy had tied down the load. Unfortunately I didn't have my cell phone with me so I couldn't take pictures.

It was not an unsafe load. Not at all. The only reason I assumed that was the reason they pulled him over was because he was taking pictures of the load as evidence to fight the ticket in court. The fact that they made him tie it down with rope confirms it.

The guy was driving a pick up truck. There were a few things neatly packed in the box but nothing was protruding outside or over the box of the truck. He had two wheel barrels upside down holding the load in place below the edges of the box. There was no reason to pull him over and make such a ridiculous scene. It was a complete waste of time and tax dollars.

Meanwhile, back in the ranch, the RCMP are watching Wolf Pack members in the Witness Protection Program sell cociane and do nothing to stop them while they freak out about an unsafe load that was not unsafe. Something is clearly wrong with the RCMP.

During the election I was officially neutral on getting rid of the RCMP. At the time I said you can have a corrupt municipal police force just as easily as you can have a corrupt federal police force. I am now convinced getting rid of the RCMP in Surrey is the right thing to do.

For the Post Media Corporate Propaganda Machine that keeps slamming McCallum for doing what every other large city in Canada has done need I remind you that it was the RCMP who were responsible for the taser death at the airport. It's a good thing this guy wasn't driving his truck near the airport. The RCMP would have given him the boots and tasered him while he was on the ground over and over again until he died. A Surrey police force can do better than this.