Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Addressing gun violence with the New York Model

The cheap tabloid of corporate trash is trying to sell gun control again. Well I'm not buying it. I oppose gun control for the same reason Jesse Ventura opposes gun control. The government, the police and the main stream media are way too shady for me to ever agree to that. I believe in the Swiss Model of gun control for obvious reasons.

Recently the cheap tabloid of corporate trash ran an article about a mother who lost her son to gun violence. She asked why did he have a gun? He had a gun because the Gang task Force in BC is corrupt and the RCMP stopped investigating organized crime. That's why he had a gun.

In 2009 Agent 22 came to Vancouver. He was the one that brought down the Hells Angels crack cocaine ring in Winnipeg tied to the Zig Zag Crew. When he was in Vancouver, a Hells Angels associate in Surrey named Eric Sandberg told Agent 22 that he could get him any gun that he wanted and that "they" were ready to wipe out all the competition in Surrey.

On Sept. 17, 2013 a bag of guns near 76th Avenue was found in Surrey tied to the Hells Angels. How is that not related to the recent gun violence in Surrey? The guns were found in Newton

August 2011, Pat Fogherty was in charge of the BC Gang Task force. At that time he said the Hells Angels aren't the problem in Kelowna, they barely exist. It's the other guys we have to worry about. That caused me to make a post asking which side was he on because he was obviously out to lunch. The following summer I launched the Kelowna Summer Jam spotlighting crime in Kelowna. At the same time the OMGU launched an undercover operation targeting the Kelowna Hells Angels. That summer the OMGU proved Pat Fogherty wrong.

David Giles, the vice president of the Kelowna Hells Angels was busted in a mayor cocaine ring and Johhny Newcome was busted in a mayor stolen car, boat and motorcycle ring tied directly to the Kelowna Hells Angels. The judge was amazed at the volume of stolen vehicles involved.

David Giles was convicted of drug trafficking as was Lester Jones, the previous vice President of the Kelowna Hells Angels. David Giles was implicated in the Western Wind bust and the Dave Revell drug bust but he kept getting off. That's why I billed him as Skelator, Lord of the Underworld. The OMGU finally brought him down.

The OMGU did such a great job, the Christy Clark government disbanded them. Ever since then, the Gang Task force in BC has been compromised and stopped going after Hells Angels that sell drugs. We are now seeing the same problem in Surrey that Kelowna saw in 2011. The Hells Angels control the drugs on the Surrey strip and are responsible for all the brutal violence there.

The solution to gun violence in Surrey is simple. Bring back the OMGU and implement the New York Model. The Mollen Commission was a key element of the New York Model.

Documentary about Michael Dowd and the 75th Precinct in Brooklyn

Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Infowars website hacked - Not

The drama surrounding the Alex Jones censorship is now off the hook. Some of it is fishy, while some of it expresses valid concerns. We talked about Alex Jones and Infowars getting censored from Youtube and Facebook. Taking down a hateful video about refugees is one thing but deleting a complete profile is another.

Now Alex Jones is claiming the Infowars web site is under attack and has set up a few mirrors. We remember when Laila Yuile's blog and Twitter were hacked by corporate thugs impersonating Anonymous. When your site gets hacked you can't access it. In this case Infowars has a homepage up that links to various mirrors including one to donate money to their cause. If their website was down or hacked, they wouldn't be able to maintain a homepage that links to other mirrors. Well it's not down it's under attack. I see. Kinda.

They are currently operating a new website on a new domain called If they are able to post on that domain, there is no reason they can't change the DNS name servers on their Infowars domain to that new sever and operate Infowars from there. That's the fishy part.

One blog reader referred to Alex as controlled opposition. That's starting to make sense.

Right before Inforwars changed it's homepage it had breaking news about a controversial female Jewish blogger who had also been censored from Youtube. I saw the video. She was heckling candidates accusing them of being jihadists. It was hateful. Which is ironic because previously Alex Jones has been accused of being Anti Semitic.

Personally I think Alex has lost his mind. I'm not going to hate on Alex but I am going to hate on his hate. Alex was a truther as am I. I believe 9/11 was an inside job. Michael Moore doesn't yell as much as Alex but he is also a truther. In fact he was one of the first truthers back when we all thought he was crazy. When he implied 9/11 was an inside job in his movie Fahrenheit 9/11, that was too far fetched for most of us to believe at the time. Now we know better.

Alex Jones started off as a truther but has gone off on a bizarre tangent of hate. The purpose of 9/11 was to generate fear and hate. That same fear and hate is what Alex Jones is now selling and I'm sorry but I'm not buying it. I still believe 9/11 was an inside job.

One of the concerns that Alex has raised is the fact that Google has moved it's headquarters to Communist China. Well not their headquarters but they have opened up another office there.

The Post and Courier is reporting that "Ever since the Intercept revealed that Google has been secretly working with Beijing to build a censored search engine, code-named Dragonfly, the company has faced unprecedented public criticism and internal angst. Members of Congress and Google’s own employees are demanding explanations from an unusually silent leadership team led by chief executive Sundar Pichai, the reported mastermind behind Google’s multifaceted expansion into China, which includes partnering on artificial intelligence."

I can understand why Google would want to break into the Chinese market. I can understand why Google would in turn design them a censored search engine. Using that technology outside of China is a valid concern for all of us. The solution is simple: supply and demand. We really do need more than one search engine and more than one video sharing platform. If one company censors like the newspapers do, then we can change to another one that doesn't.

Apple moves to store iCloud keys in China, raising human rights fears

Suicide at Chinese iPhone factory reignites concern over working conditions

Update: The Infowars web site is back up with no mention of the hack and Twitter has suspended Alex for seven days for posting a video that incites violence without deleting any of his tweets.

Monday, August 13, 2018

Tiger Woods Rules

I'm not a golf guy but I have to admit Tiger Woods did an awesome job today and placed second in the PGA Championships. Tiger makes golf exciting and that is practically impossible. Everyone is tweeking about his post game kiss with his GF. I saw the kiss but I also noticed her hand on his ass as well. Go Team. Tiger Rules. His private life is private. His talent is indisputable.

Doug Elford resigns from Surrey Community Alliance to run with Doug McCallum

Check this out! The Surrey Now Leader is reporting that "Doug Elford confirms he has resigned from the Surrey Community Alliance party he formed to run alongside former mayor Doug McCallum in the upcoming civic election. Elford was president of the newly formed political party that aimed to challenge the reigning Surrey First party in the Oct. 20 election, before deciding to run with the former mayor instead."

“Surrey is at a crossroads,” Elford told the Now-Leader. “We cannot continue down the path of special favours for developers to the detriment of affordability. No more closed door meetings, overseas junkets and financial mismanagement. “It’s time to get this city back on a path of affordability, crime reduction, increased transparency and financial strength,” he added. “The best way to do that is getting rid of Surrey First and the person with the best chance is Doug McCallum.” Holy Hulk Smash Batman. Welcome to the Wild Wild West yo.

Gentlemen may cry peace peace but there is no peace. The war is already begun.

The Green Justice league is coming together so it is. Stay tuned. Help is on the way.

Doug Elford debating crime with Tom Gill is like the Hulk throwing Loki around like a rag doll.

Tom Gill showed the media private text messages from Barbra Steele

Tom Gill is is part of the problem not the solution

Former Bacchus member shot in Fredericton

CBC is reporting that one of the victims in the suspicious shooting without a motive in Fredericton was a former member of Bachus MC. Another campaign to kill civil liberty. Fishy.

Sunday, August 12, 2018

China's Space Station in Argentina

The New York Times is reporting that China has built a space station in Argentina. It wouldn't be a space station if it was in Argentina. It would be a space station if it was in space. "the way the base was negotiated - in secret, at a time when Argentina desperately needed investment - and concerns that it could enhance China’s intelligence-gathering capabilities in the Western Hemisphere have set off a debate in Argentina about the risks and benefits of being pulled into China’s orbit." It's OK. China will piggy back off of all the stingray antennas they have set up all over North America for their warrantless surveillance. Nothing to worry about here. Much.

Saturday, August 11, 2018

Wikileaks Served With Democrats Lawsuit Over Twitter

Why is this not surprising? I was just thinking about the CIA's recent censorship of Alex Jones on Facebook and Youtube and was wondering about Julian Assange and Wikileaks. Gizmodo is reporting that "In what may be a first for the American legal system, Wikileaks - the radical transparency organization turned Russia propaganda cell run - was served a lawsuit today in a tweet by law firm Cohen Milstein Sellers & Toll PLLC. The firm, which has not tweeted from this account before or since, appears to have created it specifically for this purpose." The Firm? That was a Freudian slip. Of course, everyone who opposes Hilary Clinton's arms dealing and drug trafficking is part of a Russia propaganda cell. That makes perfect sense. Not.

"Cohen Milstein Sellers & Toll is retained on behalf of the Democratic National Committee, which had troves of information exfiltrated during the 2016 election that was then strategically disseminated by Wikileaks and its self-exiled leader Julian Assange."

Julian Asange exposed Hilary Clinton's arms deals with ISIS through Quatar. Now he is being sued by the Democratic National Committee. This fake lawsuit is served over twitter the day after Julian states he is considering testifying before a Senate committee.

Come on guys, Edward Snowdon has to be involved in this as well. This is what's wrong with the world today: Edward Snowden exposes illegal activity within the CIA and the NSA and instead of arresting the criminals breaking the law, they want to arrest the whistle blower for exposing it. Likewise, Julian Assange exposed the fact that Hilary Clinton profited from selling arms to ISIS through Saudi Arabia and Quatar. Instead of arresting Hillary Clinton they want to sue Julian for exposing that. Now Alex Jones has been banned from Facebook and Youtube because he opposes Hilary Clinton's criminal activity. God help us. No one else will.

Free Edward Snowden - Wikileaks web site - Wikileaks on Twitter - Free Julian Assange

Toronto police use ISMI - ISMI Catcher outside my house - ISMI Catcher outside Surrey Pretrial

Fake Terror plot thwarted in London

Speaking of fake news, this is as fake as it gets. The Telegraph is reporting that "Muslim convert radicalised by Anjem Choudary plotted to kill 100 people in a terror attack outside the Disney store on Oxford Street. Lewis Ludlow, 26, who swore allegiance to Islamic State, also plotted to target tourist attractions such as Madame Tussauds and St Paul’s Cathedral by ramming a van into tourist crowds in a lone wolf attack." Another white guy plotting another attack without a motive. Fishy as f*ck. MI 6 is really scraping the bottom of the barrel with this one.

The Edmonton "Attack" and Project Argus

Catherine Bruce sets the record straight

Friday, August 10, 2018

Kang gang bust: Biggest case of fake news in BC history

Unbelievable. The front page of today's Vancouver Province is the headline Kang Gang Bust. Kim Bolan wrote an article referring to the "notorious" Kang gang. AYFKM? The Bacon brothers were not notorious. That claim was ridiculous. Calling the Kang Gang notorious is absurd. She is trying to promote them to sell newspapers. That is shameful. BTW you can't even buy newspapers anywhere around here any more. Post Media News is virtually worthless now.

Among the list of items seized is a pressure cooker bomb. AYFKM? That is as fake as it gets. That was planted there by the RCMP just like it was in the John Nuttal case.

The Kang gang used to sell drugs for the Brothers Keepers who were finger puppets for the Red Scorpions who in turn sell drugs for the Hells Angels. As soon as the Kang gang leave the brother's keepers and start working for the UN instead of the Hells Angels, the police bust them and seize massive amounts of money after planting a fake pressure cooker bomb and a ridiculous giant scorpion statue. This is as fake as it gets. It's not even red.

Ever since the Kelowna Summer Jam in 2012 the BC Gang Task force has been compromised. That is when they stopped arresting Hells Angels for drug trafficking. The David Giles bust and the Johnny Newcome bust, that was real. This is not. This is why gang enforcement in BC has to be taken away from the RCMP and given to a regional task force. That is obvious.

Kim's article was a day before today's press conference. The BC Gang Task force gave her an exclusive because she spins for them. In turn they give her access to bar watch.

I always know I've hit the nail on the head when Blaze starts spamming my blog with bullsh*t. I thought those new profiles he created sounded like Blaze. When he slipped up and used one of his old profiles that clinched it. So either Blaze is surfing from prison or that prison sentence was a fake cover in exchange for him testifying in that other bogus case.

The police totally f*cked up the case against Jamie Bacon in the Surrey Six. Literally. IHIT slept with witnesses. It wasn't just one of them it was a climate of unprofessionalism that permeated the force. Excessive trial delays occurred as they frantically tried to cover it up and Jamie eventually got off Scot free for murder because of trial delays.

That was something the RCMP did. Now they are making up these new charges to make up for it. Any Red Scorpion bust is a Hells Angels bust because after the Surrey six the Red Scorpions started working for the Hells Angels. Jamie isn't planning sh*t from prison. The guy is an ork not a leader. His dead preppy brother was the leader through his pal Larry Amero.

With regards to the John Nuttall pressure cooker fraud, what reporter was right there leading the way with another fraud exclusive? Kim Bolan. She was given an inside tour of the home by the police's fraud squad that fabricated the whole lie. "See my exclusive video inside the apartment here." I went for lunch with John's mother and Grandmother. His grandmother was living in the basement suit. She told me that many of the items the media said were used to make bombs were her items that had nothing to do with making bombs. She was an elderly Caucasian Christian. Thankfully, Catherine Bruce set the record straight on that RCMP fraud.

Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Rina Gill runs for Surrey city council

It is with great pleasure that I report Rina Gill is running for Surrey City council. Three Cheers! Rina is a local business woman who has been active in her community for many years. Most recently she organized a Surrey Health Expo and a Community Gang forum in Surrey.

Rina was actually born and raised in Toronto. When she came to Surrey she was active in the South Asian business community and was introduced to politics though Sue Hammel and Bruce Ralston. Two iconic pillars in our community. That's when she ran along side Bob Bose for Surrey City Council. Rina speaks very highly of Bob. Coming from Toronto, Rina had no idea about the polarized politics that dominated Surrey for so many years.

After Bob Bose retired, the Surrey Civic Coalition ceased to exist. Surrey First was trying to recruit Rina but Tom Gill wouldn't have it. Tom wanted to be the only South Asian on the team. Kinda weird how he then pissed off the entire south Asian community by voting for the mega casino on rural land when they staunchly opposed it. C'est la vie.

Last election Rina joined Doug McCallum's Safe Surrey coalition which obviously raised eyebrows with her NDP friends and supporters. Some people just can't see past race, religion or creed. Again Rina had no idea about the polarized politics in Surrey. She said working with Doug was a great experience. She decided to run with Bruce Hayne this time because he didn't have past history like Bob and Doug did. She committed to working with Bruce before she knew Doug was going to run. That is why, even though I am supporting Doug McCallum for Mayor, I am also supporting Rina Gill for council. She is competent, genuine and sincere.

Rina's motto is Loyalty, Bravery, Integrity. Unlike most other politicians, Rina embodies those values. Doug McCallum is considered right wing. Some of Rina's NDP friends simply cannot see past that. Laila Yule referred to a dark undertow within the NDP which is no different than Christy Clark's liberals. A lot of that undertow is dragging down the Surrey Community Alliance. Rina is not political in the dirty sense of the word. She is a politician like unto Chuck Cadman who genuinely cared about his community. Sadly Barbara Steele is not.

Barbara Steele embodied everything that was wrong with Surrey First from the money laundering at Campbell Heights, to the dirty Casino on rural land to the road through Hawthorne Park and Hjorth Road elementary. Barbara Steel embodies arrogance and misrepresentation. Bruce Hayne has all that and more to overcome.

Bruce Hayne claims that the first phase of LRT can't be stopped. That is simply untrue which automatically puts into question anything else that comes out of his mouth. My agenda is clear. I will support anyone that will stop the LRT on 104th and the road through Hjorth Road elementary and I will support anyone that will implement the New York Crime Reduction model.

Rina supports Bruce for Mayor. I do not. That is one area we do not agree on. However, there are many other areas that we do agree on and because she is completely genuine, I wholeheartedly endorse her candidacy for Surrey council. It's time to come together and do what's right.

Dennis Watson speaking on the New York Model

Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Alex Jones Banned from Facebook and Youtube

In all honesty I'm not sure what's going on. Seemingly Alex Jones had some material taken off facebook and youtube that was deemed hate speech. Seemingly that has created a tsunami of take downs of material going back a few years. Yes it does sound very suspect. The New York Times ran a poll that said Facebook, Youtube, Pinterest and Apple have removed Alex Jones and Info Wars from their platforms. Should twitter follow suit? That is absolutely bizarre.

Why would all those platforms remove Inforwars? That is complete censorship. Why would the New York Times run a poll asking Americans if Infowars should be banned from Twitter? Surveying public opinion on violating the First Amendment is straight out of the Twilight zone.

This is a video discussing what is going on posted not on Youtube but a new platform called This is Alex Jones official statement on the Internet purge posted on Infowars.

Usually when a large corporation censors or bans someone, that causes everyone to find out why they were banned. It increases traffic and exposure. Deleting a video or a blog post for being hateful is one thing but removing an entire news syndicate is off the wall.

One of the main stream media outlets tried to belittle Info wars because they believe 9/11 was an inside job. AYFKM? Anyone who thinks the third tower fell due to heat and fire is a brain dead idiot. Operation Northwoords was real. So was Operation Fast and Furious. We need to talk about those documents. 9/11 Lose Change and 9/11 Explosive Evidence are documentaries we all need to watch. We need to talk about the USS Liberty. That was real

Alex Jones did an excellent job on a documentary about the USS Liberty with an intro about Operation Northwoords and Hitler's use of False Flag attacks before the war showing President Johnston recalled the air support for the USS Liberty when it was under attack. Now that video has been deleted from Youtube. That is f*cked up.

Alex Jones has become known as a truther. One who exposes the false flag inconsistencies. Yet somewhere along the line he lost that vision. If 9/11 was an inside job along with the attack on the USS Liberty and if a lot of the mass shootings are orchestrated, then why on earth does he buy into the raping refugee false flag attacks? It makes no sense whatsoever. His refugee hate is feeding the false flag attacks objective. The CIA created ISIS. Literally.

With regards to the tsunami of censorship towards Alex Jones and Infowars, Facebook sucks. If Youtube is going to practice that kind of censorship then we need to find and promote other platforms that promote free speech. As consumers we need to show the monopolies that if they practice censorship, we will not use their services. We will go somewhere else.

Blow The Whistle on Chinese Communist Infiltration Of Silicon Valley

Fake News targets Russia as a smoke and mirrors distraction from China

Looking at the Confucius Institute in North America

Hillary Clinton was the author of Operation Fast and Furious

Hillary Clinton sold weapons grdae Uranium to Russia

Hillary Clinton armed ISIS - Julian Assange confirmed it.

That's why the MSM is attacking Alex Jones and Julian Assange.

Fatal Assault in Surrey

The Peace Arch News is reporting that "One man is dead and one injured following events Surrey RCMP believe to be related. On Monday afternoon (August 6), at about 4:30 p.m., police responded to a report of a man being stabbed in the 10800-block of 152nd Street. He was transported to the hospital in stable condition. Shortly after, a second man was dropped off at a hospital suffering from serious injuries, and later died. The two incidents are believed to be related. The Surrey Serious Crime Unit and the Integrated Homicide Investigation Team have taken over the investigations."

Monday, August 6, 2018

Norm Farrell for North Vancouver School Trustee

Norm Farrell is running for School Trustee in the North Vancouver School district. Three cheers! Norm Farrell is the infamous local blogger that has been a stalwart defender of the faith blogging about the BC Hydro fraud and other BC Liberals scams. He and his wife raised three children in North Vancouver and has seven grandchildren all still living in the North Vancouver School district. I was born in North Van. My father was an elementary school principle in the North Vancouver School district. I joyfully endorse Norm's candidacy.

The King of Saudi Arabia has lost his mind

Well this is tragic. One of Justin Trudeau's feminists makes a simple comment about women's rights in Saudi Arabia which is nonexistent, and calls for the release of a couple of peaceful human rights activists and Saudi Arabia comes unglued. They expel Canada's diplomat, suspend flights to Toronto and starts withdrawing students from Canadian schools.

All they had to do was say yeah whatever like everyone else. This flury of insanity shows the validity of the request. A youth organization even went so far as to post an image on Twitter appearing to show an Air Canada plane heading toward the CN Tower in a way that is reminiscent of the 9/11 attacks in the US. Really?

Most of the 9/11 terrorists came in through Saudi Arabia. Their passports were denied but the CIA over ruled the denial and let them in for obvious reasons. Saudi Arabia has been the hub of arms dealing for generations. Maybe we shouldn't be selling them arms. They were supplying ISIS.

I might add that the human rights violations in China are much worse. Maybe we shouldn't be selling China nuclear reactors so they can export nuclear missiles all over the planet.

Carrie Underwood attacked by trolls as fake news dramatizes nonsense

This isn't news but because it made the news, I will comment on it. US Magazine is reporting that "Carrie Underwood isn’t known for being controversial. But the country singer angered some parents when she said that at age 35, she and husband Mike Fisher won’t be able to give their son, Isaiah, 3, many biological siblings. The comments came rolling in on Facebook. “I’m 38 and just had a baby . . . she’s being ridiculous,” wrote one woman. Added another: “You do know that everyone’s body is different, right?” AYFKM?

She didn't say she wasn't able to have any more kids, she simply said at 35 she past the age of giving her child many biological siblings. She might have more kids she might not. She might adopt some she might not. That's her choice. The absurdity of the frenzy clearly shows that the mob is fickle and the news is fake. People are dying and this is all they have to say about it.

Reporters are not enemies of the people but their employers are. The New York Times and the LA Times still has credibility but most of the others don't. The Washington Post sucks. Even the New York Times and the LA Times joined in on the slagging of Gary Webb who rightfully exposed the CIA's involvement in the US crack epidemic. Gary Webb was right.

Corporate mergers means the media is easier to control and the press is no loner free. Whoever owns the paper controls it's content. Just ask Dan Rather and Rupert Murdoch.

Obviously Donald Trump's sweeping statements are creating a knee jerk reaction within the Main Stream Media who are desperate to protect the credibility of their craft. Yet the underlining concerns about the MSM are very real. For the most part, Global is great. Yet their Post Media ownership has clearly diminished their credibility and has flushed the Vancouver Sun / Province's credibility right down the toilet. CBC is better. They still do investigative reporting but obviously no outlet is perfect. That is why we need diversity which has been killed by the media mergers.

Canada's unethical Global Mining

Canadian mining companies are giving Canada a very bad reputation in Latin America for unethical mining wrecking havoc on the environment. The root of the problem are shady trade agreements that have absolutely nothing to do with free trade.

Barrick gold is on the list of offenders aroung the world not just in Colombia. Thankfully, some recent rulings have caused some Canadian miming companies to halt operations in Colombia.

The Financial Post is reporting that "Canadian miner Gran Colombia Gold has filed a US$700 million lawsuit against Colombia under the Colombian-Canadian free trade agreement after the government ordered the company to cease operations at the El Burro site in Marmato until it has further consulted with local residents. Gran Colombia’s plan to flatten a mountain and create an open pit mine has also met with resistance." No kidding. They want to do the same thing in Clayoquot Sound. They want to blow the top off of Catface mountian and turn it into an open pit mine right in the middle of a protected biosphere.

So the mega corporation steam rolls over civil rights by suing the local governments under these bogus trade agreements for daring to impose laws that protect the environment and thereby inhibit their ability to make a toxic profit.

We've already discussed compensation awards under NAFTA chapter 11 where a company that wanted to import PCP into Canada successfully sued the Canadian government for creating laws that protected the environment and inhibited their ability to make a profit by poluting Canada. That clause was absolutely insane. Instead of removing that clause from successive trade agreements they tightened up the working to give corporations more power over the democratic will of the people. That insane practice needs to come to an end.

Local governments have the inherit right to enact laws that protect the environment. These bogus trade agreements remove that right. Then they lable anyone who disagrees with them as a terrorist and instantly removes their right to due process and kills civil liberty for everyone. This is corporate communism.

Amnesty International is reporting that "Canadian company Ivanhoe Mines Limited and Chinese mining interests have profited from, and in some cases colluded with the Myanmar authorities in serious human rights abuses and illegal activity around the Monywa copper mine complex, which includes the notorious Letpadaung mine, Amnesty International said in a report released today."

Yesterday we went on a sea safari out of Horseshoe Bay along the Sea to Sky highway up to Britannia mines. It was beautiful. Howe Sound is teaming with fish and biodiversity but it wasn't always so. Now Britannia mines is a tourist attraction. When it was in operation it was a big polluter of Howe Sound along with a pulp and paper mill across the water.

Ethical mining and sustainable development are terms we must embrace in the new world order.

Fascists and Anarchists clash over Nanaimo Tent City

Why is this not surprising? Extremists clash over the lawlessness of Nanaimo tent city. Each having their own hidden agenda. I support neither. The Soldiers of Odin are racists that protest immigration despite the fact that they themselves are immigrants. The supporters of Discontent City are Anarchists who don't want homes for the homeless they just want to create pockets of lawlessness like they did on the Surrey strip. The supporters of Discontent City called the Soldiers of Odin Nazis but they failed to mention that they themselves are Anarchists. Fascists and Anarchists clash all the time. Both groups are complete wingnuts.

The Action Against Discontent City is the voice of reason within that conflict. The solution is simple. Call their bluff. Build them modular homes, then get rid of the tents. Affordable housing is a colossal concern but supporting the drug trade by creating pockets of lawlessness is not the solution. Setting aside zoning for rental units is.

Implementing the New York City Crime Reduction Model in Surrey

Newton crime meeting hijacked by Anarchists and Communists

Dennis Watson speaking on the New York Model

Surrey RCMP cleans up the Surrey strip

The Green Justice Party

Sunday, August 5, 2018

Fatal shooting in Abbotsford

CTV is reporting that "Homicide investigators have identified the victim of a fatal overnight shooting in Abbotsford as 19-year-old Gagandeep Singh Dhaliwal. Officers were called to a home in the 2000 block of Wilerose Street at around 11:30 p.m. on Saturday, where they located Dhaliwal and another man, both suffering from gunshot wounds."

Making a Difference

"If you desire to make a difference in the world, you must be different from the world."

Friday, August 3, 2018

Letter from Masanjia now playing

Tonight I saw the movie Letter from Masanjia at the Vancity theatre. It is worth seeing. It's important. It has a sad ending but the story isn't really over yet. It has just begun. The candle has been lite. The truth has been exposed. The question is, what are we going to do about it?

During the war we rightfully opposed Hitler's Holocaust. Sweden was neutral. How can you be neutral over something like that? Yet Sweden let German troops use their railway to invade Norway. That's not neutral. That's culpability. Stalin killed more people than Hitler did. China was even worse. Tragically the Communist murders in China never stopped.

This movie is about a labour camp. The labour camp has been shut down due to bad press but the persecution continues and other secret prisons have opened to take their place. It reminds me of that old Irish folk song The Fields of Athenry. "Nothing matters Mary, when you're free." We take so much for granted. The suffering Sun Yi and his wife went through is heartbreaking yet inspiring. We need to shine a light on this dark evil for the world to see.

It's not just the Falun Gong who are put in prison in China for their religious beliefs, it's Muslims and Christians as well along with a massive crackdown on human rights lawyers. If Christians in China celebrate Christmas in their home, they are arrested for holding a house church. Earlier this year the Express reported that "Christmas was banned in China with officials employed to snuff out festivities as part of a major crackdown on Christianity. Security officials sent out words of warnings to pastors and worshippers, warning them Christmas trees, Santa Claus, festive hats and any other items relating to Christmas were forbidden.'

Release International is reporting that "A crackdown on ‘cults’ in Yunnan province has led to mass arrests of Christians – with many now facing long jail sentences. Six members of a church in the Lincang area have just been handed sentences of up to 13 years – after a court convicted them of being part of a dangerous sect." Sound familiar?

Chinese Lawyers Accused of ‘Illegally’ Defending 40 Christians Jailed for Being in ‘Cult’

Chinese authorities blow up Christian megachurch with dynamite

CNN reported that "Thousands of Uyghur Muslims are currently being detained in cramped conditions at so-called political education camps in China's restive far-western region of Xinjiang. Every household, every family had three or four people taken away." CNN also reported that "More than a million Chinese Communist officials are being dispatched to live with local families in the western region of Xinjiang. Government statements and state media reports show that families are required to provide detailed information during the visits on their personal lives and political views. They are also subject to "political education" from the live-in officials."

Radio Free Asia is reporting that "A “high” number of Uyghurs, including youngsters seized by security forces following ethnic unrest in China’s Xinjiang region, may have become victims of forced organ harvesting, according to an independent researcher."

The Star reported that "David Kilgour, a former prosecutor and Canadian secretary of state for the Asia-Pacific, and David Matas, a human rights lawyer, have published evidence they say shows that China performs an estimated 60,000 to 100,000 transplants a year, with organs primarily taken from Falun Gong practitioners, Muslim Uighurs, Tibetan Buddhists and Christians.

The Hong Kong Free Press reported that "China has launched an ongoing attack on the country’s human rights lawyers, arresting at least 23 legal professionals and summoning scores more “for tea” with security services. More than 100 people have been targeted in the nationwide crackdown, according to a list compiled by the China Human Rights Lawyer Concern Group.

After the movie there was a Q&A with the director. A question was asked about brainwashing. The director, who was originally from China admitted that he himself had been brainwashed in China. He said that when he left China someone showed him a video clip of the Tiananmen Square massacre. He said that was CIA propaganda and asked why they would show it to him now that he had left China. Unfortunately the Tiananmen Square massacre was not CIA propaganda. It was very real. Xi Jinping is a murderer who needs to be put on the war criminal list. God Bless Sun Yi. May he Rest in Peace.

2018 Free Tibet and Free Yourself

CIA still citing the Russian hoax

NBC is reporting that "Just hours after the nation's top intelligence officials warned about Moscow's efforts to disrupt a second consecutive American election, Trump said at a campaign rally here Thursday night that his diplomatic efforts with President Vladimir Putin are being hindered by the Russian hoax. The two events created a split screen effect: America's intelligence experts warning voters that Russia is trying to undermine democracy and Trump telling them it's all political chicanery." The root of the problem is twofold. American Intelligence agencies are corrupt and so is the Main Stream Media.

I am no fan of Donald Trump but the credibility of the CIA and the MSM is nonexistent. It was MI6 working in conjunction with the CIA that intentionally lied to the press about Iraq's weapons of mass destruction to gain public support for an invasion in Operation Mass Appeal. I've already talked about the CIA's control of the media as well as the Russian hoax.

You know it's bad when Fox News has more credibility than NBC and CNN. Rupert Murdoch owns Fox News and the Wall Street Journal. Rupert Murdoch openly admits media bias during elections. Yet the others are even worse. The illusion of nonbiased reporting has been lost.

Here's my beef: the world is silently watching a Communist genocide in China without a word being said while the MSM obsesses over smoke and mirror distractions that have the sole purpose of implementing Corporate Communism and the complete destruction of civil liberty.

B.U.G. Mafia Romaneste - English Translation

Thursday, August 2, 2018

Clay Roueche’s Phoenix Reborn

In addition to a post about Clay Roueche’s Combined Combat System of martial arts, someone has also made a post about a non profit group he has created called Phoenix Reborn. The primary purpose of this non profit is to assist misguided youth, recovering addicts, military veterans, victims of abuse, and positive re-entry for prisoners returning to society.

This is a lot more effective at helping people in the life than a poster that says free hugs.

This is the full text of the write up:

Phoenix Reborn is a non-profit organization that is designed to bring awareness to issues every day people in society are facing, while also providing educational programs to assist, provide, and help these people so they can "reposition" their lives to get back on the right track. Our primary focus is on: misguided youth, recovering addicts, military veterans, victims of abuse, and positive re-entry for prisoners returning to society. We aim to give; misguided youth proper mentorship, drug addicts a road to recovery, veterans the support they require, victims of abuse the confidence they deserve, and former inmates the tools they need to be productive members of society.

Terms such as "betterment" and "indomitable spirit" are the mindsets we use to set people in the right direction. What makes Phoenix Reborn unique is that our faculty consists of a diverse group of people from every walk of life, which include pillars of the community, current inmates, and former inmates who have turned their lives around. We believe that people who have personally experienced, and have indirectly been affected by these types of issues, know the correct measures that need to be taken in order to move things in the right direction. It is our opinion that there are no better teachers than those who have firsthand experience with these issues.

We're committed to sponsoring special events where guest speakers can address tough subjects like this, and shine a light on the need for grass roots community involvement. We believe it's very important for community leaders to focus on helping people in need of direction rebuild their lives. This can be achieved by providing the necessary tools that they need to point them in the right direction, and by teaching participants to refrain from negative thoughts and self destructive behavior.

Our goal is to provide assistance within the community to help implement the steps that need to be taken in order to improve upon these types of situations by improving participants circumstances. We plan to do this by providing participants with positive role models and programs that teach, inspire, and further develop their mindset. Due to the fact that participants will have the opportunity to learn from others and get the support they need, Phoenix Reborn encourages, and motivates, everyone involved to bring forth their best effort to make this platform a success. We will be working directly with; youth guidance counselors, social workers, a vast array of mentorship programs, recovery centers, employment services, educational institutions, spiritual advisors from a multitude of belief systems, physical fitness facilities, martial arts schools, & other establishments to help assist our participants in obtaining everything they require so they can "reposition" themselves to be at their best.

Clay Roueche’s Combined Combat System

Someone has posted an interesting write up about a system of martial arts that Clay Roueche has created called Combined Combat System on a public Facebook account set up to promote his Book of Indomitable Virtues. We all knew that Clay had a black belt in Taekwondo. Yet I had no idea about the extent of his MMA background. In addition to that he has been able to train with some impressive boxers and martial artists in prison after he got out of solitary.

This is what the write up says:

Professor Roueche, the founder & visionary that started the CCS School of Martial Arts, comes from a family line of the military tradition. His grandfather, being awarded the Medal of Honor during World War II, is a strong indication of that. Additionally, his great grandfather was a U.S. Navy Middle Weight Boxing Champion which solidified the Roueche family's love for the sweet science. As a child, the moment Professor Roueche saw his first Bruce Lee movie his martial journey began.

With his respect & admiration for the legendary Bruce Lee came the love for Asian culture, which included the warrior monks of the Shaolin Temple and the warriors of ancient Japan. Because of these influences Professor Roueche had a strong desire to learn more about the philosophies of the orient. This passion led him to read books such as; Sun Tzu's "Art of War", Miyo Musashi's "The Book of Five Rings", Chin Ning Chu's "Thich Face Black Heart", and to study; Taoism, Buddhism, Shintoism, and the samurai's code of the Bushido.

Professor Roueche's first official martial arts training began at 12 years of age by way of Ninjutsu: the head instructor was also a master of White Crane Kung Fu. During this period he trained in Judo as well. He passionately wanted to study Master Bruce Lee's style of Kung Fu but there were no schools available where he lived. He eventually found a home at Baek's Taekwondo Academy where the master was fresh out of the Korean army. Master Baek was a decorated Army middle weight champion, and a graduate of an esteemed martial arts university in Korea.

Professor Roueche spent as much time as possible at his new training hall. He soon earned his poom belt, which is a black belt for kids under the age of 16 years old. At his masters urging he entered the Provincial Men's Feather weight black belt Taekwondo Championships. Master Baek wanted him to enter the contest for experiential purposes. Professor Roueche ended up winning the tournament and becoming the Mens Provincial Champion at just 15 years of age. He went on to win many tournaments and establish himself as a championship competitor.

It was during this time that he started cross training at The Golden Lion Muay Thai Academy under the tutelage of Master Songlith a traditional Thai Ajarn and former Stadium Champion. His Muay Thai training further enhanced his skills while also making him a prominent figure within the Asian community.

To sharpen his boxing he trained with talented boxers hailing from areas like; New York, Philadelphia, Detroit, and Florida: learning elements from the different styles of each individual state. Professor Roueche's mindset is that there is something to be learned from every style. Among the more notable boxer's he trained with was Ian "SchoolBoy" Garret out of Florida, who was a 3 time US National Golden Glove Champion that turned pro and went on to become the NBA Middle Weight Champion.

With the birth of the UFC and the Gracie Family showing the effectiveness of jiu jitsu, Professor Roueche continued his search to become a more complete martial artist until finally coming across a former Pan American judo Champion and jiu jitsu extraordinaire by the name of Miguel Malgoza, it was this man of virtuoso that helped him establish his ground game. Sensei Malgoza is also a high level Kempo karate black belt under the late Great Master Ed Parker, who coincidentally was a close personal friend of the Legendary Bruce Lee. Sensei Malgoza is the epitome of fortitude and continues to train with some of the best Brazilian jiu jitsu competitors in the world.

Additionally, Professor Roueche had the privilege to train with a weapons specialist by the name of Kevin Marrie from Miami Florida. Mr. Kevin Marrie, started his martial arts training in Shotokan karate prior to departing on a military tour of duty in Vietnam. While serving in Vietnam Sensei Marrie continued to train with other martial artists from both Korean and Chinese styles, which further sharpened his skills. Upon returning to American soil he went on to obtain his black belt in the Seibukan school of Shorin Ryu karate and became a top Florida state karate competitor winning many esteemed tournaments in the 1970's.

While being in the army Sensei Marrie was stationed at different military bases throughout the U.S. and he took full advantage of the training opportunities that presented themselves. It was during that time he embraced Arnis further adding to his arsenal of weapons skills. This training combined with some of his previous training gave him a deeper understanding of soft style arts. Sensei Marrie trained Professor Roueche in the yantok sticks of Arnis, the tanto/saber, long and short bo staff techniques from numerous styles, traditional kenjutsu techniques, and cane techniques taught in some Korean styles. With this training also came weapons disarming techniques, a vast assortment of joint locking techniques, and flow drills to improve defensive capabilities against both unarmed and armed attackers.

Professor Roueche's close friends have known him by many names which include "Thunderfoot" because of his fast explosive kicks and "High Voltage" because of his movements on the mat while training in jiu jitsu. His life philosophy is based on the Japanese term "Kaizen" which means betterment. The Legendary Bruce Lee once said, "absorb everything that is useful", and that's something that has never left Professor Roueche's mind. His attitude is that there is always something to be learned, so one must never believe their cup to be full. No one knows everything, therefore he encourages students to be humble and keep an open mind.

The CCS School of Martial Arts is based on the Big Brother system where teachers and mentors from all aspects of the martial arts get together for the benefit of the students so pupils can continuously improve their skill set. Professor Roueche is all about having a strong family unit, and his training hall is designed to embrace that spirit by helping everyone be the best they can be.

The goal of Professor Roueche is to have his students through quality martial art training improve their lives by embracing a valued code of ethics. Combined Combat Systems is a constant never ending evolution to constantly refine and sharpen martial skills until the students fully grasp the ultimate realization of combat.

Wednesday, August 1, 2018

US Magistrate Judge Reappointments

Ever since that huge court case I had with Telus in San Francisco, I've been registered to e-file court documents in the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California. Consequently I just received an email requesting public feedback about the reappointment of two US judges for another 8 year term. We don't have that in Canada.

"The current terms of office for the following United States Magistrate Judges in the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California are due to expire: U.S. Magistrate Judge Jacqueline S. Corley on May 17, 2019; and U.S. Magistrate Judge Nathanael Cousins on July 4, 2019. The United States District Court is required by law to establish a panel of citizens to consider the reappointment of a magistrate judge to a new 8-year term."

"Comments from members of the bar and the public are invited as to whether these incumbent magistrate judges should be recommended by the panel for reappointment by the court. Separate comments for each magistrate judge should be submitted in writing no later than August 31, 2018." That is what the notice declares.

Can you imagine how helpful that would be in Canada? Can you imagine how helpful that would have been in dealing with complete lunatics like Peter Leask? The public would be allowed to make recommendations saying don't reappoint him, the guy is an idiot. Look at what he has done. Whistle blowers could report corruption and the court would actually have the authority to do something about it. What a wonderful world that would be.

Right now the current system in Canada is not working. Something needs to be done about it.

Calgary man accused of killing girlfriend, then mother and stepfather 6 days later

CBC is reporting that "A day after Calgary police found three people slain in two different locations, the force says the killings occurred almost a week apart. Dustin Duthie, 25, has been charged with three counts of second-degree murder in the deaths of Taylor Toller, Shawn Boshuck and Alan Pennylegion. CBC News has confirmed that the dead are the accused's girlfriend, his mother and stepfather. A duty counsel lawyer representing Duthie appeared before a justice of the peace Wednesday morning in Calgary." That is psychotic and premeditated.

So I guess those wingnut Anarchists think this is OK right? After all, no laws mean no laws. "Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law" right? Not on my watch ya freaking lunatics.

Tuesday, July 31, 2018

In Memory of John Carten and the Water Crimes Blog

A friend recently asked me about the Water Crimes blog claiming that no one has been posting on it of late and asked me if I knew anything. Unfortunately I do. John Carten passed away of cancer in Kelowna. I met John three times. Twice with Jack English in Vancouver and once in Saint Paul's hospital. The first time we went for dim sum. The second time we went for Portuguese down the street. He was a good man with a lot of important stories to tell.

John is most famous for the Water Crimes blog which exposed judicial corruption in Canada. He used to be a fully licensed practicing lawyer in BC. That is why the powers that be were so terrified of him. He was educated and had a lot of inside information about them. His conclusion was that "The Law Society of British Columbia has become a criminal organization."

I'm going to piece together some of his postings before they disappear off the internet so I can memorialize his quest. In fact, the recent website I made at is in his memory.

John was a practicing lawyer who went through a difficult divorce. Tragically the judicial system completely destroyed him financial in a brutal and petty manner. The Family Relations Act speaks to the best interest of the child. Destroying a child's father is never in the child's best interest. I hope his kids will one day understand that their father was in fact a good man.

John had been assisting Jack English pro bono who had his family resort near Tofino stolen through the BCIMC Fraud. The corruption in that case was astounding and it's tentacles reached far into the Law Society, the BC Liberals and the BC Judicial system itself.

William Majcher is a former police undercover investigator who brought down a lawyer that laundered money for the Haney Hells Angels which was tied to the murder of Ernie Ozolins. His Supreme Court Affidavit claims that Lawyers have become key players in money laundering operations because they are exempt from a federal requirement to report suspicious financial transactions. "My experience is that it's a widespread problem."

Insp. Majcher said Mr. Rosenfeld told him it was "twenty times" easier to launder money from Canada than the United States. He was also told during the investigation that five lawyers in Vancouver regularly laundered $200,000 a month through trust accounts in return for a 7-per-cent commission. Other lawyers used offshore accounts, stock market scams and foundations to hide illicit cash, Insp. Majcher testified.

So when the BC Law society went after John Carten in a petty and malicious manner, it became clear that his conclusion had merit. "The Law Society of British Columbia has become a criminal organization." We have seen that in their recent bid to kill the Canadian Charter of Rights and destroy religious freedom in Canada. May he Rest in Peace.

"Take up our quarrel with the foe to you, from failing hands, we throw the torch: be yours to hold it high. If ye break faith with us who die, we shall not sleep, though poppies grow in Flanders fields" John Carten was a soldier of Rome. Honour him.

One of John' campaigns was against a lawyer on Vancouver island who ripped off Jack English named Greg Harney whose billing bullying made the Vancity Biz. Greg Harney faced a disciplinary hearing with the Law Society on June 21, 2017.

CBC reported that his client's ex husband sold drugs and associated with the Hells Angels, and that Vancouver police had told Byrne her ex-husband who had sizable off shore accounts was murdered by associates after he disappeared.

This website at is one of John Carten's most iconic works documenting his beef with the Law Society. I have now saved all the information and am preparing a mirror for when the powers that be get it taken down. Erin go Bragh. Tiocfaidh ár lá.

When I met John at St Paul's hospital in Vancouver he was recovering from chemotherapy and was thrilled to have received a new lease on life. He had a large tumor and was close to dying. The chemotherapy was successful. He was released from the hospital and relocated to Kelowna where he later had a relapse and died in hospital. I also met John's GF who was wonderfully supportive. My condolences. Life does not end at death. We will meet again but not yet.

Monday, July 30, 2018

Dennis Watson speaking on the New York Model

Wake up Surrey: Vote for Doug McCallum

When I was at the People First panel discussion on crime I was asked my opinion about the Wake Up Surrey movement. I said I support that movement. Others were less eager. I explained that I was there. That rally was well attended. People had pictures of family members who had been killed in recent gang violence. Mothers were still in mourning. It was heartbreaking. Their message to city hall was loud and clear: Wake up and Do Something.

I spoke with a member of the Sikh Motorcycle club at that rally and asked him if he would run for council. He said no and that he was fed up. He said they went to all that work a year ago organizing the same rally and nothing was done. More fatalities has been the result.

Providing homes for the homeless on the Surrey Strip has been a colossal step forward for everyone. That place was a cesspool of exploitation. The Anarchists are complaining about the progress made because they never wanted homes for the homeless. They just wanted to create pockets of lawlessness because they are Anarchists. That self defeating mandate is complete insanity. If you can steal from me, I can steal from you and chaos is the result.

I support the New York Crime Reduction model for Surrey and the Safe Surrey Coalition are the ones that will implement it because unlike the Anarchists, they are on the same page. I am not here to promote myself. I'm not running. I'm here to promote what's right.

Jeff Shantz from the Social Injustice Centre wrote a couple of books - Beyond Communism and Constructive Anarchy. Just like I said. Anarchists are complete Wingnuts and the Social Justice Centre has absolutely nothing to do with Social Justice. Just so we are clear. Do these clowns actually get government funding? Consider the source. Just like Ip Man, I support the other guys.

Update: Dennis Watson speaking on the New York Model

Sunday, July 29, 2018

Linda Hepner kills baby eagles in Surrey

The Peacearch News is reporting that "The city is investigating after it had to remove a cottonwood tree in South Surrey that was home to one of the most noticeable eagle’s nests in Surrey." It was an active nest. A legacy of killing beavers, butterflies and baby peacocks just isn't good enough. Linda Hepner had to add killing baby eagles to her list of genocide before she leaves office. Without question, Surrey First has been Surrey's worst.

David Hancock from the Hancock Wildlife Foundation believes it was cut down on purpose and states that "the violation of the Wildlife Act under Section 34 has mitigation remedies not just of simple fines but offers up both Creative Fines Section 84 1-2 and Additional Fines Section 84.3 that allow recovery of any financial advantages gained though the violation of the Act."

On a side note, I attended a barbecue with my MLA Gary Begg yesterday in Surrey. I ran into Jinny Sims there. She said she knew me but I didn't recognize her. Turns out she is a NDP MLA for Surrey Panorama. She said she was in favor of the LRT put her hand up and walked away. Oh really? That means I do not support you. Is that your party position? Let's be clear.

She supports the LRT infrastructure nightmare along 104th avenue because she doesn't have to drive up and down that road every day like the rest of us who live in the area. I find it astounding and disheartening that an NDP MLA could even conceive of endorsing a road that goes right through an elementary school of marginalized kids. That is just plain wrong. This is what Laila Yuile referred to as the dark undertow within the NDP party. No different than the BC Liberals.

I met Imtiaz Popat there who is a candidate for the Surrey Community Alliance that has close ties to the NDP. An older man was giving him an earful about why he opposed the LRT along 104th and the road through Hawthorne Park. I jumped in and said that's because we live here. Imtiaz turned to me pointing to his ear and said he was listening. Since when does a politician listen? That's a novel thought. He did have a good idea though.

Imtiaz asked me if I had heard of the Interurban. At first I paused because I wasn't sure what he was referring to then said oh you mean that electric railway Vancouver used to have that was incredibly efficient but done away with by the oil companies? Tillers folly sang a song about that.

That's the one. Imtiaz said we should use those tracks which already exist. That's a thought. It would save a lot of money. Running LRT down 104th is just plain stupid and putting an elementary school of marginalized kids on a traffic island is just plain wrong.