Tuesday, June 19, 2018

How the Surrey LRT is tied to the SMH parking lot fraud

In 2016, Business Vancouver reported that "Larry Fisher, president of the Surrey-based development company Lark Group and a member of the recently formed Light Rail Links community coalition, said Surrey Mayor Linda Hepner is committed to finding the cash to fund the remaining costs of the project." Larry Fisher, Lark Group, LRT - things that make ya go hmmm...

Jun 18, 2014 CBC reported that New $30M parkade for Surrey Memorial Hospital draws criticism. "Fraser Health is being criticized for spending $30 million of taxpayers' money to add just 300 parking spaces at Surrey Memorial Hospital. Construction is already underway on the new underground parking garage next to the new Surrey Memorial Hospital, which itself is costing $500 million. Fraser Health tore down a 425-space, three-storey parkade to to build a four-storey parkade in the exact same spot. Jordan Bateman of the Canadian Taxpayers' Federation questioned that decision." No kidding.

I reported on the absurdity April 27, 2014. They tore down a new parking lot only to build another parking lot on the exact same spot. That was a gross misappropriation of tax dollars. When I reported it people at the time said, that can't be right. I said yes it is. My kids were born at Surrey Memorial. I saw it myself and posted before and after pictures. CBC's article confirmed it.

Today I was going through some old memory cards and found some more pictures I took of the construction site at the time. Guess who got the contract? Lark Group. I kid you not.

Surrey First has been Surrey's Worst for fiscal responsibility. We need to pull the plug on Provincial funding for the ballooning costs of the Surrey LRT until the Civic election is over. Linda Hepner and her Fail army is trying to cram through another Site C Dam. If they start construction on it, knowing residents and businesses don't want it, after the election they'll just say well they have starting it we might as well finish it, Not. Spending money on creating an infrastructure nightmare is not worth it no matter what the cost. People who drive cars prefer Skytrain because Skytrakin does not impede traffic. Hey Ho, Linda Hepner's gotta go.

The Book Of Indomitable Virtues

I'm still waiting for my hard copy of The Book Of Indomitable Virtues by Clay Roueche but I do have my pdf version and I am impressed. In the beginning Clay states that "This book was conceived while I was incarcerated and placed in solitary confinement for almost two years. It was through a process of discovery and evolution that this book came to be."

Almost two years in solitary? I did not know that. I know his arrest was illegal but I din't know he was kept in solitary for two years. There was no need for that. Inmates there don't want to kill him. It was simply punitive punishment.

Clay also states "This book was designed to take each virtue mentioned and show them in a positive light." Expounding upon the Chinese virtues taught in the Martial Arts. Now that's what I'm talking about. I'm going to dive into the book and let you do the same. I highly recommend it. Clay's prison transfer back to Canada needs to be examined.

You can order a copy of the book online through his website.

Judy Villeneuve jumps ship

Well this is amusing. The Surrey Now Leader is reporting that "Longtime Surrey First Councillor Judy Villeneuve has announced she will not be seeking re-election this fall, joining her Surrey First colleagues Councillor Mary Martin and Mayor Linda Hepner in stepping away from politics."

Judy has seen the writing on the wall like the rest of her defiant coworkers. Judy Villeneuve used to be an NDPer until she jumped ship and joined the Surrey Worst Junket. Now that Gravy Train is sinking she is jumping ship again. Big Surprise. Did someone say train wreck?

"Bruce Hayne, a Surrey councilor with Surrey First who is also considering a mayoral run as well as Surrey First councilor Tom Gill." Lol Cut the head off the snake and they have no direction left.

Craig Callens hired by WHL to review abuse

CBC is reporting that Craig Callens, the one at the helm during all the RCMP sexual harassment complaints in BC, has been hired by the WHL to investigate abuse allegations. AYFKM?

This is the guy who not only buried sexual harassment complaints within the RCMP that resulted in a class action law suit, he promoted people who were charged with sexual harassment on a regular basis. Right up to brain dead Bill Fordy. The problem was so bad, officers within the RCMP referred to his old boys club of swingers as the FOCCers - Friends of Craig Callens.

Don't take my word for it, take the CBC.

Doug Elford cals for a municipal police force

Global is reporting that "Doug Elford with the Newton Community Association said he is frustrated with incidences of gunplay year after year, and it’s time for more radical solutions. He said one change could be to end the city’s contract with the RCMP and create an independent municipal police force." As I have previously said I am officially neutral on the topic of getting rid of the RCMP in Surrey but I do think the conversation needs to happen.

Things need to change and if that's what it takes, then by all means go for it. I simply point out that creating a regional police force doesn't always fix the problem. The BC Gang Task force is compromised but so is the Edmonton Police Service. We do need to take gang enforcement in BC out of the hands of the RCMP and regionalize that since the RCMP are clear in that that they do not want to investigate organized crime. Then lets find someone who will.

Doug Elford is BTW running for Surrey City council and I do support him. Having the police arrest everyone for traffic violations would be a bit offensive seeings how they are watching the drug dealers sell fentanyl on the Surrey Strip without arresting them. Handing out parking tickets without arresting the drug dealers in pubic view is unequal protection of the law.

Monday, June 18, 2018

Unprotected: The failure of the Witness Protection Program

CBC is reporting that "Noel Harder risked his life as a secret police agent, then spent three years testifying as the star witness against drug dealers, gun runners, mobsters and the Hells Angels. Today he’s a marked man with an apparent $2-million bounty on his head. And he’s on his own. The RCMP kicked Harder out of the federal Witness Protection Program last month and, by his account, reneged on one promise after another.'

We have heard this all before. The CBC previously reported that a Woman in the witness protection program sued the RCMP for negligence. In that case the woman found out that the police were the ones that leaked her identity on purpose to force her into the Witness Protection Program so she would testify for them. That was not the first time that happened.

The CBC reported on allegations of bullying and harassment in RCMP's witness protection program. CBC also reported that another couple claiming the witness protection program failed them wouldn't do it again. This is what we tell people.

If you want to leave the, life just leave. Don't testify and don't become a police informant. It's just not worth it. I tell people if you testify, I can't protect you the police have to. But I warn people if they testify, the police won't protect them forever. Eventually they will leave the program with nothing. Think about it. You have a new name and a new identity. How are you going toget a jon without any job references? How are you going to go back to school with out a transcript?

In the recent Gang forum sponsored by SAFA, Andrew Bacchus said when he left the life, he didn't have any problems with his gang. He was a drug dealer. when he stopped selling drugs that opened up more territory that other dealers wanted so it wasn't a problem. Them worrying about him testifying wasn't even a consideration. There was no need for him to do that.

At the Gang forum there was a cop from the gang exit program. He said that whe he starts working with gang members there is a huge wall to break down. He tells them he is willing to help people leave the life without getting information from them. That is the exact opposite of what all the other cops do. If that is true, that would be a good thing.

For all those who have been screwed over by the witness protection program, the best thing to do is use your old transcript and job references. Just tell them you did a legal name change because of a stalker which is not entirely untrue. For those of you considering the program, don't.

Sunday, June 17, 2018

Concentration Camps for Children - Father's Day March

Who would have thought it was possible in our day? We have a Constitution guaranteeing civil liberty to everyone regardless of race color or creed. Equal protection of the law for everyone rich or poor. The oath breakers claim that the Constitution is just for American citizens only despite the fact that the Constitution says people not citizens.

The oath breakers claim that the CIA is allowed to torture people on American soil as long as they aren't American citizens. The CIA will even torture Americans in black prison sites as long as they aren't on American soil. These are the oath breakers Nostradamus warned us about. OK maybe it wasn't Nostradamus but somebody did.

Separating children from their families at the border is a criminal act. God is watching. We all are. I understand how in Europe the French would like France to stay French and how the Irish would like Ireland to stay Irish. I get that. Here in Canada we are all immigrants. We have created a free republic that is multi cultural. America used to share that ideal. The founding fathers of the US Constitution had it. The creators of the Statue of Liberty had it. Somehow it got lost along the way.

I understand that a country needs to have some sense of order in dealing with legitimate asylum seekers and can't feasibly let everyone in who just walks across the border. However separating children from their families at the border is an evil act that needs to end. Trump agrees and blames the Democrats. Then fix it now.

The Independent is reporting that "Hundreds of people have demonstrated outside a tent camp in Texas that is being used by the Trump administration to house migrant children deliberately separated from their parents under a zero tolerance immigration policy."

"The government announced last week it had opened the camp at Tornillo, 40 miles southwest of El Paso. It is the latest facility to house children who have tried to cross the border by themselves or been split from their families as the result of the enforcement of rules intended to dissuade people from trying to enter the US."

Trump claims " the policy was established by the previous administration and he can do nothing about it without the cooperation of Democrats to completely overhaul immigration."

"One shelter in Brownsville, Texas, which holds nearly 1,500 boys aged 10 to 17, recently opened its doors to the media. The facility, which reporters said resembled a jail, only permitted the young people for spend two hours outside each day."

Inside the former Walmart that now shelters migrant children

Is this North Korea or the United States? Please advise. Wasn't this in Rocky IV?

Update: It does appear that the practice of separating children from their parents at the border did start before Trump under the Obama administration. Since the Democrats are using this insane practice to promote themselves, let's do the right thing and end this horrible practice.

Toronto shooting and arrests

CP24 is reporting that "Police have made an arrest in the shocking daylight shooting of two young sisters at a playground in Scarborough. A suspect, identified as 21-year-old Markham resident Sheldon Eriya, was also arrested in Pickering on Friday. He is charged with seven offences, including two counts of attempted murder."

The Canadian Press is reporting that "Police say a man found with gunshot wounds after gunfire was reported at the Polson Pier entertainment complex on Toronto's waterfront is no longer in life-threatening condition. Police say officers responded to reports of gunfire on Saturday night and shell casings were found in a parking lot. They say the man suffering from gunshot wounds was found about two kilometres from the scene. Officers took the man to hospital for treatment. They say there were reports of multiple gunshots."

CP24 is also reporting that "Police have made an arrest in the murder of a 28-year-old woman who was found dead inside her West Queen West apartment earlier this week. Victoria Selby-Readman was found suffering from obvious signs of trauma inside the fifth-floor apartment that she rented at a building on Richmond Street near Niagara Street on Tuesday evening. In a news release issued on Sunday, police said that they have now arrested a 41-year-old man in connection with her death."

"Police say the suspect met the accused through social media websites.They say that investigators believed other woman may have also been contacted by the accused on social media websites. Those people are being urged to contact police. Richard Isaac, 41, of Brampton, appeared in court at Old City Hall on Sunday to face one count of second-degree murder."

Edmonton Tribal member convicted of attempted murder

The Edmonton Sun is reporting that "A patched Tribal motorcycle gang member shot his steroid supplier in the face as a way to ingratiate himself to the Hells Angels after the dealer got on the bad side of the notorious outlaw biker gang, a judge ruled Friday." Sounds like a complete loser.

The Edmonton HAs are dirty as f*ck just like the EPS. In 2016 we reported that an Ontario Village Idiot named Rick Levesque transferred to the Edmonton chapter after the Ontario Nomads were disbanded by Quebec. He was the put in charge of the Tribal MC's drug dealing in Fort Mac.

Rich Coleman in court over TimberWest

Rich Coleman, also known locally as the Antichrist, is in the news again. The Tyee is reporting that "British Columbia government lawyers acting for Rich Coleman are arguing that the former forests minister should not have to say under oath what he knew about the sale of TimberWest and the company’s financial troubles." Oh really? Why is that?

Rumors imply Rich Coleman is considering running for Surrey Mayor. Please do. Give up your seat as MLA and run for Mayor of Surrey. We will slay him. Allegorically speaking of course.

Clay Roueche's Art Prints

Previously I mentioned how Clay Roueche has become quite the artist. His prints are posted on an Instagram account. Well I recently found out that some of his prints are available at Blue Lotus Art Gallery in Guildford so I checked it out. The prints were donated to a friend to promote Clay's art and the positive things he's been doing. There were three left so I scooped up two of them: the Dragon and the Phoenix. They are Clay Roueche originals.

The colours are amazing. The blue, the green, the turquoise, the red, the purple... the colours are so vivid they jump off the canvas and penetrate your vision. I've never seen anything like it. My crappy cell phone picture does not do it justice.

The title of the Dragon print is Wisdom. The explanation states that "in the backdrop the Chinese characters Honor, Loyalty and Respect can be seen which shines a light on the virtues that helped the dragon gain wisdom." In the martial arts the dragon also represents the spirit.

The title of the Phoenix print is Fortitude. The explanation states that the phoenix represents rebirth and resurrection. "In Chinese culture the Phoenix is considered a perfect match with the Dragon, they are often associated as yin and yang." The Chinese characters read: Integrity, Fortitude and Duty. "This Phoenix embodies an Indomitable Spirit, as it rises up on a new mission full of purpose." I felt these two prints were a perfect match for me in my life at this time.

The seven heavenly virtues are Faith, Hope, Charity, Fortitude, Justice, Temperance, Prudence. While the seven deadly sins or vices are Greed, Gluttony, Lust, Envy, Sloth, Wrath and Pride.

Back in Belfast the Phoenix was the symbol for the Provisional IRA. At UBC there are five stone carvings that represent five virtues in Confucianism: "Ren, (humanity, benevolence) Yi, (righteousness) Li, (propriety, rites) Zhi, (wisdom, knowledge) and Xin (trustworthiness). The four virtues of benevolence, righteousness, propriety and wisdom are at the four directions while trustworthiness is in the middle. The centre’s attribute is the element earth. All living things cannot flourish without the earth just as the four virtues cannot be established without trustworthiness."

For years I've had a two piece print of a picture of an empty bench beside a tree with the horizon engulfed in fog. It reminded me of hiking past Seymour First peak in Vancouver. Sometimes in the winter you get to first peak and the visibility is zero. The fog rolls in and the wind blows creating a complete white out. At that point you say OK this is as far as I'm going today. Other days when the sun is out the visibility is astounding. You can see for miles and the view is breath taking.

The print I have of the fog reminds me of that. For many years it spoke to a point in my life where I was pressing forward waiting for the fog to clear so I could see the view. Now the fog has cleared and I can see clearly. Now that old print has been replaced with the dragon and the phoenix. The future looks bright so it does. Destiny is being revealed. One step at a time.

I support Clay's prison transfer to Canada. After his illegal arrest, that's the least they could do.

Life goes on - a salute to K-9.

Update: The owner of Blue Lotus Art Gallery in Guildford states that they have some more of Clay's prints coming soon that still need to be mounted. Right now they only have one left. She said they don't judge artists they just support the art that they create. This is the same studio that I previously saw that remarkable picture of the Sikh Golden Temple in India.

Saturday, June 16, 2018

Laila Yuile is back

Everyone has been asking what happened to Laila Yuile? She is a prominent local blogger that stood up against bullying and made it into the mainstream media writing articles for various newspapers in addition to posting thoughtful blog posts on local politics. A lot of people hate politics for good reason. It's such a dirty business. Yet politicians start and end wars. Politicians grant and remove civil liberty. Politicians raise and lower taxes. They spend your money. Therefore I submit that politics should be something that concerns all of us.

I was speaking with my MLA about Laila's disappearance. After withstanding a corporate hack on her blog and twitter she finally stop posting after the NDP approved the Site C Dam. I was honest, I said I think she really felt betrayed by the NDP for approving that project. She poured her whole heart into that campaign. Sometimes when we get knocked on our ass in life we need to pause and take a standing eight count to catch our breath. (It's a boxing term.)

I will say a word on the corporate hack of her twitter account during the Site C campaign. They lied and said it was Anonymous when it obviously wasn't. Anonymous opposed the Site C dam and supported Laila. It was a corporate hack impersonating Anonymous. Laila had made a humorous and thought provoking post about how an eagles nest was violating the Site C court injunction and the corporate hacks panicked shutting down her blog and twitter. At the time I thought why on earth would they get so freaked out about that? Later I found out why. The migratory bird act trumps everything. She almost shut them down so they panicked and played dirty. No big surprise. That is what they always do.

Laila's recent blog post makes reference to the suicide of Anthony Bourdain. His last twitter post was a King Kong remix of the House of the Rising Sun called Rising Sun Blues. Laila cited the history of arrogance and political corruption in the BC Liberal government and said just because there has been a change in government doesn't mean we can sit back and relax. She states that being loyal to your party should never mean accepting questionable or outright terrible policy, nor should it mean turning a blind eye to egregious actions within the Green Party or the NDP.

Laila cites how since 2008 British Columbians have been shortchanged billions from fossil fuel industry revenues. That sounds like it's time to Nationalize the oil to me just like Norway did. Turn those oil revenues into tax revenue. Build some schools, hospitals and affordable housing.

Unfortunately it sounds like her return has been a swan song. I hope that's not the case. When I attended the recent gang rally at City Hall organized by the South Asian community I spoke with a member of the Sikh motorcycle club. He spoke quite frankly and said I'm pissed. We planned that whole rally last year and nothing was done. He sounded fed up. I said that's the point. This council will not listen. They didn't listen about Hawthorne park. The only way we can make a change is if we change council. If we do that, things could change. If we don't, they never will. Then I asked if he would run for council.

Likewise, with all my heart I wish that Laila would run for a seat on City Council. She would win that seat and would be in a postilion to make real change possible. I'm told you don't even have to live in Surrey to run. No matter what party Laila ran for we would support her. There's always a seat in the Green Justice Party waiting for her. As for me, I'm not dead yet. I've still got a lot of fight left in me and as long as I breathe I will continue to fight the good fight. I am Unwritten.

Red sky at morning, Sailor take warning.

Linda Hepner's Fail Army: Defiant to the end

Linda Hepner reminds me of Buzz Lightyear shouting to infinity and beyond before he jumps off the bed and falls flat on his face. Only unlike Linda Hepner, Buzz Lightyear had morals. They say pride cometh before the fall, well Linda Hepner and Surrey First are as arrogant and defiant as they get. We remember the money laundering at Campbell Heights and the attempted remix at the Mega Casino on rural land in south Surrey.

We remember Hawthorne park and Clayton Heights. Surrey First is a special interest group that steam rolls over public opinion to spend tax dollars on their campaign contributors. The Surrey LRT is just another over priced SNC-Lavalin tax fraud like the second parking lot at Surrey Memorial Hospital over top the new one they had just built then tore down. That was a complete waste of money. Surrey First has been Surrey's Worst for fiscal responsibility.

Residents and businesses wanted them to confront drugs on the Surrey strip but they did the exact opposite. Instead of confronting the predatory drug dealers on the Surrey strip they provide them police protection and opened up a safe inhalation site for people to smoke crack laced with Levamisole which gives them flesh eating disease. Fraser health has nothing to do with promoting public health and welfare. They promote addiction and misery.

Linda Hepner and the Mayor's glutton council were staunch supporters of the yes side on the referendum to raise more taxes for the over funded Translink SNC-Lavalin fraud that failed. Linda Hepner's and SNC-Lavalin's people were taking down "No" signs during the referendum. With all the No LRT protests the Neocons put up a pro LRT propaganda sign on 104th. When I put up a No LRT sign beside it, the city took it down. After the success of the No LRT rally at Bear Creek Park the Neocons put a LRT car in the Guildford Parking lot on 104 and 150th street

This is how the Neocon works. They use tax dollars to brainwash the taxpayers into spending more tax dollars on them. Tax and spend is all that they do. The Reform Party was big on holding referendums and surveying voters opinion. The Neocons use tax dollars on advertising to mold public opinion instead of surveying it. Welcome to the new world order. They want to put Hjorth Road Elementary school on a traffic island. Don't forget to register to vote.

Friday, June 15, 2018

Murder in Fort McMurray

VOCM is reporting that "Wood Buffalo RCMP in Alberta confirm a Newfoundlander found dead on a road in Fort McMurray early Wednesday morning was the victim of homicide. The body of 36-year-old John Bradley Healey of Clarenville was found on an access road between Greyling Crescent and Abasand Drive around 5:40 a.m. Wednesday morning. An autopsy confirmed that Healey was the victim of homicide, and police believe his death was not a random act."

February 2016 he was charged with pointing a loaded shotgun at random cars on the highway. Sources claim he was found in possesion of drugs for the purpose of trafficking when he was pulled over and cut a deal turning in his suppliers. Fort Mac is pretty much red and white.

Young girls shot while playing in Toronto park

The Peacearch News is reporting that two young girls were caught in the crossfire of a targeted daytime shooting in a Toronto park and injured them as they played among other children. That is heinous. Unlike Linda Hepner, their mayor vows action. The Maple Ridge times has posted a video of an interview with a witness and a picture of the suspect's vehicle.

The Struggle Between Good and Evil

I attended a gang forum at Surrey City Hall last night organized by Rina Gill on behalf of the South Asian Family Association (SAFA). The day before, a rally of over a thousand concerned citizens and community groups called out for City Hall to wake up and do something about the gang violence. The next day, SAFA did something and sponsored the event which was planned in March before the two recent high school murders.

Andrew Bacchus, a former gang member from Toronto was the key note speaker. It was well done and Andrew gave an inspiring and heartfelt presentation. Andrew grew up in a rough area of Toronto and began selling pot at age 11 then started selling crack at age 14. When he got older and had a child he decided to leave the life. He gave up making a couple thousand dollars a night selling crack for a 11 dollar an hour job as a youth worker and hasn't turned back.

A previous Globe and Mail article states "When Andrew Bacchus was a player in the gang world of Toronto's Jane and Finch neighbourhood in the 1990s, there was something of a code: Don't involve women and children in your business. The rare time someone stepped out of line, they were lectured or beaten. And if two men wanted to settle a dispute, they would often set their guns aside and fight it out with their fists. "Because of the respect people had for the 'Game,' they just knew how to conduct themselves," said Mr. Bacchus, who has been a youth worker for the 15 years since he went straight. "Nowadays, all that kind of stuff is out the window."

Andrew was a member of the Vice Lords. For those of you who don't understand what that was I shall explain. When I was working with the Guardian Angels in south Seattle we were dealing with the Crips and the Bloods networking up from LA while coming from Chicago we were dealing with the Black Gangster Disciples and the Vice Lords. Two rival gangs who didn't wear opposing colours, they just broke their leather hat on different sides of their head.

Andrew sounds like he's from Brooklyn. Not the slang but the tone. He's calm, humble yet confident. He's from the hood. He's not from the Bacon brother's Suburban princess's crib.

Suki Grewal is a founder of SAFA the group that sponsored the event. She is a genuine, nice person that has volunteered her time for many years. Rina Gill helped plan the event. She's also a nice person. Neither Suki or Rina are confrontational. They are just genuine people who gravitate to people who do good. Last year Rina ran for city counsel beside Doug McCallum on the Safe Surrey slate. She missed being elected by one seat. As time has shown, Rina would have been the better choice. Let's hope she runs again this time to save us from Surrey's worst.

During last night's event they played a video clip from the Mayor, Linda Hepner. It was offensive. It must be painful for her to speak through all that Botox. It is certainly painful to listen to and to watch. Linda Hepner is dripping with arrogance and dishonesty. Was she not present the night before to hear the thousand concerned citizens calling her out for her inaction? No she was not. The NDP MLAs were there but she was not. She spent the whole video telling everyone how wonderful she is and what a great job they are doing without listening to a word that the people have said. I don't want to take us to a dark place, but we're already there.

Killing kids in high school has crossed the line just like the Surrey Six did. In BC youth gangs aren't a problem any more like they were 30 years ago. There are no real gangs in BC any more. Now there's just drug trafficking networks and they are mostly all run by the Hells Angels. Hells Angels drug dealing rivals are quickly eliminated in Surrey. In BC you get killed for two reasons: you have a drug debt or you're a rival drug dealer. It's that simple. Promoting drug addiction is not the answer. Selling drugs in treatment centres is not the answer. Arresting drug dealers that sell fentanyl is. It's that simple. Providing drug dealers police protection on the Surrey strip is the problem and Linda Hepner is at the root of it. We changed the Surrey police chief. He is a good guy. His hands are tied by Linda Hepner. Now we need to change her and Surrey's Worst.

A university student and a high school student from Youth Transforming Society took centre stage durring the gang forum. It's a nonprofit group that encourages youth to volunteer their time.

Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Massive gang violence rally at Surrey City Hall

There was a massive gang violence rally at Surrey City Hall today sponsored by the South Asian Community. As Global points out it was a week after two teens from Frank Hurt were killed in a targeted shooting. I went to Frank Hurt. Mike Farnworth, Jagrup Brar and Garry Begg were there.

More importantly there were a lot of families there who have lost loved ones to recent gang violence. Many tears were shed and many mothers were in mourning.

In 2017 the Sikh motorcycle club launched a rally calling for City Hall to address the rise in gang violence. A year later and nothing has been done. This is why City Council needs to be replaced.

I also saw Barinder Raspode there. She has been a consistent voice against crime and gang violence. It is unfortunate we split the vote last election letting Linda Hepner get in. Barinder Rasode was one of the people Dianne Watts bullied. The only way we can make a change is by electing a new city council because Surrey Fist does not listen. They have been Surrey's Worst.

We need to bring back the Outlaw Motorcycle Gang Unit. That is what we need to do.

Surrey is ready for the New York Model. The South Asian Community is crying out for it.

Lead, follow, or get out of the way. Save our Surrey - Green Justice.

Lessons from the Kelowna Summer Jam

August 2011, Pat Fogherty was in charge of the BC Gang Task force. At that time he said the Hells Angels aren't the problem in Kelowna, they barely exist. It's the other guys we have to worry about. That caused me to make a post asking which side was he on because he was obviously out to lunch. The following summer I launched the Kelowna Summer Jam spotlighting crime in Kelowna. At the same time the OMGU launched an undercover operation targeting the Kelowna Hells Angels. That summer the OMGU proved Pat Fogherty wrong.

David Giles, the vice president of the Kelowna Hells Angels was busted in a mayor cocaine ring and Johhny Newcome was busted in a mayor stolen car, boat and motorcycle ring tied directly to the Kelowna Hells Angels. The judge was amazed at the volume of stolen vehicles involved.

David Giles was convicted of drug trafficking as was Lester Jones, the previous vice President of the Kelowna Hells Angels. David Giles was implicated in the Western Wind bust and the Dave Revell drug bust but he kept getting off. That's why I billed him as Skelator, Lord of the Underworld. The OMGU finally brought him down.

The OMGU did such a great job, the Christy Clark government disbanded them. Ever since then, the Gang Task force in BC has been compromised and stopped going after Hells Angels that sell drugs. We are now seeing the same problem in Surrey that Kelowna saw in 2011. The Hells Angels control the drugs on the Surrey strip and are responsible for all the brutal violence there.

In 2009 Agent 22 came to Vancouver. He was the one that brought down the Hells Angels crack cocaine ring in Winnipeg tied to the Zig Zag Crew. When he was in Vancouver, a Hells Angels associate in Surrey named Eric Sandberg told Agent 22 that he could get him any gun that he wanted and that they were ready to wipe out all the competition in Surrey.

On Sept. 17, 2013 a bag of guns near 76th Avenue was found in Surrey tied to the Hells Angels.

Ontario has a Biker Enforcement Unit, BC does not. When drug dealers in Saskatoon started lacing their drugs with fentanyl, the police in Saskatoon started arresting the drug dealers, the police in Surrey won't. The police in Surrey won't even arrest the drug dealers selling drugs at treatment centres. That is the root of the problem. Setting the Record Straight.

Ryan was a long time crystal meth cook in Surrey that worked for John Punko in the East Vancouver Hells Angels. Police seized 6 kilos of crystal meth from his flat in Surrey. In July 2005 he was caught in charge of a crew that was capable of making 15 kilos of crystal meth every ten days. Ryan was working for the Hells Angels.

Donnie McWhirter, the mental reject from the Kelowna IS was caught with half a kilo of crystal meth that he got from a Hells Angels meth lab in Maple Ridge. In 2002 the police busted a Hells Angels meth lab in Kelowna that was a major production point for the Valley.

In 2011, before the OMGU was disbanded, the police busted five meth labs in metro Vancouver tied to the Hells Angels. One was in Surrey. After the OMGU was disbanded the police stopped investigating meth labs. Instead, they watch the dealers sell it on the Surrey Strip.

Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Setting the Record Straight

Since I have people in my grill on both sides of this debate, I will clarify my position to set the record straight. I do not believe the Hells Angels are a criminal organization collectively despite the fact that many members are criminals and do business in the name of the club. I believe the criminal org test should be conducted on a chapter by chapter basis.

Just so we are clear, my disdain for the Kelowna chapter has not diminished. The David Giles wire tap showed us that not all members are involved in criminal activity but anyone who does use the name of the club has to have permission from the local executive. So when the Kelowna chapter murdered Britney Irving, the local executive had to have approve if not order that murder. That makes the entire executive guilty of conspiracy to commit murder just like when the East Vancouver chapter ordered the murder of Paul Percy Soluk at a crack house in Surrey.

The regular members become culpable when they elect and sustain that kind of an executive.

The Hells Angels have been collectively involved in the Surrey drug trade since the Surrey House of Horrors. The Hells Angels were responsible for the Surrey Six. Jamie Bacon was not trying to tax Cory Lal on behalf of the Triads. The Triads wouldn't give an idiot like Jamie Bacon the time of day. Jamie Bacon tried to tax Cory Lal because he was being taxed by the Hells Angels.

Like I keep saying, drugs in clubs or to people who want it and can afford it is none of my business. Giving the homeless crack for free then beating the life out of them afterwards for payment is my business. If you don't front addicts drugs, there are no drug debts. What they did to Janice Shore is my business. Terminating Larry Mizen's contract in the way that they did was bullsh*t because Lenny the Weasel knew exactly what Larry was doing at the time. They only terminated his contract after what he was doing went public and they got bad press. Lenny was ultimately responsible for what happened to Janice.

Selling people fentanyl, telling them it's cocaine, is my business.

Giving sex trade workers drugs then taking all their money when they get a trick is not consensual. It is human trafficking. The Hells Angels are involved in the Surrey prostitution trade and the police are standing beside them watching it. The police complaining about a firefighter posing with a member of the Hells Angels is insanely hypocritical when they refuse to arrest the drug dealers and pimps on the Surrey strip that brutalize the homeless on a daily basis.

The Dianne Rock story is my business. Diane Rock claimed she was gang raped on the Pickton farm by bikers and cops. Not all cops gang raped Dianne Rock but some did. Likewise, not all Hells Angels gang raped Dianne Rock, but some did. Piggy's Palace was a sleazebag dive after hours run by Dave Pickton for the Hells Angels.

Jesse's after hours was fine. Piggy's Palace was not. When witnesses claimed to have seen a picture of Dave Pickton and Coquitlam Cop Jim Brown in a threesome, the Coquitlam RCMP kicked in the whistleblower's door and destroyed the evidence. When the Missing women's inquiry heard that the Hells Angels were involved, Wally Opal shut down the inquiry.

The New York model confronted police corruption and street level drug trafficking. I was there. I saw it. That is the model that I support. Ever since the OMGU was disbanded after the David Giles drug bust and the Johnny Newcome stolen car, bike and boat ring in Kelowna, gang enforcement in BC has been compromised. Gang enforcement in BC is just a bullsh*t smoke and mirrors PR stunt. Just so we are clear.

Operation Fast and Furious is still in effect

The Canadian Press is reporting that "Edgar Valdez Villarreal, known as "La Barbie" because of his light eyes and complexion, was sentenced to serve 49 years and one month and was also ordered to forfeit $192 million, which prosecutors say is a conservative estimate of the value of the cocaine Valdez was responsible for importing into the United States."

"Valdez, 44, was born and raised in the border town of Laredo, Texas, and began dealing marijuana when he was still a linebacker on the football team, prosecutors said. He climbed the ranks of the Beltran Leyva cartel at a time when the gang's leaders were associated with Joaquin "El Chapo" Guzman and the Sinaloa Cartel, they said."

Interesting to note that although the CIA and the ATF were supplying the Sinaloa Cartel with guns and were bring back tons of cocaine into the United States as payment in Operation Fast and Furious, no one in the CIA or the ATF did any time over that. El Chapo and La Barbie were working for the CIA just like Manuel Noriega and Pablo Escabar. All these big names take the fall but the CIA and the ATF's drug trafficking network continues uninterrupted.

El Chapo had a .50 cal sniper rifle from Fast and Furious

Kamloops shooting

Kamloops this Week is reporting that "Kamloops Mounties say they have found both vehicles linked to a shooting in Sahali on Monday, but added no arrests have been made. Police were looking for suspects in the shooting, which took place at a busy intersection near Thompson Rivers University at 1:25 pm. Shelkie said police were told a person in a vehicle had shot a firearm at someone in another vehicle near the intersection of McGill Road and Summit Drive."

"Shelkie said the suspect vehicle is described as a black pickup Escalade with an Alberta licence plate. She said there appeared to be two people in the vehicle, both wearing bandanas over their faces. The victim shot at was in a small silver car, which had one or more of its windows damaged by the gunfire."

Konaam Shirzad was shot dead in Kamloops September 2017. Konaam was a cofounder of the Red Scorpions back when it used to work for the UN before the Surrey Six when it was taken over by the Hells Angels. Sources clam that although Konaam had left the life, he kicked the Cub Pack out of Kamloops which provided a motive for the shooting.

Sunday, June 10, 2018

Clay Roueche continues to shine

Clay Roueche has become quite the artist. After being in that Rolling Stone article, the local icon has spent a lot of time in a US prison after getting completely shafted when his plane to Mexico was rerouted to land in the US so the authorities could arrest him there.

The Rolling Stone article referred to Clay as Boss Weed and described "How a blue-collar kid from Chilliwack, British Columbia, forged his own samurai code and raw ambition and became the King of B.C. Bud." If Marc Emery was the prince of pot, Clay Roueche was the king.

I'm certainly not saying I support criminal activity nor am I saying that I agree with everything the UN did because I don't. I am simply pointing out that there is a colossal difference between Clay Roueche and the swine flu known as the Bacon brothers. Clay is respected the pigsh*t is not. Clay is in a completely different league than the Bacon brothers. They are worlds apart.

I have always believed that no matter what your past, you have a spotless future. Likewise, Clay affirms "no matter what a person's past may have been, their future is whatever they choose to make it." On that we agree. One of his recent prints states that "Circumstances don't make the man; they make him aware of who he is." On that we also agree.

Clay's understanding of Eastern philosophy comes from his background in the martial arts as does mine. I am no Clay Roueche. I am just a ghetto thug that has spent his life on the other side of the battlefield so to speak. Yet there is a time and place for all things. A time for war, a time for peace, a time to fight and a time to forgive.

George Christie and I have similar ideals. That is why I endorse him. As does Ralph Natale. The movie, The Last Don Standing about the Ralph Natale story is in the works and will be released soon. These men I endorse. Michael Dowd I do not. Creeps like Michael Dowd are part of the problem not part of the solution.

When this blog first started it had two founding premises. The first was that the Hells Angels are a criminal organization. The second was like unto it, that the CIA is also a criminal organization. I have amended my first premise. The second premise stands. Not all Hells Angels are criminals. Many are. No one cares about pot. People care about crack, crystal meth and most of all fentanyl. Those drugs are killing people at a record rate.

The UN did not sell Leanne Yardley fentanyl telling her it was cocaine. The Hells Angels did. I don't agree with everything the UN did but at least they were honest in their dealings. They didn't play both sides like the others did. The Hells Angels used Glen Nelson and the Redd Alert to take back all the drug dealers in the DTES. After Glen became too powerful they executed his wife to keep him in line. That was obscene.

When pot is legalized in Canada both the Hells Angels and the UN have a right to sell it. They each have a name and a brand that consumers will embrace. No one in the 420 movement is going to want cop pot. That conflict of interest is just too dirty to stomach.

The Book of Indomitable Virtues by Clay Roueche is available online.

Tom Gill is is part of the problem

Without question Surrey First has been Surrey's Worst when it comes to fiscal responsibility. Their motto has been tax and spend, spend, spend. Linda Hepner is at the lowest approval rating ever and is not running for reelection. After her pal Mayor Moonbean was defeated as Chair of Translink, she decided not to run for her position there as well. Linda Hepner and Gregor Robertson from the Mayor's Glutton council have been icons promoting the Translink tax and spend fraud and the public has had enough. Tom Gill has supported Linda Hepner all the way.

During the controversial Mega Casino vote in south Surrey when Dianne Watts choked at overwhelming public opposition, Tom Gill was defiant and supported the project despite the objections of everyone there and the entire Sikh community.

During the money laundering at Campbell Heights, steam rolling over public outcry over Hawthorne park and Clayton Heights, Tom Gill was there defying the public will.

When the local businesses and residents called for a crack down on the public drug dealing on the Surrey strip Linda Hepner did the opposite and opened up a safe inhalation site for addicts to smoke crack before they rob the local businesses. Tom Gill was there.

Clearly Tom Gill has been part of the problem not part of the solution.

Tom Gill was also there during that fraudulent rebuild of the new parking lot at Surrey Memorial Hospital. Misappropriation of health care dollars is obscene. Surrey First has been Surrey's worst.

Scandal-plagued SNC-Lavalin remains a major force in B.C.

"SNC-Lavalin has done more to bring Canadian engineering into disrepute than any company has ever had the misfortune to do in the history of Canada,” Mayor Derek Corrigan said at a January 13, 2014, city council meeting. “This is one of the few Canadian companies who could attain the high goal of being banned for 10 years by the World Bank for corruption. This is a company that is up to its earlobes in corruption in Montreal.”

Saturday, June 9, 2018

Proportional Representation is not Proportional

BC wil have yet another referendum on Proportional Representation after it failed twice due to the pleading of Andrew Weaver. Proportional Representation is not Proportional. I do not support it. It's how Doug Ford won the PC leadership over Christine Elliott. Doug Ford squeaked out ahead of Christine Elliott with the majority of riding points, while Elliott won more votes overall.

The candidate with the most votes should win the riding.

PR is a platform for extremist parties

A proportional representation response

Why proportional representation is a bad idea

Proportional representation is only great for unelectable professors

Vancouver rises to the challenge

CBC is reporting that "Vision Vancouver, the party that currently holds the mayor's chair as well as a majority on council, has selected Ian Campbell as its candidate to replace retiring Mayor Gregor Robertson. Vision co-chair Michael Haack says Campbell, a hereditary chief of the Squamish Nation, has been acclaimed as the Vision candidate."

A hereditary chief from Squamish First Nations that lead the court challenge against the Trans Mountain pipeline. I'd say he's a shoe in. I predict a landslide victory. Third time lucky. The previous two Campbells who were mayors of Vancouver both left us with a miserable legacy. This Campbell looks like he could very well restore justice to the fallen city. Gordon Campbell killed BC Hydro. Larry Campbell's pharmaceutical fraud created the harm promotion epidemic that has seen metro Vancouver have the highest drug overdose rate in the country.

The Squamish First Nation includes North Vancouver. They own the land to Park Royal Mall and lease it out. I was born in North Vancouver. My father was an elementary school principle in the North Vancouver school district. He taught me at a young age to respect the ancestral spirit of Vancouver. He would bring home carvings and paintings First Nation students would give him. My favorite was the talking stick used to keep order in meetings.

My father would take me to watch the sunset at White Cliff park and read to me the Legends of Vancouver as recorded by Pauline Johnston. Siwash rock has a distinct legend of nobility behind it. The Pauline Johnston memorial is beside Siwash Rock at third Beach in Stanley Park.

Joe Capilano and Chief Dan George are famous local icons in Vancouver's history. The Lions in Vancouver were previously referred to as the Sisters. They look like two lions to me. When I look at the Lions I think of Joe Capiliano and Chief Dan George watching over us on the other side of the veil. This is their Vancouver too. We share our home with it's ancestral spirit. My father used to like to take pictures of the Lions from Cleveland Dam. I like to take pictures of them from the top of Sky Chair on Cypress. From there you can see the Lions face to face. All my relations.

Thursday, June 7, 2018

Ontario falls to the Dark side

When pigs fly. Ontario's legislature has officially been declared Clowns R Us. They just elected Doug Ford. Who's the bigger idiot - the idiot or the idiot that votes for him? Doug Ford is a pig. I supported Christine Elliott. How's he going to clean up the Hydro mess? By privatizing it? That is what caused the problem in the first place just like Enron. He promised a drastic reduction in the price of hydro and gasoline. How's he going to do that? By nationalizing the oil?

Privatizing Hydro has always been a source of problems. That is what caused the BC Hydro tsunami of deferred debt. Private companies are mandated to make a profit. Gordon Campbell privatized the power brokers that sell power to the public company at above market rates. As Norm Farrell pointed out, independent power producers have overcharged tax payers almost $5 billion above market value since 2004. Enron was a national disaster.

The Toronto Star reported that "Why have hydro bills in Ontario doubled? Why is electricity more than double Manitoba’s rate and almost double Quebec’s rates? It’s not a mystery. Hydro deregulation, an Enron designed electricity market and a 'for profit' electricity system is the real reason for ballooning hydro bills." Mike Harris started the problem. Kathleen Wynne finished it.

Selling Hydro was Kathleen Wynne’s inextinguishable sin

Ontarians suffering because of Wynne's hydro legacy

Hydro One selloff another Liberal political con

How privatized power haunts Ontario politics

NDP fail to face the BC Hydro fraud

Fatal shooting in Chilliwack - Update

The Peacearch News is reporting that "One man is dead after what appears to be a targeted homicide at a house on Wellington Avenue in Chilliwack early Thursday morning. When Chilliwack RCMP officers arrived at the scene in the 45000-block of Wellington at approximately 5 a.m. on June 7, emergency personnel were already treating a victim suffering life-threatening injuries. The victim succumbed to his injuries at the scene."

Possible shootout on residential street downtown Chilliwack

BC Local News is reporting that "There appears to have been gunshots fired involving at least one vehicle on a residential street downtown Chilliwack on Friday afternoon. A neighbour said they heard vehicles crashing and shots fired some time after noon on a quiet stretch of Reece Avenue between Young Road and Cook Street. And another neighbour may have captured a victim or suspect car fleeing the scene" near the homicide on Thursday.

Last summer a Hells Angels associate from Calgary shot dead in Chilliwack. In this recent Chilliwack shooting, Nicholas Cross was murdered. Kim Bolan pointed out that Nic's brother Clayton Eheler was named as an associate of James Riach in court documents and was charged with shooting Ciaran D’Monte from the UN in 2006.

In March the Chilliwack Progress reported that "A known drug dealer in a known drug house, Cody Isaacson died after more than a dozen bullets were sprayed into the front bedroom and front door of the notorious house at the corner of Broadway and Cedar Avenue around 6 a.m. on Jan. 31." A public shooting of a known drug dealer in a known drug house.

Weird Hal Porteous is out

I've been holding back on this news for a while because the circumstances surrounding it are shady. Multiple sources are reporting that Weird Hal Porteous is out. Not out in bad just out as in he was asked to retire. It is no secret that I have no love for Weird Hal. Yet I don't have beef with him either. He's an idiot. Everyone knows that. He made a fool of himself and the club twice.

The first time was when he made that ridiculous crackers can't rap video of him being on a boat with a couple of drug dealers that looked like a Lonely Island spoof boldly declaring "I'm on a boat. Look at me everybody I'm on a mother f*cking boat!" No one cares you flaming idiot. The heat bag was posing with convicted drug dealers Rob Shannon and Jody York.

Then he made an even more ridiculous video of him transforming from a nerd into an idiot with a clueless puppet kissing his ridiculous ring like they're all in the warm brother's academy. Who's the bigger idiot? The idiot or the idiot that kisses his ass? Clowns at the circus embarrassing themselves and the club for all the world to see. Pathetic.

Fast forward to 2018. The Teletubbies drama queen sounded the alarm that Weird Hal made a post on facebook offering to help people go through the process to apply for a medicinal grow op license. This time he wasn't breaking the law. He had been through the process and he offered to help people do the same. On top of that, pot is a month away from being legalized in Canada. Why on earth make a big deal about it now? It was rather pointless. Or was it.

The person that told Kim about Hal's Facebook post was a retired cop named Andrew Richards who has his own security company. He didn't think Hells Angels should be allowed to be involved with medical pot. Why not? It's legal. You can't stop them and you most certainly can't stop them when it is completely legalized. We need to disrupt the Hells Angels illegal activities not their legal ones. The same cop wasn't complaining about the Hells Angels involvement in the exotic dance industry. Why is that? That is also legal. So why make a big deal about the Hells Angels being involved with legal pot? Wait 'till I tell ye.

Andrew Richards is the CEO of Spire Secure Logistics. Spire Secure Logistics announced that they have been acquired by Friday Night Inc. a Canadian public company which owns and controls cannabis and hemp-based assets in Las Vegas. Retired Ontario cop Tim Humberstone is Chief Strategy Officer in charge of selling cop pot in Ontario. This scam is one great big conflict of interest. Now Weird Hal is out and the cops successfully eliminated a rival in their monopoly on the legal pot trade. That was dirty as f*ck.

Marc Emery has paid his dues. He needs to be allowed to sell legal pot in his store right across the street from the Black door and the Bulldog cafe and the Hells Angels need to be allowed to continue to sell pot out of the Black door. Not that the police ever lifted a finger to stop them. Nobody in the 420 movement is going to want cop pot. That's like buying tuna that's not dolphin friendly. The Hells Angels and Marc Emery each have a name and a brand that will prosper when pot is legalized. The police have no right to stop them. If they try they are in a conflict of interest.

Nobody cares about pot. People care about crack, crystal meth and most of all fentanyl. When the police in BC watch the drug dealers sell fentanyl they become culpable in the overdose epidemic that drug is causing. The world can see that policing in BC doesn't exist. The rule of law has been abandoned. That is why addicts are flocking here by the masses like it was a warm San Francisco night. Harm promotion has failed. It is killing people at a record rate in Metro Vancouver. We need to stop the insanity and adopt the New York model. That would be in everyone's best interest. Ontario has. Why can't we? Enforcement, Treatment and Prevention are the three missing pillars we need to emphasize.