Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween from Riff Raff and all the gang at the Rocky Horror Picture show. “It's astounding Time is fleeting Madness takes its toll But listen closely Not for very much longer I've got to keep control I remember doing the time warp Drinking those moments when The blackness would hit me And the void would be calling Let's do the time warp again.” Another Vancouver tradition.

The Grant Wakefield scandal

Grant Wakefield is the guy whose home was searched by the RCMP after he complained about Jim Brown’s deranged pictures posted on a BDSM web site. Pictures the RCMP were already aware of and had investigated.

Turns out the information used to obtain the search warrant reveals that, in July of 2012, Cpl. Brown’s superiors were concerned Jim Brown was in possession of a “sensitive” DVD containing evidence related to the Pickton investigation. So why search Grant Wakefield’s residence for something Jim Brown might have? Why not search Jim Brown’s residence?

Gee I wonder what Jim Browns perversions has to do with the Pickton trial? What sensitive information? The investigation is over. The publication ban is expired. A “Public Inquiry” is supposed to make all that evidence public. So let’s get on it. Where is this sensitive DVD? The pubic need to know. Cameron Ward is reporting one source of unknown reliability claims one of the photos of Jim Brown is of him in a threesome with Dave Pickton.

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

East Vancouver mixed-use development projects

This is living proof wherever there is good, there is opposition to it. East Vancouver needs to change. They say stupidity is doing the same thing over and over again expecting a different result. Vancouver City council voted on a new development project in the DTES that included a mix of subsidized housing, low rent housing, business and regular housing. This is exactly what East Vancouver needs. Let me tell you those “low income” housing units with the cheap rents are disgusting. Protecting a slum is in no one’s best interest.

Obviously there are concerns about the homeless and pushing low income renters onto the street. That is a real concern. Yet the fact remains, East Vancouver is a toilet. Enabling that problem isn’t helping anyone except the drug dealers. The Four Pillars program consists of four pillars not one. Extremists from Zanadu Vandu scream harm reduction over and over again and totally ignore the other four pillars of treatment, prevention and enforcement. Any drug addict in East Vancouver who wants treatment has to get out of that area if they are going to succeed in overcoming their addiction.

Enabling drug addiction only helps the drug dealers get rich. Handing out free crack pipes or free needles doesn’t stop drug dealers from torturing drug addicts for drug debts. It perpetuates violence and exploitation. I totally support new development projects that mix subsidized housing and low income housing with regular housing and business development. That isn’t just the New York Model, that is better than the New York model.

In New York, East 42nd street (the Deuce) was a 24 hour zoo. Crack dealers, crack addicts and all the associated violence was everywhere 24/7. So what did they do? The moved Disney on the Deuce. They kept enforcing the law by arresting crack dealers who sold crack in public and they moved businesses in that resulted in a complete transformation of the entire neighborhood. Yes they pushed the drug dealers out but that is exactly what was needed. Everyone talks about how wonderful the New York model is, well that is what it takes.

Aside from the legitimate concerns about homelessness and low income housing, lets look at some of the absurd objections to the plan. One sex trade worker said it was a great place to work. Tell that to all the sex trade workers buried on the Pickton farm. Advocates for sex trade workers argued that this project would cause sex trade workers to suffer. Hello people, drug addicted street prostitution is illegal. If this project gets rid of the prostitutes in the area, then that is what’s needed.

I don’t want to be mean or offensive, but the fact is, no one in their right mind would have sex with an East Vancouver prostitute. They are nasty. Back in the day, many years ago, there used to be high end prostitutes over on Richards. At that time East Vancouver prostitutes were always beat up and drug addicted but the other part of town used to have high end sex trade workers. After the Hells Angels came into town that all changed. The high end escorts are working in clubs not on the street. Tragically the ones on the street are working off their drug debts and it shows. Enabling their drug addiction isn’t helping them.

People talk about preserving the East Van community. I’m sorry but that concept is a fallacy. I’ve been in the allies around pigeon corner including blood alley. I’ve had teenagers with me handing out food and clothes. The teenagers were shocked to see the homeless scared the teenagers were going to beat them up. Why is that? Because that is what happens in East Van - especially on welfare night. The homeless and the elderly get beat up and robbed. That is not a united community. This fact was proven in the VPD’s project old timer where under cover police officers were done up with movie set make up making them look like seniors. They were regularly robbed and assaulted. This needs to change and mixed-use development projects are a step in the right direction. Homes not drugs.

Monday, October 29, 2012

Surrey House of Horrors murderer parole revoked

Joanna Lee Larson from the Surrey House of Horrors was found guilty in 2005 of murdering Annette Allan back in 2001. Joanna was sentenced to 18 years in prison in 2005. August 2011 the Vancouver Province ran an article about how Joanna the murderess had changed and was out on day parole. Today, they changed their tune and found out they’d been had as her parole has been revoked for parole violations.

This month a federal parole board revoked Larson’s day parole, saying she has been caught in the exact pattern of behaviours that led to the bloody murder of 27-year-old Annette Allan, including drinking, associating with drug users, and repeatedly threatening to violently assault another woman. Joanna was one deranged player from the House of Horrors but she wasn’t the only one.

November 2011 Steven Patrick Lyoupe was convicted of manslaughter in the murder of Garry Glen Harder in 2006. William Thomas Walker, 40, of Langley, and Jordon Vojkovic, 26, of Calgary were co accused charged with first degree murder of Gary Harder. All three beat the life out of Gary including hitting him in the head with a board with nails in it. Handcuffing him to a chair and electrocuted him by putting live wires in his ears.

Gary was a doorman for the crack house and was accused of stealing $300.00 from a crack dealer. They made his girlfriend watch the deranged beating and tried to force her into prostitution to pay off her boyfriends debt. How many others have they forced into prostitution to pay off manufactured debts?

Sex trade worker Yvonne Boen's DNA was found at the Surrey House of Horrors as well as on the Pickton farm. Last summer we heard testimony from a nurse who was forbidden to speak at the not so public inquiry claiming a drug addict she knew claimed she went to a well known Hells Angels spot in Surrey called the House of Pain. We know it as the house of horrors. The woman told the nurse she was taken from there to a party on the Pickton Farm where there was a lot of drugs. She got a bad feeling and ran for her life. As a result, she lived to tell the tale.

Let’s not forget a Hells Angel drug dealer named Tony Terezakis who filmed himself beating the life out drug addicts who owned him money in East Vancouver and couldn’t contain the laughter when they played the videos in court.

We see a very disturbing pattern repeat itself. Torture of drug addicts for drug debts. Forcing women into a life of prostitution for drug debts and a deranged world of mistreatment of those drug addicted sex trade workers that connect the Hells Angels to crack houses in Surrey and the Pickton farm. Wally Opal should be in jail for accessory to murder.

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Canada doesn’t have a prayer

Well the new police chief in Winnipeg committed the unpardonable sin. He expressed a religious opinion. He implied that prayer could reduce crime in the city. He said “I think if we have a community that's consistently praying for one another, hopefully we'll now see the physical reduction of crime and violence in our city." Heaven forbid.

“What would happen if we all just truly — I’m talking about all religious stripes here — started praying for the peace of this city and then actually started putting some action behind that? I believe something phenomenal is going to happen in our city. I truly believe it’s coming. I don’t think I’ve arrived at this position just by chance.”

OK so let’s make a list of special interest groups that he offended with his insensitive remark. Muslims? Nope. Muslims believe in Prayer. Sikhs? Nope Sikhs believe in prayer. Jews? Nope Jews believe in prayer. Christians? Nope Christians believe in prayer. So just who did his offensive comment offend? Atheists? Why would they care? They don’t believe in God so praying to nobody wouldn’t hurt anyone.

However, psychologist will agree that if the community is praying for each other then they just might be more tolerant of each other. In fact, if they are praying for a reduction in violent crime, that just might wake up their senses to take ownership of the problem and report crime to the police. Imagine that. Unfortunately, I guess everyone is so freaked out about him committing the unpardonable sin, Canada doesn’t have a prayer after all.

NDP MP Pat Martin, who represents crime-plagued Winnipeg North, said the power of prayer alone will not prevent crime any more than it will help to levitate the Public Safety Building. Having said that, Martin found the new chief’s words to be “interesting and refreshing.”

“Prayer is reflection, and there is a role for thoughtful reflection of one’s actions,” said Martin, over the phone from his office in Ottawa. “Personally, I like the guy.” So do I. I'll tell ya what's not good for building public goodwill, refusing to consult with the public or let them know what's really going on. That burns bridges more than a prayer does. It's called arrogance.

If this was Gandhi, Mother Teresa or Martin Luther King and they said pray for peace, no one would care. But because he’s the chief of police we‘re going to lynch him? That is absurd. What if Martin Luther King held office? Would we lynch him for saying the same thing? Not likely. Are we offended by Martin Luther King and his I have a dream speech? He quoted a hymn and talked about a time when Protestants and Catholics as well as black and white children could join hands and sing free at last free at last thank God almighty we are free at last. Was his reference to God forbidden and offensive? I think not.

Is the president of the United States not allowed to say God bless the United States of America because he holds office and needs to support the separation of church and state? That’s ridiculous. The police chief is allowed to say pray for peace. Banning him from doing so is absurd.

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Sovan Pen is a Hells Angels ASSociate

Sovan Pen pleaded guilty to possessing ten pipe bombs, found during a police investigation of a drug trafficking ring in January. Pen also pleaded guilty to possessing amphetamine with the intent to traffic.

Pen was formally a business partner of Salvatore Cazzetta, Mommy Dearest’s SS pal who founded the Rock Machine then crossed over right before Boucher went to prison. Pen handled marketing for a distribution company that sold energy drinks in Quebec. He was also part of a large roundup of Hells Angels and associates in 2004, and served a seven-year prison term during the 1990s for drug trafficking.

Just goes to show ya just because it’s an Asian getting busted doesn’t mean the Hells angels aren’t involved. The hells angels will frequently not only do business with Asian crime groups but they will pay an Asian to commit a criminal act for them then at the same time tell everyone else, if it wasn’t for the Hells angels, the Asian crime groups would be taking over our cities. And the con goes on...

Friday, October 26, 2012

EPD withholding ID of murder victim

Last Saturday a decapitated murder victim was found dumped in a ditch north of Edmonton. The police still have not revealed the identity of that murder victim. Last Wednesday a human head was found in an Edmonton alley. This morning the autopsy results of the human head have come in and the police are confirming the head belongs to the decapitated murder victim found last Saturday. Yet they are still withholding the mans identity and cause of death. They say it’s an Alberta man in his 50’s.

I have one source who claims to know the victim and claims it is a friendly 54yr old man from Lloydminster named Robert John (Bob) Roth who had a cocaine addiction and was murdered for a drug debt. They claim the White boy Posse are pushing their way into Lloydminster after the Baseball Team bust and are trying to make examples out of people. As we know the White boy Posse are a neo Nazi group that sell drugs for the Edmonton Hells Angels across northern Alberta. (Edmonton Angels - EA - 51)

The Edmonton Police have a bad reputation for withholding information from the public. They also have had a bad reputation for leaking confidential information to the Hells Angels. Since this investigation is now in the hands of the RCMP, let’s hope they start being a little more honest with the public. That is the only way they are going to gain the public’s trust and assistance.

A new term known as working off minutes has began in northern Alberta. It means enduring 1 minute of torture for every $100 owed. People who wear a Hells Angels support shirt now, aren’t just saying support your local crack dealer. Now they are saying they support torture, murder, decapitation and dismemberment. They are saying they are deranged.

The Edmonton Sun is now reporting a source told them this murder was gang related in that the body was dumped in a location where it would send a message to a rival gang. I’m still hearing he was murdered for a drug debt and that he was murdered on the way home from Edmonton and dumped where a rival gang was operating as a warning to them to stop doing business.

CBC has confirmed with sources that the name of the deceased is Bob Roth from Lloydminster.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Vernon man arrested for gun trafficking

Riley Stewart Kotz from Vernon has been charged in a gun trafficking operation that involved 80 firearms, over-capacity magazines and thousands of rounds of ammunition. Some of the weapons seized included the Tech 9 and a number of AK-type assault rifles. CFSEU executed search warrants over the weekend in Penticton, Vernon and Summerland. Four Canadian men and one American woman are facing numerous gun charges. We know that Vernon was where the Vernon Greeks ran the drug trade and had Hells Angels support gear on their possession.

Human head found in Edmonton Alley

Speaking of gory dismemberments, Wednesday morning a human head was discovered in an Edmonton alley near 72 Street and 131A Avenue. Residents in the area claim it isn’t a safe neighbourhood. Police believe the human head is linked to a homicide Saturday night where a dead body was found in a ditch on Range Road 121 northeast of Ranfurly.

By Tuesday the medical examiner’s report was completed and the suspicious death was ruled a homicide. Decapitated body lying in a ditch. Ya that’s suspicious alright. However, they didn’t release at the time the body was decapitated. Still with holding information. One step forward, three steps back.

Let’s not forget that last year Deadmonton had the most murders per capita than anywhere else in Canada. Contrary to rageful denial of spin doctors on site, many of those murders are in fact drug related. This is an interesting interactive map. If you just select 2011 and shootings you will see that there were many shootings in Edmonton in 2010 and 2011. The most common types of homicides during that time period were shootings, stabbings and assaults.

Notwithsatanding the rapid increase of drug related violence, we need to address the issue of the new deranged trend of torture, decapitation and dismemberment. That is not something to be admired or respected. That is the sign of mental illness. It makes a statement alright. It screams these guys need professional help. They need some serious time with Doctor Phil because they are really messed up. Wearing a support shirt now is like wearing an I support Clifford Olsen, Robert Pickton or Charles Manson shirt. Just because something has become common does not make it normal or acceptable.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Gangs, drugs and torture

Freddy has found and posted some very relevant and very significant links. First is the new developments in the Fribjon Bjornson case. CBC is reporting that Fears of a violent gang are keeping some northern B.C. residents from sharing information about the torture and decapitation of a young man following a party last winter. He had a cocaine addiction. Did he have a drug debt?

We had heard that Fribjon Bjornson was murdered and we were told he was tortured but this news report confirms claims that he was decapitated as well. That is deranged. What’s worse is that witnesses are afraid to come forward because of fears of a violent gang. Which gang? The only gangs we have in BC are drug trafficking gangs.

Next is the report that the Canada Border Services Agency have seized a record 14 tonnes of precursor chemicals in Prince Rupert. The chemicals used to make ecstasy, crystal meth and GHB pills were found hidden in a shipment originating in China, and declared as glycerin. Huge bust. These kinds of drugs are seriously messed up.

The Alberta Law Enforcement Response Team said it has seized drugs, guns and cash from a suspected cocaine and marijuana trafficking operation between both BC and Alberta. It’s alleged the group was bringing drugs from B.C. for sale in Alberta for several years. Another Bassi involved. Unfortunately, this is not the head of the snake, it’s just another mule. Great to see the police keep the pressure on though.

Pipeline Protests to Victoria and Beyond

Thousands of protesters showed up at the BC Parliament buildings in Victoria on Monday objecting to the Enbridge Pipeline in BC. Today, those protests have expanded across the province.

Just to recap, as soon as the horrible track record of Enbridge pipe line leaks in the States broke and as soon as BC started complaining, Stephen Harper removed BC’s say from the equation. That is not a democracy, that is a dictatorship. It is completely unacceptable.

Harper continues to court insanity by considering letting a Communist dictatorship with the most abusive corporate history in China have our Canadian oil rights. Clearly it is a double edge sword of insanity. The problem is Enbridge’s bad maintenance’s history and their leaky pipelines in the US. The problem is giving a Communist country sole authority over our oil so if anyone protests Harper just says take it up with the Communists. It’s not my problem.

The problem is, even though we have oil in Canada, unlike other countries that have oil, we are getting shafted at the pump with outrageous prices. That’s because we let them have a monopoly on the market so they can gouge consumers at will.

Then there’s the problem of Enbridge being dishonest and rewriting the map where the tankers would go. Instead of having to navigate treacherous waters like in real life, they removed all the obstacles and claimed it was smooth sailing in their virtual fantasy. These problems need to be addressed.

Rain Coast Water sues BC Government

This is interesting. Just as we were talking about the craziness of the Chapter 11 NAFTA law suits we hear news of an old claim a company has against the former BC government for the “unlawful cancellation of a license to export water.” Rather bizarre yet this case is going through the courts not a secret chapter 11 tribunal.

The plaintiffs said they intended to show evidence that the government gave more favorable terms to a competing company, Western Canada Water, and that hurt Beach’s chances at securing investors. A witness is expected to testify that “the fact that Western Canada Water entered into the market took the wind out of the sales of the Rain Coast Water Corp. deal.” Sounds pretty fishy to me. Companies bid on contracts. You either get the contract or you don’t. I’ve never heard of someone suing the government because someone else got the contract.

Sunday, October 21, 2012

First Snow – Fresh Start

I saw on the news the local mountains got their first dusting of snow already on Friday. I checked the weather forecast and it was supposed to be below freezing all weekend on the mountains with light snow. This afternoon the mountains were still covered in clouds but I saw a beak in the clouds reveal a blanket of fresh snow. I had to check it out.

This afternoon there was just over a foot of fresh snow. I didn’t think there would be enough to strap on the snowshoes but there sure was. An early start to the season. No doubt it will be gone soon but more will be on it’s way.

Fresh snow reminds me of a fresh start. I’ve been corresponding with a few people from Denmark with that TBM Fresh Start group. It’s a group for former gang members to help them leave the gang life behind and get a fresh start on life. They’re doing a great job and they seem very organized.

It reminds me of that video of the Gurmit Dhak before he was shot dead. He was recorded on video talking about the gang life saying how it really wasn’t what it was cracked up to be. Having to look over your shoulder all the time. The fear, the violence. He said he would love to be able to leave the gang life but for him it was too late. He made that video right before he was shot dead. Ironic.

That’s what makes TBM Fresh start such a great idea. People need help to leave the gang life but it can be done. Fresh snow, fresh start. Think about it. Don’t end up like Gurmit Dhak or David Giles the hobo clown. I know where I’m gonna be this winter.

Anniversary of Joe Krantz's Murder

Tributes continue on the four year anniversary of Joe Krantz murder 20 October 2008. His friends still miss him. Joe ran an MMA gym in Abbotsford. He was a member of the Independent Soldiers. When his home was raided by police they found clothing that said Independent Soldiers Kelowna chapter.

That would tie him to Donny the dirt bag McWhirter from the Kelowna Independent Soldiers. I used to think Donnie was just a clown but assaulting women makes him a dirt bag. We know the Kelowna IS are tied to the Kelowna Hells Angles. In fact, Joe Krantz was also a coaccused of Jody York. They were charged with creating a disturbance in Kelowna. Jody York was featured in Weird Hal Porteous’ ridiculous I’m on a boat rap video along with Rob Shannon. Rob and Jody both were found guilty of being involved with a large scale pot for cocaine cross border trafficking ring for the Hells angels.

Kevin LeClair used to fight with the Revolution Fight Team in Langley with is affiliated with that same crew of Hells Angels: Weird Hal, Larry Amero, Shane Bunting and what not. Kevin lost a fight to a guy from Joe’s club. Kinda problematic. I think a guy from Joe’s gym beat a guy from the UN as well which created a bit of tension. I don’t know if there was tension between his club and Revolution.

I don’t know who shot Joe Krantz. I don’t trust any of those guys. If the Bacon brothers were working for the Hells Angels and if Joe Krantz was working for the Hells Angels, that would imply it had to be the UN. Unless some idiot got their wires crossed again. There was a lot of infighting going on at that time.

I guess my point is, Joe wasn’t a bad guy. He did make some bad decisions. Training in MMA to start fights along with Jody York is pretty hypocritical. Keeping loaded guns and drugs in his home with his eight year old daughter was totally irresponsible. He had heroin, cocaine and crack in the same home as his eight year old daughter. As Kim Bolan pointed out at the time, that is pretty messed up. We really need to recognize that. Being a murderer is messed up, but so is slinging crack. It’s scraping the bottom of the barrel. It is sad his daughter lost her father. I’m sure everyone now wishes he wasn’t involved in that messed up lifestyle and can see how endangering his daughter was not very admirable. If we can see that now, then we’ve made progress. If we can’t then we haven’t made any progress at all.

Another guy people really miss is Trevor Greenway who was gunned down in Edmonton October 11 2011. I wonder if that suspicious death has been deemed a homicide yet. Although Trevor had a long rap sheet, including assault, trafficking cocaine and drunk driving causing death, He always took care of his friends and made sure everybody got home safe. If we are going to make any progress from all these murders, we are going to have to realize that trafficking cocaine is not a healthy lifestyle to promote.

Friday, October 19, 2012

Compensation Awards under NAFTA

On the post about Harper letting Communist China take over Canada’s oil rights, a blog reader expressed a concern about Harpers new Trade Agreement with China which is anything but a trade agreement. It is a continuation of the NAFTA chapter 11 Compensation madness that gets progressively worse each time they rewrite these new not about trade agreements. First it was NAFTA, then it was the MAI, then it was TILMA and now it’s the Canada China not about trade agreement.

The blog reader suggested we look at compensation awards under NAFTA to see how this concern arises with these trade agreements. When the government is handing over millions of tax dollars to private corporations who want to take away Canada’s democracy and sovereignty that becomes a huge public concern.

The blog reader cited Ethyl Corporation vs The Canadian Government where a private corporation was awarded $20 million because Canada banned a toxic gasoline additive that California also banned. This case is a clear example of how absurd Chapter 11 of NAFTA is and how these trade agreements are not about free trade, they are about giving up our democratic rights and our sovereignty.

Evidently, according to these trade agreements, we are not *allowed* to create a law that protects the environment if such a law would inhibit a corporation’s ability to make a profit. We have seen this in effect in the Ethyl Corporation case. That hearing was held in camera.

I then take the argument to the extreme and present a possible example. If a private corporation wanted to dump nuclear waste in Canada, we would not be allowed to create a law banning it because that would inhibit that corporation’s ability to make a profit. Absurd you say? Yes, but it can happen. Just look at SD Myers Inc. (SDMI) and the Government of Canada.

SDMI is a private corporation located in Tallmadge, Ohio specializing in the disposal of hazardous waste including the disposal of PCP contaminated waste. MYERS Canada was incorporated as an SDMI affiliate in 1993. Their business plan was to dispose of Canada’s stockpile of PCP and to open up the border to make Canada a dumping ground for PCP from the United States.

Canada banned the dumping of PCPs and the company sued Canada under NAFTA Chapter 11. They were awarded $6 million in their second award. Not included legal costs. Stand alone that is absurd. The company wants to import and dump PCPs into Canada, the government says no so they sue the government under Chapter 11 and win. That is not only insane, it is criminal.

You say no one could sue the government for banning the dumping of nuclear waste? Well the did for banning PCPs. This new agreement with China means China could dump nuclear waste in Canada and we couldn’t stop them because these trade agreements become a civil contract that over ride a nations democratic rights.

Insanely enough, if you look at the time line in the SDMI case from paragraph [89] – [93] you will note that Canada reopened the border for PCP disposal and the US closed it. Canada gets sued for something the US government did. That is insane. The US had every right to ban shipping PCPs across the border. Canada getting sued for a decision the US made even more insane. These secret tribunals have nothing to do with law or justice.

If you look at the list, there are many cases of insane awards under Chapter 11 of NAFTA. Take a look at the Sun Belt Water claim. They are suing the Canadian government for $10.5 billion. Billion. Canada claims that application is inactive but the claimant claims it is still active.

This paper from the Faculty of Law at the University of Toronto talks about NAFTA chapter 11 and Canada's environmental sovereignty surrounding Alberta's Water Act. It raises huge concerns. It quotes David MacArthur’s paper "NAFTA Chapter 11: on an Environmental Collision Course with the World Bank?"

All of this reminds us of Vic (Vikileaks) Toews who once said, Anyone who doesn’t support this crime bill supports pedophiles. Then the media points out that the wording of the crime bill states that it gives the police power to place someone under surveillance who has not been accused of committing a crime. He then boldly declares that he was surprised to find that in the bill. What’s the matter didn’t you read it?

That in turn is just like how Michael Moore pointed out how insane the wording of the Patriot act is. He pointed it out to one senator and said what, didn’t anyone read this thing before they passed it? The senator said sit down my son. Let me explain how things here really work. We don’t read most of the bills we pass. He implied they just get a readers digest version from an advisor. Clearly we need to read and oppose these over reaching trade agreements because they in fact are not about free trade.

Political ads paid with tax dollars

How much are these ridiculous political ads costing taxpayers? Attack ads are bad enough. Attack adds when there is no election on is worse and obsessive. These continued political ads that are paid for with tax dollars is not only irresponsible, they are very Big Brother. Governments are supposed to poll the electorate and do as they’re told. They aren’t supposed to spend tax dollars brainwashing the public on how they are supposed to vote. The dark cloud of Harpers’ contradictions continues to choke democracy into bondage.

Canada-China investment deal allows for confidential lawsuits against Canada

The Green Party has set up a web site explaining about the insane trade agreement with China that destroys our democracy and Elizabeth May is sending out an informed response to those who e-mail her concerns about the proposal. The Green party is against it. So is the NDP.

Ottawa turns down Malaysia’s take over of Progress

The proposed $6 billion takeover of Canadian natural gas producer Progress (TSX:PRQ) by Malaysian state-owned energy giant Petronas has hit a potentially lethal snag. Federal Industry Minister Christian Paradis said: "I can confirm that I have sent a notice letter to Petronas indicating that I am not satisfied that the proposed investment is likely to be of net benefit to Canada,"

I guess Malaysia didn’t meet the criteria because it didn’t have enough human rights violations in it’s history. Foreign ownership of Canadian oil is not in the nation’s best interest. Saying no to Malaysia but saying yes to Communist China would be complete hypocracy. Treating China as a business partner means we will sell them our oil. It doesn’t mean we will let them take over our oil rights.

Operation Fast and Furious in the Presidential Debate

People were asking me if I saw the presidential debate. I tried not to. My daughter had it on when I was working on the computer and I heard part of it. I really find it too upsetting to watch. Politicians will tell you what you want to hear to get elected then do what they want when they’re in power.

One blog reader pointed out that Romney mentioned Operation Fast and Furious in the debate. I missed that part and had to take another look at it on Youtube. I find it immensely hypocritical that Republicans in the States are trying to use Operation Fast and Furious to lynch Obama when George Bush did the exact same thing in Operation Wide Receiver. Both operations were wrong.

Yet I find the lack of media coverage about it in Canada to be disturbing. I also find Obama’s response to that question offensive. Romney brings the subject up and Obama responds by smiling and saying next question. The murder of a US border agent and bringing tons of cocaine into the United States is nothing to smile about.

Romney pointed out that the American people have heard very little about why Operation Fast and Furious was put in place and who was responsible for it since the president has exercised his executive privilege over it. Indeed, that is a huge concern. Keeping an unlawful state secret is not only unlawful but in this case is a threat to National Security.

There’s a new riveting TV series on called Last Resort. It is very dramatic and pushes the envelope to the extreme, but the point is that citizens are sworn to protect the constitution not the government. Helping the government break the constitution is treason. Defending the constitution is not.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, the CIA arms dealing, drug trafficking and money laundering is a huge concern and a huge threat to national security as well as national prosperity. It didn’t just magically start in Fast and Furious and in Wide Receiver. Judge Bonner complained about the CIA bringing a ton of cocaine into Florida when he was a DEA agent.

The CIA kept adamantly denying it over and over again. Then when Judge Bonner went on 60 Minutes and documented everything they finally admitted it but said that as the only time and it was a mistake. They were trying to catch the bad guys. That was a lie. They made no attempt to track the cocaine or make any arrests just like in Fast and Furious.

This drug trafficking is non partisan. Barry Seal was deeply involved in the CIA’s drug trafficking and arms dealing out of Mena, Arkansas in support of the contra rebels in Nicaragua when Clinton was Governor of Arkansas under President Bush Sr. Oliver North and Richard Secord were in charge of everything that went in and out of Nicaragua at the time under Iran contra. Bo Gritz and Terry Reed both testified about George Bush Sr.’s role in drug trafficking for the CIA during Vietnam. It is a huge problem that has gone on for generations and has crashed banks as a result.

Income Tax Inequity

My other concern about the Presidential debate is the hypocrisy that continues. Romney kept repeating his plan is to reduce taxes for the middle class. Why does he keep saying that? Because he is telling voters what they want to hear and was caught on hidden camera saying the exact opposite.

I agree, putting a hidden camera on Romney was cheap. Yet his claim that 47% of Americans don’t want to work and won’t vote for him is typical of his real position on the matter. Romney is the rich criminals’ poster boy. There is nothing wrong with being rich. I do not support the redistribution of wealth. My concern is the investment fraud that continues where the rich continue to steal from the working class. The people who have jobs and pay taxes. Stealing tax dollars is wrong. That has nothing to do with not wanting to work. In that case it is the rich criminals who don’t want to work because they are stealing from those who are. As we saw on the cover of the Rolling Stones, that is what Bain Capital was all about.

Michael Moore raised a good point in his movie Capitalism a Love story. Reagan’s tenure as President saw a huge transformation in the nation’s taxation policy that went from one extreme to the other. At one point the rich were paying a huge percentage of income tax. Then after bankers and Wall Street took positions in office, that dramatically change to the opposite extreme where they pay next to nothing in income tax. Donald Trump is one example. Warren Buffett is another. Donald Trump, bragging about not paying any income tax at all is not right. It’s not a sign of being wise and shrewd in knowing tax laws. It is evidence of why the system has gone to the opposite extreme where the rich steal from the poor. This has nothing to do with the poor being jealous of the rich. It’s about everyone paying their fair share.

Warren Buffett pays less income tax than his secretary. He admits that’s wrong. His secretary pays income tax at a rate of 35.8 percent of income, while Buffett pays a rate at 17.4 percent. As we recall, back in the day, the more money you earned the higher the tax bracket that put you in. Seeing this go to the other extreme is disturbing. Not only because it has resulted in a huge amount of lost tax revenue which has compounded the debt, but also because it results in a huge amount of money hidden off shore that could be helping build the American economy. That is the MO of Bain Capital. To evade taxes by investing off shore. That doesn’t help the American economy. Investors shouldn’t be rewarded with tax deductions for doing that.

During the presidential debate, Romney was clear he wanted to maintain this status quo for the rich. That is not going to help repay the debt or rebuild the American economy. Romney’s quote was that the rich keep paying 60% of the tax. When a billionaire is in a much lower tax bracket than his secretary, that is wrong. I’m not saying we should go back to the other extreme where the rich are over taxed. I’m saying all these loop holes where the rich can evade taxes by investing off shore need to be replaced.

Financial Crisis in Canada

Recently there was a doom and gloom report claiming Alberta and Ontario are at high risk for a Greek financial crisis style collapse. These kind of manipulative statements are very disturbing. Of course Canada could see a Greek style financial collapse. We already saw how Earl Brian and the CIA used investment fraud to steal millions from Canadian investors to raise money for the October Surprise.

If it happened then, it could happen again. After all, that is what caused the Greek financial crisis - investment fraud. What was public money became private money, then all of a sudden disappeared. Goldman Sachs was directly involved. Iran contra wasn’t just about selling arms to Iran to free hostages. They paid Iran to keep the hostages until after the election.

The purpose of Iran contra was to sell Iran weapons to raise money to fund the contra rebels in Nicaragua. The purpose of the cocaine trafficking in Iran contra was to raise money for the contra rebels. In Al Martin’s book, the Conspirators, he goes into detail explaining how Jeb Bush instructed him to commit investment fraud to raise money under Iran contra for the contra rebels in Nicaragua. The Agency’s involvement with money laundering and investment fraud is nothing new. It has crashed banks in the past. Banks don’t crash all by themselves. Someone has to break in and steal from them. Usually it’s the people that own the banks who are involved in defrauding them.

Right now I see three problems that need to be addressed: The Agency’s arms dealing and drug trafficking, Tax inequity and investment fraud that is crashing banks and stealing tax dollars. These three things need to be addressed.

Surrey Mayor wants a toll on everything

Why does this not surprise me? Surrey Mayor Dianne Watts says heavy tolls on the Port Mann and Golden Ears bridges are unfair and claims that we need a system that’s fair and equitable. Her solution? Toll everything. Why does this not surprise me? Here’s the person who came out in support of the gas tax now wanting a free for all tax on everything to fund their ever growing expense budget. Seems like she’s adapted a George Bush spending policy since their economic summit. Scary how similar Dianne Watts and Christy Clark are on so many issues.

One North Shore resident wrote in to the Vancouver Province and said: Surrey Mayor Dianne Watts should stick to spending her own residents' money and stop trying to sell more tolls in other areas. They’re absolutely right. Lions Gate bridge had a toll back in it’s day. Just like the Coquihalla. I was actually pleasantly surprise to see the toll had be removed from the Coquihalla this summer now that it has been paid for.

Obviously a new Port Mann bridge needed to be built. The original plan was to twin the bridges but Gordon the Glutton Campbell wanted a King Ramses monument to his era of insider insanity and scrapped that plan for one mega bridge that would cost more than twice as much money. Amazing how politicians like to spend other people’s money and pat themselves on the back as they do so.

I will point out that not only did they fail to make the extra lane on old the Port Mann bridge a counter flow lane, even though they have opened up half of the west bound traffic on the new bridge, the old bridge still sees cars lined up for miles trying to cross two lanes in the morning while three lanes of the old bridge remain empty. Charging anyone a toll for lining up for hours to cross two lanes of traffic in the morning is insane.

Yes the Port Mann needs a modest toll. A smaller toll for a longer period of time would be more prudent. Tolling everything is just another fiscally irresponsible tax grab that should not even be considered. Surrey council needs to get in control of their spending and their expense accounts.

Another insanity is the ever increasing cost and tax burden of Transit. Not having turnstiles like every other city on earth is insane enough. Today on the news it was talking about a red button bus drivers press every time a passenger gets on without paying. They say it was pressed over a million times. Are you kidding me? Fair evasion on Sky Train where there are no turnstiles is bad enough but on a bus where a driver let’s them walk right past? This is insane. Once again we see tax payers subsidizing criminal activity.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Jim Brown’s case cries out for public scrutiny

Ian Mulgrove from the Vancouver Sun just wrote a powerful article about Grant Wakefield, the person who complained about Coquitlam RCMP officer Jim Brown’s bizarre BDSM pictures Brown posted on the Internet. As a result of his complaint, Wakefield's home was searched, his computers seized and he was charged criminally with defamation.

The Mounties said this case was a criminal libel investigation over allegedly defamatory online comments made about RCMP officers, including Brown. Yet the accuracy of Wakefield’s claims has not been tested and that issue is not expected to form part of the judgment. If someone is telling the truth, that is not defamation. For that fact not to be considered means this is not a court of law.

“This is a case that cries out for public scrutiny,” added Michael Bozic, the lawyer for the civil liberties association. “The continuing secrecy around this file is unacceptable,” David Eby, executive director of the BCCLA, said outside the court. “We shouldn’t have to go to court to get this information. Why do we have the police seizing the computers of people who offend police officers? Why can’t the police use the civil trial process like everyone else?”

Sun lawyer Scott Dawson reinforced that message in his submission. “Citizens want to know the RCMP are not using state powers to silence those whose information is critical or embarrassing to the force,” Dawson said.

I agree that this case cries out for public scrutiny. I agree the continued secrecy around the file is unacceptable. I agree citizens want to know the RCMP are not using state powers to silence those whose information is critical or embarrassing to the force. I also agree that Jim Browns BDSM pictures are just the tip of the iceberg. Two names in the article need to be investigated: Robert Pickton and the Big Red Machine.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Jarrod Nicol pleads guilty to cocaine trafficking, again

Jarrod Francis Nicol, 36, was sentenced Wednesday to five years in prison after pleading guilty to trafficking cocaine in September 2008. Jarrod is Central Saanich Police officer Dillon Sahota's son in law.

Nicol was previously convicted in 2001 for trafficking cocaine and the production of marijuana and was convicted earlier this year of possessing heroin and cocaine for the purpose of trafficking in 2009. Dillon Sahota’s son Gopal Sahota, Jarrod’s brother in law, was one of Jarrod’s co accused in that 2009 bust. One of the residences searched in that bust was a home Jarrod was living in that was owned by Dillon and Julia Sahota.

Ken and Greg Brotherston: the family that murders together…

Police say 57-year-old Rick Green followed a couple who had been fighting into the parking lot of the Country Rose pub a week ago. Encouraging the woman to go back inside, witnesses say he told the man to “get in his car and leave.” That’s when Gregory Brotherston, the man arguing with his girlfriend, assaulted the 57 year old man who has died of his injuries.

It is claimed that Gregory Brotherston hit the 57 year old man once with an open hand and the man then "fell and hit his head". I’m sorry but that does not pass the test of believability. Who said that anyways? We know it wasn’t the victim because he was in a coma and has since died. The girlfriend who the dirt bag was arguing with and is no doubt afraid for her safety? I'm sorry but that is not credible testimony.

What is credible is Gregory Brotherston’s past history. May 2008, Greg’s father Kenneth Brotherston Sr. roared up to the West Shore RCMP detachment with a dead body in the back of his four-by-four pickup truck.

Court heard that an agitated Brotherston told a dispatcher he'd had an altercation with a guy with a gun, and put him in the pickup because he'd beaten him. Officers recognized the still-warm body of Taylor, who'd been in and out of trouble and had been released from jail three days earlier. Taylor had been choked to death, his neck broken in three places.

Brotherston was taken into custody. Two days later, his sons, Ken Jr. and Greg, turned themselves in to police. Initially, all three were charged with the first-degree murder of Taylor. At the end of a preliminary inquiry, all three were committed to stand trial for second-degree murder. After hearing the trial, Dillon determined that Brotherston was acting in self-defence and that his sons had merely been protecting their father. According to who? The father and two sons accused of committing the murder? Unfortunately the victim wasn’t able to testify because he was dead.

Yet his body was covered with multiple superficial blunt-force injuries, his body contained drag marks, there were huge cuts on his face, his nose was broken and he had head injuries. "There is no doubt he suffered a tremendous amount of punishment."

The court heard neighbor Ayla Hagreen's call to 911. "Someone's really hurt," she said, telling the dispatcher she heard men fighting, women screaming, things breaking and someone yelling, "leave him, leave him." Three on one, beating the life out of the guy is not self defense. Someone dying because they hit their head after they were hit once with an open hand is not believable.

The question that needs to be asked is what was Ken Sr. doing in a drug house anyways? The court heard that his sons were heavily addicted to drugs and that their victim was a dealer. One source claims the person he murdered was harassing them for money they owed him. The father testified the person he murdered wanted money from them. For what? For the drugs he sold them? Why that’s a nice upstanding family. So tell me, is Greg Brotherston still heavily addicted to drugs? Please advise. The familty that murders together stays [in Hell] together.


Update: The Victoria Times Colonist is reporting that Greg Brotherston has been charged in connection with a home invasion at a Langford mobile home park on Oct. 6. Yesterday he was charged with Break and enter, assault with a weapon,uttering threats and robbery of William Corlett age 78. Brotherston's lawyer claims his client adamantly denies the attack despite the fact that the victim states he recognized his client as a man he had met a week or two earlier.

At the mobile home park on Wednesday, Corlett said he was awakened about 5 a.m. by a man who held a knife to his throat and demanded money. "He had my wallet and there was no money in it. He wanted the PIN numbers for my debit cards."Corlett said his attacker hit him several times. Corlett, who rides a scooter and requires homecare health services, said he recognized his assailant as a man he had met about a week or two earlier. The RCMP have confirmed the charges against Greg Brotherston. The question that needs to be asked is has Greg Brotherston over come his serious drug addiction? Yes or no.

Shooting at Peace Arch

A Canadian Border Services Agent has been shot today at the Douglas Border Crossing in Surrey. Evidently that border crossing has been closed and traffic is being diverted to the Truck border, Aldergrove or Sumas crossings. Witnesses heard two shots fired around 2:00 PM. Police are stating the suspect has a self inflicted gunshot wound. The CBSA officer was on duty at the Peace Arch border crossing in Surrey when the officer was believed to have been shot by a male suspect who then killed himself. Here's a link to the border web cam to see when it reopens. Kim Bolan ir reporting that is was a female border agent who was shot in the neck by a man reportedly driving a vehicle with Washington plates.


Update: Police have identified the shooter to be 32 year old Andrew Michael Crews. Crews was a tattoo artist who worked at a parlour in Silverdale, Wash., west of Seattle. He grew up in Las Vegas and recently moved to the area, his co-workers and friends told CTV British Columbia. Lori Bowcock, the Canadian border agent shot in the neck is expected to make a full recovery.

I can’t believe Canadian border agents aren’t armed yet. That is astounding. With all the drugs and gangs crossing the border, not arming the border guards is insane. How are they supposed to defend our border? There’s a plan in place to train and arm the border guards but it still hasn’t happened yet. Astounding.

Monday, October 15, 2012

Rock Machine member dies in Brandon jail

The Brandon Police have confirmed that a 39 year old inmate in the Brandon Correctional Centre was found dead 10:06 AM yesterday morning. Media reports about the death claim the inmate’s name is Jean Paul Beaumont and was a high ranking member of the Rock Machine.

Media reports claim he was the Sergeant at arms for the Winnipeg Rock Machine and had earlier connections to the Hells Angels through the Zig Zag crew before the Hells Angels kicked off the drug war in Winnipeg by murdering one of their own for the Ontario Hells Angels. That event caused several members to leave the Hells Angels and join the rival Rock Machine. Winnipeg has seen a fair bit of gang related violence as a result.

Although I support stiffer penalties for trafficking crack and crystal meth and realize prisons aren’t supposed to be a trip to Disneyland, inmates should not be subject to gang violence in prison. Any violence for that matter. Raping in the showers is not acceptable. Neither is performing a murder for the Hells Angels in prison. [CTV Report]

Sunday, October 14, 2012

China’s take over of Canadian oil rights still on the table

Wasn’t it Susan Powter who once said: Stop the Insanity. It’s about time we did. Stephen Harper is still actually considering letting Communist China buy our Canadian oil rights. He just extended the deadline a month. This is insane.

Ever heard of Vietnam? Ever heard of the Korean war? What if Communist China decides to invade another country like Tibet and bring them into bondage? Are we going to supply their tanks fuel to invade other countries? Once we give them our oil rights, we will have to. There was a reason we sent troops to Korea and Vietnam.

Giving Communist China control of our oil is unthinkable. What if Communist China gains control of Canada’s oil and then says, we’re angry at the US and we’re not going to sell them any of Canada’s oil. If we give them control of our oil rights, we will have no say in the matter.

As we speak, China is holding anti American demonstrations. They want to invade an island Japan had before their surrender to the US in the war because it has oil. If Iran did that we would be talking about bombs not giving them control of our oil. As we speak, China recently boycotted a meeting of the International Monetary Fund in Japan to defy Western economic rules. Giving a Communist dictatorship economic power to put sanctions on the free world is insanity at best.

Of the two options, letting the Texans have control of our oil would be a million times better than Communist China. Yet there is a third option. Canada can remain a free and sovereign nation and control it’s own oil. Imagine that.

We can sell oil to China but to give them control of our oil rights is a completely different matter. There are a lot of people in Vancouver of Chinese ancestry. Many of them are here because they disagree with Communism. The Epoch Times is a local and international paper that regularly speaks out against the murder and atrocities committed by Communist China.

As we speak, local officials in the Chinese Communist Party have violently and forcefully evicted people from their homes and property before seizing them in an attempt to make up for local budget shortfalls, according to a report from Amnesty International.

The Epoch Times is reporting that the Chinese state-owned oil company looking to close a record-setting takeover of Calgary-based Nexen is one of China’s most abusive employers, directing its security forces to arrest and imprison Falun Gong adherents. Did you catch that? The company has it’s own security forces that are arresting employees for their freedom of association.

It is highly ironic that the “left wing socialist” NDP cares more about human rights violations in Communist China that Stephen Harper does. If this deal goes through, Stephen Harper will be remembered as the worst Prime Minister in Canadian history. He will be a traitor to the free world.

Chairman Harper or Chairman Mao? Right now it’s hard to tell.

Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party [Video]

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Ban, Ban, Everywhere a Ban

Years ago there was a popular song that was part of the sixties era which said Sign, sign, everywhere a sign. Don’t do this, don’t do that, can’t you read the sign? Now we’re seeing ban, ban, everywhere a ban. Don't say this, don't say that, can’t you read the ban? I’m referring to excessive publication bans in court. They are illegal.

I remember reading a story about an American reporter who was in Vancouver researching the Robert Pickton trial. They were speaking with one witness who answered a few questions then went on to explain, all of this is under a publication ban. If you print any of this you would be breaking the ban and go to jail. The American journalist found it strange. That’s not the way they do things in the United States. They have a First Amendment.

So why is that? Let’s break tradition and use some logic. How could publishing some of the evidence heard in court during the Pickton trial in any conceivable way, inhibit his right to a fair trial? One could conceive that if the media has published some information that the judge ruled was inadmissible, and the jury heard it, that could conceivably bias the jury and taint Pickton’s right to a fair trial. But that’s not what we’re talking about here.

We are talking about reporting to the public, evidence submitted in court that the jury heard. If the jury read a newspaper that reported that evidence, it would in no way taint Pickton’s right to a fair trial because the jury had already heard it. Those kinds of publication bans do not protect the accused’s right to a fair trail. They are a violation of Free Speech and are therefore illegal.

The whole concept of putting a reporter or blogger in jail for telling the truth is rather absurd. The judge who made the illegal publication ban should be the one going to jail. That is what I mean when I say it appears we are walking down a road that resembles Big Brother not a Free Republic. All the Pickton publication ban did was protect the Hells Angels which is exactly what Wally Opal did in the not so public inquiry.

I’m still trying to find a copy of the publication ban in Giles' case. Oh you can’t publish a publication ban. Of course we can. The purpose of a publication ban is to inform the public that such a ban exists. Without publishing the publication ban, the public has no idea it exists or what it covers.


Update: OK this is how it has been explained to me: Obviously there are different kinds of publication bans. Young Offenders: You’re not allowed to publish the name of a young offender. Makes sense. Sexual assault: You’re not allowed to publish the name of the victim of sexual assault. Makes total sense.

I’m told Giles’ publication ban falls under 648 of the criminal code which normally sates you can’t publish any evidence or submissions when the jury is absent. Which is totally what I was saying in my original example. If a jury is present, publishing that evidence in a newspaper would in no way inhibit a person’s right to a fair trial. Simply because if the juror read the paper, it would have already heard that evidence in court.

A 648 ban is for when the jury is not present. That makes total sense. It also has a time limit. It expires when the jury has rendered a verdict or sooner if the judge says so. That brings us to the BC Rail publication ban. It’s expired so all evidence in that trial is now publishable so let’s get at it.

My next question is the Pickton publication ban. I’ll have to find out what kind of ban that was and if it has expired like it’s supposed to so we can circumvent Wally then limp fish Opal’s public cover up of that case. It says the Pickton ban was under 537(1) and 539 of the Criminal code.

Oldhan's Bail ban says: Criminal Code of Canada, s. 517 The evidence, representation made and the reasons given at a show cause (bail) hearing shall not be published in any document or broadcast or transmitted in any way until a preliminary hearing is held and the accused is discharged, or if the accused is ordered to stand trial, the trial has ended.

Friday, October 12, 2012

Vancouver Rain

After Giles’ court appearance today I checked out Stanley Park and Granville Island. Finally the rain has returned. I was actually beginning to miss it. There’s nothing more Vancouver then getting out and about on a rainy fall day. Taking the passenger ferry to Granville Island in the rain is where it’s at. Soon enough and all that Vancouver rain will be fresh snow on the local mountains.

There’s nothing more magical then driving up the mountains on a rainy day in winter and crossing over the freezing point where all that rain turns to snow. Returning to the rainy city after leaving that paradise is like waking up from a pleasant dream.

Traditional Totem poles in Stanley Park.

Statue of Robbie Burns, Harry Winston Jerome, the Celtic Cross and the mermaid. Only it turns out the Stanley park mermaid isn’t a mermaid it’s a woman in a scuba suit symbolizing our dependence on the ocean. In more ways than one. For food and for oxygen.

Figurehead of the SS Empress of Japan.

Subtle hints of wildlife. Geese, loons, herons, swans, and raccoons.

Between Lost Lagoon and Second beach there’s a clearing with a group of huge bamboo plants. I love bamboo in a pot. It’s very Zen. These plants are huge. Over 20 feet tall and thick. This is Vancouver. This is our home. Even in the rain. Giles isn’t from here. He doesn’t belong here either.