Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Gangs, drugs and torture

Freddy has found and posted some very relevant and very significant links. First is the new developments in the Fribjon Bjornson case. CBC is reporting that Fears of a violent gang are keeping some northern B.C. residents from sharing information about the torture and decapitation of a young man following a party last winter. He had a cocaine addiction. Did he have a drug debt?

We had heard that Fribjon Bjornson was murdered and we were told he was tortured but this news report confirms claims that he was decapitated as well. That is deranged. What’s worse is that witnesses are afraid to come forward because of fears of a violent gang. Which gang? The only gangs we have in BC are drug trafficking gangs.

Next is the report that the Canada Border Services Agency have seized a record 14 tonnes of precursor chemicals in Prince Rupert. The chemicals used to make ecstasy, crystal meth and GHB pills were found hidden in a shipment originating in China, and declared as glycerin. Huge bust. These kinds of drugs are seriously messed up.

The Alberta Law Enforcement Response Team said it has seized drugs, guns and cash from a suspected cocaine and marijuana trafficking operation between both BC and Alberta. It’s alleged the group was bringing drugs from B.C. for sale in Alberta for several years. Another Bassi involved. Unfortunately, this is not the head of the snake, it’s just another mule. Great to see the police keep the pressure on though.

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  1. P.S. The sale of B.C. Rail is said to be tied to the laundering of drug money. If drug traffickers are connected to justice ministry politicians, and since justice ministry politicians appoint the judges, then that would explain the lack of justice imposed on the gangsters.

    The following quote comes from the Globe and Mail, dated August 23, 2012:

    A secret informant told police in 2003 that Dave Basi - one of the central figures in a political corruption trial - was laundering drug money through the Liberal Party, the Supreme Court of British Columbia has heard.

    If politicians are not going to engage themselves in working for the best interests of Canadians and British Columbians, then the political style of government needs to change to something else, maybe a corporate style of government.

    You would be very hard pressed to find an uncorrupted politician in Canada, because if they don't play by the insider's rules, then they will not be an insider for long.

    We have power over this corruption, but only if we stand together.


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