Tuesday, October 9, 2012

What a Wonderful World

Before I dive back into the darkness and talk about the latest gang related murders, I just wanted to pause and post some pictures readers sent in after I requested readers send in some pictures of some of your favorite spots over Thanksgiving. Let’s start locally and branch out. First we have a wonderful sunset from Sooke on Vancouver Island.

Next we have some towers peaking out above the Vancouver fog. Although a reader submitted it, I can tell you where it was taken. It’s from the look out on Cypress during inversion at sunrise. I’ve seen that there before with about 20 other photographers taking pictures.

Next we have the 2009 Vancouver Toy run at the Pan Pacific.

Led by Santa and Mrs. Clause of course at the 2010 toy run.

And now the crème de la crème: Quebec. These two pictures a reader sent in are of North Hatley, Quebec on Lac Massawippi. That lake is huge. I thought it was part of the ocean at first. No doubt cleaner than the Great Lakes in Ontario.

Quebec has the best of both worlds. It has nature and history. Here on the west coast you’d be hard pressed to find a building that is a hundred years old. In Quebec you have a lot of historical sites. The stone wall in Quebec city looks like Old Jerusalem.

The next seven a blog reader took while visiting Cape Cod in Massachusetts. I had Cape Cod missed up with Cape Canaveral at first. Cape Cod looks wonderful. I love those wrap around porches. Just like in Eastern Canada. Tragically the Hells Angels were caught bringing crystal meth into Massachusetts. Evil bringing evil into a nice place. It’s a plague so it is. Yet notwithstanding the plague there are many nice places to see.

Finally the last two shots are when a blog reader was visiting Scotland. 7 foot tall Cardoom thistles and fence detail in Stirling, Scotland. The thistle is of course Scotland’s national flower for those of you that missed the movie Braveheart.

Keep the photos coming. There are a lot of nice places to see. Nature, old buildings and people. Hope in the Shadows is a calendar raising money for the Downtown East Side. Catching a photo of the eyes or face of someone living in the DTES can be magical. Hope in the shadows indeed.

Louis Armstrong, the legendary jazz singer was famous for singing a song called what a Wonderful World. Clearly the world is full of good and evil. We are free to choose what we support and what we see. Is the glass half full or half empty? Indeed, these are the best of times, they are the worst of times. Notwithstanding the darkness and evil, there will always be good. Some of our favorite places to revel in.

I took my father to a seniors camp, many years ago before he passed away. At the camp an old friend of the family sang What a Wonderful World by Louis Armstrong. Hers was not an easy life. Her husband had an affair and left her for another women. Years later her daughter died a premature death and she was left alone to raise her granddaughter. Hearing her sing that song was very meaningful. Surely wherever there is evil, good is not far away. Britney Irving was quite the photographer so she was. Those are her pictures in the video tribute.

Imagine a society where there are no murderers, no drug dealers, no pimps, no liars, hypocrites or extortionists. That would be a wonderful world indeed. That is exactly where we are heading. Lead, follow or get out of the way.


  1. This guy's dealt us a huge blow, WRT our friends in NATO who depend that we can keep the Russian spies away;

    HALIFAX - Canadian Forces Sub-Lt. Jeffrey Paul Delisle walked into the Russian Embassy in Ottawa in 2007 and offered to sell secrets to that country's military intelligence agency, beginning an espionage career that lasted almost four years, according to material published by CBC after the naval officer pleaded guilty to spying today. Delisle, 41, pleaded guilty in a Halifax court Wednesday to breach of trust and two counts of passing information to a foreign entity between July 2007 and Jan. 13, 2011..."


    It's a counter-intelligence disgrace not to find a spy for years & years.

    Apparently he gave away all the Australian Navy secrets he could, damaging the Aussies very badly...Even the gold of gold, the coding secrets...

    The Russians are at fault for being un-able to stop their crazy and stupid "Cold-War" military's attitude. That means we are their official "Main Adversary" and they STILL (the USA doesn't) have all their missiles pointed right at us! But that Cold War ended twenty years ago, can't somebody tell them?

    Add the murderous & corrupt Putin-dictatorship; and just one guy in Russia could start a world-wide Nuclear War!

  2. When great pics. appear on yer blog, I always try to say thanks, so again, thanks, and it's good that you actually go out there yerself to get the best pictures...

  3. Thanks. These pictures were submitted by readers. There’s more to life than the Hells Angels. That story about the Canadian giving military secrets to the Russians is pretty bizarre. There isn’t the same threat there once was but betraying your country is hardly noble.


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